World of Tanks || Object 140 – 12,000+ DMG…

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. Today jugilismaani dominating in his medium, the , having one of the greatest games of all time in any T10 Soviet medium!

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  1. please watch this promise last 3 kill will make it worth your time

  2. I can see in any resolution stupidity done on the players.

  3. *QB’s statement about the SirFoch debacle:* “While I don’t defend how Foch slandered Wargaming in the video It was clearly a mistake by them to forcefully censor him by threatening a copyright strike. […]”

    *Telling the truth is not slander.*

  4. wich one should i grind this one 430 or t62A. i like gun depression but one of them has better gun handling right? thanks in advance.

  5. wtf… were the enemies brain dead? I have never seen a replay this horrible. There was nothing good about his gameplay. This whole replay was basically showing how fucking stupid the enemy was…

  6. he was playing against a team of stupids, really? wtw lmfao playing against a team of stupids isn’t a miraculous thing lm

  7. #FreeFoch

  8. Quite a boring, just t10 OP med spamming gold most of the time.

  9. Stupid whiner foch fanboys GTFO

  10. Helluva round

  11. Please censor more comments Cuckbaby.

  12. super lucky end to this match. there is no better way to run out of all ammo other than HE, than to be up against a 7 HP medium tank, and 2 paper armor tanks

  13. istayhighnbarredout oof

    8:04 shawty thasts a kill (looks seriosuly) heheheh im highh

  14. Wow what a game.

  15. *_Not enough damage, try again… :P_*

  16. I have seen 2 comments talking about Foch and the Chrysler K and 10 comments complaining about how many Foch related comments there are. Get off your high horses ffs. Not every wot youtuber needs or wants to give their opinion.

  17. I watched this at Lacho’s first

  18. Vinicius Martinelli

    my god, 12k damage!!!!

  19. It would be cheaper to repair those fuel tanks at 3k than to have the auto fire ext. going off for 20k

  20. QB fucking wargaming stooge

  21. potato aim …

  22. You know that war game is bad now. They are making the game so unbalanced that you have to shot gold ammo just to have a chance, a small chance most of the time. All war games cares about is money and not the game. they are a bunch of greedy dicks. You and all the other CC’s should stand up and say something about how bad the game is now. A lot of people dont want o play anymore. War games are nothing but greedy a holes and I wish we could shut them down if they do not start listening to the players. If not fuck them I will go to another game. I hate people like them. worst kind of trash in the world.

  23. #freefoch

  24. Quickly, how come I don’t have extensive damage counter and shell received like this video even though I’m using your xvm?

  25. Howaine Latchman

    for all yall who talking bout qb not yet talking about the matter of sir foch…he has…check the the SUb reddit for world of tanks

  26. what a great game. He just kept up the consistent damage. kept his cool at the end

  27. A stupid question: How can you buy food in bulk during discounts?

  28. 1: I dont know why he just rammed that TVP instead of wasting a shell on him.
    2: I reckon that arty was spotting for the Borsig…
    3: Other than that, great replay

  29. he did this game couse rng wasn’t shoving its fuck you dick up this players ass… half the time rng rlly likes ro fuck me…fully aimed, fires goes 20 feet to the left…what the fuck is that shit….or even better i bounced of the FLAT AS FUCK ASS of a leopard 1 in my doom turtle…WG plz explain ir retarded rng system?

  30. Heres a short story: so i was playing wot today and i was in my Amx Elc Bis and i wasnt doing so well in the game but what made my day was a tank literally went right past me and i wasnt even spotted! How unusual would that be.

  31. #freefoch

  32. QB can you upload videos more often? because I really want to watch your vids that are really good and entertaining 🙂 and thnx for the tips mate from a yellow player in XVM I became a green player haha 🙂

  33. Say your boss at work fires your co-worker for telling people to not buy the company’s product. Are you going to tell your boss to shove it and quit along with your co-worker, or continue to do your job?

  34. Please don’t say Rheinmetall Borsig…your accent is killing me 😀

  35. Ahahaha good one QB XD! You’ve now deleted all the comments related to sirfoch because you’re too afraid to face the truth and you’d rather sell out foch. What a guy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  36. “Presh the hill”

    Oh Qb…

  37. Pretty amazing game Jugilimaani, I am still trying to learn how to play myOBJ-140, guess I could be a bit braver and more aggresive  with it, but it takes the right map and team something to have a great game.

  38. sir awesome round you uploaded. it was stoppedy heart in last 2 min of game??? @quickybaby_tv

  39. 9:55 weird voice is “RRRReady” for you guys

  40. kwkwk noob enemy team, the enemy team looks like a bot

  41. Well, thanks Quicky for banning me on your twitch livestream yesterday for saying something about Foch. I dont think i said anything bad. Are you going to ban all the youtube people who talk about him too?


  42. Do a review about the best light medium heavy at etc in every tier

  43. When will heavy tanks gonna be playable again? 🙁

  44. so much anger,on a lighter note had a great BBQ tonight ?

  45. I want those enemy teams as well.. sooo much farming withouy being shot.

  46. guys! if you pay attention to the description, QB used to say he totally recommend WoT. However, he doesn’t say that in the description anymore.

  47. Stupid heavies much


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