World of Tanks || Object 140 – 12,000 DMG

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today IlTritaTutto is going to show us how to hard in the T10 medium tank the 140, dominating the opposition on Ruinberg.

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  1. ostrowsky | WHYME in enemy team on E100 wow, he was in my clan yet 

  2. Very good..please post more russian real “tanks”…why you use only german
    and english tanks in Clan Wars ??? …because stalin.

  3. ur over pronunciation of the name is really annoying. The same over
    pronunciation of the Waffle E100. easy

  4. すごすぎやwwwwww

  5. Wow what a great round …. bravissimo tritatutto forse la miglior partita
    che abbia visto con l’obj140, complimenti ottima tattica per l’intera

  6. Vladimír Kubinec

    very suprising play from 44% jpg e100 at the end…

  7. my favorite thing is he doesnt even mention the 430 🙂
    even qb doesnt consider it a real tank

  8. Buyantogtokh Nyam-Ochir

    I really liked all domination tanks how they perform. AMX 50B great gun and
    nice aim time i felt like better than T57 heavy. Also E5 wow such a monster
    heavy tank all around quite mobile and fire rate also armor is somehow
    reliable. and the like long last obj140 absolutely love that tank I am
    going to grind obj140 as soon as possible 

  9. He coukd have gotten a Fadin’s medal!

  10. Pascal Schwarzer

    Is it normal that i cant upload one of my recent replays on QB Replays? Its
    from version

  11. Hey Quickybaby i was bumed because in Quickybaby replays i cant upload
    games from 9.8 wot so i uploaded my replay with M2 medium on WoT replays
    here is the link:

  12. id risked such an epic win for the fadin’s medal, but thats just me

  13. Alisa Omerović Vasiljević

    My first game in dominacione vas vith obj140 and 11.329 dmg first time

  14. it’s quite obvious that obj 140 is using cheat called “Destroyed objects on
    minimap”… He knows exactly that Jgpze went towards own base… It’s so
    lame that all those “UNICUMS” are using this + Warpacks, lasers etc… ok,
    sorry, maybe not all…(QB) most of them…

  15. Henning Giebermann

    Quikybaby i love your replays and your commentary.

  16. I’ve been trying to get to tier 10 for ages, domination makes me want to
    get there quicker but my highest tier is tier 7 :-(

  17. Giorgio Appignanesi

    Forza Italia!

  18. why does qb turn into an italian every 30 seconds?

  19. This is one of the best battles I’ve ever seen .

  20. jg pz e100 b0b

  21. I prefer the T-62A but I love the Obj. 140 (D) domination tank.

  22. Darren lee Moore (IBouncedAgain)

    i got a question
    i use your xvm setup but it has not worked since wot domination started
    can you help me please :)

  23. Watching QB makes me want to plat WoT but then after 1 game i feel like
    uninstalling WoT D:

  24. Ugh the over pronunciation hurts me

  25. How did I NOT see a Mastery Badge for that? o_0 Are that many people being
    THAT epic in this thing?

    It truly is a DPM machine.

  26. Matteo Mazzarini

    Finalmente anche un italiano figura tra i protagnisti di un video di
    QB….. sono emozionatissimo :’)
    Finally also an italian guy figures in a QB video…. I’m very excited :’)

  27. It is one of the 4 Russian tier 10 medium tanks. There is the obj. 907 as

  28. Awesome round! I don’t care much for the Domination mode – but I did like
    using the 140. I’m grinding my way up the Russian Med line as we

  29. I think the one mistake he made was not ramming the 13 90. He might’ve
    taken some damage, but guaranteed to be less than being shot by another

    • It's-Ya Boy-Bill

      I think he tried to, but the 13 90 turned out of the way. And yeah, I agree
      about taking less damage from a ram than a shell, but in this instance the
      JP E100 would’ve one shotted him anyway.

  30. I a sorry quickybaby, but IlTrittaTutto mean literally “(he) grinding all”
    that means that he grind everything…

  31. I want to platoon with you

  32. Why do you pronounce the name so bad?

  33. brian van der westhuizen

    must be awesome to have 75ms odd ping, wonder how they will do at 190+ms
    ping up against enemies with 70ms ping !

  34. hey QB (and chat), why do you have purple color for people with ‘only’ 1900
    WN8? on my game i still get green for 2000 WN8…how can i change it? and
    btw love your italian pronunciation :)

  35. who else would have shot that second to last HEAT shell at nothing to use
    the last one to get a Fadins

  36. If only he had “premium”. Getting real sick of this xp and credit boost by
    paying money. Just give us all the same and make your money off your
    premium tanks wargaming.

    • +Karmagician People buying premium accounts is what allows you to play this
      game for free. WG has an excellent free-2-play model that allows EVERYBODY
      to access ALL content of the game for free. So suck it up and don’t be a
      If you want WG to remove prem account credit and xp boost, then they’ll
      have to find another way of making money. And that would probably include
      limiting part of the content from non-premium players. You don’t want that

    • Granted I hate that aspect of the game but you got to realize at the end of
      the day Wargaming is a business. The sale of premium tanks pales in
      comparison to the profits they bring in from gold spent on premium days. I
      do not know the exact profit margin that premium tanks or gold spent on
      premium accounts is, but I assume that the latter earns them more money.

  37. Or as Jingles would call him, Dave.

  38. Nesztor Földváry

    yeah, for sure…. ….i always got 17-32% chance to win! so f*cking fair
    WG matchmaking! ….f*cking bullshit! And managing to win! noobs online…

  39. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    That jagdpanzer spun like a lemon. :v

  40. and the Obj 430? ;___;

  41. GG, but try to do that when the penetration nerf comes…

  42. QB keeps saying that you lose turret armour on the object 140, which isnt
    wrong. However, having looked at tank inspector, there is a Tiny region on
    the turret front which tier 10 mediums and heavies can pen, which i have
    tried to hit since in my FV4202, and i have been unsuccessful. I feel like
    QB should stop emphasising it so much….

  43. If the Jgpze100 had reversed up to the wall, how would you beat that?

    • +Joe Thorpe With arty if you’re able to see that they have enough health to
      take several shots and they’re near a wall or the edge of the map, it can
      be better to simply stay at a medium range and circle them from there.
      It’s barely fast enough that they’ll have some trouble aiming before they
      have to move their vehicle, and they’re so innaccurate shotgunning that
      simply keeping some distance (and moving) will make it more likely you

    • +JWQweqOPDH Oh ok. I’ve been in that situation, where the TD/Arty was smart
      enough to drive up to a wall, and it’s never ended well for me.

    • +Joe Thorpe Try to track him. The HEAT likely wouldn’t penetrate through
      the track, but the 140 reloads pretty fast.

  44. Bla, bla, bla, communesium armour lazor cannon, bla, bla, bla. Do this
    shit in a M48 AND NO GOLD AMMO/GOLD CONSUMABLES then I’ll be impressed.

  45. I thought I smelled a faden’s, but I was wrong:/

  46. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    just a few hours ago i used my tiger2 in cw….the dpm on the 88mm is
    amaizing i walked way with 5k dmg due to the way the other team rushes
    forward with their is3s…picking them off from a distance at first taking
    out 2 of them and then closing in the distance to dpm the hell out of is3s.
    i dont see why people dont use tiger2 in cw. an is3 will only have one shot
    before a swarm of lights rush in. tiger2 can fire more and do more damage.
    in the long run the tiger2 is more effective and can change is roll.

    • DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

      is3 using gold to pen tiger2 huh? tiger 2 with its crao gun doesnt need
      gold to pen is3s upper plate just to put that in perspective.

      now versatility is were u r wrong.
      if you have tank with a high alpha slow reload u only get one shot then
      its over. if u have rof u willkill the lgihts easier by tracking them.
      dont get me wrong is3 is still great…at singular roles that is. were a
      tiger2 can switch its rolewhen needed. yes speed is key but tiger2 has the
      same top speed as is3 but faster then t32 so how is that lacking??
      tiger2 gets better turret travers for engaing lights. speaking of
      situational is3 relies on that.
      tier10 game is3 vs e100. is3 lacks dpm to kill e100 and armor on its ufp
      and it cant snipe. dead is3

      tiger2 range 400 meters vs e100.
      tiger2 can put shots into lower plate and keep it constant before e100 has
      good range for his gun. if e100 finaly closes in tiger can use its..good
      enough speed to get up along side e100 and shoot him there.killing it..
      to actualy compare it. the centuion 7/1 has epic gun, not to fast and not
      to slow, has reasonale amor turret front.
      tiger2 reasonable armor epic gun and no toofast or slow.
      i respect your opinion but…its wrong if you look into it deeper

    • Allan Huntington

      +DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee The tiger two has good dpm, decent alpha and good
      enough pen (great with apcr) but its mobility and armor have much to be
      asked for. Gold shooting is3s can pen a tiger all over the place and a
      swarm of lights will out maneuver the tiger two, the tiger two side armor
      is also huge and flat like the rest of the tank, and it doesn’t have the
      magic is3 spaced side armor. In certain situations the tiger 2 may be
      better but is3’s are mor versatile and less situation based. Just my opinion

  47. how do you feel about the Japanese heavys coming up?

  48. NO Mastery badge????

  49. Sebastian N A Massey

    Sup guys!
    Im an average player (about 1160 wn8) and ive been averaging about 5000 dmg
    in the t110e5 per death, is that just me, or is it really easy to do a lot
    of damage in the domination mode(even with just 0-1 respawns)?
    Hope everybody else has a lot of fun playing, too!

  50. How do you get such stabile FPS?
    I read on your website you use GTX 560 Ti
    I have a regular GTX 560 and i get weird laging, game is 90 fps sometimes,
    20 other times.
    All other games work pretty good, what could be the problem?

  51. Noob.. Didn’t go for the Fadin’s [Kappa]

  52. Didnt he want fadins medal?

  53. Dat jpz. I love those tomato freekills :p

  54. 🙂 I love how he pronounces my name!! Thanks QuickyBaby

  55. Hes a clicker. Admit it

  56. very lucky bounced a e100 shell how many times would that happen?

  57. I like the new post game analysis, very helpful

  58. How come ur wn8 colours are different quickybaby please answer? Nice videos
    great quality as allways :-)

  59. Why 9.3? Now 9.8

  60. Pokemon Trainer Zero

    Very good game. He’s an impressive player.

  61. at tier 10 hasn’t learned yet to stick his butt to the wall when being
    circled to death. ggwp. no need to uninstall, just go back to tier 1.

  62. i just got my t-54 and love it, the gun is great and i love the troll armor
    ,but the gun depression is a bit of a downer. overall i have to say i like
    it at least as well as my centurion/7 :-)

  63. I want to get to that X tier… My accout is 1 year old already and I’m
    noly sitting in VIII tier :/

  64. Not even a third class mastery badge?

  65. Why did he not get a fire for effect?

  66. So, Obj. 140 = highest top speed, best gun depression by one degree.
    Obj. 430 = best hull armor and camouflage, and highest DPM.
    T-62A = best turret armor and best gun handling.

  67. There are 4 russian T10 meds. The CW Obj. 907, which is a beast! :D

  68. There are 4 Tier X Soviet mediums. Dont forget the Obj.907 ;)

  69. I’ve only tried Domination a few times, but it’s pretty fun and the Object
    140 is the best tank currently in that gamemode.

  70. Love you, funny videos! But, comment yourself was to funny, and the name?
    Crazy! Keep doing this! Thanks!

  71. he should of missed his second to last shot on the jg pz e100 and then
    killed him with his last shot so he could get metal

  72. Sadly, he kills the JPE100 leaving just one shell in his magazine, if he
    have kill the last ennemy with the last shell, he would have win a great
    medals, super hard to get!

    • I got that medal in my IS-8 long time ago when i was still orange.I just
      shot all my shells on the ground and then kill an e-75 with my last shell.

  73. Obj 140 seems like the best of the tier 10 soviet mediums. After trying the
    amx 50B in domination I want it, but I don’t exactly look forward to
    playing the amx m4 45 :|

    • +Dv8
      It’s not great, but it’s passable as long as you don’t use it like a heavy
      and more like a TD. The 50 100 is far, far, far worse.

    • +Taqweeeeeto Sirfoch is a good player, and he called it a steaming pile of

    • M4 45 is only as good as the person driving it…

    • +Dv8
      Yep, the gameplay suffers a fuck ton because of how they do F2P. Gold
      ammo’s a bitch (another thing not in AW).

    • yeah, gonna try it, but I’m not going to buy into early access. I’m not
      spending a single dollar on a free to play game unless I’ve tried it and
      know for a fact that’s is good enough and not ruined by the fact that it’s
      f2p. WoT is borderline broken because of the f2p model, or at least the
      gameplay suffers greatly because it’s f2p.

  74. Hey QB I love the videos keep them coming 🙂 I was wondering if you would
    consider adding something to xvm? The ability to see who else has xvm so
    you can strat better?

  75. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Million likes!

  76. atleast a replay cast from someone who had an insane game that wasnt pure
    luck and RNG.

  77. what xvm? i want that one, with coloured winrate!

  78. Can you do a video on wot blitz

  79. Wasmeer DFT green SePa

    wow inkijk!

  80. It says 12k damage, it was like 11,9 🙁 My whole life was a lie

  81. So I was told that your teammates do not matter in this game and the common
    denominator is YOU. I think your teammates play a huge role in successful
    clips such at these since there are two scenarios in this match were
    teammates helped/saved the “garbage disposal.” If they would not have
    helped him with the ST-1 he probably would have died, however his TEAMMATES
    came to his aid.

  82. Awesome. Great game!
    Personally, I would’ve fired that 2nd to last shot off into the building,
    then put my very last shell in to kill the TD for the Fadin’s Medal (but
    that’s assuming one can remember to do that after having a game like this)

  83. Dez uploads 12k blocked, QB uploads 12k dealt, best day ever

  84. he should have wasted one HEAT shot to get that medal for “kill the last
    enemy with your last bullet”
    but that’s only after the Video. Great job in that match! great tactics and
    very stronk player! 🙂 Good job!! :D

  85. Jpe100 was so retarded…for once, xvm was right lol

  86. He isnt good! the soviet tanks are damned I win buttons, Show me GERMAN
    games before praising this no life as if he accomplished the impossible vs
    players that have to sit and aim while he does drive buys and snap shots on

  87. 9.3 version replay. But what ever :D

  88. what mod are u using for see the map and locations after the end of the
    game ?

  89. He could’ve gotten a fadins medal

  90. You could say he took out the trash.

  91. Dunno why you foreigners always sound like Mario when you try to pronounce
    something in italian :P

  92. Thehagengnome HD

    should he have on purpose missed one shot to get the faydin’s medal?… if
    he wanted to be really gready :)

  93. QB sucks !!! he is the worst player ever ! Now i am waiting for the holy
    **** comments!

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      +CatsWontPlay OMG I agree!!!!11! QB sux and he should quit wot forever1!!1

    • Christian Wertti

      +CatsWontPlay As the opposing faction is deploying only stronger units, the
      trolls always have something to repel them with. Stronk fighting.
      “we are trolls, we’re the best and we’ve come to win the war. We’ll stand,
      we’ll never run, stay until it’s done. Though our friends may fall and our
      world be blown apart, we’ll strike with all our might, we fight for what is
      “fun” “

    • +Stephen Green I want MOAR!

    • +CatsWontPlay Because you think your opinion is SO important to us?

    • +kb03003 That’s what i am lookin’ 4

  94. the way hes pronouncing R in this guy’s name is cringeworthy

  95. I feel like you have to back up even more than just having the bush no
    longer transparent, I always do this but I’ve learned not to as I tend to
    do it but then get spotted upon firing anyway..

  96. Divisione Corazzata Folgore ! :P

  97. Should have fired off the second last round off to the side for the medal

    • Christian Wertti

      +kazuma11791 *pulls the lever and the RNG slotter rolls*
      Cmon cmon… (read these answer lines with a voice that sounds like Heavy
      from TF2 for a little funs)
      *enter russian national voices* Ricochet.
      *german* Bounced off.
      *japanese* We didn’t penetrate their armor
      *slotter* DING DONG!
      *a black & white “fuck you” sign appears on top of slotter, slotter then
      self destructs in a violent explosion*

    • +Gadengo Nnb yeah then he gets one of those infamous side hull bounces XD

    • Yes but you never know when RNG screws you up

  98. Why did u use efficiency in this replay?

  99. is funny how you say TritaTutto xD

  100. Awesome game, great supporting commentary.

  101. Really wanted to have replays on this tank and it happens on my birthday
    thanks soooooo much QB

  102. omfg that jg pz e100 lol

  103. 0:12 i’m italian and that’s so funny xD

  104. hes could have gotten a fadins medal

  105. what a replay

  106. Alexander van Elten

    Ah, he could have easily had a Fadin´s medal, but still very well played!

  107. Soo tier v battle feels like its more down to luck than skill and judgement

  108. Qb you already showing us high tier tank with good view range so they can
    dominate the map, what about low tier who has much less view range? Im
    finding, that playing tier v battle in t 34 feel much harder than playing
    tier vii in the comet,not only because of incompetence of both side of the
    team, but also because there is almost nothing you can rely on, on tier v
    medium tank such as t34, theyre slow they have no armor and you should play
    them for brawler

    • i know t 34 is a good tank, it has very good potential, but what i expect
      is qb deliver some low tier game replay, tactic and mechanic so that maybe
      we could have stand a chance againts any situation, for me mainly againts
      incompetence of SEA team mates. Because you got so frustated so often for
      losing because of the dumbest reason possible, even in tier x game. And
      sadly i got no option to change to EU/NA server because my isp isnt very
      good for wot

    • what do u expect ? a invulnerable tank ? that doesnt exist, every tank has
      a capola is easy to protect by moving, if u stay staionnary expect to be
      really when i started to grind the t62a line, i felt like T34 was an
      awesome tank for tier5..
      maybe Kv1 will fit more ur playstyle, mediums demand more experience to

    • except for bigass cupola, tier v is really down to luck, especieally inSEA
      server dude, funny its harder to grind low tier than high tier because high
      number of incompetence and really stupid reason to lose inSEA server

    • +candra ismail t34 has good turret armor so play it hull down, plus a
      insane rate of fire so great dpm, definitely not harder to play than a

  109. +QuickyBabyTV obj.140 or t62-a or obj 430 which ?

    • +Ertan Mutlu obj907> obj140,t62 about equal>obj430. Good for those of us
      who have it 😉

    • +Максим Иванов T62A can also fire on the move very accurately. And the
      speed difference, yeah, I’ve driven alongside the 140 in my T62A and we
      both arrived to our destination at the same time. I’m not so sure there is
      any significant difference in mobility.
      The main difference is the gun depression and turret armor. But my answer
      to this question is this:
      If you have to ask such a question, you’re probably not experienced enough
      to fully exploit the extra 1° of depression on 140, or to compensate for
      the lack of it on T62A to make full use of the turret armor. Just pick any
      of them, you’ll be fine either way.

    • +Ertan Mutlu T62A>obj140>obj430, lots of people love the obj140 but i think
      that the turret advantage on T62A gives it an edge over the 140

    • Christian Wertti

      +Shaz Widhani What makes 430 worst?

    • Максим Иванов

      +Ertan Mutlu
      62 has almost unpenetrateble turret and 140 has good turret, but the ‘roof’
      is only 30mm(say hello to arty). But the main advantage of 140 is godlike
      gun stabilization, it allows you to play aggressively, you can just
      drive’n’shoot. :3 Besides that 140 has better gun depression and a little
      faster. So I think if you are not very skilled or don’t like to play very
      aggressively 62 is better(turret is REALLY good), otherwise it’s 140. Sorry
      for bad Engrish.

  110. love this tank :D

  111. If I were iL Trita Tutto, I probably risk it all and try to get fadin’s
    medal xD

  112. Good replay, enjoyed watching it.

  113. Obj. 140 is sporting excellent silhouette, excellent camo rating, excellent
    armor, excellent mobility, excellent DPM, accuracy and dispersion. It only
    falls short in ammo capacity, gun depression, and is perhaps prone to
    module damage. Easily my first choice in T10 medium tanks, but also my
    first choice to hate on as it makes all the other tanks much less desirable
    by comparison.

  114. One day I’ll have a game where every arty isn’t focusing me when i play HT

  115. OVER 9000!

  116. I love this video and my fave tank from this 3 is the Obj.140

  117. In the the Picture of the video, i thought that this is about domination so
    i thought 12000 easy? but 12000 damage in normal WTF!

  118. Pietro “PietroAce” Assandri

    Italian skill folks!

  119. Quickybaby could you plz make a video with what program you use for
    recording and how to use it?

  120. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Actually 1 of the 4 tier 10 Soviet medium tanks.

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +Michael Stiles lol

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +SovietTenkDestroyer On EU i see it 1 in 100 games….Im not joking

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +Michael Stiles One more thing. It’s not necessarily rare (At least in the
      NA server) I see those tanks at least 1 out of 5 battles.

    • Michael Stiles (Kamo)

      +SovietTenkDestroyer Yes but only 3 are ownable by most people watching and
      technically its not part of the so called *trio* as its a premium reward
      tank.Either way he either forgot it or as i said doesnt want to mention it
      as its pointless.

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +Michael Stiles I don’t know. I guess is that he said that there is only 3
      tier 10 mediums but 4 actually exist. They’re still Tier 10 Russian mediums.

  121. OMG….what a f*ing lucker!! Granted , he did some great work but that
    bounce from the Jageru….never happens to me!! Also that genius, didn’t
    even try to reverse at the end. Anyway I’ll pray to lord serB to give me
    his luck!

    • +zorkan111 I totally agree with you.

    • +Aroused Squirrel Hes not even a unicum

    • +MrBillykara *Every* game where a player deals tons of damage includes a
      LOT of luck. That’s just the nature World of Tanks. A lot of stars have to
      align for someone to be able to deal 7k+ damage, let alone 12k.
      You still have to be a good player to make full use of that lucky situation
      you’ve been given, though. 🙂

    • Aroused Squirrel

      +MrBillykara Respect for you.

    • +Aroused Squirrel No no no , I was misunderstood. I do not want to take
      anything from him (why whould I?) , I just said that, if that Jageru did
      penetrate him it wouldn’t turn out this good. I totally agree with your
      last sentence , I’ve been to this kind of situations and lost because of a
      misplay (or panic!). I’ve been watching QB’s livestream for quite a while
      and I really admire his way of thinking (and of course playstyle), and it
      would be my dream if I could ever play like these guys.

  122. Finally another italian who play this game :)

  123. Viewer 70 😉
    under 300 Viewer-Club xD

  124. Jingles uploads a 10K damage game, QuickyBaby tops that with a 12K, lol

  125. Pikilloification

    Had he missed that last one in pourpose, he would have grabbed himself a

    • +Kareem Saïid sorry, my misstake ^^

    • Pikilloification

      Fadin’s is well worth that risk. Besides, as Kareem said, how the hell are
      you gonna bounce heat off the back of a 44% Jge100? The dude wasn’t even
      wiggling around…

    • +Mirza Ajanovic now ur just being stupid mate, u just said the exact same
      thing as in ur previous post, and my previous answer to ur comment remains
      the same : how can u fail to pen with heat on a flat back of a huge Jpe100
      ? its unposssible to bounce…

      now lies damnlies bring me the answer : lag
      thank you lies damnlies for actually being able to understand a sentence 😉

    • +Kareem Saïid “how can u miss an heat shell from the flat back of a
      jgpanzer ?”

      Simple: Lag. If you get a lag spike at that inopportune moment, you can
      easily be fucked.

    • i said if he took that risk, and somehow failed to pen with heat, he would
      have to ram that guy for win, Kareem learn to read

  126. Do more funny low Tier battles please

  127. Rene Van Der Meer

    PLZ stop pulling up the teamlist halve the time of all replays, very

    • Christian Wertti

      +Mirza Ajanovic You understood it well enough in order to translate
      gibberish to English, I did too, people understood already. When people can
      understand someone even though all the typos and misspellings it’s just
      being a dick to be a dick about it. Oh it’s just your job? Hey there,

    • +karnage59 *You*, not we. You.

    • +Rene Van Der Meer I have to plus that, in every video this is soooo
      annoying. We don’t care about the tomatoes’ name.

    • +Rene Van Der Meer you dont have to watch that part if u dont want , gtfo/

    • half*
      there u go buddy, now people can understand you

  128. Wow that Jagdpanzer e100 in the end :D

    • AttackPenguin666

      +TheDawid100 maybe. But i think it would be too hard for the matchmaker,
      and there wouldnt be enough games.

    • +AttackPenguin666 Actual it make me thinking why does WG can do something
      like make an game and looks for the WN8 rating and set games such as red
      people will play against red people, then yellow people against yellow
      people and so on so that every one will be happy and everyone will learn
      something about a game, I am actual a red player and I have been learning
      the game mechanics etc. but I hate when i get into the red team even if I
      am the one and play against the green, yellow blue players that basicly
      owns my team and then I have just last one against 7 :/ sorry for english

    • +Stephen Green 804 WN8? Wow, i´ve expected much less jajajajajaj, he was
      soooo fcking near the wall lol

    • +lies damnlies nah, your wrong.

    • Christian Wertti

      Red players are players who can occasionally pull something massive out of
      their asses too every once in a while. Too bad this only applies to dark
      red. Even after I said all that crap I can say if you’re *bright* red
      then… Oh cheese…

      “Red player wont charge if they see empty autoloader” It’s not uncommon
      that I don’t recognise empty loaders and fail to attack in time. Especially
      if the player has the skill of making the enemy believe you have shells
      while not shooting (cause you like, don’t have shells loaded)

      “they wont fall back if flank is falling”
      This isn’t a problem in my case, as far as I can see I don’t have *that*
      kind of flanks specifically, I mostly have the ones that my team could
      push, then I go do it alone while my team derps in the back doing
      nothing… Needless to say I die.

      “keep on playing their little tank game in 100m bubble around tank” This is
      a serious problem for me, I have great trouble focusing on something else
      when I’m engaging enemies, at times like that I concentrate on driving &
      shooting so I can win that duel, I try to rely on my team at times like
      that and you know the rest already by now.

  129. When I play WoT I just shoot the other tanks with my gun!

  130. Im a new player…question…tier 10 med tanks standard ammo is apcr….so
    you have to pay it with gold as usual or cheaper?

  131. WoTblitz 노란모자

    ST-1? Or ST-I?

    • +WoTblitz 노란모자 ST-I

    • +WoTblitz 노란모자 a quote from foch ” ST- i dont give a shit”



    • I is a Roman numeral 1 because there is an ST-II, so it’s ST1 and ST2

    • It’s quite a debate actually. The “I” could indicate the letter I, just
      like with Indien Panzer or IS-7. However, it could also indicate the Roman
      numeral “I”, meaning 1 (one), as with the Panzer IV. I am of the opinion
      that the “I” does indicate the actual letter rather than the Roman numeral
      because none of the Russian tanks in the game use Roman numerals (if I
      remember correctly).

  132. Second!! 17th liker!

  133. I am first, lol.

  134. Under 301 club welcome.

  135. hello ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  136. Cool video

  137. I hope you all enjoy this video of “garbage disposal” disintegrating the
    enemy team in one of my favourite tanks!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Ikzor!

    • +QuickyBabyTV Your favorite tanks…rest my case. “E50M is weak…” because

    • +Doomsday Fish clan logo of WHYME

    • Artūrs Rundšteins

      +Fiaura The Tank Girl Nice game ! You should kill him with last ammo ! You
      would get that cool medal !

    • Eivind “Eggy” Eggen

      +Christian Wertti Assisting a kill could mean that you simply spotted it
      for your allies. doing that doesn’t give you confederate

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      +QuickyBabyTV Very good game, glad to see it. That Jagpaz E-100 really did
      kind of mess up the game at the end. He should have had the 140 by backing
      and pealing him, as a track shot may have run the 140 out of ammo! I cannot
      believe he just made donuts. Anyway, thanks for showing this off Quicky. I
      would love to see an object 430 pull some stuff off. Anyway, thanks, now
      time to go record and post my own stuff.

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