World of Tanks || Object 140 – 3 Marks of Excellence

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World of Tanks – Object 140. Today I’m 3 marking the T10 Soviet medium tank the Object 140.


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. I feel that is going to be hard to me reach the three mark of excellence on the AMX 50 B without spamming gold.


  3. I just let the MoEs come as they may. I see them as a way to say it’s in my personal hall of fame. I’ve 3-marked three tanks. The KV-1, the M44, and the Tiger. Those are some of my favorite tanks in the game.

  4. Skill4ltu is still entertaining, even though he marks tanks.

  5. This video not about WoT batlle 🙂 its about viewers fight 🙂 Skill is riseing fast and QB as all british dont like other to be not even close 🙂 sorry QB 🙂 but he is just better and more fun 🙂 u are good I like u bouth but bro this is just punch where u dont wonna one 🙂

  6. 3 marks on Tog?

  7. Marks of excellence is part of the problem on thos game in my opinion. Anything over winning is no good.

  8. So, TL;DR…. *Marks’ism like Marxism is ultimately more about gains by a few at the costs of the group,*
    eh? ^-<)'7 (well, Stalinism / Social Communism as historically applied but perhaps not far off the 'marks')

  9. U dont have 3rd marks bcs u r not that good player…thats all

  10. Is QB’s not allowed to have an opinion?

  11. DarknessInferno15

    You should watch Circonflexes, maybe you’ll learn something.


  13. StarkCoyotEspada1

    nice job QB 23 heat hahah

  14. 7:58 super unicorn lol that guy is just a pathetic reroll statpadder. i bet his most played tank is something below tier 7

  15. Well said QB. Marks of excellence are team play killers.

  16. QB you should post a community photo of your green screen. I am just curious lol

  17. Excuses excuses excuses
    We all know Skill4ltu is better in every way possible

  18. commercialbaby

  19. QuickyBaby,could you do a video on the t20? I’ve never seen a video on youtube about reviewing the t20 american tank.

  20. The 907 does have some ridiculous camo, QB. Mine has well over 30% while stationary. The tank is absolutely crazy and is arguably the best medium in the game.

  21. Proloser The Atomistic

    All the tanks I’ve 3 marked have been from being super aggressive and winning games. If you redline snipe you won’t get the mad assistance which you need to bump up those MoE percentages.

  22. Oh look…another video with OP T10 Russian Meds…..I think they should all get ANOTHER buff……ugh

  23. QB u sometimes call ur self as the best player in wot.There are more better players than u.And the streamers who 3rd mark tanks do not sit at the back SKILL4LTU HAVE A BETTER WINRATE THAN U SO STOP TARGETING OTHER STREAMERS

  24. I like marks but I prefer winning

  25. Good lord, who gave him Ribena? I’m at 4:20 and he’s barely taken a breath. He’s got a serious case of the zoomies. It’s that or adderal.

  26. Excuses…excuses…and hypocrisy.

  27. Skill4ltu 351 3marks.

  28. Its obviously QB doesnt know anything about 3 marking tanks, sit back and farm lol, no wonder you cant mark tier 10s. I dont dislike you qb, but you are spreading false information to big audience, and I dont like when people do that.

  29. Really nice video. I found a new respect for you, QB! 🙂 ?

  30. after 52.000 games I can say that WOT is a single player game, me VS 29 other tanks 😛

  31. Skill4ltu lol on your marks xD im kidding

  32. This is what I needed! 17 minutes of QB!! Thanks!

  33. Ya what streamer has like 100 3 marks in hiz tier10s

  34. Clark Kent Hoshino

    I apologize for saying this but I find many of your explanations this video to be just excuses and bullshit.

    1. Marks of Excellence, why are they important and why do many good players go for them?

    Three marking tanks is no easy task, especially at tier X. But 3-marking a tier X proves that you not only have the ability to compete against the enemy team but you also have the ability to manage your own teammates by challenging yourself to a greater skill level. Only some of the best on the server will manage to 3-mark tier Xs and I am absolutely happy that you 3-marked your 140 but your opinion on them is nothing more than a excuse.

    2. Why you cannot “chai-snipe” or “red-line snipe” and obtain marks.

    Well that sounds a bit strange, cause yes, there are certain tanks that are easy enough to do so, however most of the tier Xs that have very high requirements CANNOT rely solemnly on damage. Take it the Object 268v4, has a current requirement of 5.8k on the NA server… there is NO WAY in a WoT lifetime can someone deal straight 5.8k damage in such a tank (maybe there is I have no idea) but it certainly isn’t easy. That’s why most people who 3-mark tier Xs must constantly place themselves in a position to gain assistance damage (ei, spotting or tracking). There fore they aren’t “red-lining”.

    3. Marks sacrifice Win Rate?

    This, is the most absolute (excuse my language) HORSESHIT I have ever heard… here’s why. Logcally explaining this a good player has four things to look upon when playing WoT; his tanks potential/limits… you can’t ask a Maus to go 60 km/h… doesn’t work that way, his own skill level and decisions based on his knowledge of the game, RNG, and teammates… out of thsoe four factors… only two are under your control, your skill and your tank. This means 50% of the other things in your game are UN-RELIABLE MATERIAL that SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON.

    More damage + more kills + more spotting = higher wn8 (naturally) = MORE WINS = more Marks of Excellence…

    How can you not see your own logic here?


    I don’t usually spend time on YouTube typing to videos cause I think it’s an absolute waste of time (this probably is cause I doubt you’ll even read or consider it) but this video was absolutely misleading for players who WANT to IMPROVE… and as a World of Tanks player who has always strive to mentor for FREE and help others learn I disagree on your video, and I only type this and point it out cause since you are the largest World of Tanks YouTube channel a lot of your following will be mislead by your logic.

    Thank you

  35. But if I do it in a heavy does blocked add instead of spotting

  36. Stupid Boi

  37. Leopard 40t?

  38. People give up teamplay for marks..
    I respect those who Cap, Defend, and use everything to Win for the Team. 🙂

  39. play your game man as you like it. Just don’t be SALTY on others doing more than you do. Excuses are very cheap and everyone with more than 1k battles can see that.
    Play as you like, play the way you enjoy it, do your shit, but being an ass doesn’t make you any better in the game nor in the eyes of other players and viewers. Get your shit together and your thoughts on MoEs and don’t cancel your self every 5 minutes just to justify your assholeness. Its not only other youtubers or streamers who get their MoEs but many of your own viewers who do it. Being a F*tard against your own viewers is more than stupid. For their sake I hope you will APOLOGIZE to them (your viewers at least) as soon as possible.

  40. How long before this tank becomes available on console. As assume consoles will get this tank as well?

  41. Marks of excellence goes against the idea of teamplay IMO.

  42. Matchmaking absolutelly does not considering the skill of players to ballance the match. How the hell they allow to len 15 red players vs 15 green ? It happen to me very often. While its so easy just to trade some of them on start of the game. But they dont do it. Winrate must be equal, or there will be never fair games

  43. Whining compfags at their finest

  44. thumbs up for QB’s childhood trauma

  45. skill4ltu makes everything better than u:) you should learn from him how to be one of the best (u cant be the best cause he is). U are just a noob who likes money more than enjoy the game, instead of him:)

  46. Don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!
    -SquiddyBaby, 2018

  47. QB, you’re a scrub.

  48. Nope tracking gives you shit. Only spot and dmg. I don’t know why it is that way but it is 😉

  49. Lol i saw that live (:

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