World of Tanks – Object 140 Session

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Source: Anfield

Some Games in


  1. Omg, spat tea all over my ipad on that last game lmao

  2. That shot at 10:00 is really annoying, happens to me all the time unless
    your camera is literally above your turret

  3. nasos proestakhs

    I really have trouble choosing between obj140 and t62a , which one should I
    take first?


    what’s wrong with you tube and it’s option to go full screen… i want full
    screen without my taskbar and chrome window showing wtf…

  5. oh so you did release that vid friend ;)

  6. You don’t know tantantankgod?

  7. Gj Anfeels

  8. Sorry only had time to watch half, but it looked pretty good. :)

  9. Awesome. You should try to three mark this.

  10. FWIW, I appreciate you posting these on YT. I don’t have the bandwidth to
    stream and I work a lot. So it’s great to be able to watch on my time.

  11. thats some messed up music for this

  12. Mfw I’m a “kid” (14 yrs) and have 1200+- WN8 Kappa

  13. nice video Anfield. Would you happen to know if it’s possible to remove the
    grass texture with some mod just so I only see the hill? i shoot into the
    ground a lot. Thanks!

  14. Cainã Figueiredo

    Great video as always, I really like these long videos.

  15. nice la :)

  16. Oblivion Templar

    99 views and a bad joke ain’t once

  17. some games…….1hr long video…….

  18. ‫مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا Europe turns Islamic مهغال؟لبق٣٨شئَيؤنا‬‎


  19. Bamboozled again

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