World of Tanks || Object 140 vs T62A @ 60 FPS

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m playing in one of the T10 Soviet medium the Object 140 with my brother Zaonce. I frequently get asked how to compare the Object 140 to the other popular T10 Soviet medium the T-62A, so here’s a detailed look.

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World of is a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I noticed you reached 62% WR. Good job, QuickyBaby! Keep up the good work

  2. Make a chance to win a type 59 And more!

  3. Nice play, some good inspiration for playing my Obj.907.

  4. 60 FPS works for me

  5. screw 60fps..

  6. 60 FPS, such a sweat video and stream yesterday! Keep it rolling like that

  7. 1080p60 is LEGEND…waitforit…. DARY … LEGENDARY

  8. much better quality ;-)

  9. Would like to have seen the actual difference in the turret armour zones of
    the tanks

  10. Борис Гаганелов

    60 fps ftw! Glorious smoothness.

    45 was okay too tho.

  11. Back to 45 fps pls

  12. After playing 700 battles with each of them , i can say that obj140 is
    waaaaayyyyyy better. Faster and stealthier!!! I do not like at all the
    t62a. They may seem the same but they are not

  13. Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann

    Works fine on the iPad 3.

  14. Virgins Tivo box Epic Fail! Grainy beyond a joke?
    Now box was OK on 50Htz Tv.
    Older laptop couldnot cope even with 4Gb of ram so droped it to 720/60 as
    I,I, can’t, can’t stand you stuttering! Still no good so back to normal
    rather than 60fps. Lols

  15. i do obj 430

  16. This video shows us again and again that meds are fucking OP, you can’t
    deal with a medium tank in any situation, it doens’t matter what tank you
    are playing, its even worse if you are dealing especially Russian mediums.
    More than that, everybody is playing them to raise their WN8 status and the
    game just turn in to NFS. Correct me if i am wrong !

  17. Very Nice Quality Along With The HD, I Love The 60FPS :D

  18. 60 fps is awesome

  19. don’t notice a difference in quality. HD+ instead of HD?

  20. George “TheSurgeon” Scott

    I’m sure that this will have been talked of before, but evidently I’ve
    missed it, how do you get the hud elements such as chance of winning,
    incoming damage etc?

  21. Hey QB, take a look at the rhm’s most xp battle in Quickybaby replays. My
    replay with 8.3k dmg. durp gun for the win jajajaja (sartox1)

  22. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Things in the distance are still blurred and I am having a hard time
    telling the dirrefence on my PC; it seems to me that most youtube videos
    are uploaded in ‘1080’ and when you watch them they look at lot more like a
    VHS quality. I am not saying that it is the case here – only that one
    almost never can trust that if you choose the best quality, the video will
    correspond to that… That might be youtube’s fault – I don’t know.

  23. great game

  24. Footballakias Socceroulis

    1080p60 is awsome….keep up mate!!!!!!

  25. Obj 140’s turret is kinda useless to tier 10s with 260plus penetration and
    fires at ur turret flush. T62A, I had people fired HEAT, Still bounced. I
    like to go Hull down in my tanks and tank dmg. I like the obj 140, but I
    LOVE the t62a. 1 degress of gun depression may matter, But 6° Is still
    quite bad tbh

  26. Actually will not make a big difference to me whether it is 48 or 60fps. I
    usually use my laptop and I watch your videos mostly for tips and
    recommendations so that part is not really a priority to me. 720/60 was
    good though for me. A request if I may, would you consider making a video
    of your favourite tanks through tiers?

  27. 1080p 60fps works like a charm! Both on my laptop as on my iPhone

  28. keep it,
    before it was :D,
    but now its :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  29. Yeah, much better this way.
    What rig do you have? It’s a new GPU?

  30. Hey QB, can you please investigate the effect of the new HD model for
    T-62A??? Alot of comments on here and other sources claiming the new HD
    model is full of weak spots.

  31. Great play QB – you had to carry hard. However, the obj 140 is OP, and
    spamming HEAT (which few can afford) makes it even more so. In my
    experience, most players that get to chose between the 140 and the t62
    chose the 140 – the majority has ruled for the 140 (unless my experience
    isn’t backed up by real statistics).

    Search for 140 OP on wotreplays and you’ll find qiute a few videos.

  32. What about the object 430

  33. калоян ангелов

    working best at 720p60

  34. Quality is better. Do keep it at 60. I seriously doubt that anyone outside
    of Africa lacks the computational power to play a 1080p/60p video stream.

  35. This video killed my pc.

  36. Brian “geeknik” Carpenter

    60fps all the videos!

  37. quality is definitely better, anything in 60 fps is better more pls?

  38. video is better but have lag on 720p/60fps

  39. 60 fps is so nice!

  40. 60 frames makes a huge difference in the overall enjoyment of your videos.
    No issues with playback. Keep them coming!

  41. The 1080p 60fps isn’t supported by mobile devices like the iPad

  42. Can you do some sort of review of World of Tanks Blitz? That would be nice.
    As I don’t have a real computer I play Blitz, and there are some pretty
    significant differences. You have a following in Blitz at least on the NA
    server – we’ve even set up a QSF_NA there dedicated to you, Jingles, and

  43. Krzysztof Ciesliczka

    60fps is better

  44. 60fps is perfect on my HP laptop it dropped down to 50fps every now and
    than though but over all very nice plz keep 60fps

  45. My computer can’t handle the 60fps

  46. Better :tip turn off the dinamic FoV(chek box under 3D resolution ) to not
    get large not clean outline of the tank

  47. i like the extra frames. i do have a very hign end video card though so
    frames are not a problem with me.

  48. i can feel its kinda smoother

  49. I bet these 60 FPS videos look pretty swell… If only I could watch them.

    Hello trusty 480p, we meet again.

  50. The 60fps is all right, but it takes too long to load the video. I can only
    watch about twenty seconds at a time.

  51. So basically the reason why this game was won was premium ammo

  52. T62A Wins in my book, simply because of how sexy it is. ;)

  53. Should have definitely shown a 62a replay showing the turret armour and
    fire power differences. You prefer the 140 and it is clear that you are
    self affirming your view rather than giving an even showing of both the
    Anyway that was a fun game to watch :)

  54. Looks as good as my 1080 game play. Marked improvement.

  55. Qb shows no love for the 430. It makes me sad

  56. Quality seems really nice and smooth. Much easier to watch.

  57. I Think QB nailed it with the general descriptions of these tanks.T-62A is
    definitely a defensive tank, with the turret armor and superior
    turret-traverse-gun-handling. A bit more HP also helps.140, with its
    superior hull armor, speed, and on the move dispersion, coupled with its
    lesser ability to use static positions compared to the 62 distinguish it as
    a more aggressive tank.My answer to the 140 vs. 62A debate is: How
    aggressive do you like to play?Bonus: the expected damage for the 140 is
    much higher than that of the 62a, so if you like to farm wn8, 62a is the
    way to go.

  58. My IPAD is running this smoothly at 60 fps, screw computers XD

  59. I think 45 frames is better, I like to have other things running while I
    take breaks in between to watch some Youtube videos. 45 – 60 frames doesn’t
    really matter but I did have some issues playing in 60fps with some
    stuttering here and there sometimes. Honestly 45 to 60 isn’t noticeable
    even though it’s a 25% increase. Only the most hardcore will complain about
    the frame rate in your videos but I’m here for the content not for the
    frame rate :D

  60. Certainly looks a lot smoother and better quality almost like am playing..
    But as said most don’t good comp cards and screen

  61. Good job on 60 fps video!

  62. 60 FPS FTW!!Looks awesome :3

  63. 60 fps is absolutely the way to go for action packed content…not only is
    it a LOT smoother no also due to less aggressive compression and better
    algorythms of the codec on youtubes side the image quality also receives a
    significant bump compared to 1080p. Only a blind donkey could not see the
    massive difference between the both.
    I assume youtube cannot post-compress this content as strongly as it
    already does with content in 720 and 1080p…because the trade off between
    less storage requirements and more computing power to process the 60 fps
    large file sizes would be not benefitial.

  64. Hey QB my PC is a beast and it can handle anything (i play in 4k) , but for
    years , ive been playing vedeogames at 15 fps in a laptop , meaning that i
    could not even watch vedeos on HD , so despite the fact that 60fps is
    better for me , doesnt mean that its better for every1

  65. My PC is good enough and the quality is great! Would be happy if you keep
    your videos that way

  66. 60 fps FTW :D

  67. Like the 60FPS

  68. i got a 144hz g-sync monitor i much prefer the 60fps

  69. Argh god the amount of the obj 140’s spamming HEAT all game is insane >< Today I played about 10 games which were tier 10 whilst i was in my tier 8's and 7's and literally every 140 was spamming HEAT...even at 13 75's lol

  70. I am viewing in my
    Sony 15a , sort of laggy
    Acer 8950G , smooth
    HP Omen 15 , smooth

  71. Should I go for IS-4 or IS-7?

  72. Better

  73. 1080p60 looks good in Google Chrome, but not in Firefox. Firefox uses the
    older h264/AVC codec to play this, and it struggles due to it not being as
    efficient. It looks a bit blurry. On Chrome it plays on the newer vp9
    codec, and the image quality is much better. I hope Firefox will soon be
    able to use vp9…

  74. love the 60fps QB keep up the good work :)

  75. Two Nine Alpha Romeo

    Another Great Video QB .. 60fps was fine on my pc but why shut yourself off
    to the many that cant watch your channel if you only use 60fps when 45fps
    is just as fine.

  76. is he ur real brother?

  77. Wow the 60 fps really makes a difference! Please continue at 60 fps

  78. yah man defiantly an improvement its a lot more clear I enjoyed it

  79. 60 fps much better

  80. I personally like the Obj 430 over both the 62a and the 140, I don’t mind
    the bad gun-depression, and the rate of fire is god-like

  81. I am loving the 60 fps. The quality is beastly!

  82. Personaly, the 45 FPS was enough for me. the quality is better, but it does
    not make that big of an impact for me. But one thing, now your facecam is
    starting to get outdated. the video quality is so good but the cam is
    blurry. dont know if it is just settings or maybee you should get a new
    one? :P

  83. I like the new quality :)

  84. Why not both?

  85. I honestly don’t notice any major difference between 60 and 45 fps.

  86. The 60FPS is much better and doesn’t crash

  87. Much better like this!

  88. I’m on an iPad 4 and it won’t let me watch in 1080p at 60 fps

  89. looks good

  90. Excelent round.

  91. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    60FPS causes the HTML5 player to bug out for many people.
    Playing Russian mediums is like cooking bacon, you aren’t gonna get the
    best result without hearing that sizzle.

  92. I didn’t have any problems with my old dell comp. So go ahead with your new
    frame rate if you like.

  93. 60 Frames per second was nice 🙂

    I was also expecting a T62-A replay was dissapointed :D

  94. I am planning on getting both of these tanks. I am undecided as to which
    one to get first. I am a fan of the American medium line. I will be putting
    the female crew from the third set of missions into which ever I get first
    and retraining the crew from the t54 to the second. Any advice as to which
    I should get first will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  95. 60fps looks great, i’m not sure what computer other people have, but even
    my $325 laptop can handle the video at 1080p 60fps.I prefer the t62a more
    and it is also the first tier 10 that i bought, just like what you said i’m
    more of a defensive player

  96. I really like 60 FPS. Keep it there please!

  97. good quality

  98. I needed this thanks so much

  99. damn beautiful at 60 fps and I’m on my phone watching this ;)

  100. Noob unicoms spaming gold sad to see that, i guess SirFoch is only true
    unicom left

  101. Once again HEAT wined 🙂 I know QB could win this without them but those So
    called unicum’s using Heat just to much. All the wins they take, All
    immposible penneterations its just making this game soo broken. U can take
    any Heavy tank with any angles or armour but it will end the same, medium
    with 330+ pen HEAT will pen u to anywhere without even aim. Thats was just
    my opinion 🙂 (Sry for my EN)

  102. I like the new 60 fps format. I have a decently strong computer and good
    enough internet to view 1080p 60 fps. I’d love if you kept this option.

  103. like the new quality

  104. Yes, 60 FPS is awesome, keep it up! P.S. great game with your brother!


    Yes 60 fps is awesome

  106. I was able to watch 1080p 45fps, but now I have to watch 720p 60fps

  107. Why is the obj 430 not as good?

  108. 60 fps kick ass

  109. The iPad 3 not good

  110. The FPS is AMAZING!!!!!

  111. 60 fps looks good!


  113. Works great, even on my phone ??

  114. i can’t say i myself noticed a huge difference between 45-60 fps, but idk.
    both of them load within a second so either option is perfectly fine with

  115. 60fps, smooth like a butter on glass

  116. 60 fps is not very smooth on my machine (2015 Dell XPS13). Watching on the
    GPU on my i5-5500U in Chrome.

  117. wow my computer got really hot while whatching the video, but still going

  118. Love the new 60 FPS. Looks great and runs just as nice on my custom built
    cpu. Maybe a bit to much color? Great Job Quickybaby! Keep up the awesome
    work & videos!!!

  119. Hi everyone, Click on this link and you can join to the competition and you
    can win Type 59 and more!

  120. i dont see any diference but maybe its because i suck at that in 60vs45 fps

  121. Hey QB! I personally don’t like the 60fps as my mobile device cannot handle
    the frame rate, and if you could reduce it in the future that world be

  122. And the 60 FPS are great

  123. In my opinion the T62A is a tank for the players who doesnt like fast paste
    combat were as the obj. 140 is for the players who actually do like faster
    gameplays and have more knowledge about the game.
    Not that much but things like awareness and not tunnelvisioning and so on
    and so on.

  124. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I like the 60 frames per second, but I understand if
    it prevents others from watching these amazing videos

  125. 430 best

  126. My suggestion is to get both the object 140 and T-62a, but get the Object
    140 first. If you are interested in getting better, the 140 is a great tank
    to improve your performance. You have to learn how to use your tank well,
    without having that turret armor. Tanks with excessive armor are easier to
    use. Once you do well in the Object 140, you should get the T-62A and do
    better in it. It has the extra armor that will help you a lot, and if you
    are a good player it will probably be the most reliable medium.

  127. 60 FPS is great

  128. I wish you would have done a double replay for each tank. I’m trying to
    make the same choice and really want to know!

  129. my computer is good enough to play the video smooth but the quality is

  130. +QuickybabyTV what ur grafics

  131. 60 FPS is beautiful =)
    I can’t get 720/1080 though because my I-net sucks.

  132. I have had tanks pen the face of the T-62A right next to the gun where its
    mostly flat I believe roughly 260 pen is enough to do so

  133. Obj. 140 for me.

  134. there is a big difference in hull armor, 140 has batter hull armor, upper
    plate is better angled, lover plate is smaller and better angled, side
    armor is also angled so you can do sidescrape better than with t62a, i
    prefer 140 over t62a

  135. Better quality of video….thanks.

  136. Hey QB, glad you made this video when you did. I’m getting ready to
    graduate from my T-54 to either a OBJ 140 or a T-62A. From you comments
    and the comments below, I’m leaning towards the T-62A, it seems more my
    style of medium.

  137. Better much better thanks

  138. the 60 fps are better i like it!

  139. i like the 60

  140. So I know it’s t-62a vs obj 140 but could you still do a vid on the 430

  141. Jordon Reimer Covers

    Thank you! I just bought the t54 and wasn’t sure which to get

  142. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    I have all 3 so yeah lol

  143. 60 fps eyegasm

  144. How come you forgot to mention that 140 has far superior hull armor. Front
    armor has better slope making it very easy to bounce T8 tanks and some T9
    tanks. Side armor is sloped (same way IS-7 and IS-3 side armor) making side
    scraping more effective plus it makes 140 almost immune to one-shots by
    arty (unless shell lands on top of the turret or engine deck). You guys can
    say that hull armor doesn’t matter on medium tanks, but saving 600-700
    health you would’ve lost in a fight against low tier tanks is a huge
    advantage especially for later stages of the battle.

  145. 60 fps all the way!

  146. 45 FPS FTW!!! 60 is too OP, power hungry & bandwith hungry

  147. the 1080p60 is good bro

  148. I love my obj 140. I play on the xbox1 though.

  149. Not important with the improvement in framerate on YT, 45 works just fine
    for WoT gameplay imo.

  150. Even my phone can can handle 60 fps. Please keep it

  151. very good quality

  152. Much better quality with a high performance computer.

  153. The 60 fps is way better, love it! Great job QB! :D

  154. I would like to see a gameplay video of the tier 6 British heavy tank the
    Churchill VII

  155. 60 fps on the video is awesome, the difference was really noticeable. Keep
    them coming!

  156. Sorry, but I vote for the 121 :)

  157. Thanks for 60 fps QB

  158. skilless gold spam camping med play. You are bad if you can’t handle the

  159. what do you think.. T34-85 or the A43.. or whatever its called.. you know
    what tank i mean

  160. Cant Evan watch it in 480……

  161. Video ran fine, would think that the video would be easier on the eyes @
    60, ran just fine 60mb/s internet speed.

  162. my laptop struggles with this frame change :(

  163. 140 or 62a? ……IS-7 is your choice :P

  164. To me 60fps seems smoother I love it Quicky, but there are lots of people
    out there who’s comps can’t handle this.

  165. One thing QB forgot to mention (I think, unless I missed it) is that the
    Obj 140 has a 120mm UFP (upper frontal plate), whereas the T-62A only has
    100mm UFP. This means the Obj 140 has an effective armour value of around
    200mm on its upper plate, whereas the T-62A only has around a 160mm
    effective UFP. That’s the difference between consistently bouncing most
    tier 8 tanks and some tier 9 tanks with a bit of angling (E 50, T54E1,
    T-54, etc.) and simply not. If they were to have the same hull armour I’d
    say they’re pretty much on par with eachother, but the 140 takes the cake
    in my opinion along with many other people’s opinions because that slightly
    superior mobility and better armour overall beats the T-62A’s better turret
    armour and overall traverse speeds.

    Other than that nice review of the two.

    Edit: Oh yeah, the 60 FPS feedback. I personally really like it as it
    provides a much nicer viewing experience for those who have invested the
    money in a decent PC, however I know many haven’t and from Jingles’ videos
    before I remember he got some hate from people with potatoes for computers.
    I’d say yeah I like the 60 FPS, but it’s obviously down to you if the views
    go down too much from people who can’t play the videos.

  166. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    Dat gold T54 spammer at the beginning :P

  167. Doesn’t really help can only load 360p most of the time, 720p barely

  168. Dat goldspam.

  169. Down kicking?? The one platoon mate just drown himself with almost full
    health. What a power donkey he was, don’t give him credit for doing
    anything other than drowning himself.

  170. mmmmmm… 60fps goodness :)

  171. Most ppl that can run 45 fps should be able to run at 60 hell I’m watching
    this on a 1 core seprom and old agp card

  172. the video seems soo smooth, 60FPS is very nice

  173. MUCH better

  174. I usually get worse teams in my t-62a but with a good team i generally play
    better, for average teams i play best in 140 and i can carry harder in it

  175. video quality is very nice
    i like the T62A more ;)

  176. Its so much better than before :)

  177. hey qb, 60 fps is better, i can see more details and less blurry thinks.
    Keep on the good work 😀 greetz from Holland

  178. Didn’t QB killed Grandpa? 4:13

  179. Thundermaw Warhound

    Make a t38nA review

  180. obj.430 is best Russian medium tank, if you want gun depression go down the
    Japanese line

  181. I am NOT as good as you are QB (few are) but I cannot agree with your
    comment on the Object 430 which for me is the clear winner and strongest
    tank. When others say. ‘the obj 430 is worse in almost all ways’ I simply
    cannot understand their point-. 1st = best turret, best hull front AND a
    higher dpm, with the same gun, for me, means a winner.
    I have seen your video where you admit you have not been able, with your
    play style to use the less good gun dep so I do think the answer to which
    tank is the best depends on your playing style. More me Obj. 430 baby!

  182. 60fps looks great on my MAC

  183. quality is good
    i can handle
    i got asus gaming computer

  184. it would’ve been nice to see you play both the T-62A and the Object 140 to
    compare and contrast them in the same video. but thanks for the info. Ill
    work on getting the T-62A :)

  185. I Love to see the 60fps! Its smoother and more fluent. Watching from Phone
    most of the time and this the fps really makes a difference for me. Keep
    this please!

  186. That was so awesome team work, Situational awareness and outplayed your

  187. Can someone tell me why quicky does talk about the 430? Why didn’t he
    compare? What better slash worse than the other Russian meds?

  188. Alexander van Elten

    Please back to 45 fps – My PC cannot handle

  189. is zeo u real brother?

  190. the quality is nice

  191. 60 fps is always sexy

  192. I have both,i love both.Sometimes i just feel i have to play one instead of
    the other.

  193. Is Z your actual brother? Lmao I’m confused

  194. 60 FPS looks great 🙂
    NP on my computer

  195. Where can you get the damage panel at lower left? I’ve installed your mods,
    but it does not seem to be one of the adds. Please advice – Thanks :)

  196. Video looks exactly the same.

  197. Well i can’t say i see any difference at 60 or 45 fps. They look the same
    to me altho some computers can not watch 60 fps so i would recomend leaving
    it at 45.

  198. Damn loving the 60 fps!

  199. this provented me to wach it in 720

  200. 60 fps forever !!

  201. Much better then before. 60 FPS FTW

  202. better FPS probably suggests that your new PC is finished! :)

  203. Yeah it’s all better

  204. I like the 60fps. It’s a lot smoother, and overall more satisfying to

  205. 60fps is great

  206. You forgot to mention that the 140 effectively has more frontal armour.
    Also the 140 has more rear hull armour, so it is less vulnerable to he

  207. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    premium ammo can be great if you need it yourself but i think it nerfes
    heavy tanks to much.

  208. YEAH final a vid I always wanted, thx a lot Mr QB!

  209. T62A now In HD sucks so hard! turret is penetrable easily frontally, cupola
    is pure shit and hull as well. 140 has enough gun depression to make it
    work and the fact you don’t have fantastic armor makes you expect the dmg.
    I mean at least it has gun depression, while the t62a doesn’t even have the
    armor now

  210. 60FPS !!!

  211. 60 FPS is great, but not for my connection :(

  212. 60 fps is always better of course, but honestly for a youtube video 45 fps
    is fine. Don’t bother yourself with the effort if it’s hassle QB.
    Appreciate the efforts tho :)

  213. Vote here for 1080p 60Hz not running at all.

  214. Vote here for 1080p 60Hz running choppy.

  215. 60fps is better but my ISP can’t cope with the video size, i have to buffer
    a lot to play, is ok.

  216. quickybaby has blonde hair….ahhh, now i see it with the 60 fps

  217. Vote Here for 1080p 60Hz running smoothly.

  218. 60 fps on my phone looks awesome.

  219. Quality much better, thank you, I have 4k

  220. 60fps ran fine on my machine :)

  221. better quality fo show

  222. I can still watch it even at 60fps and it looks just exactly the same as
    the other framerate before.

  223. no skill only RU tanks..

  224. My PC, which has Msi GTX 750 Ti GPU in it runs 1080p 60 fps smoothly and my
    phone SM-G900F (Galaxy S5) runs 1080p at 60fps as smoothly, no problems at
    the hardware side at all, but then strikes my awful internet. It can’t keep
    up anymore, i used to be able to play 1080p at 60fps, but now its just
    awful. But I still love this 60fps. There is a big difference for me
    between 30, 45 and 60fps. I hope you keep it. The quality is just amazing

  225. 60FPS looks good to me.

  226. Verry nice graphics with the 720 60 fps

  227. Better for me

  228. Quickybaby, I thought I would run this by you. I learned that on the
    Russian server in the premium shop they are selling the BT-SV, and the Pz
    IIJ. Valued Subscriber – Sherman1110 NA Server

  229. 60fps is much better. But I must ask, how come you didn’t go to 60fps
    straight off the bat? You started at 45fps. Is it solely worrying about if
    people can watch the vid? Because anyone with a half decent pc can watch
    videos at 60fps.

  230. 60 fps for the master race

  231. Much better with 60 FPS than 45 FPS

  232. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    The quality is AWESOME!!!!!!

  233. 60fps looks good, intro looks like it was rendered on a Commodore 64

  234. Too bad, now I cant watch your videos in HD :(

  235. the video of your commenting dont lagging 0,5sec behind the sound.

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    I am also trying to figure out which tanks should I grind between the two.
    It’s so hard to decide, 140 has better gun depression but 62a has better
    turret; 140 has better speed but 62a better turning, 140 has lower profile
    but 62a better gun and so on…

    I’d like to ask QB or anybody who own the two tanks, between better turret
    and better gun depression, which one would you chose? Let’s say the two
    tanks would merge and you would have to chose between gun depression and
    turret armor, which one do you think plays a more important role?

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    It seems my computer can handle 60 fps videos.
    But as long as i understand what is happening on the video, i don’t mind
    lower frame quality. I am one of the kind of old school gamers that mind
    the quality itself over the good looking of something.

    Keep your awsome replays, your commentary and keep being yourself and i ll
    follow ;)

  240. type 59 contest right here….follow the link bellow
    Best tank is the obj 140 …it has depresion and its smaller than t62a
    GoodLuck for the contest se ya in the game

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  258. Hey QB, I know this sounds weird but it seems like my PC handles better
    60fps than 45. What I think the reason is because you recorded/rendereded
    it at 45FPS but YT was playing it at 48FPS which made the sound and the
    video unsynced. But when I skipped like a second forwards or backwards it
    synced again. This is fine all lenght of the video. Does this mean you
    already hooked up your new PC?

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    to 720p at 48 fps and i have to say its veryyyy nice and its not choppy
    keep up the good gameplays and work btw will you ever do worldoftanks 360
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    lot of ‘mediocre’ stuff about the tier X 430 and it’s kind of down turning.

    For the framerate, I don’t mind whether it’s 60fps or not but when it’s
    there I do notice the difference and it looks quite good.

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    gold ammo. If a IS-7 could buff his armour with prem or massively buff his
    speed then the game may be more balanced with prem (worse imho but more
    balanced). However by now I think everyone has their opinion on prem ammo
    and I doubt anyone will change it 🙂 (mine is it is the single worse thing
    they have done to the game and it broke so much that they have had to fix
    and I still do not think they can balance tanks for use with and without

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    with gun rammer and BIA 100% crew has a 5.7sec reload. My obj.140 with gun
    rammer and BIA 100% Crew has a 5.45sec reload. Not that big of a difference
    but still ever .1 second helps.

  295. Dajum, hear al those sizzels of the HEAT rounds :O, they ware wasting their
    gold and/or credits. :P

  296. BluecatProductions11

    great fps qb looks like we are playing on our own computer

  297. I’m different, I chose 430.

  298. can watch on my potato PC so yeah nice :D

  299. T-62A

  300. QB whats your favorite tank?
    P.S. 60fps is great

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    but my internet can only handle loading at 240p. Oh well

  302. The same members i had in the enemy team 😀 only that they were t X artys.

  303. Simply get both of them. Sirfoch did a good job explaining that getting
    T-62A and the Object 140 are both worth it. There are some differences
    between them but they are both worth it. The 430 is the worst of the 3
    Russian tier 10 mediums in about every category. So get the 140 and the
    T-62A. The 140 has good turret armor and 6 degrees of gun depression and
    the 62A gets 5 and nearly impenetrable turret armor. I have not driven the
    62A but the 140 ties for my fav tier 10.

  304. got them both, love them both ! 🙂 thumbs up, keep it runnin.

  305. Jan-Willem Wernecke

    With 60 fps you get more for your second…

  306. You often say 140’s advantage is speed, but IMO speed difference is
    negligible. If you race from spawn to your initial position with those two
    tanks, T-62A will fall behind by less than a second. I’ve been paying
    attention to that a lot lately. And that’s on a good terrain. Pass over
    just one obstacle like a stone fence and your speed advantage becomes
    Also, 140 is more susceptible to module damage IMO.

    Which one is better? I always say – if you have to ask, you probably won’t
    even know how to exploit the subtle differences and mitigate subtle
    disadvantages of one over the other. Both are fantastic and you’ll have
    very similar results in both.
    Also it’s situational. In some situations, 140 does slightly better, and in
    others the T-62A does slightly better. Which one of them does better in
    more situations? Impossible to say.

  307. 1080@60fps is too much for my old laptop… had to switch down to 720p..
    Can only watch at the gaming PC now :(

  308. is it just me or is the video and the sound not perfectly sincronised?

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    wrong, or the conspiracy theories are true. I’ll stick with the

  310. It is on my pc im on my handy right now :P

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  312. fishyfing | MonsterLyrics Social Guy

    1 second away from 13:37

  313. With a mobile phone you see a little diffrence but 48 gets the job done.
    but tech continues to develop and VHS is no longer used when it got the job
    done is it? ;D

    48 fps is enough and in some situations like not near wifi it can’t run
    60fps good enough.

    from 140 vs t62a I have driven both on the test server and prefer 140.
    neither of them dont have great hull armor so in most situations I just
    like not to take any hits.
    not always the case though.
    I like to drive fast tanks with none armor most, such like I have mastered
    AMX CDC and some lights.

    140 is faster, has a better gun and just seems to be my favourite. :)

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  321. I believe with the upcoming physics update with tank rocking, you will be
    able to pull off more shots with the t62a, that said the obj140 is faster
    but not when you have to go over hard terrain, i would rater have that
    maneuverability then going fast in a straight line. But thats just me, it
    comes down to more personal preference than anything. What do you guys

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    videos. Thanks
    I still have 1 question….

    which one is the better between Obj 140 and T62A ??? Thx bro !

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