World of Tanks || Object 244 – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – Object 244. The T6 Soviet premium heavy, Object 244, is finally available on the EU server – here’s all you to know!


World of is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. just what we need…another russian premium tank

  2. *World of pReMiUm Tanks*

  3. you’re a great player. Full stop. The t34-85 OP on your team didn’t do so well…

  4. Premium

  5. How in the fuck did you conclude that the the t3485m has better gun handling?

  6. Really happy your doing daily vids keeps me entertained keep up the good work

  7. Don’t need a another Soviet Heavy Premium and I don’t need a mediocre one even more. Especially as the IS isn’t particularly good against all the OP tier 8 premiums.

  8. Hi QuickyBaby, appreciate you uploading all this content 🙂

  9. World of premium tanks

  10. Tier 6 IS with better stats all around than tech tree tier 7. “Well balanced”

  11. “you do HAVE to use the premium rounds” qb – 2019

  12. Am I deaf or did QB’s voice get lower?

  13. Does that tank have the same crazy high alpha HE rounds like the T-34-85 variants?

  14. Take an existing tech tree tank, put the gun on it from another existing tech tree tank, drop it a tier and call it an Object. I hope Wargaming rewarded whomever came up with that original idea. Now you get to not only pay for the tank, but pay for the premium rounds. Whats not to like?

  15. I remember when WoT was actually a free to play game instead of “input CVV to penetrate”.

    • Wait you are mixing things up. WoT was P2W when prem ammo was only obtainable with gold. It isn’t anymore (for like 7 years)

  16. “180 Alpha is too little for a Heavy”
    *Cries in Black Prince*

  17. Completely unrelated but: yesterday i bounced a KV-85 122mm shell off my 59-16’s turret ?

  18. i dont get comparing a HT to a MT, i get both are premium, but potatos to potatos, should be compared to tier 6 russian HTs

  19. What kind of game is this?

  20. Oh, another premium tank. ResidentSleeper

  21. tank is a piece of shit the end

  22. Oh that POS finally made it in the game

  23. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    probably should have compared it to the Churchill 7, its seems close to that in terms of play-style…

  24. Is IS6 worth getting? I’ve got a 252 but the dpm and the gun handling is atrocious even with a 5 skill crew.

  25. Another object tank that gets too many bounces and you need gold to reliably penetrate? How original

  26. Soooooooooo tired of Russian tanks. Enough ffs. “Start balancing the weaker tech tree, non Russian, tanks.” – Tiger 2.

  27. This is out on the NA server? I cant tell you the last time I saw one. No one runs these

  28. Great, now the tier IV and V tanks can be incentivised to kill themselves even faster.

  29. Falric The Sleeping

    jesus, It’s always fascinating how he remembers so much info about tanks

  30. Some random guy on the Internet

    God please the premiums are killing me. They should focus on the game instead of drowning us in tanks that are copies of other tank or reskins. Or new things that are only for one tech tree to get us to use exp. They should focus on low tiers. I play to get throwe a new tech tree or something and then I get spammed by tier 8 and more tier 8 and more therr endless!

  31. gee… a new Russian heavy premium tank… shocker…

  32. It’s a KV-13 in tier 6.

  33. 20 pound for a tank that you have to use prem ammo for most of the time… go home wot, you’re drunk

  34. Binoculars? No thanks. I can get 441m of view-range without them.


    love u QB ………….nyc work

  36. More and more *OBJECT* tonks

  37. lol. Like any tank is good. The more you pay, the better your tanks. There is no denying it

  38. pay2win premium bs

  39. Next asshole tank noone needs! WORK ON the fucking still not good MM! Get the maps balanced, get the premium ammo out of the game without changing all but the premium ammo! Get the fucking arta down to 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or if its late and no chance to 2!!!!!!!!!! as a maximum! Get rid of Ensk and this 600m maps or monastry, this useless 3 way shit map! BUT STOP TO SELL IDIOT TANKS to get the last money from us before you have to shut down this game, cause noone needs new idiot tanks and delete the game instead of making the fucking game better! NOW!

  40. Just one question: Why? At tier 6 you already have a fully loaded carousel of heavy tanks in the Soviet tech tree, as you have the KV-2, the KV-85, the T-150 and now, the Object 244 and KV-2R as Premium tier 6 heavies! I really don’t see a reason to keep stuffing more and more tanks into such lines and tiers; as all it does is to highlight the issues of “power-creep” in World of Tanks!

  41. Another Russian tank. Great

  42. You know it’s the NA server when you recognize half the players on each team.

  43. good video, meh tank

  44. Quickybaby can you make a video reviewing how horrific the Mauschen is and maby come up with something that would not make it the worst teir 9 in the game.

  45. uhm…I think I´ll pass…
    I actually no longer think about WGs bullshit schemes concerning PTs…why bother?
    Also, I want to keep up my zero-spending policy towards those fools – can´t break the streak after about 23 months not buying a single flip from them…

  46. Where have I seen something like this before…Oh, yeah, KV-220. Its a KV-220 at tier 6 without the preferred matchmaking.

  47. Question is when are they going to introduce modern tanks to this game? Like tier 11 and 12

  48. OMG I was in this game ?? ak47tankey

  49. @Quickybaby whats going on with your xvm mod pack ? Is there an updated version ?

  50. My desktop Icon just changed to “OBJ WORLD OF TANKS RU”

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