World of Tanks || Object 252 – Tank Preview

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. Today I’m previewing the upcoming Soviet premium the Object 252 which comes in two skins one being the very patriotic defender variant.

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  1. Tier 8 Premiums are just canon fodder for Tier 9 and 10’s. You will get penned every time and you will waste 1000’s of credits in gold ammo and won’t be able to pen a 9 or 10.. Wot is now a Tier 9/10 Arcade Shooter

  2. Fifa and football Finnish

    Another OP premium-tank…

  3. I can only dream of having 40m/s. Mine is always between 150 and 400 m/s. Shit Australian internet.

  4. Is 2108 EXP and 5000 dmg on T21 with epic carousel around Tiger P enough good for this channel? 😉

  5. why did you not compare it to the is-6?

  6. Monstrous Agar And More!

    Next thing you know they add a Russian Tier 10 Premium that shoots Nukes (10K dmg)

  7. yayy let’s purchase all those premium tanks so WG can buy some fuel for their Ferraris!

  8. Just another reason to not play anything over tier 5.

  9. I think Im just gonna sell my is 6, because there is no way i could pen this this with that.

  10. Great material, QB! It’s very informative, that you show us the game, where this vehicle, even in the hands of very skillful player, has small chances to win.

  11. Fifa and football Finnish

    Looks like these “bad” comments are getting QB salty. It’s not his fault if premiums are OP.

  12. does anyone know who was the account for 29, I killed their 252U

  13. Bunch of whiny kids, crying because they want game to serve the tanks and exp and credits on the silver platter… Why is this tank a power creep? It is flawed in some areas, just like the OP GOD Skorpion G. If you do not know how to beat those tanks you haven’t played this game enough. Also, ferdi has the same gun like Skorpion G, BUT has amazing armor for it’s tier; also IS-3 has an amazing gun, turret and speed for it’s tier. Should we nerf everything just so you people could play this game like walking through a park? Just look at the T34 or T29, how about you also nerf their turret armor? Let’s just destroy the tanks because you little bitches cannot find a way to beat them… Suck it.
    Some of us do not have the money to buy premium time forever, but we can spend some money for a premium tank that can earn us enough credits to continue down the tech tree…

  14. But quickybaby you cant say that this tank is not overall better than IS-3 so its not op. Keep in mind that its a premium that earns you more money. So the whole fact that its in some ways better than is-3 is ridiculous. And when you say that its armor will not hold up in tier 10 games, well so will not the is-3 armor so that point is invalid. In higher tier you should play supporting role anyway.

  15. wg just sucks more and more, every new premium tank gets more op

  16. hei qb can you post that wallpaper with obj 252.i cant find it anywhere

  17. Intergalactic Minecast


  18. I wonder why there are not any german patriotic tanks in the game…

  19. IS-3 is a challenge when I was playing a T6.
    But this thing though……………………….
    Maybe that’s why we called it over-powered.
    To reduce complains, actually play the game and feel it for yourself, fix MM (4/5/6, so Nicol’s Medal is still possible, or 5/5/5) RNG reduce to 20%, not 50% like now. And actually try to balance the tanks, Obj252U because of it’s giant lower plate, please make it possible for lower tier tanks to penetrate and don’t forget to remove the hitbox in the tracks of Churchill Vll and Black Prince. Edit: And use the old dispersion/accuray or half-way back because shooting tanks now is frustrating.
    I have no right of accusing how WG is making money but here’s my opinion, try to make it a fun game so players will buy actual balanced tanks from you to earn credits and have fun with their own specialty. Please.
    Just saying. (This is just my opinion, if you have better ideas just say it, don’t insult right away for god sake.)

  20. Seriously qb where is the tank review on the pz kpfw 7?

  21. sluggish as hell with quadrupel off crew skills perks ,what happens when u put an “only” 100% crew no perks or so tank becomes probaly a slow “failturd” OMG i need to pick one upp love the rage it gives then just like emil1 haha.

  22. So let’s sum it up – fuck you, War Gayming.

  23. pingouin astral oui

    niiiiiiice again an op tank like the scorpion

  24. Will the other nations get patriotic tanks as well?

  25. this tank is SO crap

  26. QB please do an amx 50b review!!!!!

  27. 6:51 *Or just fire HE, at least do SOME damage before you die 😉

  28. I see a out of people saying this tank is op in the comments I don’t really agree it seems pretty strong but honestly it doesn’t strike me as overly amazing, that being said I always hate to see more premiums in the game in general it’s just bad for the game I think, and why do they need more Russian tanks there are so many premiums already.

  29. Balanced Comrad! Tier 10 armor and Tier 9 gun on a tier 8 premium. Seems legit 😀

  30. Seeing how most people call this tank “overpowered”, I`d rather use this over the IS-6 simply vbecause of the penetration superiority.

  31. Looks like just another tank idiots will be able to blast around with and be impenetrable…

  32. I like how people that didnt even played the tank say its OP… I really dont see the OP side, every tier 8 heavy can pen this with AP or gold rounds, and you also have a bad gun. I would rather take the Patriot or the Liberte all day over this tank

  33. I am glad I stopped playing this game.

  34. omg QB u begin to be a WG ass licker. u allways clean WG dirty stuff. i never heard u telling : hey WG morons do something right or hey WG work on your fuCking MM COZ MANNY TIME IS FUCKING WORST . U are a big voice in wot coMmunity… we aspect u to do some right shits not only to keep clean WG..

  35. One can wonder qb….. since you speak of this tank as “No problem no pref mm balances this tank” did you get one for free just to shut you up? You always speak good an true about most things…..But not this obvious op tank. Hm

  36. This is frustrating to play in tier 10 games … I would guess the Is 3 is just as annoying to play. Is 3 gunhandling is not that much better. And imagine löwe or kv4 in a tier 10 game

  37. I think it is just a good tank, but certainly not OP.
    Of course you do well in a top tier heavy (if you have any form of brains), that is what top tier heavies are for. And you suck as bottom tier heavy, because your armor means nothing. This thing has enough balancing factors to not make it OP, factors that the Skorpion G, e25 and in some ways the Patriot an Liberté miss.

    Have a nice day:)

  38. russian fight back, cyka blyat

  39. Everyone will just spam wn8 rounds  and this tank wont stand a chance

  40. Yes, yes we know it is OP (if top tier) – but I mainly buy them for the garage slots anyway…

    So the real problem is which version to buy? The defender with the soviet flag camo, or the regular with the birch log on the side? Choices…

  41. soviets tanks have low view range why?

    cuz they drink their pesky vodka all the time so they all are drunk.

  42. watching the stream this tank struggles in many situations. I don’t find it OP. just slightly less good as IS 3. It is a slow easy target for arty. it shines in streets as top tier. this is not most of the cases.

  43. Nice review! the mm should be limited to +1

  44. now obj 279

  45. roemer schoenmakers

    Quickybaby be like: the weakpoint is 225 mm so its balances… compares it too tier X and says its balanced at tier X…

  46. IS7 armour, IS4 gun, IS3 speed, on a T8 tank?
    Seems balanced to me -.-
    This would be a good T10 Tank, but its absolutly overpowered in a T8 game.

  47. To be honest – this tank will not be OP. will be just idiot-proof, like Liberte. Why? It has horrible dpm with very bad gun stats. Huge lower plate, armor impossible to angle, impossible to side-scrap, every skilled player in any causal tier VIII HT gonna win with it due to better dpm or better specialisation. Bad top speed doesn’t help too.
    Liberte at least have quite an accurate gun and strong front plate that can be angled, so made better. and 10 gun depression to handle the terrain. Patriot has great turret with nice gun and mobility. and this? this is just high alpha gun with strong but difficult to play front armor… and nothing more. This tank surely will not be weak, but I would rather stay with my casual IS-3, with better gun handling, speed, and with just as useless against tier IX’s and X’s hull armor as this new prem tank. Or with my Liberte, that have reliable gun and also idiot-proof armor.

  48. And ~ Obj 252 will still get easily farmed at T10 by Tier 10 tanks as Tier 8s always do – and how much fun is that going to be? this 50% or so of all its battles, with the current MM (which is poor most times

  49. I like how every one is complaining but prolly none has played the tank yet.. =D

  50. 9:42 , the QuickyBaby war cry !

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