World of Tanks || Object 260 – 10,000+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Object 260. Today Raphi290 going on a rampage in the T10 the Object 260 picking up over 10,000 damage and contesting 10 kills!

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World of Tanks is a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Actually i expected that BC hide on there

  2. great spoiler B-C…!! hahaha

  3. QB u suck, artyes are OP and you are a fucking noob.

  4. Once again, showcasing how broken arty is and how bad RNG is for this game.
    You can be the best player ever, but a complete moron in his tier 10 arty
    can crush you with a no-skill requiring mechanic of this game.

    Tbh, i think raphi did make a mistake, i think he should have hugged the
    north part of the cap circle and hid behind the ‘hill’. He should have seen
    where the cancer shells were coming from when he was fighting the T30, and
    what is the chance of a red monkey relocating in an unexpected position?
    Great game by him, but cancer got him in the end…

  5. i misssss this gammme so much i had move to xbox but wot is not that good
    on consoles i got to get back into it

  6. And of course, monkey clickers carry…

  7. i cant buy a tank why

  8. If batman had a tank this would be it

  9. anderian alendrian


  10. Hey @QuickyBaby ..just another 35 fights to go for your first 1k fight tank
    to own 😉 (y) i bet you know that, but felt like to say

  11. The best game I have seen. That relocation in the first 3 mins and how he
    played the buildings…amazing.

  12. Fuck all the pigs

  13. This is how real unicums should be

  14. Sneaky little englishman. This is a heartbreaker…

  15. Andrew Daniel Djapri


  16. *The thing i want is to see the chat at the end of the game :P*


  17. XVM using scumbag

  18. Nothing against Quickybaby but why are we allowed to show the hammer and
    sickle but not a swastika even though more people died under it…

  19. great game, but he mess up the end, he should know the dirrection that
    batchat shot him, he should go up and rush him

  20. and some 47% bot wins the game. ofc.

  21. hey quickybaby can you plzzz do a garage update on your garage and show all
    ur tanks

  22. World of Tanks Replays

    5:51 AMx30 = Obj260 xD

  23. any one noticed the shock wave from the borsigs gun when it fired.

  24. Took the short route, not the scenic route.

  25. He played nice but a newbie mistake cost him the game. In the end, he
    really didnt deserve the win.

  26. I got Object 260, this guy had nice RNG with non-pens. This tank actually
    not really boucing so many shells.

  27. horay for yellow arty saving the day …

  28. Wow!!!! Look at that!!!!! Yet another HIGH end tired tank game!!!! Come on
    Quicky!!!! All you ever post are high tiered tanks or premium tank videos
    why? Your telling me NOBODY is playing any good tier 4’s? 5’s? 6’s? And
    please don’t tell me they are boring.

  29. Stupid arty always ruins good games

  30. 4:07 Russian side armor forged by Stalin’s hand will stop any filthy
    capitalist shell

  31. This bullshit right here is why I stopped playing after 16k matches and
    nearly purple overall arty being broken and the spotting system still

  32. Quicky goes retro (microphone 😉 )

  33. dagelijksleven2001

    When will the T110E4 be featured on your channel??

  34. Just goes to show that artillery is cancer!

  35. Look at that B-Cs WR, but when he presses battle on arty he automatically
    becomes a Unicom.

  36. Happy easter Quicky.
    I was thinking of sending in my first mastery with the Patton KR, but i
    dont think its good enough

  37. boy can you believe it at 5:22 yes yes i expected it from such a blatantly
    op tank about uninstalled after watching glad to see arty wrecking this

  38. music is annoying :(

  39. obj u need to thanks T54

  40. MaxJuanjoGamer Mun

    Todas tus partidas son legendarias soy un suscriptor mexicano :D

  41. Thats such a pain….. i would of been so mad if i was Raphi hahahha

  42. I’ve never really thought that it’s fair in any manner that an arty can be
    an auto loader

  43. Artillery: Preventing camping as usual.

  44. And HAPPY Easter to u bro ?

  45. Play WAR THUNDER

  46. if u know what I mean?

  47. hey Qb, I have a arty question, what key is it to change how arty sniper
    mode from a birds eye view to a 3rd person view?

  48. Maybe if that 260 hadn’t been camping so hard, artillery wouldn’t have
    ended him with a single, skillful click. /s

  49. what a troll tank ,IS-7 wouldn’t bounce half the shit he did im glad he got
    fucked up by arty that’s karma

  50. Austin Feather (SpiralTarantula)

    Damn you scumbag arty!

  51. So according to everyone artillery players are op skilless scumbags with no
    more right to live on Gods clean earth than a cockroach and we are ok with
    that. But the moment one shows a bit of skill and sticks it it to the end.
    Everyone losses there minds!

  52. Lol could’ve told u that was going to happen

  53. it must be nice playing on servers where people don’t spam gold, Asian
    server s is nothing but gold.

  54. Coward arty

  55. Communesium Armour. Great ‘balance’ Serb.

  56. People always forget that most Arty and some Tds have very broken
    camouflage ratings…. Sad, as it was a good game for him too…

  57. Adrian Joseph Tomaro

    that object 260 is like the IS-7

  58. Everyone is mad at the arty he did a great play yeah artillery are annoying
    but if it were a tank destroyer everyone would be fine with that kill

  59. Good game to the arty

  60. 4:07 nice and balanced side armour WG u fucking tools

  61. hijms yamato musashi

    Damn i hate these heartbreaks


    He played well at least

  63. Let us pray for all those martyrs who has died for this man to complete all
    his SPG missions with honors.

  64. I’m going to get my tier 10 Russian SPG the Obj 261 on easter :D

  65. LOL soo funny looking at salty comment about arty 😀 As dangerous as arty
    is, I never had any trouble with them. I know where to hide from them, I
    know when to evade their shells!! The only problem I have is that its rare
    to have more than 2 arty at one match to finish my 3rd and 4th Personal
    Mission :)) I wish there were more of them…

  66. this game is so basic and arcade and for like kids. like a phone app game
    vs actually realistic war thunder which is a legit game.

  67. Martin Matejička

    I don’t know if I am in a good mood or QB was when he was recording this
    video but I did enjoy this one a lot.. thanks QB! :)

  68. raphi290 reported for camping.. proof, he died by arty.. arty is intended
    to stop camping.. thus he had to be camping in order to be killed..

  69. “28 round fired 27 of those hit and 28 penetrated” he did better than I
    expected … wait wat? :D

  70. Your Better Life's Choice

    Warnings of a Batchat the sirens scream out load,warnings of what’s coming.
    Appearing on the map a baguette from overseas
    seen on the horizon but now where he is?
    Bringer of destruction is ravaging the land
    fury of the shells a force to recon
    sets the tanks on fire then return to ammorack them,turrets are flying
    Comrades are running faster as ground is turning black you better run for
    cover quick or you’ll be dead!
    Burn Burn rage of the French.
    Burn Burn death from Above.
    Ammoracked Ammoracked
    Painful Injuries
    Burn Burn Do Svidaniya Objekt ;(

  71. when he was going for that borsig he should’ve heard the arty firing behind
    him and realized where it was, it was pretty clear now thanks to the new
    sound engine

  72. If he had won this game, it would have likely been 11k damage and a fadin’s
    medal – on 28/30 + ramming. That is some excellent accuracy!

  73. So.. A person can do all that JUST to be shut down by person that has been
    sitting in one place for who knows how long… Glad I uninstalled wot

  74. Иосиф Игры

    Anyboy have recommondations for computer to run this game with maximum

  75. Everybody raging about the arty arty at the end, and believe me I think
    arty needs a change, but this game should have been a walk if some of those
    turds who did zero damage had at least done SOMETHING. This for me is why I
    don’t play this game much anymore, so many players who cant pull their
    weight in a game. You should never lose a game you did over 10k damage in.

  76. Object 260? Is that the equivalent of a IS-5 ?

  77. There’s no honor in being an arty…DISGUSTING!

  78. I stoped playing WoT for 1month when this happpened to me

  79. That’s why there is World of Tank Blitz

  80. Good thing I stop playing this game

  81. enemy artillery is a total joke lol.
    gj to 260 he played with them like a damn fiddle :)

  82. Hey Quickybaby. I think your modpack is a little broken. I sold my Pz. I C
    and wanted to buy the luchs but i couldent with your modpack enabled. After
    the Minipatch, your pack didn’t let me buy tanks. Can you fix it? Thanks!!

  83. What was an M4 Rev doing in a tier 10 battle?

  84. i just blocked 3.25K dmg did 1.5k dmg and got five kills in my AT2, and

  85. fuckarty

  86. Everyone here is so salty about the good play made by the Bat-Chat arty.
    The same thing could have happened if it was a medium/light/td. The arty
    made a great play.

  87. E100 needs buff!!!

  88. gg to that arty

  89. The funny thing is arty is not the reason why i don’t enjoy WoT as much
    Its the teams in random battles
    They need to implement PvE its so relaxing

  90. What a sad ending, well played by arty, he underestimated the situation and
    went straight line to enemy base from the last place he was spotted at, he
    had the time and mobility to flank from the hill or at least use the lower
    ground to check the usual spg location

  91. Wow you could get a job as a professional commentator

  92. ha you are a king

  93. Arty should have 0 view range as it is a support role. That way the BatChat
    could’ve only seen him if he fired at him. This is just the most broken
    killshot imaginable.

  94. Yes, arty “fair and balanced”…

  95. Proofs once again, that arty players are pure scumbags.

  96. Its monday now:) (in the netherlands) its 00:01 ????

  97. Ad an arty player just deal with it and learn from your mistakes

  98. stop putting up those hartbreakers, it is bad for my mental state…

  99. Hey Quicky i’ve downloaded your Mod pack and i love it 😉 but i have a
    question how can i get the normal six sence icon?

  100. f***off such a beautyfull game ruined by a nooby arty

  101. Can you start upploading happy endings.

  102. Gab's gaming | One Command Creations

    +ArcherDash Noooo you spoiled me the end !
    Wow this guy has probably burned his computer xD


  104. again an arty who ruin the game

  105. rekt.

  106. trying Incinerator Mission for over a year now…
    its the only mission i still need for Obj260 :/

  107. WoT: idiot team lose… arty blind shot kills me+lose…. idiot team…
    idiot team….i had a nice weekend

  108. monkeystandoffsucks

    I feel like if raphi was an average WN8 player, he would have been held
    responsible for his play at the end, rather than people putting the blame
    on artillery.

  109. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    The lack of artillery is why Blitz is better than PC. It’s more fun.

  110. report arty … stupid class, hate it. is the reason to quit world of tanks

  111. Please fix your xvm mod qb. We can’t buy tanks for some reason. Thanks!
    Love your vids.


  113. If he make videos for arty, i would love him more than anyone, the BC saved
    the red team! Arty was the hero

  114. unfare plane, he kemp bush!

  115. To be honest I would’ve broken something if I were in his position.

  116. Happy Easter Quickybaby!

  117. Nerf fcking artys to the point that nobody really wants to play them.
    Really waiting for that day to come.

  118. How to fly with the camera??

  119. QB are you gonna update your intros and outros?

  120. another game ruined by the most ridiculous broken mechanic in the game…
    skycancer arty

  121. Is the Stug IV a premium?

  122. Again the same kind of a deal, the guy played a really good game and then
    noobed at the end.
    Arty was hitting him from the hill for the duration of the entire battle,
    yet he decided to cap…
    He shouldve known better.

  123. My birthday was today on Easter Sunday! I’m so happy!

  124. Arty needs to be fuckin balanced, or removed.

  125. Ferenczi László

    I think all the players, who achieved the Obj. 260 deserve it. It’s very
    difficult to get.

  126. What is this camo?

  127. Sick replay, nicely done.

  128. people are raging about the arty but if that was any other tank the outcome
    would have been the same.

  129. 10:40 R.I.P You’re tank :)

  130. Bitch chat arty when I find them I enjoy inflicting misery on them pushed
    one off a cliff once merely cause it amused me

  131. brilliant game. only spoult by camping arty. not op

  132. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    i want this tanks and happy easter sunday QB

  133. He only lost 1040HP to normal tanks. And even though he was doing his best
    to avoid arty, single clicker did more DMG to him than all of those tanks
    firing at him and ruined his game. Fucking stupid class.

  134. awesome replay !

  135. Fuck you QuickyBaby with the shitty outcome.

  136. What’s the name of the video in the end?

  137. I still don’t get why people hate arty. It seems like most of those players
    have never played arty and don’t know how much skill it takes to play arty
    properly. I play most of the classes and I love my arties. I really never
    hate on arty for one shoting me or damaging me/breaking my tracks and
    ruining the game since I know the joy and how much skill it takes. Everyone
    says “clickers”, but it’s a lot more work than that.

  138. I didn’t even finish the replay because the ending was so predictable.
    Coming from someone who owns a tier 10 arty, it ruins the game in so many
    ways and this is a perfect example

  139. Me when I get one shotted by Arty

    ┻━┻ ︵ ヽ(°□°ヽ) IT’S UNFAIR!
    ┻━┻ ︵ \(‘0’)// ︵ ┻━┻ THOSE FILTHY CLICKERSSSSS
    ಠ_ಠ dude…
    ಠ_ಠ It’s
    ಠ__ಠ a
    ಠ___ಠ game
    (╮°-°)╮┳━┳ You’re right…

  140. Yet another tier 10 massive damage video. It’s getting very old. :/

  141. If he was shut down by the borsig no one would be complaining but just
    because arty makes a good play it’s “cancer”


  143. Fucking Clickers

  144. i’ll be working

  145. sky cancer scumbag …

  146. If I would have been the cancer 47%er Arty player I would have given the
    Obj.260 the kill

  147. This is why arty shouldn’t be in the game

  148. Damn these mission riggers… :D

  149. NoiseDestroyer DJ

    Well clicked arty… pathetic tanks.

  150. Fuck Arty. Cancerous clicking fucks..

  151. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  152. Arty completely interrupts great games like this one

  153. the obj 260 is like that big fat butch that plays rugby

  154. games this month have been horrible, its like 1 win for every 20 losses lol

  155. 4:22 “A quick dab of the 4 and the 2 key” Actually QB, he had his repair
    kit in his 5th slot, not 4th :)

  156. Wait he didn’t even get an experience badge?????? How many people have the
    Object 260

  157. one of the best games I’ve seen :D

  158. So many players rage about the Bchat arty *ruining* this replay. They dont
    think about that the arty missed nearly all shots on STANDING targets, even
    thought its one of the most accurate high tier artys. Also the arty was
    standing still inside a bush with binocs and camonet, while the Obj. 260,
    who doesnt have much viewrange, was driving… nearly Every fucking T10
    tank could have been where the arty was and would have been able to kill
    the Obj.

  159. People are bitching about the arty, but they don’t seem to realize that
    they’re tanks too (well not technically but you know, they’re vehicles with
    guns that people play). They aren’t orbital space cannons that are only
    capable of providing indirect fire support, and are completely helpless
    without allies. Playing arty on your own in these kinds of situations
    requires a lot of out-smarting and ambushing. The French arties are
    particularly good for this too, due to their excellent camo, mobility, and
    in higher tiers, turrets. They just can’t put in huge monster shots
    (they’re even worse than the deathstar 183 guns in that department), you
    have to pepper your enemies with high-accuracy shots from unexpected angles.

    People also need to realize that there’s more to arty than just gun
    caliber. If the enemy B-C were instead, say, a GW E100 or a T92, then it
    might be a safe bet that they wouldn’t have relocated in time to that bush
    up north. But the tier 10 frenchie has superb mobility on par with a fast
    medium tank, so you should always assume that those sneaky bastards might
    be long-gone from a typical arty position in these late-game scenarios, if
    there’s an empty flank available to them. At least that’s how a good
    frenchie would play.

  160. he should of just stopped camping the BatChat 155 was just making the game
    more dynamic

  161. Yes, happy Easter. But remember, orthodox Easter is May 1st, I

  162. gg brilliant game, hard luck raphi I was so annoyed at the end considering
    the result. :)

  163. Tolakos Green Love

    12:02 27 rounds hit and 28 penetrated? 😛 what kind of hack is this? 😛 :D

  164. Marijn Kagchelland

    I got the modpack but if I use it can I not buy a new tank. Can you fix it
    of say meby why?

  165. Although arty was the one to kill the obj. 260, I feel like its being an
    arty is irrelevant in terms of the ultimate outcome of the battle, because
    if it were any other class of vehicle, the same would have likely resulted:
    the obj. 260 would have been spotted and shot down

  166. i would of given him the victory if i was the arty

  167. That felling when red tomato clicker ruins perfect game…Cant wait to be
    nerfed,then tomato baboons will uninstall game i guess,they are not
    cappable to drive normal tank.

  168. and quickybaby i ask you what your tier 10 heavy tank is favorit. i have
    t57 heavy and i think he cannot carry like obj,260 this game. keep doing
    nice job i liked evry video.

  169. Samuel Giovannucci

    Y U DO DIS???? Heart Break :(

  170. if arty didnt kill obj.260 whit single shot, arty have 490 hp and he can
    take shot by obj.260 b-c t55 58 is the best arty on the game and obj 261 is
    good arty but b-c is no. 1 i have 5 mision to do, when i got obj260 i be
    happy. i think obj260 is better than is7 . is7 have better armor but gun is
    worst on any tier ten heavy tank maybe e100 worst aim than is7 but still
    is7 isnt like obj260.

  171. Kinda like a tier 10 IS tank, good mobility decent gun.

  172. Fair and balanced

  173. QB please pay attention to the comment below we really would like to see a
    Tiger II review on your channel

    BTW for the people who are blaming the Arty for doing his job ” winning the
    match for his team ” you are dumps if you were in his position you won’t
    give yourself up so that somebody else who has 9 kills continues the 10 at
    your stake this is WOT you want a good match to the end EARN it otherwise
    everyone have to do what he’s supposed to do

  174. Stop insulting arty, he did an amazing tactic with it.
    And, if you want to remove ir from the game, how would you do it?

  175. Happy Easter QB!

  176. His team like holy shit, 5 of em didnt even do damage like WOW they were

  177. Yes! Artys rule!

  178. Arty ruins another fucking game. Warships might be irritating but at least
    it doesn’t have cancer. I’m quickly tiring of this game, having most
    matches ended by arty indiscriminately, and this sort of thing just shows
    that I’m not the only one.

  179. Fingers of fury sounds like qb’s reroll name

  180. The really fucking frustrating thing about arty is when playing certain
    tanks on certain maps if you see one arty you know the game is probably
    going to end badly for you but if you see more than two it’s pretty much a
    write off from the start. Short of camping base (with the other arties)
    there is literally nothing you can do, the moment you’re spotted it’s GG,
    fair and balanced dynamic play from the complete safety and unspotted other
    side of the map is going to click down upon you. Can you do anything about
    it? Nope. Can these cancerous clicking scumbags take your HP to zero in a
    few moments using zero skill with zero risk? Yep.
    Arty is so disgustingly unfair and game breaking. I hardly bother with some
    of my TDs and heavy tanks for this reason.
    Fuck arty.

  181. this is why people are insulting and raging in wot.. so why not delete

  182. *playing Armored Warfare, ;’3

  183. please nerf the fking arty!!!!! well played by raphi 😉 gg

  184. very great play !!! and this replay is one of a very small number of
    replays, where the enemys are not that stupid. thanks for uploading ;)

  185. Do new episode of Good Guys!! :)

  186. artillery is the reason i quit world of tanks.

  187. i have this focking tank and believe me guys its the worst tier10 heavy i
    cant see a tier10 heavy as bad as this ,,,, so many games where at the
    start they set you on fire twice let alone getting penetrated by shit like
    amx 13 90s and t71s ….

  188. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Happy Easter Quicky Baby
    I love that tank and want it so badly.

  189. Because artillery, designed to prevent tank destroyers from camping,
    working as intended *sarcasm*

  190. And that’s exactly why arty promotes dynamic gameplay

  191. Nerf arty

  192. As usual, gereat video Quicky!! And a happy Easter to you as well!!!

  193. That was an awesome replay! I love that he didn’t rely on gold ammo until
    he ran out of apcr. And that play by the arty was very good. I realized
    when he got spotted that the arty must be somewhere up on that hill, but I
    wouldn’t have expected him in that position. Overall it was one of the
    first replays I’ve seen on this channel where the one that got 10k dmg
    earned it by firing at the right places and not by spamming premium.

  194. It made me sad to see the Object 260 fail at the end. Fucking Arty!

  195. anyone else see the shockwave from the close up of the borsig?

  196. Great IS-3/4 replay!

  197. This is the ultimate heart-break. Because the title did not tell it. I was
    shocked when the BC-155 shot him

  198. OMG, what a brutal battle 😀 GJ Raphi :)

  199. he called the amx 30 a obj 260 lol

  200. That tank seems preatty good just one think i noticed was that it didnt
    seem to have that many shells, otherwise its seems to be good!

  201. Herman der German

    I have used that ambush position and it is great in the end game situation
    for an arty and for any tank for that matter as very few people will take
    the long way around over the back hill.

  202. Ok I’m just going to say this. The amx30 made this game for me Bcause his
    name was Tanky_Tanky_Bum_Bum

  203. Fuck… I’m kinda sad for this guy, that was quite an awesome game. Maybe
    entering the cap was a mistake, revealing his position :/

  204. Subscribed. More ends like this please.

  205. Having gone back to college after 33 years as a sysadmin, I will be working
    on homework today. Also, congrats on your Phd.

  206. Just bought BF4 (from G2A) for £7.22, yay!

  207. I got seriously mad at the end. Damn Arty.

  208. +QuickyBaby could u fix or update xvm because it wont let me buy tanks ?

  209. Логман Амирасланов

    сраная арта./fucking arty

  210. #300k ?

  211. another one

  212. new intro?

  213. Aaaaand that’s why arty needs to be removed. No skill.

  214. wow..cancer clicker ruined another great battle. What a surprise

  215. Richárd Schäffer

    Way to get fucked by a 47% shitter after this monster game.

  216. happy Easter everyone !!!

  217. Stupid Artillery

  218. great clicking by the arty, is he with autoclicker? :D

  219. Thanks for the Easter gratz u too m8

  220. Great play Obj 260 – for me, you are the winner.

  221. arty reported

  222. Bartul Javorčić

    Hey does anyone else have a problem with QBs mod. The problem is that you
    cant buy a tank when you click purchase the button where it should be
    written accept it is empty and even if you click it nothing will happen?

  223. And that’s why I left this game, totally unfair, arty focus good players
    ever, animal clickers.

  224. Just no comments, let report this cunt with arty of forum, this useless

  225. And this is why arty is not balanced. WG should nerf their camo
    immediately. No way should arty have more camo than a TD. Its absolutely

  226. damn, that heartbreak

  227. 26 pens not 28, lol

  228. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    Fucking clicker :-/

  229. cant imagine how hard that 260 driver raged when he died

  230. I’m sitting in my college dorm and smoking weed for easter

  231. One of the coolest replays I’ve seen. Such a shame he rushed the cap at the

  232. I think the base exp is high even in defeat, because he got hero medals,
    which gives you same exp bonus as in win.

  233. do you watch the replay before you record it?

  234. After I downloaded 9.14 I have not been able to buy or researching some
    tank plizz help me ..

  235. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    i guess this is one of those matches where the “tomato” outplayed the
    “cabbage”. This is why i keep saying this over and over again, stats
    doens’t matter, gameplay does.

  236. Zak Stratford-Smith

    So many heart breaking endings that i expect them now…

  237. I’m early, I need to make a joke.

    The Stug IV.

  238. Edward Cuttlethwate III

    Arty is complete cancer

  239. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    QB I said that to you the last video but when are you going to do a Tiger
    II review you have no vid on your channel about the Tiger II,maybe…… by
    the way you responded to me on the last video so…EVERYONE WHO WANTS A

  240. Because the BC 155 58 cannot equip Rammer or Vents, it is often equipped
    with camo net and binocs which makes it a particularly problematic arty to
    dig out in the end game.

  241. happy Easter

  242. well Quicky, this easter… baking a hilariously deformed spice cake and
    deep frying some hooters wings. no tanks for me.

  243. The Obj. 260 Has The Turret Armor Too !!! 350 !!!

  244. that was very stupid to go to base in the end

  245. great play by arty but it’s a pity seeing a great game like this lost to

  246. I would’ve curse all the things in existence.

  247. This was the perfect game – until the last minute. :-)

  248. Hi QuickyBaby =)
    Any tips For TD-15?

  249. he only survived the enemy rush because he was playing soviet hevy

  250. What an awesome game, sneaky frenchy spg broke a perfect run.

  251. bad play at the end: going to the cap circle and hoping you dont get
    spotted and spot the arty (which probably has a camo crew) in a fat heavy
    tank with no camo rating is just pushing luck to the extreme

  252. whats up with all the comments with terrible grammar and spelling O.o

  253. This replay was trully amazing, from start to finish. o_o

  254. The Magic Candyturtle

    I am celebrating my moms birthday on Easter :)

  255. hey qb,
    i have been using your mods long time but since yesterday i couldnt buy new
    i reinstalled the game and now i can,
    is it a bug or something?

  256. Kazimierz Brudzynski

    That was so sad that he lost, when it happens to me i sometimes want to
    quit the game

  257. Because, artillery should totally be able to spot for themselves at that
    distance…… yep…

  258. Another arty player that ruins a game, has crappy stats, and kills the obj
    without being spotted. FAIR AND BALANCED

  259. Damn it, arty.

  260. Hello Quicky,can you plese update your mod?some things after the micro
    patch do not work in game anymore with unupdated mods :/

  261. He could’ve had a Fadens medal too…
    I feel so bad for him.

  262. Noob arty ruining great game…

  263. Fuck arty.

  264. Guys, why are people playing Dark Souls 3 already? It’s supposed to come
    out in few weeks….

  265. Floris van den Eventuin

    This has gone too far QB, you really should change that outro

  266. T10 review please

  267. Or maybe the bat chat moved spots

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  269. Do an IS-4 tank review please

  270. Let´s give arty stealth, speed, viewrange, all the tools to defend itself,
    even in close range, great idea! Kinda robbed of a great round :/

  271. Another Tier X match quelle surprise

  272. kyriakos antoniou

    quickybaby I am thinking of uploading videos o wargaming games like the wot
    ,wows or wowp can you please tell me if I have to send them an email to ask
    for permission or what ? thank you dude your the one that made me play wot
    5 years ago and your by far my most “loved” youtuber of all love you all
    peace !

  273. Jonathan Offermans

    you’re commetary is awesome ant learnfull! thanks from holland!

  274. Jonathan Offermans

    you’re commetary is awesome ant learnfull! thanks from holland!

  275. This Tank is Over powered Shit!

  276. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  277. Moral of the story, artillery ruins the game.

  278. That was a great play by arty..

  279. Obj. 260 < IS-7 Obj. 260 is IS-7 prototype, but its overall better than IS-7. Meanwhile WG logic....

  280. Cheesecake is yummy.

  281. I would’ve raged so hard lol

  282. Quicky Baby i use your modpack but since the micropatch i cant buy any
    tank. The buttons to buy a tank are not usable. Can you help me?

  283. I’m grinding the duck tank for easter 😮 lol

  284. Am i the only who shits on the floor for not making noice at 12:00 am

  285. 6:46 QuickyBaby = DJ Khaled


  287. Tropicam - Subscribe for more

    quicky can i play with you.. only 1 game pls so my channel can rise

  288. In my obj140 i did 11k dmg and got my pools metel taken and almost got a

  289. The arty don’t deserve a victory.

  290. 27 hits 28 penetrations good job quicky

  291. qicky you are the best :)

  292. Graf Brot von WoT

    why always hearthbreakes?..:, (

  293. Always those “56789th like!” or “I am early, quick tell a joke” comments….
    Man QB, you made me a bloody light tank junkie. All those gameplay videos
    about ELC AMX, Bulldog, etc etc really made me brutally
    interested….suddenly bought Type 64, 59-16, WZ-131, SP-1C (it is a nice
    tank and despite low shell vel. i still hit almost all snipe shots xD), ELC
    AMX, Chaffee, MT-25, and all the others i cant remember….
    Aregatou Gozaimasu for making me gud o/

  294. All pls take the name of that bullshit monkey of arty and report it

  295. 6:45 And another one!

  296. stupid mic.

  297. Donald Trump is on a boat. The boat sinks. Who survives?


  298. Bat chat arty: best tier 10 autoloading medium tank-destroyer.

  299. thx for u the same

  300. going to church and then celebrating with my little brother and sister

  301. Great game!!

  302. Emanuel Johansson


  303. I just got my IS-7 and then you say the IS-7 has a better lower plate …
    HAHAHAH thats why i quit world of tanks :(

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    of u

  306. Another one

  307. Kristupas Šablinskas

    Notification squad, where you at?

  308. Rodion Pashchenko

    ofc you blow your ass up trying to carry a shitty team. then there’s a
    onebutton gameplay animal sitting in a bush ruins everything. with47% he
    just pressed one button ang made a game. screw your iq and plays and just
    bow to autistic artillery gameplay

  309. I hate fighting the 260. It’s armor maybe a tad bit weaker, but the gun is
    brutal. Normal IS7 you just wait for them to fire and than punish them. But
    can’t really do that against the 260. If anything tank feels like a hybrid
    between IS7 and IS4.

  310. Yas, a new video!

  311. NeverlostatBSgaming

    Hey quickybaby what advice can you offer to a person who is great at
    predicting but terrible at executing the response any tips for making it
    easier to remember what to execute?

  312. wow good

  313. people always gamg up on me like 3 or 4 v me. any tips?

  314. 350mm of frontal turret armor. No problem! Cyka Blyat! You no pen stronk
    kommunist turret! Stronk Stalinium tenk pen you! xaxaxa ))))

  315. tenks

  316. Thomas Maierhoffer

    Hey Quickybaby, I hate to bother you on Easter, but do you know anyway to
    fix the modpack. When I have it enabled, I cannot buy tanks and playing
    without it feels so weird. Thanks!

  317. IAmThePartyMan TV

    16 comment

  318. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    World of tanks is pay to win
    But Real life is also pay to win
    So STFU people

  319. thx quickybaby for the modpack! I started playing much better when I had it
    installed, srsly!

  320. Nr.461 viewer

  321. 10 k is impressive !

  322. damn, I am early!
    a few questions:
    what is the best way to earn credits in WoT very fast (w/out doubloons)
    how good is the tsjecholovakian tank line?


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  336. hi qb

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