World of Tanks || Object 260 – 9.5 Preview

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Check out the new T10 Soviet heavy the Object 260 coming in patch 9.5!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. First!!!

  2. Good to see these new tanks! Can’t wait to get stuck into those missions

  3. How do you unlock it on the test ?

  4. Free clan wars tank. I want it!

  5. On the test server you cant really test tanks well enough compared to the
    live server because everyone is spamming premium ammo, rendering your armor
    mostly useless.

  6. Ah, Russian tonks. What was that? did someone say powercreep?
    Heavy tank with light tank mobility
    Practically impervious armour with weakpoints that arent actually there..
    A pretty good gun

    Meanwhile I’m driving my E75 like, do I really have to “up”grade? :(

  7. How did you get it on the test server ?

  8. Does it count as a premium tank?

  9. Hi QB, can you show in video or something like that all the reward vehicles

  10. The 260 is op the is7 is so strong and wargaming do a better tank in this
    game this is a joke.

  11. … So op XD

  12. This thing isnt Op at aaaalllll -_-

  13. Wargaming logic:
    e5 with meh turret armor – has tumor instead of cupola
    is7 and this new tank have legendary turret armor – cupola very small

  14. i can definitely see these things being spammed in random battles on the
    live server in my opinion this thing is just a little too good if the aim
    time was worse that might fix it a bit but that only works for non russian
    tanks so id say lower the rate of fire a bit and slow it down a little or
    else these things will dominate.

  15. Community Contributors where given advanced access in the beta, I don’t
    think you can do the personal missions as of yet so you can’t unlock them

    OT: I want it want it want it want it want it <3

  16. Why not, another OP Russian tank, just what the game needed.

  17. After seeing this tank in action, why would anyone want a IS-7 over the
    260. I can see this tank getting the nerf bat later on in the game.

  18. those weakpoints are really not that big so yeah Object i am genuelly

  19. this tank looks just op to me, especially for a premium-tank

  20. Broken Heart Martinez

    wow that explosion was amazing i was with my headsets and really woke me
    up, rip is7 u die in a badass way

  21. Johannes Wetterlund

    How ca. I play on the test server?#help!!

  22. why the 45fps ?

  23. Will those mision tanks be avaliable to everybody? sry for grammar

  24. actually it is possible to bounce hesh rounds! but it happens very very
    rarely. had allready a cupple of them with my FV215(b) 183 and I’m pretty
    sure it was a clean hit and not just hit the gun (doesn’t know anymore what
    I was shooting at)!

  25. Johannes Wetterlund


  26. tank inspector says, that the obj 260 costs 22.500 gold. ofc its a gift
    from WG, but can you sell it for the full gold cost? that would be awesome

  27. Jonas Van Kerckhove

    What does he use to see the armor on the tank?

  28. Have to say, I have always enjoyed your reviews. They are top notch. Not
    sure what the ‘race’ is doing to enhance your reviews. Having said that,
    keep it up. Ak.

  29. This video made me want an obj260 :/

  30. Quicky, did you try bouncing the shots from the lower front of Obj260 into
    its hull like on the 112 premium chinese heavy tank?
    Top hull armor is very soft and the turret front of Obj260 is angled in
    such a way you can bounce shots into its top hull easily it looks like.
    Hull top is 30mm thick, and lower turret is 170 under a very good angle. By
    shooting that angled armor on the turret and bouncing the shots into hull,
    this tank might be weaker that some think.
    Can you please test to see that?

  31. Are the missions for these tanks really hard?

  32. What Russian bias? MT mobility, ridiculous armor, good gun. I call it
    perfectly fine and balanced! Russia stronk!
    “SerB admits that putting IS-7 in the game was a mistake” Therefore we get
    another one, even more “balanced”.

  33. soviet tenk, best tenk in the world….this crap is so op

  34. did you really played all the mission or did you get them because reasons?

  35. mior muhammad baihaqi emtee

    This will replace is7 in ClanWar.. dee im okay with op ru tank..its nice

  36. This tank seems so Powerful ! Almost op?

  37. object 260 was also the prototype name for the is-7 right? i think that is
    what the chieften said in his inside the tank video about the is-7.

  38. i swear this is IS5

  39. What about the 113?

  40. Normally I would agree that this tank is OP,however we must take into
    account how hard it is to get this tank,specially if you dont already have
    the necessary tanks to complete the challenges.

    What Im trying to say is:In this case this slight overperformance is
    acceptable since in the end getting this tank might cost you more than the
    standard price of top tier tanks.

  41. QB Hw did you managed to have one of the obj.260 witouth completing
    personal mision for it on test server?

  42. How did you get it?You did the misssion?

  43. So, Heavy tank, pretty heavy (you can t ram it) with a nice performing gun
    (correct alpha and pen + good accuracy and aim time + good dpm) and enough
    mobility to keep up with mediums and even some lights (13 90) (also, new
    raming champion spoted !) and, at last, an armor efficient enough to hold
    its position against any tanks of the game without derpy gun (as long as it
    manages to hide its lower plate and make its copula tricky to hit)
    Now, here is my question, guess whose nation this tank belong ?
    Oh, wait, it has a “weak” lower plate, so it is balance !..

    I really keep thinking WG makes Soviets tanks much more powerfull than
    other nations’ tanks. Don’t get me wrong, Non-russian tanks got also their
    strenghs or some specials gameplays that make them really enjoyable. But
    overall, i find soviets got too many or too powerfull strenghs compare to
    the weakness they pay for it.

  44. Wow hmm… is this going to be the overall best tier 10 heavy? Also would
    love to hear your take on the missions. I like them although I am not happy
    that we have to platoon for some of them.

  45. i would say that at first o would seem that this new obj looks a bit OP but
    compares well agaised to is7 as it does not have as good turret, but i
    would have to say if you compair this tank to other heavies like the 113
    and the is4 it does seem a bit mad, as the only real thing that the is4 had
    over the is7 was a better gun. the same could be said with the 113,
    although the 113 still has better dpm, this new obj matches it in speed and
    yet has masses more armor!

  46. Gets old IS-7 mobility, APCR default ammo like a Tier 10 medium, massive
    aim time improvement. And only pays for this in some slight armor loses…
    creeping much Wargaming?

  47. Do you know what’s annoying? Shooting a KV-2’s 152 mm shell at a tank, and
    it bounces

  48. You want an Object 260? You’ll put an eye out, kid!

  49. This combines the better hull armor and MUCH better turret armor of the IS7
    with the great gun performance and mobility of the T110E5. . . .that’s
    incredible. . .I WANT. . .but don’t be surprised when the nerf bat comes

  50. surely this tank is a bit op as it has a similar top speed to light tanks
    like the luchs and the leopard but as a heavy

  51. Wasn’t the Object 260 the name of the IS7 before it was called an IS7?

  52. How did you get the tank so farst? tell me your secred

  53. Question: isn’t this basically just blankly better than both the IS-4 and
    the IS-7? If I get it, I will certainly transfer my IS-4 crew to it and
    hardly ever play that stinky tank again XD

  54. overpowerd :P

  55. What’s the point of having an is7 then???

  56. Oh look! another overpowered Russian tank. 

  57. Exept for the low HP, sounds very stronk. A bit too much maybe.

  58. this tank will replace the IS-7 in CW with ease :)

  59. Great new OP tank, wich is a reward. This is what we all want…
    Its a better IS-7. Give the is-7 more mobility and a better gun. Done. GJ.

  60. It won’t be nerfed because it’s a reward tank and it will be really rare.

  61. Plz do a review of the new tier 8 t28!!!!!

  62. Quickybaby is this tank op? And if you think it isnt. Explain it. 

  63. Please do the T28 Concept.

  64. More good replays, less technical stuff.

  65. Soo, the Object 260 is a OP Tank with the Armor of an IS-7 and the Mobility
    of an T54. But in Order to get it you need to have no Social Live and
    grinding hard through out all the Personal Missions. Where we can disguss
    if having nice Friends and/or a clan makes it pretty easy to get all the

  66. The only problem that I see with this is that you just cannot compare this
    tank to an IS-4, The IS-4 only beats it in hitpoints but is slower and even
    when angled not as strong as the Object. ANd then although the Object has a
    top of the turret weakspot, so does the IS-4 and the gun on the object
    performs better. How is anyone in an IS-4 supposed to feel like their tank
    is useful?

  67. This tank will probably be my worst nightmare when im driving the mighty

  68. Nerfing is strong in this one!

  69. Object 260 is a bit light… given an opportunity with the right tank
    ramming it would not be the worst idea.

  70. Quicky-Clarkson — Fastet heavy tank….. in the world :D

  71. ultimate tank of the game

  72. My summary of the PM tanks:
    -Decently powerful for tier (except StuG IV, it’s average)
    -Premium crew training bonus (+50%)
    -No credit making advantage (over non-premium equivalents)
    -???Less painful grind to tier 10??? (we’ll see based on missions)

  73. can’t wait for this tank, gonna take me months to get it likely though

  74. Are the testservers currently down?

  75. This is bullshit.
    They made this tank ridiculously OP to lure people into doing the missions.

  76. Well the IS7 was too weak anyway. We really needed a faster version with
    the same armor and a better gun….

  77. Whats about the credtis it`s make?

  78. I love how you stop talking, but we still hear your voice at times =) I’ve
    noticed the same thing during your tests on FV4005 yesterday as well.

  79. Next russion OP tank

  80. Why drive German t10 heavies? It’s heavier and better alpha that’s it

  81. can you make preview off what tier 7 tank ? 

  82. The missions are utterly hard and will lead to a lot of rigging. 

  83. Is balanced comrade.

  84. @TeteBruleeFR i totally agree.
    Mate, non-russian tanks are ok until they fight against russianOP
    I hope to be wrong, but it might last at least 2 patches to get nerfed.
    When germans are OP, they sprout a patch…almost to nerf’em. But not the
    They are ruinning the game.
    And the EU server mistreatement also. I can’t imagine where to go play an
    alternative to this…

  85. Well. Guys this tank is an absolute beast! The only things you have to do
    to get it are:
    1. Ditch your Girlfriend/ Wife. Who needs love if he has an obj. 260 anyway?
    2. Ditch your job. Money? I dont need that!
    3. Sit 24 hours per day in front of your computer and play wot and then die
    of obesity.

  86. Only active smurfs and unicums will get this tank. And that’s the truth.

  87. seems op, one weak point isnt enough to weaken it. but those insane
    missions mean there wont be much of them anyways. just that whenever you do
    see one the guys probably a pro and it wouldn’t matter what tank he’s in.

  88. QB, once again you’re wrong… This tank gets APCR as standard, same as all
    tier 10 mediums, and these do NOT get less normalisation. It’s effectively
    AP with more penetration. Only premium APCR loses out on normalisation.

  89. A bit off topic, but why does it say Quickfingers_US, isn’t QB brittish?

  90. @OmarRPG so, if a really good player is already good with whatever tank,
    let’s give’em more firepower to nuke us, the average players.
    Ofc, wg reasons.

  91. Looks like an amazing tank! Keep’em coming!

  92. didnt watch the full video, but did you mention the gigantic 30mm turret
    roof being overmatched by 90+ mm guns?

  93. This Object 260 is an earlier prototype of the IS-7. That is why the
    turret looks like a mix of a IS-7 and the IS-4 while using a IS-4 gun. :o

  94. object 260 was a code name for is7 , so more fake tanks from wargaming i

  95. Objekt 260 was the project name for the IS-7, so I wonder if the WoT
    variant is just a prototype version of the final IS-7…

  96. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Nice tank. I guess u have to grind a year for it… …if u have life. But
    it seems it’s worth to do so.

  97. f u google no real name

    do you have a special account? how do you get your hands on the 260?

  98. This thing, Idk, Faster than the IS-7, Better armor frontally (more or
    less), Has a really good gun

    Is it just me or does this seem quite possibly over powered?

  99. i dont know iff it,s fair to gew so strong reward like obj, 260. i played
    long time for IS 7…now how inn hell to find friends with so much free
    time to play with me same time and long time for reward??

  100. The penetration is not as good as the IS-4 gun because it’s APCR instead of
    AP which means it gets 2 degrees of normalization instead of 5. It also
    loses penetration at distances faster than normal AP.

  101. So, u will can only use this tank in single missions??

  102. Dat ammorack.

  103. Greetings i dont know if you read all the comments but i have something to
    I see that like some other tanks they are rewards for completing missions,
    is there any preparation we need to have for those missions like have a
    tier X to complete it, or it can be done with the majority of the tanks in
    the game.

    Thanks in advance

  104. Nice to see a normal tank introduced into the game for a change.

  105. seems a little OP…anyway, I hope the missions are reasonably hard, I
    would like to get the T55A at the least.

  106. Sounds quiet op…nice

  107. But the 260 has a much stronger lower hull (and a little stronger upper

  108. I’m going to get this just because of its speed advantage over the IS-7. I
    always loved the IS-7, but I always thought it was just a bit too slow for
    it to be enjoyable. 

  109. and where is the fucking weak point of this vehicle??? (i dont mean armor
    weakspot, i mean a generally weak of the tank which evryone exept this

  110. Is funny for to be see new Russian tank is full best armour is best gun is
    best turret is fast is strong is best tank for to be in game. Is watch
    game for to be see new British tank is have turret is for to be size for
    house is have zero armour is for to be slow is for to be size for house is
    for to be die rights ways! Is fair? NO! But for is if you for to be
    smarts you for to best for get Russian tank. If you for to decide to be
    gets British new tank is for because you for to be too stupids for to
    understand game! Is Claus is right yes?

  111. 350mm frontal turret armour.
    whats that you say? the overpowered tank is Russian?
    of course that’s not Russian bias! the IS 7 is probably the best hull down
    tank in the game, with its 240mm thi- ah. I see what you mean.

  112. Hi QuickyBaby awesome video like always! i was just wondering what the
    requirements are to advance through the reward tanks and reward tanks? is
    it going to be XP based? please and thank you! :)

  113. one word: ramming

  114. That explosion at 10:18

  115. This is a better IS-7 indeed!

  116. 14:24 i didnt know that u were ventriloquist xD

  117. Ahh… You were talking to me on ts3 when u were making this 🙂 guess time

  118. is it cheper to repair like usual premium tanks?

  119. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    i think that that thing is close to op, but here comes the big BUT, it is a
    reward tank, and the mission of that one isnt easy at all, so it is of
    course something you realy wanne get (so of course its rushian, because
    giving germany the tankstats and the pride would be ingorant to stalincat).
    so after all i think that one is a great thing. unlike the deadstar II und
    the tier 8 and 9 hellcat.

  120. Uhhh…..balance?

  121. One word: Overpowered….

  122. 12:10 I would’ve gone for a ram. I died a little inside when you didn’t.

  123. can someone tell me what i need to do to get this tank ?

  124. Yourneighbor Johnhinkins

    Holy fuck thats op as hell. Fast and has better armor than a fucking maus.
    Fuck this game fucking bs russians

  125. i’m out of this game for a while now and i think i will never come back.
    This update, the lack of diversity and the OP tank everywhere just ruin the
    game as you already see 90% of the player playing 2 nation. 3/4 of the tank
    in the game are just useless and when it comes to highest tiers it is
    worst, welcome to the soviet part of the videogame industry, lots of choice
    in theory but the reality is play as i said if you don’t want to lose your
    time and die trying!!! 

  126. Its still being tested and its a good reward tank and the requirements to
    get it arent very easy and are time consuming but in its current form it
    pretty much makes the is-7 pointless. Have to wait and see if it gets
    changed and how it plays on live server first and have some time fighting
    against it. Have to wait and see.

  127. I think this tank will be OP. The argument of how hard it is to get them is
    irrelevant, due to the fact that while it maybe rare, fighting it seems to
    be unfair to a degree. Even with accounting for how it’s acquired, it means
    only the best players (or better players) will have access to this tank,
    making it even harder to fight. I like this idea of campaigns, but this
    tank smells OP to me. The armor is amazing, the gun is great, and it’s
    mobile. It needs to be balanced vs other t10s. 

  128. This tank looks promising so far. If people perform too well in it, WG will
    nerf it to the ground, though.

  129. How am I supposed to obtain this vehicle once it hits the regular servers?

  130. Are you also doing a review about the stug and the t28 reward tanks?

  131. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    …russian op armor much?
    Weren’t prems not supposed to be as good as tanks of the same teir? All I
    see on this thing is that its better in everyway from the other T10

  132. this is a bit op would you say

  133. How do you get mission reward tanks without doining the mission ?

  134. If this thing gets a 1200 hp engine, better give it back to the E-50 and
    E-75 as well. Or even better, just don’t give this thing a 1200 hp engine.

  135. Yeah, completely ‘balanced’ soviet tier X tank. :D

  136. Is the test server down, i cant connect to it?

  137. Can you bounce a shot from the underside of the turret into the drivers
    hatch? Thats a possible weak point.

  138. Do t28 concept, stug 4 challenger or firefly

  139. WG HQ “Lets make a really stupid OP tank, but we will “BALANCE IT” buy only
    giving it to people who are really good.” Ya. Sounds like a winner.

  140. I finally got my IS-7!!! *Goes on test server and finds out about the
    Object 260. BULLSHIT!!!!

  141. This tank is OP. there, I said it and I drive some of the most powerful/op
    tanks in the game, T-62A, Obj 140 and T29.
    Way before 9.5 test server launchered. I saw this thing on tank inspector.
    I was like, “Ah, new tank, what could possibly go wrong?” Until I saw the
    armor profile…….There were people think IS-7 is impenetrable from the
    front, now this tank came along. Better sloped lower plate and pike nose
    and thougher turret (might be the thoughest in the game after 9.5
    launched). Weak spots? What weak spots? that tiny cupola? Give me a break.
    And you think Obj 140’s cupolas r tiny……
    It is as if this tank is not op enough simply because its armors alone (Did
    I mentioned its side armor is equally troll as the IS-7’s?), they give it a
    very workable gun, lower alpha but better at everything else than IS-7’s
    I get it, Russian heavies r weak compare to E-100 and T57 Heavy. But u
    don’t need to introduce this powerful of a machine to “balance”. Russians
    have the best mediums. Good, enough, end of the story. Let Germans have the
    best Heavy and TD. Let Americans has the best Autoloaders. Let the French
    have the best scout/autoloaders. End of the story, game balance, thank you
    very much. But no, we neeed an op version of IS-7 to shit on everybody

  142. I want dat tank

  143. You should review the T95E2 next, really considering getting that but want
    some english commentary on how it plays.

  144. its good but not as good as the heavy russian mother, lS-7

  145. Nice…another OP Stronk Russian tank, like we don’t have enough of
    those… :(

  146. IS-7 have better armor than that object 260.

  147. in the latest chieftain’s hatch the man said the IS7 was called the the obj
    260 before it became known as the IS7 so i have no idea why they are

  148. this thing 100% needs to be nerfed its really OP speed very good 60 kph
    armor up to 350 mm thick good rate of fire good accuracy good
    maneuverability low silhouette this thing is better Compared to the IS7

  149. It looks very strong but a WT E100 Will still clip it 

  150. This tank seems to be good, very good. But IS7 is OP, not him. And don’t
    forget: it’s gonna be a reward, very rare, and not played every time, so, i
    thinks that’s good! (and for the haters who will said that i’m a russian
    player noob or anything else, i hate the IS7 tree, and i will never grind
    it, far too OP for me ^^)

  151. Um this tank seems completely over powered, better gun, better
    manoeuvrability and better armour with the exception of a tiny week point
    on the turret than the is7 which is already one of the best tier tens.
    There is no weak aspect of this tank… Kinda like the T-18…

  152. yay upload on my birthday

  153. this tank will get nerfed

  154. Wasn’t the 260 a code name for the is-7 during its development?

  155. So the FV4005 is nearly as fast as an IS-7 racing on Himmelsdorf. That just
    feels weird.

  156. It has one single weak point. But is better in every aspect than the IS-7.
    Definitely not OP at all.

  157. Why didn’t you ram the batchat or the amx? I would never resist to ram them
    in a downhill.

  158. Actually QB you forgot to mention the shot trap——the curved front of the

  159. Can you to T28 new tank video

  160. I’m looking forward to the missions.

  161. obj.260 beast

  162. This is going to be an amazing tank in the hands of good players :)

  163. is7 needs a fucking buff

  164. Will these reward vehicles have the same crew ability as the premiums? (i.
    e., You don’t need to retrain the crew)

  165. So it seems the Obj 260 is more of a heavily armored support sniper heavy
    tank rather than the face hugging power of the IS-7.

  166. are you going to do a review on the other reward tanks?

  167. Because Russia needed another much very stronk tier ten heavy

  168. Reward or not this tank is OK by WG standards but a KV-1S was a totally OP
    tank?! Bullshit!!! I demand the previous KV-1S back in to the game!!!

  169. I like the idea of testing and comparing tanks. Its interesting to see the

  170. This is BS… It is faster, better frontally armored and has the same gun
    with much better stats then IS4. Why???
    Why should a faster tank have a better gun? Cripple it’s gun stats and
    drasticallz buff IS4 then.

  171. what is the gun depression on this tank?

  172. this coupla dosent seem to be that big disadvantage u have to hit that
    little thing
    when the tank mves there is no oppertunity to hit that
    so all in all armor same as is-7 and better gun that is-4 and mobility
    maybe same as the patton? … no clearly weakness except low hp and high
    ammo cost
    … this is really overpowered

  173. I can see clear shell trap – try to shoot its lower part of the turret –
    will the shells bounce off and penetrate hull?

  174. $1.99 Happy Meal With Fries

    Panzer II J of Tier 10

    And it’s actually fast.

    And it actually has a decent gun.


  175. This tank is clearly over powered. There’s no way it can be allowed in the
    game in this current form

  176. IS-4 Officially Obsolete

  177. War gaming! have you lost your MIND!

  178. Its easy,lets all play in Obj 260 at once sell our IS 7´s and play the
    stronk tonks that made other tanks looks stupid and wargame will reach
    their goal!!! And if you want to tell me that a heavy tank ULTRA armored
    almost as fast as a medium its not stupid , just go back to tier 1 please .

  179. 10:16 Ammorack!

  180. It looks like it might have a shot trap on the front like the IS and old

  181. must be sick at ramming :)

  182. How do you use these tanks without completing the challenges

  183. ralroost einsnulldrei

    A russian tank with a weakness?! *I demand a refund!*
    oh… wait…

  184. Ey does it say 22,500 gold in the top left corner of tank inspector? This
    isn’t for sale with gold right?

  185. Robert Klavijaturist

    Poor 260 for having that turret weak spot … T110E5 doesnt even care

  186. Hello. Can you do preview of T28 Concept or HTC please? :)

  187. you can bounce HESH rounds if they hit at a weird angle

  188. hmmm another OP Russian tank, can anyone remind me where this game is made
    again :P

  189. Can you please do a T28 concept review!

  190. Every soviet heavy got powercreeped by this tank. Well pretty much a lot of

  191. Thats how the is7 should be in the game

  192. The 4 people that will be able to “win” this tank will really enjoy this
    review 😀
    The best thing is that at least 4 million are thinking “look at that new
    tier 10 that i will win”

  193. Guns that use APCR as of standard do not have the same normalisation issues
    as guns that have APCR as an option.

  194. wtf you suck at this game

  195. Long story short the is-4 is now COMPLETELY useless. You can get its gun
    with better stats on a more mobile tank with superior armor.

    RIP IS-4

    One benefit the Is-4 has is its HP pool….but I think ,most people will go
    with the latter and keep their is-4 crews in the 260. 

  196. IS7 has same weak point, its the small coupola on the left when you are
    facing it. Easy to hit when facehuggin in taller tanks…

  197. QB did you know that the real IS-7 was designated the Obj-260 first?

  198. woah, so basically this new reward tank is better than the IS-4 ? This is
    not a comparison between the IS7 it’s clearly a better IS4.

  199. Wargaming Logic:
    Public – The Fv215b and fv4202 aren’t really competitive, can you do
    something about it?
    Wargaming – Ok, we’ll just remove those tanks.
    Public – No, you don’t need to remove them, just buff their turret armor
    and manourvebility so they are better.
    Wargaming – No, we will remove them.

    Public – Can you do something about the Russian tanks? They are really
    overpowered and make the other nation’s tanks useless.
    Wargaming – Well ok, we’ll just add more Russian Tanks. AND MAKE THEM EVEN
    MORE OP.
    Public – But…But

  200. Looks like an epic Russian heavy. Looking to get one if the missions are
    fun and not an insane grind.
    On a sidenote, i like the recent additions you made in reviewing tanks. 

  201. way too op

  202. I have mixed feelings about the object 260, it appears to be a better all
    rounder than the T110E5 and IS-4.
    But since so few will even be able to get it then i find it hard to imagen
    it being a problem really.

  203. Tiny weak spot = totally balanced!

    Despite its immense strength, the “Tiny weak spot.” brings it back down to


  204. This thing is going to be insanely overpowered… For the ones who actually
    have it. Its probably going to be a massive gold and artillery magnet

  205. Preview the StuG IV please! Is it really as pointless as it seems? On
    paper, the easy to get StuG III G is better in pretty much every way!

  206. Could we be seeing a video on the T28 Concept?

  207. Even though very few people will be able to get this tank. Makes me think
    this tank sort of invalidates the IS4 further. Wouldn’t mind seeing a buff
    to the IS4 either way. 

  208. Wow an OP 110… lol

  209. I really wish i stayed with pc now!!!

  210. the tank is almost better than the is7 in everyway

  211. This tank looks op.

  212. QB,

    I started playing WOT 3 days ago and have a 41% win average, I currently
    have 8 tanks, the default tanks plus the nearly worthless Pz.I.

    I get beat to hell by people that are much better than me. I also beat the
    crap out of people that are much worse than me. After three days and 106
    battles, the only way I can see to play WOT is to buy your way through it,
    or just keep getting the crap beat out of you and going back for more.
    It’s essentially a pay-to-play. Looks like I’ll be watching a lot less of
    your videos. 

  213. Op of a heavy tank, but then again these recent and new tds are glass
    cannons. I like this tank.

  214. Tank reminds me of the E-50 a little bit, if the E-50 had a decent turret
    and worse track traverse. Bit of trade off there.
    Seriously though, comparing this tank to the IS-7 seems a bit unfair, as
    the IS-7, in my opinion, is one of the worse off tier 10 heavies currently.
    The IS-7 should be buffed slightly in terms of gun stats, and then maybe
    the two would be more comparable. But currently, this thing does smoke out
    the IS-7 in most factors.

  215. object 260: IS-7 hull,IS-4 gun and turret,50B/113 Mobility
    seems balanced….

  216. will they keep these tanks in the game so you can unlock them when ever you
    want or will they change the tanks every once in a while

  217. This is the first of the new tanks that are not a light tank that will
    actually give the new light tanks trouble, as the areas that a M41 can pen
    are small, low to the ground, and easily hidden by terrain.

  218. In all honesty, to me, this tank has “overpowered” written all over it. So
    far, I feel like the only thing to really balance this tank is artillery,
    or other tanks with huge guns firing HE, or HESH (Death Stars, I’m looking
    at you two). Yet I still want one.

  219. Can you put a link in the description to the Tank Informer Mod you use. and
    how to install mods.

  220. Quickybaby, whats your thoughts on whether completing all the missions is
    achievable without cheating e.g. kill 2 enemy tanks with 1 shot in SPG.
    Counter battery 3 enemy SPGs which have not been spotted. Can see people
    doing count ins with their friends/clan members in order to complete some
    of these. Thought the whole point of the missions was to make you a better
    player not how to game the system

  221. Good video (y) and i think this tank was nerf in the futur because he look
    to be little bit cheated 😀 

  222. so much hate toward this tank… IMO its not OP because you should be able
    to easily pen the top of turret / cuppola. As with the IS-7 if it is hull
    down or for lower tier tanks it is literally impossible to pen from the
    front. Simple

  223. This game suffers from the high degree of self inflicted power creep. It
    needs to stop. 

  224. Another OP TD, just what is required?

  225. More powercreep. Good thing WoWs is opening for public!

  226. Well I found a tank to replace the IS-7 and I don’t even have to retrain
    the crew.

  227. I swear comrades there is no bias *glances at T110e5…then to ObJ 260* no
    bias at all….for great communist victory comrades! *rushes behind serb
    with soviet flag billowing patriotically*

    this feels much like what they did with the soviet mediums…wait our tank
    isn’t best and most used! lets put out the same freaking vehicle just
    buffed! that will make them use it!

  228. 350! holy shit this tank will be the hull down god of WOT

  229. That IS-7 ammo rack was enormous, I still didn’t see one like that in all
    the time I been playing.

  230. people who says its op don’t forget that top of turret is 30mm which can be
    pen by any 90mm gun (x3 rule). it is just a time matter to learn people to
    shot where (like is3). moreover gun mantlet has shot traps (shell will
    ricoche to driver hatch). And it is damn reward tank for near impossible
    missions :)

  231. Obj 260 is a great tank but an obvious bait and switch. 

  232. Love the fact that everyone ignores that the obj 260 is behind a massive
    difficulty wall. I have seen some of the missions that you have to do and
    its crazy

  233. it’s kinda like an IS-7 chassis with an IS-4 turret.

  234. 350 mm Turret Front LOL 

  235. I’d like to see drag race comparison :)

  236. Also how hard is the mission to grab this tank? I wouldn’t mind for once to
    follow the pack and be a proud 260 owner

  237. Gr8 m8 another stronk russian tenk

  238. I have a feeling that this new tank will be used a lot in Clan Wars.

  239. IS-7 level armor, higher mobility overall, higher DPM. All just to trade -1
    of gun depression?
    I think it shall be my new goal.

  240. I love it but you did forget to mention that the apcr is standard and how
    did you get it without doing the mission

  241. I look forward to trying (and most likely failing) to get this tank I don’t
    have any tier 10 heavies yet mostly because I refuse to grind through the
    IS-8 but this one looks like some fun.
    Also Quicky bring back good guy videos please I really enjoyed them 

  242. I think this tank is to stong wg cant put it in de game!

  243. Are they going to put the Arty Schwerer Gustav someday?

  244. object 260: 22500 gold :D

  245. That one shot you missed was shot at batchat.

  246. Why the hell you can test the reward tanks and we dont? It is so fucking

  247. 10:16 lol Ammo racked IS-7

  248. Not sure why theres so much butthurt going on regarding the turret. Is-7
    turret is extremely bouncy and pretty much impervious anyway so what chance
    is their with thus 350 mm turret?

  249. Noticed a piece of armor on the front side of the tank, just above the
    tracks, triangle shaped that seems pretty flat if you shoot from the side.
    The is7 doesnt have that. What thickness is it? can it be pened easily?

  250. patch coming out when?

  251. of course we need more op russian tanks
    ura russian bias

  252. Quickybaby just says that object 260 vs is-7 for object it will be to fight
    vs tier 8… in my opinion

  253. Let’s be honest on current stats its OP. All round better gun, better
    mobility than any other tier 10 heavy and effectively IS7 super armour, bar
    one little cupola. Yeh so where are the drawbacks? 

  254. how can i download test server?

  255. Wg have already come out and say there going to nerf this tank it is only
    on test anyway

  256. stug IV next pls

  257. Was I the only one sitting here at 12:12 like. RAM RAM RAM RAM RAM!! Come
    on qb. If you would have rammed that BatChat I would have laughed my ass

  258. I hate the new sound that youtube make when you like a comment

  259. OMG!! Everyone is talking about: Wow, OBJ 260 is better then IS7. May I
    ask: Ok, now who wants to play is4 TAT??

  260. This thing seems OP as fuck to me, good mobility, godlike armor, good gun 

  261. @ChristosSegkounas even if they did you have about 4 months after 9.5 goes
    live before people will finish the missions for this tank :P

  262. SO is the IS7 or the O260 betr?

  263. the 110? oh wait. Ob ject 260

  264. Александър Захариев

    I think Obj. 260 is better because you have quick aim time and you are not
    going to show your weak spot for very long time. ;)

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