World of Tanks || Object 263 – 9,000+ DMG…

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– Object 263. Today Suprisek is going to show you how to kick tonnes of butt in the T10 the Object 263.

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of Tanks is a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    Always nice to see my favorite tank in the game in a video

  2. Spam all the gold ammo.

  3. I so love driving the obj 263, I feel it is more an overall td compared to
    the obj.268. and the bounces u can get in a obj. 263 is unbelivable
    sometimes =P

  4. “it kinda looks like a boot anyways” lol I died at that

  5. Finally some Obj. 263 LOVE!!!!

  6. Make Gerille 15 review.

  7. Good tank. The worst thing is that it always gets teamed up with shit

  8. i shot the mantlet with heat[E5] and it wasnt going through, so that
    mantlet must be spaced, really tricky tank to deal with

  9. Have you seen a video of the OneAndOnly016? Is a video dedicated to you.

  10. Indranil Muikherjee

    obj 263 has become op these days.This is probably the last td in the game
    which hasn’t been touched since it entered the game.I demand a nerf of the
    superstructure or at least make the gun shield bigger when it comes in hd

  11. and in the next video please play with T-34-1

  12. please bring the type-62

  13. one of my fav tanks in the game becuz its alpha dmg is more of my type and
    the front armor is beast…exceppt the lowr plate

  14. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    I think you old mic is fine, why the big change? And keep uploading your
    wot gameplay i really enjoy it

  15. Surprisek isn’t pronounced surprise-k?

  16. Alexander Stoyanov

    Finally an object 263 video on this channel, just a brutal tier 10 TD,
    probably the best one. “The boot of Stalin” :))) I will remember that one.

  17. Totally AWESOME gameplay!!!!!

  18. Admiral Sir Peter the 3rd

    Ricochets sound so awsome

  19. 9000+ damage cuz no arty and enemy team noobs. XVM is a mod for noobs that
    are afraid to play Wot. It’s a cheating mod allowed by wg to push on flank
    when you see that shit xvm shows all enemy player in red.

  20. Quickly baby when are u gona do a giveaway ??

  21. plastic sound 9.14 ==

  22. I can’t wait to get to this tank, but the lead up is not really as fun as
    the obj268 line.

  23. That-s ALOT of premium ammo for tier 10 TD

  24. great gameplay, shame he loads so much apcr

  25. [NYX] powah! Super hra Suprísku. A ti tři BIAci, oh yeah!
    Mimochodem, Klan NYX nabírá schopné a, komunikativní hráče, 18+, prům. WN8
    1100+. Kontaktujte náborového důstojníka: FuZero!

    NYX powah! Great game Suprisek. And those three Steel Panters (IS-7 from
    BIA), oh yeah!
    By the way, NYX clan is recruiting competent and comunicative players,
    preferably CZ / SK, 18+, avg. WN8 1100+. If interested, get in touch with
    our recruiting officer: FuZero

  26. Just stick to the headset mic.. Saves a lot of trouble.. And apart from
    that, it has very decent quality. Nothing to brag about, but nothing to
    whine about either.
    And if im being honest.. The other mic looks kinda over the top.. :$

  27. Quickybaby, glad to see you will still use the new microphone in the
    future. Next time you think about microphone placement, try to make the
    microphone face your mouth as close to 90° as possible. This will get the
    best sound possible.

  28. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    Why don’t you use your new microphone?

  29. I rarely run into the TD. I usually forget where the weak points are on
    this tank. There are too many tanks to remember in the game. I will
    remember now, thanks Quickybaby :)

  30. Hi QB, could you mayhaps be persuaded to enable colourblind mode? <3

  31. QuickyBaby, Hi I am new to your channel and I subbed to your channel 2
    weeks ago. I was wondering if for 400k subs if you could possibly play
    world of tanks blitz? Please reply to this

  32. A www, and you don’t feature my obj 263 heartbreak 7k dmg 9 kills :(

  33. gg, if you are CZSK with roughly a-ok WN8 (1000+) I can tell that NYX is
    one of the best place to start your WOT clan experience.

    fun fact: Suprisek had been in BIA (the same clan the enemy IS7 platoon
    members are from) so I guess they just yoloed to him :-D

  34. dang it, resisted the tanks since June last year but when i saw that Rudy
    on sale again i caved and bought it

    hacks BIA crew and doggy…more than i could say no to

  35. i can only dream of that potential damage block of nearly 8k in my obj.

  36. It sounds a little bit like QB is recording the sound in a toilet. There’s
    a weird kind of echo.

  37. Why did those IS7 didn’t push town ?

  38. bunch of bots don’t know where to aim -.-
    even IS7’s didn’t know :D


  40. This thing’s speed, open top, good frontal armor, and gun makes me go

  41. damn that tortoise just potatoed that last play

  42. qb could u do j tiger2 review

  43. hey QB, i just want to give you some suggestion cuz i feel that your
    content has become a little too boring lately.

    1.More wot tactics
    2.More tank reviews
    3.Update your video intro
    4.Playstyle guides (scouting, how to properlt tank damage for team,
    supporting fire positioning…etc)
    5.How to prioritize targets

  44. anonymous “i see you” !

    Need a Jgpanther, review its a good tank but the 4 years review by jingles
    is getting old and its been buffed etc.

  45. when is 9.14 for asian servers

  46. so its a better version of the box tanks gun

  47. *Stalin’s Shoe* *KV-Fortress* *Tower of Stalin*

  48. could you do a video talking about normalization and what exactly it is I
    understand why apcr rounds bounce sometimes more then regular ap rounds
    with angled armor

  49. when a tank is named objective does that mean it was a blueprint design?

  50. my favorite is e5 and obj 263.

  51. Great video and we need more Box tank(SU100Y and Kv-2 action plz its been
    so looonng.

  52. Qucky back at it again giving out us 263 players secrets

  53. “he doesn’t ram him. good play, you dont want your tracks to go off”
    goddamn it QB, he would have died if he rammed the Tortoise :P

  54. Sorry for the cringeness but i thoughht this was a arty vid. :/

  55. Premium rounds are for pussies.

  56. Captain Amazing1337

    a bit too much prem ammo for comfort, but whatever. alright gameplay

  57. Haha, was just in the process of typing, “what happened to your mic?” LOL.

  58. Quickybaby forgot to mention that at 8:26 that due to the new physics
    changes, the Conqueror tracking the Obj actually helped the Obj turn.
    Handbrake turns are not allowed for TDs, but there, we see that break the
    tracks off effectively caused the right tracks to lock, making the TD swing
    right faster. If it weren’t for the new physics, the Obj would have been
    simply tracked, unable to shoot the Conqueror immediately as he still has
    to repair the tracks, then turn.

  59. You will get eco anyway probably cause its a studio mic and its very
    sensitive. Get some sound isolation

  60. Nice video Quicky….here in Panama watching it before flying to my beloved
    country,,,,,thanks for the upload…

  61. Not many people drive 263s people prefer the 215b or Jageroo!!

  62. I swear wg dicked with my 263’s rng. last ten battles I’ve penned many 4
    shots. I’m talking about the stupidest bounces ever.. the sides of tier 8
    mediums turrets, side hull of a t57 heavy, an Ru 251’s tracks side on ate
    two in a row. it’s insane! can stuff like this become broken for
    individuals or am I hoarding 50 people’s worth of bad luck? No other tank
    behaves like this.

  63. Man I just got this tank and I was surprised with how weak the armor is.
    Everyone slings heat at you the moment they see you and they have over 10
    spots that they can penetrate you frontally with that heat. It’s very
    frustrating facing so many gold slingers.

    The lfp is a huge weakness, the side armor is actually garbage because if
    not angled at an auto bounce angle heat can easily penetrate it and that
    goes for both parts of the side armor, both parts of the ufp are
    penetratable by high rolls of heat damage or negation of the sloping by
    looking down into the tank, tanks tall enough to HE the open top or
    shooting down onto it wreck this tank, The gun mantle is weak and you can
    shoot through the small gaps, the roof is overmatchable so tall tanks like
    the E-100 can penetrate you without shooting gold, and if you shoot the
    flat section on the hull before it starts sloping it’s 250-260 mm of armor.

    Artillery also completely destroys this tank. How he was playing in this
    video not moving and relocating would mean instant death if artillery was
    in this match.

  64. now i remember this tank reminds me of SU-100-1

  65. great carry by obj.263

  66. Nice throw by the Tortoise at the end there lol.

  67. I have the feeling like playing my Su 101 again..Well, time to save 2.5 M
    credits again

  68. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    This TD is biggest fake in Soviet tree, and very OP fake. Only E3 has
    better frontal armor, but its slow, so armor of E3 is ballanced by his
    mobility. JPe100, has 3 weakspot in front, and it’s slower TD. 263 has made
    up armor, great mobility, and good gun. Line of this TD is bad, tier 7 and
    8 mostly , very bad td. But this is just pure Soviet bias. If tank has gun
    and mobility, armor should be bad. But not in Russian-biased game, and not
    Soviet tanks, just like “bad” IS6 , and “OP WZ111 or 112″….

    And this guy has 20 APCR, on gun with 290 AP pen….just next spammer.

    One of biggest weakpoints of 263 is engine deck. All 90+ mm guns can
    autopen this, if u can see that. E100, Mause, Type , JP, 183 can do it very
    easy. And this tortie could won if he knows that, HESH and auto pen

  69. I just love the 263 TD!

  70. I’m kind of surprised you missed two of the other weak points on that tank.
    1) There’s flat armor at the bottom of the frontal superstructure. 2) The
    hull roof can be overmatched by anything not firing HE or HEAT and HE still
    might even go though it. Considering it’s so low to the ground, you can
    more often than not get a shot in to the hull roof (the part perpendicular
    to the gun if you’re confused).

  71. TORT is dumbass who didnt know to use HE

  72. Very nice tank. Suitable gun, front armor is nice, mobility is decent.
    Overall well rounded tank

  73. where da mic go

  74. Gus Davis (Major G)

    i wish this was in Blitz (can’t play WoT on PC)

  75. 9.14 looks so good, shame we’re still waiting for in on the Asian Server

  76. QB i have your modpack how do u move the damage indactor to the side?

  77. You don’t need new microphone, the sound is very good as it is. ;)

  78. Look at the minimap at 3:30 how the allied tanks coming together. Nice to
    see that coordinated push in random battle knowing that other flank has
    crumbled. Good play.

  79. most guns sound like potato launchers

  80. Reasons people don’t know where to shoot the obj263 because you barley see
    them in pub matches, even I have fiddled my thumb when I see the tank.

  81. I think the Tortoise was trying to shoot the gun plate but was freaking out
    a bit from the pressure and was missing. He must have been shooting into it
    and penning when he was peaking over, unless he shot into the engine deck.
    That thing sure is a beast.

  82. Anton Anktonkovich

    263 OP beast, favorite TD.

  83. Sorry about being a dick the other day QB, You put quality content up like
    clockwork and put in a lot of hard work, not my place to randomly be an

    Thanks for ignoring people who can be mugs like me and keeping up that
    cheerful, enthusiastic demeanor.

    It means a lot to your community, even if idiots like me sometimes don’t
    appreciate it.

    Thanks again QB keep up the good work!

  84. Can you do the other tier X Soviet td, the Object 268?

  85. I think the tortoise was aiming for the vision slits on the left and right
    superstructure. For some reason people think that they are weak spots. They
    are not the only time I’ve been penned there in my 263 was by a Jgpz E100
    on higher ground firing HEAT.

  86. Platoon of BIA try hards. As per normal lol

  87. This tank going backwards sounds a bit like my car’s windshield wipers ?

  88. actually the conway has better dpm then the tortoise

  89. Good game but yeah lucky the tortoise didn’t know. But now we ALL know
    because of the excellent commentary by QB. Thank you for bringing this game
    to us. Someday when I’m facing this TD I’ ll know what to do

  90. Don`t use new supid mic!

  91. “420 HEAT-Pen on his STANDARD rounds” WHAT?!

  92. quickybaby can u do tier 8 td the t28 please i wont to now if i wont to get

  93. Is that a sword tucked away behind the couch behind him? Haha

  94. How can you send replays to QB ?

  95. Obj. 263 or Obj.268
    Plz help meh

  96. Working on the SU122-54 right now and cant wait to get this tank.

  97. shut up quickybaby , more people know about the weakpoints of the object
    263 then you think -.- so dont get the players to a wrong desicion -.-

  98. I love the new sounds.

  99. Is QuickyBaby German? In a gameplay i heard him saying a German sentence.

  100. where is the mic? :O

  101. Just shoot the god damn engine deck! It’s 30mm thick. Autopen.

  102. Wouter van den Brink

    So this tank is basically a fast JagdTiger…

  103. This is one of my favorite tanks on wot I play console and mobile and I
    want it so bad

  104. 6:37 Why is that bad?It has the same prem pen with the T-54’s HEAT,and the
    APCR is more effective than HEAT.
    I don’t think that you need to have the same prem pen with the Jageru,you
    have accuracy,ROF and mobility over the raw alpha.

  105. popypoplandpop popy


  106. Kristopher Koperski

    i got 1000 more xp than he did with a 2x in a churchill 3 today

  107. There was one main aspect that enabled him to have great game…. and that

  108. This really reminds me of Scum bus

  109. Good play, but once again conqueror and comet are overpowered for sure

  110. I love this tank <3

  111. What is your favorite color filter ??

  112. Don’t forget autopen on engine top .. tortoise had perfect angle for that.
    It works with so many tanks its not even funny. Especially useful in tall
    tanks, like Maus, or against low tanks .. like Obj. 263, or even IS7.

  113. +quickbaby whats that website called which you use to show the armour of
    tanks in different colours?

  114. how do you use that “free camera”

  115. That tortoise player must have been devastated with that loss. He only had
    66 hp left. That was an amazing replay though.

  116. Derp qwerty (Herp a Derp)

    This microphone has worse sound quality but the other one was so good it
    picked up all the background noises and i found that annoying i don’t know
    if it’s just me but I’m used to this mic :P

  117. look away children suprise butt sex to the conqueror

  118. Beneteus der Gewaltige

    he carrys a LOT of gold, but still he playes well.

  119. That Schrader look alike But not

    I’m unlocking my first tier 9 tank now. Oh a choice between type61 and the
    wz-120. Which should I get???:)

  120. They said he was a fool for choosing the Object 263 over the 268.
    “Everyone knows the 268 is better,” they said as they laughed at him.
    “You’ll never win a game with that worthless 263.”
    Well who’s laughing now?

  121. Gabriel Pellas Lindh

    Lol, at first I thought it was arty :D

  122. 20 prem rounds? 290 pen is enough for nearly everything you encounter in

  123. I don’t like the spotted and damaged noises. Sounds like a Speccy 48k.

  124. YOLOWAGON! This thing is a beast

  125. i use coated optics in my 263 rather than binos :D

  126. gg man, more tier X Russian Tds please!

  127. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    Can you do ISU-152 Prewiew?

  128. I hope one day they fix warplanes in one super update

  129. Random dude of Internetshire

    it is clear what happened to toitoi at 11:00, obj263 has those view ports
    on sides, for every other tank view port is weaker … but noooo this is
    russian tank with view port that has 250mm armor

  130. If you´re facehugging one of those things you can just shoot right through
    the engine deck underneath the gun. It´s only 30mm thick and can be
    overmatched easily.

  131. Thanks Quickybaby, I really wanted the weak spots of my favorite tank
    highlighted xD

  132. bit of a misplay to challenge that Tortoise, he should have gone for cap
    through town as the tortoise wouldn’t make it back in time.

  133. Hey QB! Nice vid! Just one question though. Could you please stop putting
    the ammount of kills and damage in the title, as it gives away the ending.
    For example, when he was 1v1 against the tortoise, and was “only” at 7,9k
    damage, you knew that he would kill the Toirtoise as that was the only way
    he would get over 9000(lel) damage. Yes, I know that he could have gotten
    high rolls, bounced his last shot and lost the game, but thats not likely.
    Also, if the ammount of kills is stated in the title, which wasn’t the case
    now, but it is many other videos, you know for certain if the player for
    example is 1v5, and has 5 kills, but the title says 10, that hes going to
    win. I just think this will make these insane rounds even more fun to
    watch, as the end isn’t spoiled.

    Have a nice day everyone!

  134. The sound of the bounces are amazing

  135. Jochem Sturkenboom

    O my god, now I cant unsee the shoe!

  136. A 9,000 dmg replay where the enemy team are not total noobs? That’s a

  137. what I dont understand is that if the tort was able to pen the gun mantlet
    twice or three times, why did he decide to shoot the sides next??? he threw
    a great game

  138. Still need to update the game tho, is this tank new?

  139. was funny how all the reds and yellows were dead before the first good
    players on the team gets killed… and people says stats doesnt means shit

  140. What do you think about 4971 dmg in hellcat on tier 7-5 battle? :)

  141. Never knew of this tanks existance

  142. LennyFaceSweg 00001

    1 like= idc
    1 sub= thanks
    1 ignore= go ahead
    1 comment= ok

  143. that new ping noise for the bounce

  144. Quicky! Someone Called TheOneOnly016 Made An Awsome Intro For You! Even
    With The Comet! xD

  145. MeKanism Lastname

    How to carry on Live Oaks: 1). push the south 2). Let the north fall 3).

  146. The micro of your headphones sounds better in my opinion.

  147. *Insert “it´s over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!111!11!1!!!!eleveneleven!!11!” joke here*

  148. Thought I had at around 9:40 –

    The thing people tend to forget is that AP (and APCR) rounds lose
    penetration with distance. Not much, mind you, but there are a lot of tanks
    at tier 9 and 10 that have guns with a penetration value around 250 with
    their AP shells (like the Tortoise at the end). Even dropping 10 mm in
    penetration, you’re going to have to get a lucky penetration roll to go
    through the UNANGLED gun plate of the 263. If you can keep your lower plate
    hidden, and keep enemies far away from you, this tanks frontal armor
    becomes even more OP than it already is, and as demonstrated in the video,
    APCR rounds don’t automatically make this thing Swiss cheese either.

    Needless to say I want one.

  149. ThunderTigerRider

    How that frontal armor can be autobounce when it is under 45 – 60° ? o.O
    And autobounce is 70° for APs If I am right…

  150. Good to see an Obj 263 video

  151. or just tortoise fire a HE to finish him off

  152. Currently on the SU-101, can’t wait to get this tank, it will be nice to
    bounce some shells unlike when i play my FV4005 or
    WT-E100 :D

  153. Why is all the replays featured on this channel are by people who use more
    Prem Ammo than regular ammo!

  154. Please stop pronouncing german names in that weird way. It’s both really
    annoying and really pathetic

  155. Man the new sounds are beautiful.

  156. Really excellent teamwork there – and how often do you get to say that in a
    world of tanks match. Great game :)

  157. Jesus von Nazaret

    some of the new gun sounds are a bit toyish

  158. Great DPM,neat frontal armour,fast as or even faster than medium tanks,neat

    Typical russian bias.

  159. what happend with the Røde?

  160. Can you make a video about the fastest tank in the game , please :)

  161. Guess how much damage he did? OVER 9000!

  162. QuickyBaby. Why don’t you do some kind of in game thing. I don’t really
    know how to word it. Some kind event where you take two poorly skilled or
    just plan bad players and bring them up to awesome.

  163. lol i thought that was artillery

  164. im early! lets make joke: polish players

  165. 10:02 couldve been perfect, but didnt quite nailed it there

  166. obj 263 is a hard tank to play against. just not many people have them so i
    never figure out where to hit them

  167. This replay restores my faith in random battles teams able to work together
    efficiently and effectively. Faith in pub match teams restored.

  168. Awww the poor tortoise! Everbody who doesnt know about the 263 wouldnt
    shoot the gunshield!

  169. Hairynippleitis1432

    Someone should do a mashup of Quickybaby stammering alongside rick and

  170. “Jingles, what does the after-battle report say about his damage?”


  171. Quickbaby can you show your replay in arty

  172. Well, thanks for (kinda) fullfiling my wish and upload a commentary video
    on this tank 🙂 I tried it on a test server and it’s an absolute beast! I
    still don’t have him, but I’m grinding that line currently and I’m on

  173. I see this tank but I thing spg

  174. When you bounce a shell from an Jagru and you’re in a CDC and he rage quits
    after u ammorack him!

  175. Hey Quicky Baby, can I change the server, from Asia to Europe?

  176. Qb could you please explain to me how the xp system works. I’ve done 6.5k
    in my 30b and I’ve gotten more exp. please tell me

  177. There are no coasts in Okie, it’s just dry grasslands everywhere the eye
    can see.

  178. Why do you not use the new Mic? It was better…

  179. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    if you load HEAT on jpz e100 ( what i did only in the test Server ) you are
    a total noob

  180. I thought you had a shiny new microphone? youtubers that still use headset
    microphones are cheep and obviously they’re to cheap to purchase a good
    microphone to help gain subscribers because they can see that your

  181. Muthanna Almughairy

    Qb you cheeky British guy , I thought that this round was going to be a
    heartbreak , but boy was I surprised

  182. lol that tortoise, threw the game

  183. Wow, i’m really impressed by the new sounds. Good job Wargaming!

  184. Wheres you new mic

  185. King Mareep (Lanu)

    I had my best game ever yesterday. Won a 1 vs 6 and got kolobanovs and
    Radley Walters medal in jadgtiger 8,8 :)

  186. Where is your mic? :D

  187. Unicorn cought on! I am not just weird anymore for calling them that.

  188. Uroš Nedeljković

    Anyone who got bored of WOT with a non-premium account? Athough i watch
    QB’s videos :)

  189. there are such good replays uploaded to QB’s replay site but he never shows

  190. Will you play WOT blitz?

  191. LOL he has identical stats to me.

  192. I once shot HEAT in JPE100 at an E100’s upper plate. He was pretty mad lol

  193. Ramiro Eduardo Duarte Muñoz

    Nice vid quickybaby keep up the good work!!!

  194. give me Likes ! :D

  195. here

  196. Whoooo 99th like

  197. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  198. Don’t you ever just feel like asking people who disliked the video, why?

  199. 9.14 is awesome

  200. Just got this tank on my Xb1 so looking forward to this.

  201. Joshua the Scotsman

    I’m early! quick lets make a joke…

    World of warplanes

  202. ahahahha lool what abou is 3 replay

  203. First ( to lie)

  204. lol the scumbag tank destroyer

  205. WOOOW, Im early.. Wanna hear a joke?

    The Type 61!

  206. Abdulhameed Ahmad


  207. not first

  208. first

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