World of Tanks || Object 268 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

Version 4. Today I’m on the Test Server checking out the upcoming destroyer the Version 4!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Again, unable to pen with tier 8~9

    What does accuracy matter when other tanks cant pen at long distance

  2. Gameplay: 6:38

  3. He deprived me of “Theory Crafting.”

  4. just what the game needs more russian t10’s

  5. Fking Russian game with another round of Russian bias tank. Don’t even bother playing German nowadays because they are so underpowered.

  6. 666 likes so far

  7. Did everyone see Quickybaby’s shooting. He looked human… even with all his misses, he still does better than me.

  8. Hey qb do u know a Aaron McT***

  9. Lol 360 HEAT pen is still good. No need to Live up to the 268 haha

  10. Jagdpanzer E 100 weight nearly 134 tons and this piece of russian bias crap weighs only 75 tons and its overall frontal’s amour is almost better than E100’s frontal amour ?! What kind of weed did those dipshits smoke while making this one ?

  11. 1:10 -> KAPPA.txt

  12. I like how QB has been around tanks for who knows how long and his job is centered around a game dedicated to tanks yet he still doesn’t know the difference between a cupola and a range finder.

  13. Ya good tank destroyer but low alpha damage…… incredible armour

  14. Im starting to go for the Russian bias in this game… I have E 75 with a good crew in it and the top gun. Its supposed to have a little bit better dispersion than the IS3. But here is the catch: When ever I try to snapshot accurate shots in to cupolas etc my E 75 always misses by going too high or off to the side. When I try this same with IS3 it hits 75% of the time. How is this possible when the IS3 is supposed to have shittier stats and accuracy on the gun stats? Someone please explain this to me.

    • I forgot to add up the fact that my IS3 crew isnt even at 100% yet. Still it somehow manages to shoot more accurately those snap shots?

  15. kappa.txt

  16. instead of removing tier Xs they need to be adding new fucking tech tree lines or just extending the branches. Fake tanks or not, stop removing history that doesn’t need to be removed.

  17. Play the SU 100 M1 and SU 101 too!

  18. 666 the number of the beast Omg quickybaby you know my favourite band (Iron Maiden) #qbmetalhead

  19. QB you are the beast man 😉 thats why you role for 666…

  20. The 263 was my first tier ten, and while i may not have been great in it, it was still a VERY fun tank. i don’t see why they’re changing it out, and for the love of all things russian, the replacement is just making me feel ill. this is not what i ground for, and this is not what i wanted. completely underwhelming and possibly the first tier ten i will ever sell

  21. So the opinions are shared between “it’s op” and “it’s shit”. Actually, it is “shit”, test server is full of bad players with various ping and anyone can do 4-6k dmg without problems. If tank seems op -> it can easier pass through community (“hey, but on the test server you did great job, the results are amazing!”)
    No, it’s not a good TD. On the live server you will see the difference in gameplay, and after live update they will nerf it (as they always do with new op tanks)
    Quickly people will get what’s up with this tank, it can’t turn fast enough to fight off most of the tanks in close range combat -> it is not an assault TD, it’s pure mid-range TD (accuracy excludes the long range, and bad turning speed and slow reload make close range fights unbearably hard)

  22. Object 263 is a much better tank and its really fun to play. This tank is just dull, nothing special about it

  23. If you are sniping with this tank, you are doing it wrong. This tank is for super aggressive, in your face gameplay.
    I play it more like a heavy tank, and its much more fun. Sniping with this is rather foolish in my opinion.
    Surprisingly, i find this tank most fun of the new tanks.

  24. Even more op than the badger in most cases, dpm doesnt matter that much but this speed + armor is broken af

  25. This tank destroyer is brutal, i get every game 6-7k damage, the lower plate armor is unbeatable, but it can also betray you when you angle it way too much, i got oneshotted by FV4005 one time like this.

  26. Hey QB, what’s inside KAPPA.txt file on your desktop? 🙂

  27. Everyone thinks everything is OP. It would be beneficial if you just learned how to play the game.

  28. Anyone knows what program QB uses to see the stats of the replay at 13:49?

  29. I got the 263 for its dpm and now for it to be replaced with some ugly ass tank that has nothing in common apart from mobility. I’m not happy

  30. So the Russians have a partial Jegaroo now.

  31. Obj. 263 Seems to be so much better

  32. KAPPA.txt

  33. ???? ???????????

  34. I’m gonna get crucified for saying this, but they should’ve given it an autoloader. They’ve already nerfed the damage to below that of opposing 150/152/155mm armed TDs, and the thing did actually have one in it’s proposed design. The 263 move could still have happened, and instead they just keep the solid RoF and lower alpha up this branch leading to an autoloader at tier 10.
    Of course, that wouldn’t have resulted in gameplay that encourages players to use gold ammo WHOOPS DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!

  35. This tank is a joke compared to old 263

  36. Dont ruin my 263

  37. Well I’m an aggressive all in player. But I absolutely HATE this tank. And the thing I hate the most is that I don’t even GET a replacement tank…

    There are over 100 pages of complaints on the Russian forums about this change……..

  38. KAPPA.txt LoL

  39. This is why I want 263 to stay tierX,268 has sad DPM and 0.42 ACCURACY???stupid for TD

  40. I’m sorry to say but the object 268 v4 as no place in this russian TD line. The whole line is made up of TDs with exeptional precision, for russian tank standarts. And now at Tier 10 you get another russian derp TD but without the big bang at the end. In my opinion this is a complet and utter failiure and another attempt of Wargaming to push premiumrounds down your gunbarrel.

  41. fuck russian company useless retards

  42. Were superioty quickystealth ?

  43. I’ve been living under a rock…

  44. I was expecting theory crafting and i got jibba jabba. You got me!

  45. Quickybaby I think this tank is a brawler and not a sniper people can’t pen, it’s accuracy is bad.

  46. It looks ok.

  47. Nobody wanted the 263 dropping to tier 9. We are the ones who fill war gamings pockets so why did they ignore us. Disgusting.

  48. i lost interest in the tank the moment i say “KAPPA.txt” XD now i want to know whats written there.

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