World of Tanks || Object 268 Version V – Sneak Peek

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Version V. Today we’re looking at a mysterious T10 , the Object 268 Version V, played by elevensuu from the Chinese server!

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  1. well,this tank was known at least 1year ago from wg q&a ,and it was weak.

  2. Does capping on chinese server mean they have small dicks ? But they all do, so they have nothing to prove by not capping. Strange logic or just a small dick complex.

  3. Congrats on 500k subs QuickyBaby! 😀

  4. 165$….

  5. omg lol the chinese translations are way too funny……

    if u understand chinese these translations are absolutely gold….

  6. 500k special QB? 🙂

  7. Grille 15 needs 360 turret as well, because it has nothing special right now.

  8. Could you please update your MODPACK ????

  9. gold is stronk on that so good tanku -wot dev

  10. I’m surprised that this tank has weakspots

  11. The messages on the top are game tips such as “premium ammo has better pen” or “wait for reticle to shrink to get better accuracy”

    the translations are really really bad tho, also entire chinese server is pay to win(way more than other ones) and player skill tier are very low if not the worst among all the servers

  12. Kameraden 民宣部K君

    As a Chinese here I only play on EU server……The chinese server is just rediculously hard to play. Dominated by those premium tanks. The price is rather cheap compare to the WG store for same tank. As the chinese servers are not running by WG, there are so many “rare” tanks for sale. I am really happy to see my language in your video XD, actually I change the language of the client too when playing the EU client. Thank you for your video, QB! Greetings from China :p

  13. *entering*

  14. Those things are tips of playing WOT
    It tells what an aiming circle is
    What is auto aim etc…

  15. QB you just hit 500k congrats!!

  16. Kameraden 民宣部K君

    中国人举爪! ??

  17. It actually does look pretty bad, armour seems pretty poor against any tier 10 guns, anything like 240mm pen looks like it’ll go through most of the front even the turret. Then the DPM is bad, gun handling is bad, mobility is pretty poor. Just looks like a T110E4 with worst armour, worst gun handling that goes a little faster.

  18. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    so much skill 12 to be exact.

  19. Wow people like to moan, I have no problem with this tank really, probably looks a bit weak butthose moaning it’s not a ‘tank destroyer’ please define tank destroyer then cos there are lots of tank destroyers that are completely different, there is no definitive tank destroyer. The Obj. 268 is a T-10 without a turret, the T110E4, E3 and E5 are all different designs of the same heavy tank concept. Even the T28/T95 the US initially called it a Heavy Tank, T30 is a heavy tank etc.

  20. This tank is bad. It is ballanced in regards to OB 268 but ob 268 is just bad too.
    This tank is not for sniping: QB didn’t mention but its shell velocity is around 760!!!
    This tank is not for close enagement: it doesn’t bounce, it can be pen easily by anything, basically anywhere
    It’s a shit tank and as soon as players get know it’s a paper it will be unplayable

  21. horrific dispersion values yet hits bulldog on the move by that u can see its russian “no hidden parameters”

  22. so at the moment the only benefit of the v5 is that it has a turret

  23. The Mighty Sausage

    QB, u have 500 k subs now. Why have u not put out a 500K special m8 D:

  24. The Mighty Sausage

    And secondly, what the actuall fuck WG?

  25. finally, a chinses server game… love this. (as a chinese server player and a big fan of QB for more than 4 years, i’ve been watching this with tears of joy…)

  26. Oh look, a t-10 with a high penetrating 152mm m… “this is so great yeeey!”…. what could possibly go wrong… i mean… why don’t you just put back the waffle e-100 then… it looks like you’re going to put a turreted version of every TD here anyways…

  27. how to have this “Object 268 5” ?

  28. i hope that they will put this tank on the place where is obj. 268… cuz 268 is not very good…
    268 is the worst tier 10 td

  29. where is my chiften

  30. oh sure, Chinese server.. obj 777 II, obj 257, T92lt, T71C, Chieftain MK.6, M48A2, T95/Chieftain (T10 HT, not the T8 MT released), KRT-1 and 121B (before release in cw reward) available if you are able to afford one 🙂 not sarcastic at all

  31. Russian bias, now they even get the worst td in the game.

  32. Chinese players = no cap kill all

  33. Oh my, a 18:19 long advertisement…
    Where is the video though?

  34. Also in the Asia client, as you can retrain your crew for it.

  35. 500.000 Subs!!!!

  36. rendering the regular 268 shit

  37. this snap shot on the bulldog lol

  38. the world on the top of the game play is some tips ,teaching ”noob” how the game run

  39. Do tell me if you actually like replays featuring the rare tanks like Obj 777 II, Chieftain, Obj 257, M48A2 or T95/Chieftain if you like… i can probably get a number of replays from the Chinese forum

  40. Oh look, another god damn Russian tank coming in. Bring the mother f****** chieftain in – oh wait you won’t because it’s better than the Russian tanks. Biased communists!

  41. Shit statistics => Yep! Definitely will be a CW reward tank, one of the many to add to the line of inferior tanks (with the exception of the Obj907) that we get as “rewards” for putting weeks of effort in every night.

  42. So this is basically a Russian Jackson with the OBJ 268 gun with some armor.

  43. op tank

  44. Let me guess.. Another premium…. 😀 :-d :-d

  45. There are so many people in wot that dnt know a hE shell from a td can splash on the exterior for like 150-400 dmg u just have to avoid the gun mantle and the spaced armor, basically require litttle skill, BUT HEY, this is wot gg

    In wot blitz I use he all the time to finish off my enemy in my waffle tractor (wt Auf pz iv)

  46. how long have I been WAITING for this tank to come out and be previewed ;-;

  47. RIP T110E4

  48. P= Porsche

  49. Happy 500k subs quicky

  50. It looks like a freakin copy-paste T-10 just at tier X. I feel like WG is only adding it because it’s Russian.

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