World of Tanks || Object 277 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Object 277. Coming in update 1.0.2 this T10 Soviet heavy seems to be able to do it all – all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Its a new Object 268 V4 as its op version, and nerfed in 1.0.3, pure and simple, if the tank dosen’t get nerfed in the second iteration of 1.0.2 test.

  2. U need to tanks people who play artillery causes learn to play new tank with artillery fire

  3. My Allah…those enemy team 277 must be full of 45%er who for the first time ever touch on a tier 10 while their real account is still struggling at tier 4

  4. But its russian it must be OP!

  5. This tank is OP, just like the 268-4 Wargaming do this so that everyone want the tank and for those who do not have the xp will use gold to convert. So they make more money by people buying gold and converting it, then they may nerf it months later.

    This is just as bad what they are doing to PMM.

    We need to stand up and make Wargaming notice as to what the players want. Look at the forum thread about PMM, over 110 pages long and 1 comment by staff.
    Look at Aging Jedi quitting being a CC for Wargaming due to what they are doing.

    Quickybaby what are you going to do to help us players with the poor state of the game in terms of MM, Premium tanks changes & OP tanks in this game ?
    You have the best chance with at voicing our feeling and comments as a CC. You have over 550k subs we all need to stand as one and say NO WARGAMING WE ARE NOT TAKING THIS ANYMORE. Now is the time to stand up and be counted!!!!!

  6. So it is an ungraded WZ-111-5A.
    And will just be the best T10 heavy tank if released with those stats. good job WG….

  7. “I don’t care if it is historical” – lmao, you are hilarious.
    80%+ blueprint or mindgame tanks… why would the Object 277 be “historically accurate”? LOL

  8. Marien Passenier

    I feel like you are doing good with listening to your community, because you are not just telling us the good things Wargaming did, but also the bad things. A lot of people said that they felt like you were always saying good stuff about them. Good listening, probs to you

  9. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    Da da da blyat 5a is doing much damge without being russian?
    Blyat we need russian 5a in even more op da da da blyat

  10. I wouldn’t play (an old) spg on the test server either, but I guess you should be glad people are doing so, after all you would want a test environment that is as ‘realistic’ as it could be …

  11. The Premium rounds are overkill lol I’d be happy if they changed them but left the tank as it is.

  12. Artificial intelligence A.I.

    Best Drunken commentary during a random skirmish!

  13. Dmitrij Bugajev

    I love the artillery rant. People go to test it to see if they want to research it or not. Which is a very good idea, since it is so much harder to grind on artillery now.

  14. Querschläger_WoT

    Wg notices WZ5A is performing pretty well–> hey comrades we should make soviet WZ5A and we could make it a bit better so Stalin would be proud of us.

  15. IS TO FAST !!!!!

  16. sorry I don’t play arties on live but I played arties on test to check which line I should pursue to complete Arty missions.


    People play artillery in test servers because they can’t get it on the normal server and just wanna see how it is to play Spg at Tier 10

  18. when T-10- IS-7 and 907 had threesome

  19. Its just crazy, again a op tank, wich have amaising gold ammo… wtf its just funny.

  20. kamiKashii Gaming

    You guys are funny!! The Obj. 277 is not OP at ALL!!! It’s easy to get penned, lower plate, upperplate… Bad armor IMO. The only good thing is its shell travel. The V4 That one is OP. This is totally NOT!!!

  21. Just remove all other Nations. They are useless. Well besides type5, it kindof fits in

  22. Wanna hear a joke

    American heavys are still relevant

  23. Disagree with the test server arty players. Since live games have arty I want to know how the new tanks handle arty shells raining on top tiers in every pub game.

  24. IS4 needs some love too – *sadface*

  25. Russia! Cuka Blyat!

  26. Takeshin StaffEmeraldcraftNetwork

    R.I.P IS-7

  27. It be nice if we had something that isn’t Russian and something that hasn’t got a massive block of armour all over it encouraging gold spam etc, there is little need for anything with light armour anymore unless it’s french with an auto loader, which in my opinion is boring… this is the age where heavy tanks fill all roles xD and gold spam is easier than actually aiming

  28. Nice and will get it……. it’s remarkably like a CHIEFTAN which is what everybody wants !!!!!!

  29. And there sits my 260 in the garage with its overmatch roof, 250mm flat mantle and turret shot traps aswell as having the lowest hp of any tier 10 heavy and 5 degrees depression…. the regrets of grinding it out before the orders came in…. maybe one day wg will realise it needs changing ☹

  30. I’m not sure if I missed it or not, but QB was using improved equipment, so the tank was a bit better than it would really be.

  31. If only trying to right a flipped tank didn’t sometimes result in a teamkill if they die anyway.

  32. And you know who will be using and what tier will receive the gold rounds game after game after game….the so called majority/minority (whatever you decided) of the Unicum players who are scared of dropping WN8 points… lucky little tier 8 fellas?

  33. Thy shall touch forbidden spg shall be jugde in river of salt of such hell shall be given.

  34. I do actually think they will nerf the APCR rounds due to the (experimental) tag at the end.


    New power creep

  36. Wanna bet WG is just introducing the 277 to have a reason for buffing the IS-7 again?

  37. Markus Miristlw

    Looks like a pretty decent tier 8 premium this obj277

  38. #PrayforTVP

  39. Some people go on the test server to test potential tank they want to get

  40. “There’s a special place in hell for people, who play artillery on the test server” Never agreed with you more, QB!

  41. This tank is just boring.

  42. I wouldnt put as much emphasis on the wargaming telling us to uncheck accelerated crew training. They only release these two tanks later so they didnt have to give them for free

  43. I have tested this vehicle myself on the CT and I think its fine, since the armor is really lacking even compared to the WZ 5A (Tier 8’s pen your front easily) and it does have significantly less performance on medium terrain which is the most common terrain type on most maps so its quite important.

    The reason for it’s outstanding APCR performance is presumably that WG are going to change the concept of “premium” rounds in the future (i.e. more pen/velocity but less alpha damage). But I do agree that, if there is going to be a substantial amount of time between that change and the release of this vehicle, the APCR rounds are going to heavily influence it’s performance in that interval.

  44. Wanna hear a meme? 277s apcr can reliably pen the is7 turret HAhaa and the maus its upper plate! Dont believe? Go in a training room with a mate and test

  45. Wargaming doesnt care about their customers. Like if you agree

  46. Hampus Johansson

    I played this tank once on the test server, 6,5k damage without firing gold

  47. The 277 is replacing the is7?

  48. Why would anyone want to test artillery on the test server when there’s new tanks to play? Perhaps they actually want to see how well the new tanks deal with artillery. Is there any particular weakness towards artillery etc. There are legitimate reasons to play arty on test server.

  49. maybe some people havent grinded their tier X artys and they would like to know if they’re worth it?

  50. Thanks wg, every new tank you bring to the game stops me wasting my money for the game
    Game has no fun when everyone loads gold when there’s arty when there are such overpowered tanks

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