World of Tanks || Object 279 (e) – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – Object 279 (e). Today I’m reviewing the controversial yet powerful T10 reward vehicle – Object 279 (e)!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

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  1. EBR is the bigest problem in the game!!!

  2. I always see OPject 279 rushing towards enemy team, guess they really want to be there *early* .

  3. Please show some tier 10 battle, when everybody shooting premium ammo…when u r top tier sure its OP.

  4. First time I’m actually pleased to see QB loosing a game… This tank just shouldn’t be in the game. The best tank on the hand of the best players… What could possibly go wrong…

  5. I always love how QB makes a video in one go

  6. Fun fact: old type 5 were natural counters to this ruski bias but wg has to remove every kind of counter to the best tank in the game

  7. Love the reflection – checking out the ricochet mark on the Maus because you cheaped out. This is one of the many reasons I appreciate your channel.

  8. I feel so redundant in my e100. Grinded my way there just to find out it is outmatched in any way possible

  9. Happy Birthday QB!

  10. “I cheaped out”. What a disgusting phrase to say. Something that shouldn’t exist inside videogames, but it’s WoT. So sad

  11. To those who have everything, more will be given, from those who nothing more will be taken.

  12. This is why i stopped playing. Basically. Such a joke

  13. the moment when you fight 3 tanks all alone, have 2 kills by yourself, it´s 2:6 and you realize. that your team completely sucks………

  14. why does the is4 even exist

  15. Marius Valentin preda

    Happy Birthday QB!

  16. Maybe, like in other ranked format games, apply the ability to ban certain tanks. So exclude these OP monsters from ranked to make it fairer (like tier X spread used to be).

  17. When even Quickybaby makes statements that overtly reveals how p2w WoT is now, you know you’ve fucked up.

  18. 8 skills on my type-59 crew

  19. Happy birthday QB and greetings from the Netherlands.! Keep the good work up.!

  20. Valentin Kovachev

    This is ridiculous.

  21. “For those of you out there, who absolutely loathes this tanks, and hate feeling useless against them on the battle field. Well I’m-I’m not going to be able to tell you instantly how to beat the BROKEN, but maybe I can give you a few tips and tricks along the way.”

    Uhh… Don’t play this sad fucking excuse for a game that gives broken tanks to the best players? I unno…

  22. happy B-DAY QB!

  23. Brinzescu Alexandru

    happy birthday From Romania ! ^_^

  24. Happy Birthday old boy…cheers to you and Tanya!! As for the tank…eh someday when I get good LOL!

  25. Happy birthday mate!

  26. This tanks a joke only the best can get it and the no real weakness to balance the tank. This plus others is why I am not playing the game anymore

  27. Many happy returns to the day, QB.

  28. gratz QB

  29. On paper, the 260 looks more my playstyle. decent armor, plays like a medium.

  30. This is the problem OP tanks in the hands of OP players. Just sayin’

  31. Do you not do XVM anymore?

  32. Remember when the centurion turret armour was good yeah that was a long time ago

  33. Happy 32nd QB. Time for a new hair style.

  34. Happy BDay!

  35. I have a model kit of this tank.60% of the kit seems to be tracks.

  36. All Hail our Soviet Masters for creating the first ever Hover Tank… wait…?
    Nah… I don’t want to play a uberly OP tank.

    Also, Happy late birthday QuickyBaby.

  37. HappyBirthDay… all the best….

  38. Happy Birthday quicky!

  39. Terracraft or Rex

    A summary of the tank it

    Its op


    Happy Birthday ^_^ ♥

  41. That FV firing AP and bouncing all his shots… 3 bounces. had he been firing HESH (like most do) or at least HE, QBs game would have been different.
    Why don’t get such enemies? why do I only get the FVs that fire gold at me and damage me no matter what :-/

  42. Maybe instead of endorsing WOT bullshit tanks by playing them on your channel, you should not play it and show them that what they are doing is wrong. That is why you seem fake. You play it and then say it is not fair, it is only for the best players, it is just OP and you keep playing and making other players fell useless. Good job dude.

  43. either drink the cool-aid and play or stand up like a man and say no and set an example.

  44. So glad I quit this game

  45. You cant talk out both sides of your mouth and expect people to believe you.

  46. Happy birthday! Keep up the good work

  47. Sromotny Kobziarz

    Where is the turret basket of this thing?

  48. Happy birthday dude! Coincidentally today is my 40th birthday:)

  49. belated Happy B-Day, Quicky!

  50. D꙰A꙰R꙰K꙰Z꙰A꙰R꙰

    Next Video about Obj.260 pls? To know how this Tank do?

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