World of Tanks || Object 279 – Sneak Peek!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Object 279. Today I’m giving you a sneak peek of upcoming


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. This thing is going to get HE spammed in its lower hull

  2. I just dont know if WOT’s is for me. What Im looking for is a game where if Im shit at it I can simply BUY my way to the top, something I can Stream and convince weak minded children with access to their parents credit cards that can buy me in game gold so I never have to pay for the win out of my own pocket…… Maybe include in that a self inflated attitude that Im better at the game than the majority of peasants unable to fritter away a free education on something as trivial as a video game.

    • The _worlds _worst _tanker noob

      David Dawson .. you will still be shit even if you pay the money ….trust me on that my friend …I’ve tried it on numerous games ?

  3. Night map please !

  4. Christian Morales

    I’d like to see how this thing does when reverse sidescraping

  5. an another example of everything wrong with world of tanks .. it looks after its ace players giving them more and more but the end result is that ace players will only play ace players because everyone else would have quit in frustration (once they release that buying themselves out of the situation is not a fix ) the trouble is that it costs a lot of money to run wot , and that needs to be spread among a big player base . As the number of ace players is small to the number of noob players – one had better start sharing some love around for the noob players or risk having no game at all …. i refuse to pay any more to wargaming until these issues are fixed . Getting slaughtered game after game get to not be fun much at all … and if a game is not fun why play

  6. Oh ok so only people that have no jobs and no life will be able to actually get this tank. Adults with responsibilities will never be able to obtain one because we have other shit to take care of rather than sit in front of a screen all day playing a game of fake pixel tanks. Awesome.

    • You Care too much

    • hi im' ,are autism

      Yeah, screw WG for giving something to those who spend their free time playing their game.

      Do you realise how stupid you sound?

    • I would tell you where to shove your opinion but I think you already know. You missed the whole point but what else would one expect on a youtube?

    • +M. Redleg You can do the same with your stupid statement. It’s really not that hard to do missions in WoT. Just a few hours a day is all you need. You don’t have to commit your soul to the game like you say. But I understand, people who lack brain cells such as yourself might struggle.

    • Again, some people dont have a “few hours a day” to play a game. Again, some of us are adults who have actual responsibilities but I understand, people like you who lack brains cells such as yourself might struggle to understand that.

  7. This looks more like a gimmick. No lower plate comrades. But noone was shooting at like obj 140s lower plate anyways. You just pen the hull. The side armor is the real deal

  8. What was that fv183 thinking…

  9. The fact that the tank traverse speed is so nice makes no sense considering the length of the tank compared to the width of separation between the thick ass tracks…

  10. no lower plate? hahahah OP vehicle

  11. Yeap wot is out of ideas. Good thing I moved to pubg

  12. No way to pen from the front without APCR? Sigh, glad I quit WOT cause looks like they still haven’t learned. About 3-4 years ago tanks actually had weak points on the front and you had to memorize them all.

  13. I'm feeling lucky, punk

    World of weird & fantasy Tanks.

  14. Thank You very much for this video. This tank is absolutely garbage in WOT ! In my favourite Armored Warfare OBJ 279 is awesome and brilliantly fun to play 🙂

  15. this is obj 726 is not look like obj 279 in real life

  16. 😮

  17. Nc WG making tank with no armor weakness again. Just press the two key and you are fine. T8? Just F up.

  18. Get tracked from any angle hahahahaha

  19. Dellinger the fighting fish

    No more Russian bias…

  20. They find the time to add this but not the chieftain smh

  21. SOVIET POWER !!!!!!!!

  22. Is this as reliably accurate as your 268v4 review?

  23. Destroy Erase Improve

    This game both looks (on next gen consoles) and sounds better than the PC version. The console version was developed by a different team than the PC version, and the game has a slightly different art style that is honestly just better.
    – There are FAR many maps on console than PC. You get maps like Dragon Ridge, Rasenenai, Caen, etc, I can’t name most of them off the top of my head. Around twice as many maps than the PC version, including a lot of open maps for LT players.
    – Higher XP and Silver earning rate than PC. Wargaming have outright said that console has higher XP earning rates than PC, in their article about why you can’t transfer accounts between platforms.
    – Premiums that are rare on PC get released all the time on Console. The SU-76I is on sale right now as a matter of fact. The E25 is still for sale, as is the FCM 50t (not that anyone was dying to play it again). WG uses console as a test bed for new Premiums, and oftentimes releases them early on console.
    – Arty don’t get stun.
    – Meta is much more balanced, unlike the heavy tank PC meta.
    – No 3/5/7 mm. This can be a con if you get really weird MM like being the the only tier 7 in a tier 9 battle, or only having tier 10s and tier 8s but no tier 9s.
    – You can failtoon with your friends.
    In short, WG doesn’t really care much about the console version of the game, and as a result it is a much better game.

  24. The only bias in this game is that everyone thinks all Russian tanks are op

  25. Gets almost 7k damage, “Oh not the best game.” Shut up quickybaby XD

  26. Quickybaby, can you make a video that is about bad players in bad games and analysing what mistakes they did in that game? It would be extremely helpful for noob-ish players like me.

  27. 자이언츠손아섭


  28. So it’s another fake T10 “Reward” tank vehicle that only specific special-people groups or players will be able or allowed to get, that we don’t really need in the game. . . ok,

    (which either basically only serve as less good ‘trophy’ tanks, or they’re OPaF) meh

    • to be fair, if it were a fair/legit tank that everyone had the ability to get and use as an actual part of the game, it looks kinda neat. Too bad about the “Reward” part of things to gateway such things from the real or regular audience.

      (which many of us no longer are a part of anyways so meh. glhf)

  29. When are we going to get new maps from WG? Not just a few here and there then get taken away… The devs really don’t listen to the players.

  30. how to test any new Russian tank, drive it in the open and see how long you survive.

  31. 5% gold spam increases to 6% ?

  32. They should speciffically add the mechanic to be able to turn with a track destroyed to this tank, like war thunder.

  33. so this is the “Early” version of the legendary tank? ae the prototype of the prototype? Because good lord WG’s version is just so disappointing both in looks and in stats. IRL the tank is what you would expect an end game boss in a dungeon to be like. Thick and stupidly well angled armor all around, a gun that would make a destroyer (naval ship) blush, and an armor ballistic profile that can withstand the kinetic force of a shockwave from a nuclear blast. The only true achilles heel of it is it’s gas tanks is within the tack assembly. Then again such a tank would be AT LEAST tier 11.5 at worst. As once someone said “A russian version of a T95 that handles like a T-54 that can survive a direct hit from a sturmtiger/b-29 without any hull damage should not be in this game.” I just wish they didn’t use the obj 279 AT ALL, especially this one, as it really doesnt give any sort of credit to the original obj 279. It personally feels like they’ve been adding so much russian bullshit to the game that they’re finally running out of ideas so they decided to add a mockery of a legendary tank and called it the “new tier 10 reward tank”

  34. four tracks 907

  35. Object whatever the fuck

  36. i can’t play wot when x5 me internet broke after and gonna fix only tomorrow 20:00 rip me or not ( i only come back to the game 3 days ago) 😀 and i get unlucky all ready…….

  37. I only watched the Tue stream and that too not the whole thing cause I had to go out. It was fun seeing the Maus drop though.

  38. Always russian tank WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  39. ‘WG russian tanks are too strong pls fix’

    “kk adding more”

  40. Yaaaay more Russian bias bullshit

  41. Should i go for the WZ111 5A or for the S. Conqueror?

  42. This game is getting more and more ridiculous on physics, and fed up with 100% fictional vehicles. Maybe I should abandon it completely.

  43. 6:50 – 7:10
    Russian tank is immune for type5 damage…
    Ap gun too low pen…
    He gun … russian imunity

    And the obj279…pens type 5 frontal 4 of 4 frontal from several 100m with standard AP… pffff

  44. Ugly tank, unrealistically uncomfortable for crews by providing 0 leg room

  45. 7:48, that HE pen on the side of that TVP, so juicy 😀

  46. I love how rigged the Match making is in every single battle! Look at that the enemy team has no chance of winning … Community contributor Match making for the win XD Look at the shell adjusting mid air to go where he is not aiming and hitting the enemy tank …

  47. Enough with the russians

  48. Wouah ! 😀

  49. what next? T 64?

  50. What the fuck 4 tracks
    Can it be tracked

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