World of Tanks – Object 430 9.14 vs 9.15

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Source: Anfield

Basically there were no noticeable improvements, maybe in the lower end pen spectrum? I also think I made the angle more extreme on the side-scraping 9.15. Hope it was helpful anyway.

In conclusion, every other 0 RU is better than the 430


  1. Guilherme Rocha

    so…. sidescrape works now?

  2. poop tank

  3. FINALLY some information on the tank i care most this update 🙂 now i see
    that i wont play it ever again

  4. nom nom nom

  5. It’s still bad but it looks really cool now that’s the important thing ¯

  6. Mr. Hua (Kullimies)

    very useful thx

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