World of Tanks – Object 430 9.14 vs 9.15

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Source: Anfield

Basically there were no noticeable improvements, maybe in the lower end pen spectrum? I also think I made the angle more extreme on the side-scraping for 9.15. Hope it was helpful anyway.

In conclusion, every other tier 10 RU med better than the 430


  1. Guilherme Rocha

    so…. sidescrape works now?

  2. poop tank

  3. FINALLY some information on the tank i care most this update 🙂 now i see
    that i wont play it ever again

  4. nom nom nom

  5. It’s still bad but it looks really cool now that’s the important thing ¯

  6. Mr. Hua (Kullimies)

    very useful thx

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