World of Tanks » Object 430 II Stronk but tricky to Master!

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Source: MrFalkers

Sitting at tier 9 we have the , stronk armor and best dpm of all tier 9 mediums, but it comes with a price.
Battle playlist: 19:45 on , 30:39 on and 38:00 on . ►Play Free

MrFalkers WoT Modpack/List:

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Intro Music clip from:
Song Title: Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Love Thy Brother Remix)
Free download at
All credit goes to the producers for such an amazing track.


  1. In the description did you mean price instead of prize?

  2. what’s with the creepy cartoon lady?

  3. How’s the gun depression to the sides? Is it the same, worse or better
    (thinking of the E-50, for example)?

  4. Terrible lag again Falkers. Apparently have been working hard
    upon the issues but they say that some of it is out of their control…
    Well, my view upon the matter is, that it is not our fault – it is us, the
    customer, that is suffering – therefore, need to give us
    gifts until it is completely fixed or reduce all of their product and
    service prices, because this is unacceptable and not one of us “the
    customers,” signed up for this kind of lag, we signed up for streamlined
    strategy game-play that we all enjoy! They need to take heed and act
    accordingly! As an example, I have premium account, about eighteen months
    in fact, however, I did not sign up for a period of eighteen months for
    laggy-time, I signed up for eighteen months for streamlined enjoyable time! need to take that into consideration i.e. my conclusion may
    actually be to completely leave the game and it does not take a genius to
    work out the reasons as to why… The game is not worth playing without
    premium account – I am not paying for laggy-time – conclusion, look for a
    better and more stream-lined game – it is actually quite simple when you
    think about things. No doubt, you are pondering similar events and
    situations and the best course of action to take too. At the end of the day
    Falkers, it is not our fault, is it…


  5. Awesome runs! The 430 is not a bad tank but it definately has it’s draw
    backs. I love that low profile though…

  6. More awesome vids Mr. F, thanks for sharing :)

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