World of Tanks || Object 430 II – The Forgotten Brother

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World of Tanks – Object 430 II. Today FlarkeFiasco is showing off the less popular brother of the T-54 the T9 Soviet medium the Object 430 II.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. QB How i can send to You a replay of My IS-6 and My Friend whit a JP 2, we
    get 11 Kills together…i want to send the replay…How i can do it?

  2. I once bounced an APCR shot from a Wf. Pz IV in my T-37 Light tank!

  3. Hey Quickybaby!
    I have a friend who recently started playing World of Tanks.
    When I started playing, I headed for bad T5 and T6 tanks, and I didn’t even
    know they were bad tanks.
    I was wondering if you had any recommendations as to which T5/T6 tanks are
    good for new players. Thanks.

  4. Arvin Dave Velasco

    really love this tank… i remember i aced this tank the second time i just
    used this. the tank has great potential, great at face hugging and
    sidescraping. but i know i still need play the OP t54 “the other brother”
    once i grind that line. but great replay. really missed this tank.

  5. no carry at all da

  6. His crew must have been on the Vody!!

  7. Ramming the panther, E75 and the super pershing was completely retarded
    tbh, and he could’ve ass-hugged the sp and shot HE in the engine deck…
    only the 50 100 ram was smart cos he saved himself from taking a waffle pz
    4 shot in the side

  8. Joseph Nicholls

    Please do SU-152 review!

  9. wg really should fix their missions. MT15 is completely based on luck.

  10. Carlos Valenzuela

    Mr Quickbaby I just got my 3 Marks in my ELC AMX (called intrèpid) and I
    think that in my final 2 games I show very well how to play It on 2 maps,
    want to see maybe? My first 3 marks ln any time :)

  11. That RNG tho. hitting 40% of his shots on the move with aiming circle 4x
    the size of the target. only in a russian tank hey? xD

  12. So rare to see 10k damage that is really worthy. Not this time again. T10
    tank vs mostly T8 tomato team. Perfect example at the first minutes, like
    3k free dmg. Didnt encounter green players in some really dangerous
    situations. Some lucky snapshots and fires. Ofc good idea to ram AMX and
    use HE on WT. Just so many cooperation from enemy team…

  13. I don’t get why Obj 430 II is before Obj 430 (first version)

  14. why does everyone hate the obj 430? (the regular tier x)

  15. vs 100% tomatos

  16. he was very lucky

  17. Why the f*ck does WG punish people for playing like this dude did? you
    could see in the results that if he were not on premium he would lose
    credits. I’m sorry but WoT is definitely a pay to play game, the credits
    rewarding mechanics in this game is so poorly balanced… and this is just
    one reason I left WoT after more than 15k battles with nearly 1700 WN8 and
    went to War Thunder and never looked back.

  18. typical wot fail, imaginary russian op tank killing authentic Panther and
    M47 Patton..

  19. The sword #quickybaby… Resting on the couch… Bad neighbours ?

  20. lol i hope u ram type 4 next time :D

  21. Hi quicky can you review dreadnaught please it’s a spaceship fighting game
    looks good but not sure about it and I know you would be honest about it ,
    love the vids

  22. Really this guy played so well, that it almost seemed like he played
    tetris. Great game, btw i laughed on the poor pershing, not knowing what is
    going on.

  23. super Pershing was a Bot…

  24. QB’s video has become part of my dinner every day . cheers

  25. 1:58 Phat dabz on that tookie

  26. WOW, he did almost 1500 damage per minute on average!

  27. @Quickybaby – You forgot the 430 v2 has a much better turret than the t54.
    Some unicums argue it’s not better than the t54 after the t54 turret was
    turned into cheese

  28. It’s a bit saf that even if you have the game of your life, you “just” get
    2 or 3 times the xp you get on average… In my opinion WG should implement
    a system to reward exceptional games like this more generous…

  29. no ace tanker badge??

  30. Eduard Marcinek

    For me obj430 II is better than t54. Better hull, much better turret,
    almost like t62, better sidescraper, more hp, smaller profile. Also there
    are not much of them in game so people generaly dont know where to shoot
    them. Only downside is that it is a bit slower and -1 gun depression than

  31. Why not name the video “Ramming Speed” cmon jingles wouldn’t be mad if you
    copied lil bit of his titles ;)

  32. World of russian medium tanks…….

  33. kratos killsyou69er


  34. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    hahaha russian tanks….also this game.

  35. Good game, even tho he took way too much ramming damage

  36. Ferenczi László

    At the beginning, I only grind Obj. 430 version II, because this and the
    tier 10 version are so rare in the game, so I want 1 of them for myself!
    But during the grind, I became a big fan of the Obj. 416 and the Obj. 430
    version II as well and I’m near to get my hand on the tier 10. 🙂 I can’t
    manage to grind the T54 yet and I guess that it will be more flexible, than
    the Obj. 430 version II, but I think that one of the T54’s main weaknesses
    is that the battles are full of them, so a lot of players learned ages ago
    how to play against them, what they’re capable of. In my Obj. version II, I
    experienced a lot of times that enemies have no idea how to deal with this
    tank, they were just trying to find my weakpoints. 🙂 I recommend everyone
    to grind this tank (and if this is your 1st russian medium line that you
    grind, you should grind the other gun on the Obj. 430 II as well, even if
    you use the one with the lower penetration, because T54 will be grateful to
    use that gun on the other line).

  37. Haha that 59-16 in a tier 9 game, sucks to be him

  38. Trevor Chenoweth

    only 35% of the damage he took was from ramming. I’d say it was a good
    trade. I’ve taken far more and gotten far less being a drunk driver in my
    LTTB =)

  39. i love the obj416 I have 2 MoE on it ,its more or less the same playstyle
    hehe but with even less armour :P

  40. It seems that the game did not bother the management principle of justice
    in play after profit-taking, there is no balanced dynamic in play in
    addition to penetrating amendments that allow the losers of superiority
    over professionals. I wish I could talk to them

  41. How do you watch your replays?

  42. There’s a video on DezGamez channel of even more damage in even shorter
    period called “World of Tanks FV4202: 11,400 Damage in 6 Minutes – FV4202
    Epic Gameplay”.

  43. Russia!

  44. Hypothetical question for you, Quicky. If you’re in a taller vehicle, up
    against something like that where you can’t quite get the barrel down far
    enough to hit their hull, would it be a viable strategy to purposely wiggle
    your turret and tracks to reduce accuracy and hope for a shell to “miss”
    downwards into the hull?

  45. Stuffy_ Creampuffs

    I prefer the 430 vII over the t54. I like the 430 II more because i feel
    the turret armor is much more reliable (248 vs. 200) against higher pen
    guns and the side armor is 5mm thicker which combined with the rear mound
    turret makes it a much better side scraper against equal and higher tier
    enemies. Also, the 430 has slightly better dpm and its side hug strategy is
    so effective because of the low profile.

  46. Just another lucky play, lose about 1k by ramming into heavy tanks, really?

  47. Josue Mondragon

    should I get canaervan or panther II

  48. no gun depression , it will soon be forgotten

  49. Rainbow Assassin

    Excellent game. I think i’m gonna transfer servers now seeing how many bots
    there are! FIELD DAY.

  50. this guy is fucking brain damaged. he is just lucky he got retarded enemies

  51. Incredibly stupid enemy team, especially SP and Mutz. Lucky fires too.

  52. can someone give me tips how to play with a jagdpanzer 4 ?

  53. WHERE’S KILLERKID #meron

  54. Hi QB, what is the best skills for ELC AMX considering it only has two crew
    members, and I already have six sense and the thing improve accuracy on the
    move, what others is priority skills to have?

  55. i tired the obj 416. i hated it

  56. Guys, guess what? You kinda need to have some luck and some bad enemy
    players to be able to do over 10k damage. These are rare results for a
    reason. I’ve last seen a teammate get a result like this a few years ago,
    and I myself never had a result like this, despite being an above-average
    player. Go ahead, call me bad or tomato, I don’t care what you think, but
    why not just let these guys shine for fifteen minutes? I’m sure they’re
    really excited when they pull off these victories. I would be too.

  57. I don’t know why he ram alway head-on enemy tanks expect 50 100

  58. Hey QB, since WOT has changed alot over the past years what are thoughts of
    re-reviewing tanks you’ve done in the past.

  59. Ramming a Panther … meh
    Ramming a AMX 50 100 .. but why?
    Ramming a SuppenPershing … WHY?
    Ramming a E75 … ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? That´s just stupid!

    This guy – should skill “conrolled impact” AND (!!!) should control his
    impact by ramming opponents …

  60. Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    Thinking of making a new intro?

  61. tootsie|troll®

    with all that ramming he should have gotten an e50 instead.

  62. Yay! I got featured! To be honest, I thought my frontal armor was better
    than it actually is, and after reviewing the game, I’ll be doing much less
    ramming next time around. The face hugging is definitely still critical,
    but I could have saved so much more health. And here I thought the bouncy
    frontal armor helped me during those rams, lol.

  63. Flight Examinor

    Noob killing is always easy, and high RNG….

  64. NoiseDestroyer DJ

    World of bots (without extinguisher)

  65. this tank is the reason i dont play the heat54

  66. Object 430 is a beast, and really is a fantastic sidescraper. I’ve bounced
    all manner of shells off that 80 mm of side amour giving me some of my best
    games ever in this tank. I haven’t actually played the T-54 yet however I’m
    not sure which tank I’d prefer, I think I would miss the sidescraping
    ability of the 430-V II

  67. +QuickyBaby Finally! This line of russian meds is really unpopular and I
    have no idea what it’s like to play them. Finally you shined some light on
    this 🙂 Thanks.

  68. good (and lucky) game… but wtf with that ram? why ram people in a 35t

    I expect ram like this by tomatoes

  69. unicorn on wot blitz

    That mutz at the start is so smart

  70. thuumbs up thumbs up !!!

  71. so if I sent my replay of obj 430 II last year, 9k damage, 10 kills, did 8
    kills alone because allies are idiots and only one left alive,
    enemiesbusing gold even the unicum got shockednall his gold bounced, with
    my health down to 82 the whole time, and enemies chatting to kill me ASAP,
    I could’ve been featured D’:

  72. Dab on that 2 key

  73. This kid must be an emo with all that self harm.

  74. RealBaconProductions

    Lol didn’t realize QB loves Jason Derulo so much xD Mr. “Wiggle wiggle

  75. This was a stupid game. He rams the enemy tanks for no reason, gets 1500
    free dmg from that bot-like super pershing, destroys that near full hp e75
    with a lucky fire (another e75 bot too), sets tiger 2 on fire, bullies tier
    8 and 7 tanks, etc. He literally got lucky in this game. If you the e75,
    super persh, and the tier 7/8s were not bots, he would get less tank 4k
    damage. Even lucked out at the end with the m46 patton there… wow fucking
    stupid. I’ve seen better replays where a guy does 11k damage against a team
    full of unicums..

  76. T26E4 stupid monkey-tank buy / play no buy…

  77. FlarkeFiasco’s mindset: “DRIVE ME CLOSER! I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY

  78. Srđan Jakupović

    where is M class?

  79. Why do u like the Comet so much? I love the T-150 as my favorite

  80. I love your WOT videos. I am gonna watch every single one of your WOT
    videos. They are just that great.

  81. That Super Pershing was the most obvious bot ever.

  82. Jake Clementine

    What do you thing of the new premium tank on console?

  83. he lost 1k dmg by useless ramming, face palm. But What a result!

  84. Man all soviet meds need a nerf…

  85. SeaTehNoobWorld

    no mastery after that good game.

  86. wiggle wiggle wiggle ???

  87. think hes reasoning that he wants to kill them faster, using ramming. so it
    wont become 2 vs 1’s.

  88. set tiger2 and E75 on fire….
    he probably used all his luck in this game

  89. MaximusOfCaceres

    well nice gameplay, but only possible cause enemy team was brainless, if
    there were at least 2 players with brain in enemy team he would have died
    with max. 4k dmg and lose the game

  90. what a carry

  91. Can we get a review of the
    Mighty Jageroo ?

  92. :/ I wanna meet this guy in my Maus and E100

  93. Favorite tank in the game! ;D ramming is 100% the only strat in this tank
    even against tier 10s thats the only problem with it 🙁 although I wouldnt
    ever ram a tier 10 at that speed xD…

  94. Just goes to show any pooper can get a great game

  95. Great tank, play it on Xbox version. Great DPM however the side scrape
    technique mentioned really doesn’t work on this tank for some reason? : /
    but very good hull down as have blocked 6K damage 🙂

    So would place my self as one of the very rare players who love this tank

  96. Me after watching 20 seconds- how a bot going to do good?

  97. QB, you say its an expensive tank regarding ammo costs, but why do you not
    show the post game detailed report showing how much he lost?? I was really
    wondering how much it was.

  98. He uploaded a replay of some shit tanker getting lucky and facing a shit
    ton of reds.So yes it was a good replay but if you face off against sub
    300 wn8 players and farm all your damage that way,really anyone can do
    that that has a brain

  99. cameron trevena


  100. Show us some recent T-54

  101. I liked this tank so much more than the T-54. It’s smaller, it’s armor
    seems to work so much better overall, and it just feels so solid in any
    matchup. My favorite tier 9 medium tank.

  102. love the 430 II

  103. MikeKoylak drumcovers

    OMG he is so fkn good :O amazing game :)

  104. he rammed so often and took so much damage; QB should’ve been more honest
    as to how stupid those plays were

  105. Hey QB will you be doing more vlogs ? I really enjoyed the previous vlogs:)

  106. Wiggle wiggle wiggle tu tu taru duru

  107. I must be the only player in wot who has the obj 430 II but haven’t even
    researched the T-54 yet :P

  108. bored

  109. I’m boref

  110. Does anyone else here hate playing at Tier 8 or above? Not only is the loss
    of silver discouraging, but it just feels like a terrible grind. I quite
    enjoy the game at tier 7 and below.

  111. Dabbing your 2 key huh??? Alright, PRRRRRAAAAA

  112. Rodolfo Biasini

    “Just over cut 7 minutes” xD

  113. Please, I want enemies like that as well

  114. please make a new intro/outro

  115. love the 430 II. Think it is underrated because it does take a good deal of
    skill to make this tank work great.A lot of average players don’t like to
    put in the practice to learn it. I’ve had a few 2000+ xp games in this tank
    and still haven’t had an ace tanker game yet so it shows the pros play this
    tank and play it well.

  116. One should get extra exp for doing ramming damage

  117. lol

  118. god…do you guys see that Russian RNG lol. fires on both German HTs and
    snapshotting the capper at the end. An equivalent WZ-120 or Centurion 7/1
    couldn’t pull that off without the Russian RNG u can’t make this shit up

  119. Don’t want to sound like a hater… but really not an impressive game.
    Missed shots, opportune engagements and fires, losing damage to rams, and
    some bad enemy play. Stats look good on paper, but looked ugly getting

  120. YourFavoriteSpartan

    How do I see the xvm stats for the game in the post game stats

  121. Trennel Trennel

    More like : The forgotten ugly brother

  122. When I was going from the T-54 to the Obj140 I had to sell my IS-6 to get
    it because I just wanted my first tier 10

  123. I have done 9k dmg in 4 minutes, with the fv 215b 183

  124. just a lucky noob

  125. senioritaporpredor

    …is quickybaby growing a stash??

  126. Benjamin Bastings

    When Will the bug in your modpack be fikst

  127. he’s playing against some real donkies. lucky bastard

  128. 7:06 just a little bit of…swing

  129. I think he loooove ram tanks

  130. Not first but 12,188th :D

  131. please i want a world of tanks account

  132. I don’t care about arty getting balanced or nerfing premium shells, what I
    want is to have a balanced version of the object 430 II at T10.

  133. Is it because it’s replay, or this didn’t get him the M?

  134. QB your almost at 400k subs!!!

  135. Vytenis Kajackas

    is obj. 416 good? Im abut to buy it… want to know if its worth it. Btw it
    gna be my first object (original name)

  136. Sean The Ginger

    T-54 Vs Grille 15, T-54 is hull down. naah i dont give a fuck pen ur turret
    front (i was grille)

  137. Please do a “revew” of each nation, like pros and cons, best and worst
    tanks in those… i want to know more about french tanks im now in tier 6
    in all the types

  138. QB needs to do a T30 Tank review

  139. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    4:55 “Stupid” Pershing

  140. _Ofenkartoffel_

    Where is his Ace Tanker?
    Someone must have played like a boss before…

  141. wyatt martinson

    thx for the vid quickybaby this is my fav tank

  142. Sometimes I wish QB was a slave to us and made a video every day, I love
    his videos. Alas I know he has a life and I can settle for one every couple
    of days. Keep up the good work!

  143. ramming is a good way of getting extra damage while your reloading, I have
    controlled impact trained on my E50 m and my object 140, thanks for this
    video just got my object 430 II a few days ago nice to see its potential

  144. I love the 430 ii I don’t know why more people don’t use it, it has great
    mobility, a nice option of guns, a troll armor, who doesn’t like troll

  145. just got the Engine for this thing, now the painful grind to the Obj 430

  146. in WoWS i dab the 2 key all the times

  147. Besides the ramming, this was one of the best games I’ve ever seen on this

  148. Ramdhany Kasmani


  149. _Waffenschmiede Leina_

    I fucking loved that tank <3

  150. Do quickybaby replay to comments?

  151. makes me want to play my obj416 again to get this thing in addition to the
    t54 ^^

  152. Imagine him playing a e50m

  153. Jeremias Rodriguez

    59-16 Or Type 58?

    And Why?

    I Just want to know what you guys think and wich one you prefer.

  154. Average player vs idiots which dont even aim at him.. poor replay

  155. my most xp ever was 2100 in the t150 is it good or bad?

  156. every monster replay features a tier 8 premium tank getting absolutely

  157. Vector Signorelli

    i love playing like he does,but that s why i got a 60 ton e50M over a 30
    ton obj430 v2

  158. sovelis holimion

    just wow… nice commetary and incredible game… he was immortal

  159. Well played but how did he not get a mastery out of that?

  160. almost like my play style.close the distance use your low profile.that’s
    the way this vehicle meant to be played.

  161. sadly Bug got removed today

  162. hehe i got10 million credits in wot Blitz By ammo Bug in training room in 2
    hours hahahha…..i bought FV4202 and fully equip it ;)

  163. How do you fly around in the replays

  164. It’s weird how he plays so well but keeps raming tanks and loses over 800hp

  165. Please give the wt auf panzer IV a nickname…like mini waffle or
    something.Every time one is in your videos you insist on saying the full
    name every 10 seconds and it is maddening,lol.

  166. Nice Replay. Skill > Luck.
    Also the ramming was strange and dumb.

  167. Haha good thing this guy didn’t need that hp he wasted on ramming much
    heavier tanks..or this would’ve been embarrassing

  168. Besides all the ramming it was a good match as well as it was quick :D

  169. That enemy team though……..

  170. Jonathan Musser

    He bounced several shots in the front. When I drove that tank, I always got
    penned in the front losing my engine. I finally aced it on the last game I
    played in it. I then sold it.

  171. Finally QB uploads a replay that doesnt revolve around a major dickhead

  172. hey QB how bout you try making blindshots from across the map and upload
    the results to youtube. ofc we will have a praying session beforehand to
    please our WOT lord RNGesus

  173. how can these retarded players make games like this.. i dont understand..
    why would he ramming it like idiot???? when he wanted to their enemy shoot
    at his turret he could just slowly come to them and not ram for 400 like

  174. Sry but that guy was a total idiot. Zero skill.. just 100 per cent luck

  175. first dislike

  176. Jeroen Scholten

    wow 27 min online, already 3.645 views, 400 likes and 7 dislikes (probably

  177. 5:45 He loaded HE right after killing the super pershing

  178. Can you do the Leopard PTA next please?

  179. no master badge?

  180. Why so many Rams ????

  181. I need to kill that tank, but they are so rare in game.

  182. looking forward to meeting you and jingles at tankfest quickybaby!

  183. CaptainSpetsnaz

    feel bad for him, he wouldov had 10 kills but the Tiger II kill was stolen
    from him :(

  184. Christian Meyer

    half enemy team bot’s

  185. awesome battle

  186. is it normal to struggle with my first tier9 tank ( t54 stock gun)

  187. Cédric Möhlmann

    Why the f*ck does he ram everybody!!!

  188. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    finally a good agressive player, keep it coming qb!!

  189. Almost all good games uploaded on any channel have no arty or max one arty
    in the battle.
    Coincidence WG?

  190. Omfg this unnecessaryramming shit made me so mad

  191. on fire!!! so be it

  192. Kyle Richardson

    Every time he rammed I was screaming at my monitor

  193. Well it aint like QB will read this but the Lorraine 40t has the lowest
    Aphla damage of all tier 9 mediums on their best guns with 300 damage per

  194. Jeroen de bruin

    It still is my favorite tank ever played. Still don’t know why I sold it…
    might going to buy it back now..

  195. Proof that WG can’t count. Version 2 before version 1.

  196. I hate what wg did with tier IX meds. They just force you to use premium
    ammo. Premium ammo and clickers are the things, which are ruining the game
    for me.

  197. EDM _Production

    i play xbox 360 Wot but still love these vids, the actually still really
    help me take down tanks when i didn’t know how such as the Is 3, and 8 like
    i didn’t know there weak point’s, and its fun watching the vids even tho
    some tanks arent in the game for 360 but still love your vids man

  198. Hello hope you have a good day!?

  199. war hammer please 🙁
    I want to see ur review of the human army

  200. boring tank boring replay, dumb tankdriver

  201. boring tank boring replay, dumb tankdriver

  202. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!

  203. Epic game.

  204. Waffentraeger aufhurung panzer fier

  205. Rekt E75 :D

  206. I honestly thought he’d lose by ramming so many tanks lol

  207. I think obj 430 2 is better than t54 but t54 leads to better tens

  208. Premium ammo is for pussies

  209. better than T-54 imho, the turret is actually strong and it can hold a
    flank even against a heavy push

  210. Tommen Baratheon

    Which tank should a go for after the T-34, any tips



  213. Wassup QB!!!! Can’t wait to meet you at tankfest again this year for the
    3rd time

  214. Luis Villalobos


  215. Nc front pic ?

  216. swag

  217. Get off the Road

    This tank so weird!

  218. Who’s watching the stream?

  219. 1st

  220. Yey early

  221. Kirby Childerhose


  222. Is there anyone else from stream?

  223. Johannes Ylä-Outinen

    so early

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