World of Tanks || Object 430 U(NSTOPPABLE)

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re going to find out why in the right hands the Object can be unstoppable!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Awesome game, looking like a massive carry. I wish I had games like this.

  2. Hide the outcome. I love a good adventure.

  3. Premium ammo. Not impressive

  4. Narfi Baldvinsson

    I actually like that you hide the outcome of the battle, for me it just keeps the excitement throughout the battle and it just isn’t a hartbreak right at the beginning ?

  5. *unintentionally bashes 121*

  6. LOL all of that and he still lost credits on a premium account. Seriously, why the hell do people play this stupid game any more? How on Earth is WG still in business? Oh thats right, selling stupidly expensive fake pixel tanks to newcomers that dont know any better.

  7. Wizzleteat Gaming

    The 705A using HE was a smart move.

  8. Please hide the result of the battle!! 🙂

  9. Karol Skowronek

    i watch this replay in NewMultiShow channel hes CC from Poland

  10. King Ogre Tanking

    Really that 430U could been sent to the garage at least 4 times, but the enemy team suddenly flipped the braindead switch and just thrown themselves like a bunch of lemings, that’s not epic, that was just how his luck slowly depleted in the end tbh.


  12. This right there is why I quit playing, it’s 90% donkeys playing this game now. That kind of amazing performance cant secure a win…donkeys on both sides!

  13. I like Russian mediums. 🙂 Many of these guys don’t. For some reason, I prefer my T-62A over 140 and Unstoppable.

  14. WindmillStalker


  15. Not really “UNSTOPPABLE”! ?

  16. A well maneuvered tanker should have a hidden outcome until the end, a poor players tanker or a do-not video should be well addressed.

  17. Great damage result, but pretty sure everyone knows that this couldn’t be done with any other med in that kind of situation. Choose an OP tank and laugh as you crush “weak” opposition tanks. The tank is not balanced at all and as such these kind of games don’t get much respect regardless of the players skill level

  18. hmm, U(NSTOPPABLE) :thonk:

  19. Rachid Khamlichi

    to answer your question i prefer when you hide the outcome of the battle

  20. The good games are huge credit losses … think about that ..

  21. 430U is a strong Tank but not really all that OP in my opinion, 140/907 are still far better Russian meds.
    430U’s lower plate is utter hot garbage its only about 175mm thick normally and 200mm at best before you over angle the side.
    low dpm
    iffy accuracy
    slow shell velocity
    poor P/W
    Ground resentences are subpar
    subpar top speed still decent
    bad gun depression… (a trait of most Russian tanks)
    Frontal armor is only good on flat ground you get above it at all the upper plate becomes hot garbage.. at just 10 degrees the armor is now only 203mm thick
    WZ5A is pretty much better than the 430U in every way other than camo

  22. Glad i left this game, blitz is way more balanced and fun

  23. I don’t see why people are calling this super Op, The enemy team that he fought were utter lemons and he is an exceptionally skilled unicum player.
    This was the perfect engagement for the 430U, it’s not like this happens every battle or other tanks cant do this, 907/140 would have both played almost identical in this situation.



  25. I love replays like this QB. Showing the raw skill of a player while under imaginable amounts of pressure.

  26. Has anyone noticed the mistake in the title?

  27. I prefer QB enjoying the replay with the viewers, that’s what I prefer, heartbreak or not.

  28. 7:49 Soviet tenk no need trek to move

  29. Hi Quickybaby ! Is the aim time a more important caracteristic than the reload time in World of Tanks ? Can you do this kind of technical video (as you do sometimes) ? Sorry for my bad english and keep up the good work ! (Can you upvote/like so that he can see thx mates)

  30. Ugh another Russian tank. It seems like this is about all we see these days in game, on this channel, and Jingles channel. My T110E5 is just not effective now since it’s been nerfed.

  31. The suspense is great, awesome video.

  32. Just fuck off already you quickycock…. Paid by Ukrainian jews

  33. QB why you no feature NA server players?

  34. lucky RNG for average dmg

  35. Please do a tankfest video

  36. Angel Foranangel

    What a game 🙂

  37. Don’t get me wrong, I love the content QB produces, as it has a lot of novel aspects. But sometimes you say inaccurate stuff, which I believe misleads a lot of the player base which you appeal to.

    For example, you claimed that the 430U has better turret armor than a 62A. That is simply not true. The raw thickness on the turret front is 300, compared to 240 on the T-62A. It also has virtually impenetrable cupolas even to HEAT shells, which is completely different than the 62.

  38. Jens Blumenstein

    So much gold spam. Took almost more heat than AP. Typical. Boring. Next!

  39. 7:58 at least he tracked him

  40. Great game, well worth of showcasing. It is a lot better to not tell whether it will be a win or in the end you get overpowered.

  41. Pls dont give away the ending, its much better that way.

  42. I dont understand how they went from the tier 9 to the tier 10 object 430. At tier 9 you have relativily low penetration and at tier 10 you get 340mm heat penn ?!

  43. Again.. great lucky match against lower wn8 enemy team.

  44. Christian side hug rofl

  45. Anyone with half a brain cell would realise that this tank is OP. It’s been sneaking under the radar because of the OP268v4.

  46. Der Melonensaft

    S4-X wahr wohl nix 🙂

  47. Suleyman Cetinkaya

    Here we meet 3-5-7

  48. Heartbreak pfft. I dun like that 430 u at all, wAsn’t heartbroken.

  49. This Luck was not normal wtf …. ;D

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