World of Tanks – Object 430U 3rd Mark Session Finish (Manu)

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  1. that’s when the world of tanks beta and finish

  2. This tank is so hard to mark cause everyone does so well in it!

  3. It’s great that you are doing these videos again, they are great! Why is the minimap so small though?

  4. Please do more like this I love them I learn so much

  5. Muhammad Qasim Dilawari

    Good to see you back ,you sexy beast(no homo)

  6. Fishirmen Bay’s, mid bushes are the same from the other flank too, and FYI the ground if flat behind the bushes so even with 5 gun depression you can double bush behind the bushes. So you can really ruin tanks going to the city.

  7. feel sorry for the jadgtigger n turtle, when your slow and have to rely on your armour it really sucks when people can just gold spam you to death. . . Great game mechanic, that’s why I only play fast tanks so at least I can dodge or reposition if needed.

    • A perfect example for power creep in armour, old school armour won’t stand up to premium ammo so it’s easy to say remove premium ammo or w.e, but then if you do that it becomes impossible to pen newer tanks. Wide sweeping changes are needed to solve the problem.

    • Anfield couldn’t agree more, I think the quickest fix would be to buff some of the old tanks but in the long term I would like to see the same approach to gold ammo as Blitz,

      higher pen but lower damage and costs about the same in credits, Its worked perfect in Blitz as people that aim for weakspots have higher dpm than people that load the gold so you feel like you are being rewarded for putting in some effort to aim or flank your enemies and the guy getting shot with the gold takes less damage so feels like he has more hitpoints against gold players.

      Overall it seems to have had a really positive effect on the game as now you have 3 ammo types that all serve a different purpose but are all equally good rather than just 1 type that is way better than the other.

    • Russian meds’s armor has to be nerfed, quickly

  8. Akuretaki Nikolay

    Finally!, Anfield gives us a place to be… for 40min:15 seconds (this video i mean) <33333333333333

  9. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    gg was close

  10. Akuretaki Nikolay

    Anfield! Here serious comment ! I usually watch live another youtube channel that have different game content (live). The user of that channel offers an exchange : For TEN ($10 US) DOLLARS : Viewer sends the Yt user a battle replay he/she played and asks for a review (tips, commentary, should/shouldn’t, advice, etc.) This here looks similar, idk if you do that already, but it will be interesting if you make a “coaching session” of a players’s battle for money exchange here on Yt.

  11. Why didn’t you show session stats at the end of the vid? I like that because it gives us a sense of what the WN8 reqs are on the tank and such.

    • I only have that when I have them, there are no wn8 reqs for Marks it’s an independent metric, not sure what the dmg/assist combined is though

    • I was more thinking about since they’re new, it would be interesting to see what you need to do in order to reach (insert threshold) by seeing their session stats.
      Anyway, that’d make sense. You simply didn’t have them :shrug:

  12. Can you do other tiers? Just tier 10 isn’t the most interesting

  13. Console is significantly more of a clusterfuck. We make PC look like the epitome of balance in comparison.

  14. It's not what you think

    I finally managed to hit 1600 wn8 after 10k games and I have no fucking drive to play tanks anymore.

  15. You said you haven’t stream because of the state of the game and balance, why don’t you make a rant video about what’s wrong with game balance. WG actually cares when top level players give them public feedback. Re: 257 in test server got nerfed due to feedback

  16. That push vs T95, Jagtiger (firing APCR!) and Kran is disgusting. A MT with more effective armor than any other tank, and no turret weakspots. O_o

  17. no mention of manu’s league team ‘Saturdays Are For The Boys’ 0/10

  18. can the mini-map be a little less mini please 😀

    thx xD

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