World of Tanks – Object 430U Games

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  1. Queue the cry baby’s I hope this does not get nerfed I don’t see that it needs a nerf tbh but what will get it nerfed is the cry baby’s

  2. I feel like you need to play the 121 to send it off into being completely obsolete

  3. Very high win rate 🙂

  4. “Skill” ammo is annoying even more then he to me ,especially when it comes from t10s and im in t8 or 9
    no he no fun like when u oneshot rhm with kv2

  5. Dis new rusian tanks ar whorste den old arti fucken OP

  6. RNG and things like arty and the types is the reason I don’t play WoT as much anymore and I’m only an average player. Seeing some of your stuff is the reason I started playing BDO instead though.

  7. Good tank, if a scrub like me can get 3.5k dmg and 2 kills

  8. Obj 705 next? Maybe talk about 430u vs 121

  9. NO chance against Obj 430U in my tier 8 tanks today. broken MM

  10. Great games, great commentary as always Anfield! Thanks for the content! 🙂

  11. I agree with you on most things but not RNG… odds and managing risk are huge in any other sport look at how it is used in something like baseball. You have a crew in your tank that represent humans, not robots. Actually I wish they added some time delays and odds to spotting I think it is much too rigid.

    • Baseball is just a shitty random game while other sports have a smaller random elements. ALso humans are already represented in the game – they are the players and they already make mistakes. I don’t need rolling the dice to make this like an old school rpg game

  12. Anfield still hating on the Sweds

  13. Alexander Agustine

    It was you today! I finally played with you, Anfield. It was such a pleasure.

  14. +Riley Worth 430u

  15. This MT has E-75’s upper plate and insane IS-7 level turret without weak cupolas. Freaken OP for a tank with good camo, mobility, low profile and a great gun.

  16. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    The Japanese heavies are the evil villains of the game. I once thought it was autoloaders, but I have seen the light.

  17. It's not what you think

    How would you buff the Type tanks if they removed the HE guns

  18. Honestly, you can’t blame your fans too much for not memorizing your screen name, especially when you have shit like “Anfield” and “AnfieId”. One of those is spelled differently than the other. If you saw them in game, could you really tell the difference immediately?

  19. I hate the accuracy and penn rng its so annoying that when playing the leopard that should have .27 accuracy or something you still miss lower plates at 50 m half the time

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