World of Tanks || Object 430U – Tank Preview

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. Today I’m on the Test Server checking out the upcoming medium the Object 430U!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. QB, putting your ads in the middle of the video is only going to make those of us that put up with ads, start ad blocking you. Please stay with the traditional beginning and end of video ads

  2. This Tank is a new “HEAVY TANK” concept, not a medium at all

  3. Dodo dab that 2 key. Noted. 🙂

  4. Hello. The 430U seems decent in this video preview. BUT! would be nice to see a “normal” Load out and config.
    No special Bond equipment, No food.
    Just 100% crew with BiA. And the classic Vent/VStab/Ram or COptic/VStab/Ram.

    Talking of stats, seems that Accuracy need a little buff, let say 0.36. Those with bad accuracy have better DPM. Keep in mind that. 0.4 acc is something we see on derpy guns, and this is not the case.

    Other things? Nice Camo!

  5. bad patch… bad patch…. ruin my 263. make the 121 even more useless and make the E50M completely useless as well

  6. lol, this could easily do a light tanks job and bounce when doing it

  7. I feel like this tank is almost balanced, maybe the hull armor is the only unbalanced part

  8. Hey QB whats up, come play some WoT PS4 bro!

  9. Can somebody help me!! I am kinda new here and I don’t know where to download the test server so can somebody link it to me please?

  10. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    the russians now have a high alpha super heavy. the only thing they are missing is a high alpha TD and a auto loading heavy or medium. lets make it happen wargaming.

  11. Why was the 113 which is a heavy tank even in comparison

  12. Rabbuten I Deporte, Videojuegos y Cubos de Rubik I

    So NOW the E50M is weak.

    • Rabbuten I Deporte, Videojuegos y Cubos de Rubik I

      Also, loved the heat spam to the type 5 heavy, is just as satisfying as when you put HE into arty. Fucc him!

  13. kappa.txt

  14. Peolple are crying in the comments because 430 sucks and no one grinded it. Now, us, 430 owners, can have our revenge.

  15. Type 5 heavy: where you aim for weak points and still bounce without gold. Then when you shoot gold the Type 5 player messages you after the game and then quickly goes to the forums to cry about gold ammo.

  16. There goes my (DPM) hero, watch him as he goes.

  17. prem ammo, prem ammo, prem ammo

    can wot die in 2018? pls

  18. Wow. Not even 30 seconds into the video and I can already smell the bias.

  19. succulent flakes of perfectly aged tortilla chips

    where did you get that lava skin?

  20. This tank is more a heavy then a medium

  21. Medium tank? Lol

  22. Its good that ap is used a lot to try to match the experience of a normal player, but, to really get a good idea I thinki standard equipment should be used as well.

    Realistically an infinitesimally small number of players will ever get those modules, much less 3 of them.

  23. Thank goodness world of tanks are giving more armour, speed, and alpha damage!, for these already powerful Russian tanks!. Russian Bias?. Oh Wait, Didn’t WOT did just add the new German super fast, super armoured, Maurebrecher!. Yeah that will make for a even playing field!. hahahahahaha.


  25. kappa.txt

  26. ‘if they dab the 2 key…’ If? what do you mean if? its a tier X tank of course they are going to push the 2 key from the start of the match and on top of that this is just what we need in the game yet another hull down invincible monster that only the 2 key has a chance to beat….

  27. This is pretty much the same as 113, it trade the 300hp and a bit of dpm for a bit better dispersion values and turning speed. Armour on the 2 is pretty much the same. I have no idea why everyone is crying OP about it

  28. Just get a 113

  29. so all they have to do is lower their view range and they will be equal to light tanks xd

  30. the fuck is this I’m a LT driver because I love spotting but looks at this new tank with Better armour and all most same view range

  31. Don’t wear something that has a green part on a green screen ! Other than that ?

  32. Gameplay at 7:58

  33. 0:59
    Obj 430B?? waaaaitaminute…

  34. It has armor, alpha, AND camo. 37% stationary and 29(!)% on the move? 29% is the Leo 1’s stationary camo and that thing has no armor. And yet some people from WG’s QnA said Leo 1 would be OP if buffed. They sure know what they’re talking about right? /s

  35. Russian medium tank, armored more heavily than heavies with better gun and mobility and camo. Sounds like German bias to me…oh wait

  36. 121s play rate is already dropping xD poor tank power creep will kill it off

  37. Remember kids, aiming lowers DPM

  38. Type 5 medium???? damn!!! wg’s new tier med

  39. We need more of a Russian tanks, other nation are OP.. WG please buff Russian tech tree

  40. still waiting for russian autoloaders and we have it all in 1 nation …

  41. QB dont be pussy and start calling things with their real names, with this armor 430U will devastate tier 8 and most of the tier 9 tanks (something that 121 could never do) and again comparing MT to HT (430U to 113) is nonsense. They a are supposed to be significantly different, but still 430U is way better in armor protection. This is only one thing BIAS. But you cowardly avoiding this word for so long when it comes to WG.

  42. most of us arnt being cheap by not loading heaps of premium or even any premium, its just not a viable option if we want to make any credits in some tanks

  43. Missed the tech tree show case on twitch nighmare.?

  44. Got a break from wot for 6 months now, when i see stuff like this i have no desire to come back any time soon….

    Warships is the way to go 🙂

  45. This game turned to be a joke. Ridiculous way to self-convince how overpowered URSS is… And when people compare tank stats they only use PUBLIC stats, and then when you use Russian tree tanks or you face them, you experience miraculous deflections, unaccountable damage reduction, crits without effect… All those stats are not on public stat chars. That’s why the Russian bias is so clear, but you can’t find it on public stats.

  46. This tank is not OP. Stop complaining about it. It is a slow tank, bad accuracy, as a medium can not even snipe 200 mt distance. If you talk about armour, then u re not playing tier X matches in these days. Completely useless in tier X matches because everyone using gold shells. So if you wanna see op shit, talk about obj 907, not this heavium obj 430.

  47. Quickbaby you must be drunk making this video quoting (if obj430u is op then 113 and 121 must be also op) this thing is clearly OP!! Is has everything better then 121 113 and some other mediums on tier 10 except accurate (which means nothing in these days). The objective 430u can do al jobs and do it better this will be the best mbt in the game and you know it! It needs a big nerf or otherwise you will see only obj430u’s in clanwars just like after the buff of the maus!

  48. Kristoffer Bergstrom

    So a better armored 113 with better camo. Feels balanced wg makes this medium stronger armor wise than its Chinese heavy tank counterpart. Bullshit and retardes

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