World of Tanks || Object 703 II (122) – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

– Object 703 II (122). Today we're looking at the first ever double barrel tank in World of Tanks the T8 Soviet Object 703 II (122)!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Opened 11 Lunar Boxes. Got E75 TS and BObject 703 II. Also got the skins for AMX 13 105 and E 100.

  2. the one saving grace is actualy the price otherwise you would see platoons of these 2 would show up and 3 sec later your tank would disappear kv1s style

  3. new microphone~~~ QB. THE SOUND IS GREAT.

  4. You are talking turret armor while highlighting hull armor?

  5. l just bought 11 boxes and got the 703 and just a few minutes later quickybaby in his video got his one … litterally lmaoed

  6. First they (WG) brings in tanks with multiple tracks and now double barrels, what’s next tanks with triple functioning turrets? Or quadruple hulls? ?

  7. This tank basiclly dracula tier 7 on world of tanks blitz combine with IS 3

  8. 2019: double barrel tanks
    2020: we’re adding KV 2-2-2, 20000 gold only, buy 10 gold bundles get 1 bundle free.

  9. What will the double shot alpha be on a tier 10 tank? Probably enough to kill any tier 8 tank.

  10. It not the only way to purchase new content in the game. It is the only way to be one of the FIRST to purchase new content. Guaranteed it will be on sale in 2020. Let grown ups make decisions for themselves.

  11. This tank is for brains.. Therefore not for me

  12. What a scam Wg are running. Keep on buying loot boxes idiots

  13. “Why do what you can get your minions to do?”

  14. I feel this thing doesn’t have enough weaknesses, (maybe) because it’s Soviet.

  15. Glad to see your channels still doing well used to watch you all the time back in 2013

  16. I will love to play 703 in frontline

  17. Fuck you quickybaby and your endorsement of pay2win gaming+ gambling

  18. I got both new prem tanks from only 25 boxes

  19. but i did buy 75 lootboxes and i got ALL new tanks, all skins for the tanks what i dont play and even 2 crew member… Im not play HT-s at all, i wanted just cold and xmas stuffs… Lucky me yeah? #TD-ALL-the-way

  20. 26:45 It’s 2/3rds, not 1/3rds.
    So a tank that takes “2 seconds aim time” actually takes 3 seconds.
    Kind of dumb. :f

  21. 2:08 maybe Maus will finally use its second gun.. 🙂

  22. I noticed something interesting, which QB missed. When he was explaining about the right barrel was going to shoot in the rock, the aiming circle was shown as a solid line on the left and a dashed line on the right. Could this mean the right barrel is obscured? Or does it mean you are aiming with the left one? It must have a meaning?

  23. Laughs in Vk 100.01 sloping

  24. Yes … how many dollars? Right … fuck WG!

  25. I opened 15 loot boxes to get it

  26. How is the top turret armor ? You never spoke about caliber overmatch needed for too turret while this is very important information for brawler tanks and low profile one.

  27. Another fantaci tank

  28. I love the loot crates! Always get your moneys worth and for me is become a habit to thank wg for the game in form of spending cash to boxes that give me good things. Last year bought 14 cases in total and got defender as the highlight. Would have paid more for it as it was my first T8 ht premium so it has been of great fun for me. Last year I also gave 3 boxes to my friend who got Scorpion G out of those.

    This year I bought 25 boxes ans got bunch of premium and gold. (Kinda worth it for me) then I exhanged 3 gift boxes with my froend again. We both got the 703 II! I am mostly free to play but christmas time is a good time to treat myself with something I like. The premium and gold is really usefull for player like me and my friend.

  29. @Quickybaby
    when you are explaining at 24:45 how your right barrel hit the rock, there is an indicator on your cross-hair that tells you if you have a clear shot or not for both barrels. The left side of your circle is a solid line, which indicators that you have clear line-of-sight for the barrel. The right side is a serious of broken lines, telling you that your line-of-sight is not clear.

  30. Is the 703 II (100) the techtree variant?

  31. Too many adv, I will stop watch this channel

  32. so the next step is AT-AT from star wars i guess

  33. 22:04 Should try doing that downhill

  34. Forgot to mention that if you dont rebind that doubleshot to something else your single shot will be shot after mouse button release not press

    Thx for sucking all bad luck, you and few other CC. Got both Obj and TS from 25 boxes. Promised myself that if I don’t get any VIII I wont buy anything more from WG. Didn’t bought anything since last boxes “to punish” WG for extra 60% exp requiremnet in FL.

    What’s interesting nobody Ive watched got large decoration from boxes. This must be ultra rare (I even got double V twice from small boxes) or WG want to suck those shards from market.

  35. If you oppose gambling just refuse to review gambling pay-walled content ffs

  36. Still doesnt have a Chieftain…lmao

  37. An other op tank SOVIET, of course

  38. I just want to say that i got the premium Firefly in the 1 crate and the 703 in the second?

  39. Little Easter egg I discovered last night. If you go to your crew, like swapping them from another tank to the 703 (122). Train them for this tank, I noticed I saw their is a game file for a 703 (100) along side down the line the 703 (122). But no tank of the 703 (100).


  41. The upper plate eff armor is misleading as shown by QB. It shows to him that it’s 240-280mm due to the gun shooting APCR. Against AP its more like 220-240, while the lower plate is around 170mm against AP.

  42. This isn’t your first double barrelled tank review

  43. yeah so eu mm is filled to the brim with these now… and what i found is that its incredibly easy to deal with them if you do the same as with massive caliber tanks like jeigaru and death star once they fire that massive alpha its free damage piniata 😀

  44. As i don`t really play heavy tanks am not interested in spending cash to get this tank, will wait for the tech tree, but from what i have seen the only thing about this tank is the 2 gun`s, it`s a novelty, it will be interesting to see how this premium tank compares to the tech tree line? then you`ll know if it was money well spent


  46. Previously, me at russian tank: ..i..
    Now, I have to do this instead: ..i.. ..i..

  47. 23:37 actually wg helps you out to see if you are around the corner enough to hit a vehicle with both guns. You see how in the sniper mode the left “half” ring fills up in a straight line and the right one doesn’t? If you charge the shot, it only fills up with the straight line if you actually are aiming on a target.

  48. Its not the ride, its the rider

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