World of Tanks || Object 704 – 11,500+ DMG…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today StoleYourLife is going to show you the raw power of the T9 Soviet Tank Destroyer the Object 704 getting a silly amount of damage and kills!

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World of Tanks Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. That’s pretty Epic, love the 704 its my favorite tank in the game, it has
    however become increasingly hard to do consistently well with the way maps
    have been frequently nerfed for TD’s. Lastly great arty play in that round,
    its rare to see good arty.

  2. I love T95 :D

  3. Great game to watch.

  4. Mr.009mm Killuminati

    ya the irony of that, stole your life. how much of this game stole his life
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  5. OH MY GOD! I watched this replay literally 2 hours before this video was

  6. Obj 704 low mobility? 😀 What would you call T95 then, snail mobility? :-D

  7. Is QB still with pep? I never see her anymore?

  8. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    It’s a good thing that Stalin can guide the shells when the player can’t
    hit for ****…..

  9. Very well played … i myself have this tenk and i love it very much.
    Honestly, the best IX TD in game.

  10. hey qb, romanians celebrate christmas on the 25th of december and we are
    orthodox 😀 Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of january in russia,
    belarus, ucrain and maybe in the baltic countries…

  11. QB, having some prob with your latest XVM update….do you have like a
    section for troubleshooting??

  12. great game!

  13. Herman der German

    Crafty bugger Quicky swinging two Christmases

  14. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    and to be onest if i would blast sooo much money in apcr ammo it is not
    sooo hard to play like this

  15. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    and to be onest if i would blast sooo much money in apcr ammo it is not
    sooo hard to play like this

  16. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    this tank is nearly impossible to pen frontaly no weakspot at the Front ,
    but the t10 heavy america t110e5 i guess has a mavhine gun pot which is
    trash why are there some russian tanks so op ?

  17. The 704 is My TD. IF you Know how to use IT.. Love the Gun !,

  18. Well I sold mine 704 I hated it

  19. Wt aud pz IV!

  20. Guy got luckier than even mentioned this match. Snap shot best shot, i

  21. The legendary BL-10 Russian accuracy snapshotting, the higher the number
    the more accurate it is :D

  22. I LOVE the t95 so OP?

  23. Vangelis Patsalis

    quickybaby welcome to Cyprus mate!!!! I hope you enjoyed your stay and
    visit us again in the summer time!!!!

  24. Tortoise

  25. I never sold this one either! I even tattooed raptors on it if i remember

  26. Really good game…..

  27. So much damage… I love it

  28. Nice vid, gonna role this baby (in garage 4 months didn’t do it yet)

  29. This is the first post in a while; where I didn’t want the Troll ass 704 to
    win….. Pshhhh

  30. All players with good wn8 are spamming gold shells.
    WOT is currently a pay to win game, armor means nothing.
    Dont tell me everyone can purchase gold shells using credits.
    Players without a premium account will lose credits in nearly every battle
    if they decide to fire gold.

  31. nice video. but how about changing intro :)

  32. i live in a majority othodox country and i never heard of 7 jan christmas,
    it’s the same on 25 dec.

  33. Anarchist Sintek (Shad0wize)

    Sometimes I just shoot APCR if my ping sucks, easier to land shots on range
    or just get a hit before the scout manages to go around the corner.
    And because it’s premium, nothing is more satisfying than finding a scout
    that complains about being shot by premium rounds and you delivering even
    more annoyment to him, clouding his judgement and making him take rash

  34. He was so lucky! But he played well though.

  35. At first, I was a little bemused by him carrying 15 rounds of APCR, I had a
    704 and I almost never needed it (I carried 1 round for very bad
    situations) but I think I know why he does it. His logic is probably as
    follows: if I have to fire more than 15 rounds, that means I need to carry
    and I want the best chance of doing so. He’s not loading APCR for hard
    targets, he’s just keeping it as an “upgraded” ammo for when it gets tight.
    Not sure I agree with the logic, but it seems to work for him.

  36. Wow. Really that dumb play half golds with this gun? He is true gold idiot.

  37. No Mastery Badges for him? weird

  38. Yeah, I also “pull back to safety”, once I “deliver my shell”.

  39. QB. Agree that a couple of HE would normally help but do you think if he
    had used HE against the WT for the final shot he would have blown himself
    up with splash damage?

  40. Stopped watching after he got his second really lucky shot, here to see
    skill not luck

  41. Πεορ Οπε (ιτζ.ιταاια.иα)

    Waffentrager master race

  42. Youbetter Backoff

    I say GRATZ!

  43. It’s confirmed guys, 10.0 Patch is gonna change arty into a tank destroyer.

  44. That friendly arty tho. Good stuff.

  45. Anybody who says arty is OP, show them this game. That Tiger P has been
    shooting at the 704 the whole fucking game and I don’t think ever hits him.

  46. gotta love the tiger pig part

  47. what country does quickybaby live in?

  48. Jesus Christ all of that APCR.

  49. trolls , I see a lot red player only . that pz4 camp and a one late,that
    34-3 don’t know what mid tank is , qkfinger I hope to see some great play
    more harder ,not just ram noobs , everytime when I saw the battle result
    that I win those red one , there is no joy at all.
    I want to see player beat top player like purple or blue player with their

  50. Oh my god.
    Thank you so much qb.
    I’m playing soviet tier 8 td isu-152. And I was finding vidoes about BL-10

  51. Phước Nguyễn

    How to send you a replay ? I have somes to share, if you are interested in

  52. most damage i have ever done is around 7000 and blockt 12000 damage because
    the e75 is a godlike tank

  53. wow. what a game.

  54. QB I like it more when you have replays of the old tanks like the
    preference are tanks in the 8.0 – 8.10 and above version of Wot, those were
    the days man

  55. enemy have to unistall!

  56. Not to take anything from the guy but honestly this tank is just stupid
    just as the ISU-152…. da da balance comrade 750 dmg per shot, 285 pen NO

  57. SIlentXHunter gaming

    Yep tier 9 turreted French td- only qb

  58. I live near cypress!!! Awesome

  59. T95 and Tortoise!

  60. Can you play world of tanks on phone pls

  61. T30 because of the turret and the 170mm gun that is gets

  62. Douglas McAllister

    I really loved the SU-122-54, its very stealthy and has a high rate of fire
    with that IS-4 gun. It also is very mobile with a 54 km/h top speed and the
    mantlet is just a black hole just like the Obj 704.

  63. If he had used HE at the end against the Waffenträger, he might have killed
    hinself at point blank.

  64. WHAT IS THAT LUCK ON THE WT!!! Unicum RNG…. Seriously very well played,
    everyone needs a hell of a lot of luck to pull off a game like this, and a
    lot of skill

  65. when are you going to put your tree away lol

  66. my favorite tier9 TD is Foch in the past, now it’s been nerfed

  67. Quinton Dombrowski

    So, epic gun, decent mobility and pretty good armor. Good thing that shit’s
    Russian, or it’s be nerfed in a second.

  68. T95<3

  69. Matthew Brown (Mattyb189)

    All i can say is gold noob

  70. HE is fun in the 704 I got a 1000 dmg roll on a tier 9 patton right in the
    turret side

  71. the object 704 and su 101 are so rare for me to face, I only seem to face
    the tanks most people think of as rare and never meet the “common” tanks…

  72. omg 11:52 look at his face

  73. that turret jam on the waffle was lucky for stole. if that hadn’t have
    happened he would have lost but still with an impressive result

  74. epic tank epic player

  75. Quicky I’m just going to say you said if he would have shot HE at the
    waffle 4 he had a better chance at killing him but if he would have fired
    HE it would probably splash back at him and kill him

  76. some insane luck, the first like 5 hits were so damn lucky, the turret jam,
    the wz not shooting etc etc, its crazy how lucky this guy is hahah

  77. hey qb would you mind making a video for T34-3 ? i love that tank and i can
    use tips from you to get me better with that
    thanks :)

  78. Good frontal armor?

    I never had real problems to pen a 704 just shoot it in the upper part and

  79. I’ve seen this replay in a YouTube Vid.

  80. can you do a bigginer guide plz ??

  81. Joshua the Scotsman

    detective quickybaby omfg XD

  82. I know how he feels. I don’t run prem and must sparingly use the cheating
    prem rounds

  83. Interesting he doesn’t take any he

  84. I want this tank but..
    there is the isu stock ‘-‘ *sob*

  85. Have you herd the blitz version on mobile devises?

  86. obj. 704 is the best

  87. Haha, tier 9 french turreted tank destroyer. I can see how that mistake was
    made haha.

  88. fuck my life i playing on windows 7 and all tanks looks like boxes

  89. Gold noob

  90. My is the foch tier 9 french TD

  91. I love my Tortoise, nothing like agressivly stuffing 4400 dpm in people’s

    A platoon of Tortoises can be real fun, or two Tortoise and a FV4005 or
    death star is also entertaining.

  92. amazing

  93. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    Both of the DOOM TURTLES!!! Tortoise bcoz of the reloading speed and T95
    bcoz of the armor

  94. That is pretty cool, I didn’t realize that Orthodox Christians had
    Christmas on the 7th, but then again it makes sense since 7 is the number
    of completeness and finish in the Bible.

  95. Well, why would he carry 15apcr rounds? Sounds insane right? But I still
    remember all the games I had in tier 9s. And MMs like this were like Heaven
    on earth, Most of the time I was facing Tier 10s. And 750 alpha with 286
    pen even with that 3 fire rate won’t help you do too much damage to an Jg
    Pz E100 or a deathstar before your life is over

  96. Quickybaby do video : Girlfriend play WoT :DD pls

  97. QB has been one of my favorite YouTubers for a long time now, but during
    this video I felt a little distracted from the gameplay at the start of the
    game with the commentary. I love hearing information about the channel, but
    I feel like there was a lot of dense action that was glossed over in the
    first 4 minutes

  98. 8:45 french tank destroyer… damn

  99. This isn’t an mmo lol, maybe in the literal sense of the phrase but no…..

  100. Not much skills just lucky game :)

  101. How can you make your bushes either fully transparent or not when you
    breack that 15 meters range? In my case it’s just getting transparent
    slowly as I approach it.

  102. SO COOL!

  103. Oscar Westh Blanc

    wait, you were in Cyprus or Cypress?

  104. Markus Massingale

    I play wot blitz on mobile. Someone was under the name quicky_fingers said
    they were you.. an ally asked if it was you and they replied yes.. the
    quicky imposter was in an is6 .. I didn’t know if maybe i played with a
    legend or some poser.. he didn’t play like a beast so I assumed it wasn’t
    you. Just so ya know someone is using your name out there.

  105. at the Start of the game : wojneschenaiza

  106. jamming that turret was pure luck that deiced the game out come

  107. t30 love the turret armor and gun

  108. Great I have to leave in 5 minutes ._.

  109. Jagdtiger is a thunder from a clear sky .

  110. The thumbnails are looking absolutely amazing! Great job

  111. Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff

    I would be screaming if I were that WT auf. Pz IV

  112. Quickybabes why haven’t you taken your tree down yet? You’re meant to have
    it down by the 6th of January otherwise custom dictates you have to keep
    the tree up for the rest of the year.

  113. 1 shot from this gun is more damage then I do in an entire game 🙁 :D

  114. Because I’m really interested in playing a Tiger P

  115. Yay an Object. Keep the quality content coming!!!

  116. I live in Cyprus

  117. Cant wait to get a fully upgraded ISU with the bl-10

  118. hardcoreminecrafter9

    i really hate the fact that this gun in on the tier 8, it can be so

  119. [RTF] World of Tanks


  120. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Nah Quicks, they patched the “good Thing” the “Mantle”. Now u can go
    trough ..

  121. any of you guys have a mark of excellence on the IS 3A??

  122. Ive seen that replay before….?! ON YOUR CHANNEL :P

  123. ╭━━━━–━╮
    ┃ ● ══ ┃
    ┃█ U used █┃
    ┃█ to call █┃
    ┃█ me on █┃
    ┃█ my cell █┃
    ┃█phone. █┃

  124. He got that sixth kill because he learned from the best: ‘autoaim-noob’

  125. Nicolas Vandessel

    What’s the reload? In seconds

  126. Quicky baby you forgot something about the wt auf pz 4 that thing doesn’t
    have a turret so why the hell his turret got jammed????????

  127. he had luck but its a great game he did everything to have luck by his side

  128. That tank has incredible armour and gun

  129. Guillaume Foucher

    what is the point of doing 11500+ dmg when you get only 4500 credits
    without premium, that’s show how greedy the dev are.

  130. noob no prem account

  131. 8:48 Franch tank destroyer?

  132. Lol why 15 APCR rounds in the 704? Also, that shot on the 103 was crazy 😀
    nice game

  133. Vector Signorelli

    russian tanks needs massive nerfs,this guy need much leass gold and nigga
    stole my life!

    (i just wanted to make a joke: no razzism and h8 intended!)

  134. 15 APCR rounds taken in a tank that has 286 base pen and a 3 rate of fire.
    A bit ridiculous if you ask me.

  135. Wow! 11,730 dmg? :D

  136. Jonathan Pinkerton

    I have noticed that all of these amazing carry matches have one thing in
    common. LUCK. The only reason any of these players pull of such epic wins
    is pure dumb luck. Sure, they make good plays, abuse spotting, shell usage,
    etc, but RNG saves them. Lucky ammo racks, lucky bounces, lucky
    penetrations, lucky module damage, hitting small weak points at the last
    second, enemy shells barely missing, and the list goes on. The point is, no
    matter how good a player is, not even they can win every battle without
    some dumb luck. And the fact is that sometimes luck (RNGesus) doesn’t even
    bother to help.

    This post is mainly for those people who say that every loss is the players
    fault not the team, or who say, “RNG doesn’t matter you just suck at
    aiming.” Yes your team matters in a team vs team game. Yes, lucky RNG
    matters in a game that has randomized gameplay. These are factors that are
    beyond the player’s control no matter how good they are. It is frustrating
    to lose time and time again because half the team cant pull their own
    weight, or to have your aim circle on the lower glacis only to have the
    shell bounce on the upper glacis or hit a track.

    Ok rant over.

  137. this video just shows how broken and unbalanced russian tanks are….
    like literally this game play shows nothing but pure russian bias from the
    first shot to the last, snapshoting the 50 120, boucing tier 9 heavys
    frontally without angleing its armor at all, hitting the lower plate of the
    WZ111 even tho its showing almost nothing but upper plate, the only tank
    that can bouce that damn bullshit gun is another 704 and even with APCR it
    doesnt go thru cuz reasons…

  138. god a lot of luck but nice replay

  139. The GW TigerPig from the enemy team is from my clan :)

  140. Yeah you truly need 15 APCR shells in this tank. 3 for me…..only use is
    high chance to kill a E3 through the cupola.

  141. T30 is better for me because it has a turret and I do not like camping. It
    is more like heavy tank than tank destroyer but because it has that big 152
    mm gun with good penetration and very good turret armor, it is very good of
    ripping apart enemy tanks at close combat and also from far.

  142. noob TD

  143. Quicky, can u tell us what is the next plans of Wargaming for WoT?
    Greetings from Brazil

  144. It has 170 to 180 mm frontal armor and why is it a soo great armor? I mean
    all tier 7 tanks can pen it, and if its angled its 220mm front anf 250mm
    side with a flat 140mm, so if the player can aim he can hit the 140mm but
    the 220mm is still an easy pen for tier 8-9-10. Ok if its far away from you
    it will be hard to dmg it but all tanks are (which have some armor so not a
    french or an american hull, light tank ect) and at a 70° shot you wont hit
    any tank only if you have 3x as much pen as the armor is.

  145. “G.W. Tiger Pig” im going to have to use that one more often

  146. pleas quqibaby tell me how to put stars on gun i am have 67% su-100y but
    iam dont have star on th gun pleas tell me what i need to do ??????

  147. A lot of purple players use unnecessary gold rounds to achieve the third
    mark of excellence and/or to maintain an high WN8 value.

  148. Wonderful tank. I don´t think i will get the T10 after this. I´ll just keep
    it. The T10 is almost a downgrade and even though the ISU is more famous
    for being OP i think this tank is better, as its way more flexible :D

  149. 6:30 Not the case anymore for Ferdi(1500 to 2100) and T 28(1500 to 1800 or
    was it 1900?)
    That Bat Chat… pulling his weight and proving why he has green efficiency
    11:39 He rammmed WT to deal additional dmg and have a chance of 2 shoting
    it, as he had no HE this was his only chance to do so. Blocking him from
    turning was an unexpected result. and had WT figured out going forward a
    few seconds earlier…

  150. What do you think will this game be still popular in 2016? And maybe in

  151. ty (for christmas)

  152. agree with the fact he carry a little too much APCR, 23 AP, 5APCR and 2HE
    will do the job done, and keep the APCR for the heaviest armored TX (like
    the E3)

  153. Hi QB!!
    Are u gonna make any review on the IS-4 ?

  154. Not bad

  155. Veronika Brédová

    no play qicky

  156. nice replay and all, but who the hell carries 15prem rounds in a obj704?
    its ap rounds can basically pen everything..

  157. 3 VERY Lucky moments that probably secured the win

  158. Thunder Leonhardt

    GG WP

  159. Cant believe he won, 9 kills 11,730 DMG

    O wait he is in the Object 704……..

  160. I actually watched this replay much earlier than this vid and the guy was
    extremely toxic in chat

  161. Quickybaby what is going on? 8:45 : Tier nine turreted French tank
    destroyer… 😀 Do you get the Jingles Dingles Illness?

  162. You can lose all of your hitpoints against tier seven medium tank example
    object 704…

  163. some lucky bounces,a lot of lucky shots, some lucky turret jamming 😛 a lot
    of gold….but all in all a good a good game…but disgusting gold
    spam…no need on the mighty BL10 smurfing like a boss

  164. Saw this replay on another channel yesterday, but still worth watching
    haha. I can’t wait to get an Obj. 704: it looks like a higher tier meta
    version of the SU-100, which is my favorite tank atm and I have a 75% win
    ratio in it. I’m being lazy about getting through the ISU-152 but wow it’s
    gonna be worth it.

  165. super arti b-c

  166. the Foch is also a good TD

  167. Jingles was in cypress

  168. Just a suggestion, but have you planned changing your intro? No need to,
    just asking…

  169. french now have turreted tank destroyers

  170. seen this somwhere

  171. 5000 xp left till i unlock it, feelsgoodman.jpg

  172. what’s the best TD?

  173. Ryan “The Geepers' FGS” Griffiths

    704 is the best, but there is always room for the WT Auf Pz IV I think.

  174. I Have got good reactions, but bad fps. ?

  175. 15 APCR? Sure it´s not like you have more than enough pen on the standard
    rounds, moreon.

  176. “Turreted french tank destroyer”
    Arty goes full TD
    Never go full TD

  177. Vaistinu se rodi! :)

  178. hey quickybaby i uploaded a kv 1 replay to wotreplays i wasnt able to
    access your website. since you’ve never made a kv1 video i was hoping you
    would and use my clip
    Name:KV-1 Radley Walter’s (first replay i’ve uploaded)
    thats how i spell it right?

  179. ToothlessRango Grim Riper

    So close

  180. Eugenio “Atomic gaming” Dublan

    Russian Tanks are OP lol they need Nerf

  181. QB great stuff and love your channel but you called arty a tank destroyer
    twice this video ?

  182. hi QB thank you for great videos! Have a nice Evening.

  183. WoT… after 5 years its out there, it still has shitty textures all over
    it (except for HD tanks), shitty gun/engine sounds and the UI could use
    some modernization too. Not mentioning the annoying ways WG tries to get
    money from people by locking everything away behind gold and walls of
    It truly amazes me how this game can still be so popular, i like it for its
    gameplay but this game could look better, if the russians werent sitting on
    the money all the time.

    I kinda miss playing this game, but chosing between getting tier 10 here or
    all tanks in 1 national tech tree in WarThunder is a nobrainer.

  184. obj. 704 is balanced tenk, fits my playstile veri much

  185. Of course he won because they had the school bus

  186. What’s your favourite T9 TD?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW 🙂

  187. Does anyone recommend play the VK 30.01 (P)?

  188. BC 155 55, french turreted Tank destroyer confirmed.

  189. i think that wt auf pz iv is better because turret and better mobility

  190. Isn’t this maybe StoleYourBike’s EU reroll? seems like it as the ping is
    quiet high

  191. I don’t usually say this, but that GWP should have taken the shot when he
    was ramming the waffle. He might have team killed, but with less then 100hp
    he would have won that game. He held the shot and it cost them the game.

  192. Kaled59 [WOT & OP]

    Op tank

  193. ToothlessRango Grim Riper

    Loving the vidiose plz could you truy and show the IS6

  194. I like to call the BL-10 a Diva sometimes it Performs like a Young God,
    othertimes it sucks simply. Atleast in my Opinion. (English from a German
    incomming) xD

  195. Kaiju Zilla (Kaijuzilla2000)

    Wow, just got home.

  196. That Kill on the WT auf Pz 4 was ligit

  197. @QuickyBabyTV when will you finish the 300k replay competition? I can wait,
    I just want to know if you will finish it, since we haven’t seen it in a

  198. 1000th

  199. when do you normaly stream ?

  200. That is one of the Tanks where i always think, why most of the player shot
    only gold

  201. Nice video QB

  202. Thank you for the video Quicky!

  203. yay yay

  204. @Quickybaby BUTTER BUTTER BUTTER!

  205. Oo no I have already seen this silly replay with 15 apcr

  206. quickybaby AKA Will can we please play a platoon once please :)

  207. 1 minute ago this video was relaised, people say In The comments: “Nice

  208. QB….your best youtuber ever

  209. king!!!!!!!!

  210. I havent watches the vidio yet but i know it will be great

  211. Get rekt m8

  212. wow. what a game

  213. damn 3rd :(

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