World of Tanks || Object 704 – 9,000+ DMG

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Check out Tergy rocking his T9 tank the Object 704 getting a Kolobanov and Radley-Walter’s medal!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. first! *Kappa*

  2. Chees

  3. I hope you enjoy this video of Tergy rocking out in the Object 704, was a
    monster round one of the best 1 v 6 I’ve seen.

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  4. Object 704+HD model=Beauty

  5. Under 100 club. My parents must be so proud! HI MUM

  6. in the Team Score tab Tergy is listed as driving the Object 140 :?

  7. Quickybaby, do you have a Foch 155? If so could you please show us some of
    the action? I really want to understand what that thing is for in the game,
    i don’t get the Foch 155 anymore. It’s nerfed into oblivion. Keep up the
    good work!

  8. SAW_YOUR_D3ATH mobil0905496981

    Anybody noticed pictute at 13:35 😀 … What is it supposed to be ? :D

  9. Is for to be 6 vs 1 for ends game. So is what is for to be best idea for 6
    player? Is maybe for think lets for to go together for kill last lank? NO!
    Is think for maybe is is goods idea for 1 for go cap for 5 for go kill
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    for 2 for go straight? NO! Is what 6 complete stupids think? Claus explain.
    They for to think nothing? They for to be so stupids is for not even for to
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    Is remind Claus of joke. How for many stupids player is for to need for to
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    need all 6 for to screw in light bulb. If is Claus in charge is for all six
    for should win special mark for be on guns barrel. Mark For To Be Stupids.
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    write on barrel for all player can see. Then they for to be so ashame they
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    YES! Thanks for to all for to reads comment you for to be epic. Is for
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  10. Is the replay bugged or does he have a aim mod o.O

  11. Anyone seeing him as an obj. 140 in the post game stats?:D

  12. qb, day after day, im getting noob.. please help me..

  13. Lol in the post game stats he is an object 140

  14. JTiger: Gun

  15. Bas Riemenschneider

    Ive been playing for 3 years now. Still havent got 1 tier 10. Anyone got
    tips for grinding mabe?

  16. The Object 704 is my favorite tier 9 tank be cus the gun is so good

  17. Christian von Essen

    I’m like your videos !!!!!! =)

  18. +QuickyBabyTV Can you see my replay of my brother? it’s a Buldog that cause
    5000 damage

  19. QuickyBarbie 🙂 nice video man!

  20. Well on xbox 360 you must grind 50k exp with the bad 105mm gun
    On the E75… That is going to be fun :/

  21. 14:04 Mmmm.. obj 140?

  22. Says obj 140 at end:P

  23. IS-8 = Tomato retard

    Did anybody else notice at 14:00 the game says Tergy was in a Obj. 140
    instead of the Obj. 704?

  24. Great Game! Pure skills, common knowledge and some luck equals a monstrous
    game! Thanks for the replay, makes me want work my way up the Russian tank
    destroyer line!

  25. 13:58 OBJ 140 ??? I Don’t understand xDDD

  26. Why does it say Object 140 in the Battle Results?

  27. Calin Alexandru Stentel

    U only post replays of ppl playn against noobs…i mean if u are such a
    good player u should outplay the enemy not sit while ur team takes hp off
    the enemy dies so u can say u are 6v1…
    The leo1 was a nice replay…so was the is7 one…not this…

  28. lol Object 140 is a good tier 9 TD according to the results screen.

  29. If they synchronized their attack he would have been screwed. STB1 should
    have waited a bit for the Is7, 140, and Centurion to get their before

  30. WOOOW talk about luck :/ still a nice game, but so SOO lucky

  31. i have the obj 704 and i do like it very much but after the new german line
    was introduced i started grinding for the wt auf e 100 and i have to say
    that i like more the wt auf pz4 🙂 it.s more flexible and i think it suits
    me better the german td. now i grind my way on the other russian td line as
    well but only up to tier 8 td 🙂
    Btw Qb i like you videos and did help me play much better than before. Keep
    up the good work and maybe…. maybe one day we can play in a platoon
    together to see how much effect can have your videos on your viewers :)

  32. god damn 704 stole my IS 7s MG >:(

  33. Its over 9000!

  34. Also what help Tergy the Enemy team went in one by one pretty much LOL
    never go in one by one….

  35. i died when serb pooped up xD

  36. Hang on the results screen showed the obj 140 what happened there? 

  37. That incendiary 152mm ammo …. 

  38. WG fail again his not driving 140 he was driving 704!
    you spot the difference WG?

  39. god how do these scrubs manage to bounce off a 704.

  40. Epic replay, I really enjoyed watching this :)

  41. i must say, this was mostly just one shoting low health tanks as they came
    one by one. then again, he certainly new how to react to a situatuation,
    such as looking for the IS7 by the buildings he ran over or predicting the
    direction the STB would go.

  42. Anyone else notice it says he was driving the object 140 in the postgame

  43. “I haunt your dreams” shows up now & then
    If you where one of the “girls in panzer” I would say yes, else not! ;-)

  44. reload is cray! never knew it was this good

  45. I love the T95 and I’ve started WoT to get it. It’s a real beast and I love
    it. I’ve checked a video on YouTube of someone random with this tank doing
    a very good job on it, and months later, I subscribed to your channel and
    saw that this random guy was you ! Haha !

  46. This tank is soviet, whats the surprise? #balanced

  47. Yeah,pretty strange

  48. Hey look, Soviet vehicle that should be at Tier 10 at Tier 8. Imagine

  49. How to make gold?

  50. QB gets better at editing every video

  51. This tank and more so the ISU is overpowered, 286mm of pen with standard
    negates any other tank that specialises in armours playability. The ISU
    should not get the BL-10 gun

  52. amazing shot at 3:25

  53. Unicum luck thou…

  54. maybe i should continue my grind up the russian td line…

  55. Game saved by russian magic armor that shouldnt be in the game but
    certainly is. Gg wargaming!
    But what ever. Still great played by him.

  56. You should try world of tanks blitz. Great video btw!

  57. I HAUNT YOUR DREAMS: 13:34-13:35

  58. Alors on voit dzns les scores un obj 140 alors que c’est censer être un
    704. Wtf suije le seul a voir sa ??

  59. Nice video

  60. jonathanarcher ja wedi100 pelaa

    Wery good video :)

  61. WOW!!!! Nice ammo rack :D

  62. I HAUNT YOUR DREAMS??? Da hell is that, you trying to scare us Quicky? 2
    times you have the photo runing in the video for a split second. Will stop
    checking your videos if you don’t cut this bs out!!!

  63. I haunt your dreams too! @13:35

  64. Playground of Death! lol

  65. nu ik wil echt die tank

  66. Didn’t you noticed that the obj 704 was written (obj.140) ?

  67. Yeh the 704 is an awesome long range sniper, you can hit postage stamps all
    the way across the maps on Blitz with the BL-10 and loop loads of shells
    over the horizon for kills 🙂 The 268 is even more accurate but gets played
    more as a flanker because of its speed and not so much long range.

  68. Thank you QuickyBaby for commenting on my replay! I thought it wouldn’t
    never end up on the youtube channel. I’m glad it did. 🙂

    Best regards,Tergy.

  69. Serseri Flappy Bird

    Türkiye`mi dedi benmi yanlış duydum?

  70. E75 on fire, what a surprise.

  71. Good game and a lot of luck made a fantastic game :)

  72. 113 replays pls

  73. Why is his tank an obj 140 in the team list?????

  74. i like how that centurion tomato just sits there looking at him when he
    could have practically got stuck behind his tank while he had to deal with
    that obj 140…

  75. “I haunt your dreams”

  76. “i haunt your dreams”

  77. Very Nice… :)

  78. the enemy centurion 7/1 should have closed the distanced and stopped tergy
    from tuning. 

  79. yes that was a good game but i just think to my self that anyone one can
    have a good game in a russian tank but not everyone can have a good game
    from a german tank. its like cars, russian tanks a automatic in wot and
    german tanks are manual…russian tanks needing little to no skill to drive
    as the tank works for you…were as the german tanks the driver works for
    the tank. a russian tank you dont need to aim as you can allow the gun to
    pen were ever you shoot and dot need to worry about DPM as you have high
    alpha damage. a german gun requirs accurate shots and does not have high
    alpha damage.

    it would be a more special game if someone did it in a german tank.

    im not saying russian tanks are crap but just that people favour them more
    just because they have alpha and pen…when two skilled players knowing
    what to do colide with an is3 and a king tiger, the tiger2 will shread an
    is3 as the automatic russian tank truely show its cons as an auto…and the
    german tank will show that its the real king of its tier as a manual tank,
    when in the hands of a player who knows what there doing in a manual tank.

  80. So much C&C on QBs desktop:P

  81. another epic game brought to you by lack of arty, arty ruins the game

  82. Sorry Quickybaby, but this is another one of those replays where you reward
    rather selfish playstyle with a commentary, just because the enemy team was
    stupid enough to let the guy get away with it. A combined push by the
    STB-1, IS-7 and Obj 140 and the guy is toast there. Yes, he dealt the
    damage, but to that point it was mostly from outside the enemies view
    range. Instead of letting his allies die in the north he could have thrown
    himself into the engagement and used maybe the best aspect of high tier
    tank destroyers: Their fear factor. By doing so he could have maybe saved
    some of his allies and won the game with a better score than 14:15.

    I generally don’t like it when people abandon their team and use their HP
    only to their own advantage even though this playstyle is rewarded more in
    terms of credits and xp.

  83. Did i saw APCR on a tank with 286 mm of penetration with AP?

  84. not noob luck at all with them shot( plus hes camping so really its not
    even a good game)

  85. why do you have the health in %, if anything that will just complicate
    things and force you to remember either tanks health or how much % you took
    off when you shot them.

  86. 2:07 evil QB face

  87. Quicky even you have to admit if he didn’t get that fire on the E75 he
    would have lost. Guess the RNG gods were smiling on him that game. Also why
    does it say in the team score he was driving a obj.140?

  88. Jørn-Jarle Ormåsen

    Why do you have a subliminal message / picture in your video ? Its of a man
    standing by a tank with the large white letters stating ” I Haunt Your
    Dreams”. Care to explain that one Mr. Quickybaby ?

  89. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The STB-1 could have encouraged the other meds to go together and then
    could have tracked Tergy and then ist Game Over.

  90. I haunt your dreams!!

  91. #onebyonebyone 

  92. I love those kinds of engagements with anything that rocks the BL10 (also,
    the 268). It’s insane fun and an adrenalin rush.

  93. Best game i saw in my life!

  94. I liked my 904 when I played it although when I got to tier X the games got
    so much harder to play. I have found though that since 9.6 the curtailed
    view range is not the only thing to have disappeared. I used to be able to
    spot, and with experience crew and binos can see over 400m with a variety
    of TDs. Cannot spot anything. Indeed if I am shooting at a tank that is
    being spotted by my colleagues at about 300m and my colleague is killed the
    tank I am firing on just disappears and I should still be able to spot him
    under my own. Of course, does not stop me predicting where he is at the
    time to try and kill him. 

  95. If this guy does not have an aimbot than no one thas. Are u blind guys ffs?
    Even U qb

  96. Seriously, all those meds needed to do was put a deliberate shot into his
    tracks the second time and it was game over. Have to LOL at the number of
    low 40% tier 9 players these days.
    704 is a beast. Idiot teams who go one at a time, or even two, and allow it
    time to reload deserve to die for their stupidity.
    One last question: seriously, WTF would you carry APCR in a 704? 286mm pen
    not enough? Sigh.
    Nice to see the 3rd page. Helps for people to see the real CR picture after

  97. QB doesn’t haunt my dreams

  98. QB what happened to the q+a video?

  99. Damn for a second i thought it was my replay, but i only got 8k damage i
    think and i was on another map XD

  100. I see you saw my com. on last vid-not to show the kolobanovs medal in the
    picture of vid because then after he gets alone 1vs5 you know if he is
    going to win.

  101. that view range nerf. First of a few necessary steps. 9.6 patchnotes said
    that TDs are overpowered and if they admit that then things are already out
    of control. Stopped playing this game months ago cause it’s so bad but I
    still watch the replays to be amused about how much more they can unbalance
    it. If they rework this game from ground up I’d really like to get back
    into it. ^^

  102. Why does that frame with “I haunt your dreams!” Flash up twice?

  103. my t110e4 loads in 13.89, how fast does that obj reload my god

  104. T30 all day, american and a torret; what else would i need?

  105. The reason all of the enemies rushed was so they could do the little damage
    left they could scavenge for exp. Same thing happens in most battles: 1
    enemy left, and survivors waste incredulous amounts of HP to get that extra
    exp. Is it worth it? Most of the time, yes.

    But every once in awhile you’ll curse when you see your team get ripped
    apart by one tank.

  106. Oh my favorite T9 tank destroyer wellll none. When I used to play this game
    I never got a single TD or auto loader cause I like to play fair. I also
    wouldn’t take a bazooka to a handgun duel.

  107. hey QB can u doa commentary on my 6100 dmg in my IS3? Pls respond ill link
    if you want to

  108. Object 704 > Object 268
    I dont know why, but i dont perform in my 268 like i did in the 704. I was
    so happy when i had the 268 (my first T10), but then i noticed it isnt as
    strong as the 704 was.

  109. QB – if you’ve got the 704 then you must have had the ISU152… which also
    had the BL10. This vid makes it sound like the 704 is the first to get the
    gun. Or is a tier 8 TD too low to cover in a vid these days?

  110. It says obj 140…

  111. favorite tier 9 tank destroyer? i have driven 3 the t30 (although mines
    essentially stock because i havent gotten the 155mm yet so i cant really
    count it as of now), the object 704 which is a beast as shown here and
    finally the mighty jagdtiger the tank i have driven to go head to head with
    tier 10 heavies with that immense superstructure and epicly devastating
    gun. its so satisfying when someone underestimates it and then you proceed
    to just dpm them in to dust. so far i cant call a favorite because i aced
    the 704 on my 4th game so it then lost priority in my garage and i sold it
    for an e 100 (plus i have no interest in the campy bitch 2000 because i
    played the 704 as an assault gun and i was successful in the 50 games i did
    play) and i am really enjoying the jagdtiger but i cant pick a favorite
    until i have gotten more experience in them especially grinding the t30 so
    that its maxed out.

  112. jagdtiger is the best

  113. nice reroll :)

  114. Ammorack xD
    How clean up a game =)

  115. I HAUNT YOUR DREAMS! mwhaha…nice!

  116. I just got the Ferdinand and it’s so hard to do good in it with stock
    configuration 670 hp engine don’t help any advice and don’t say jgpanther 2

  117. well isu gets more rng shots then obj.704

  118. Most exciting game I’ve seen on this channel in a while, well played.

  119. Behold Tergy the pyromancer

  120. That was a rather badass stand in that town there.

  121. JagdTiger is my favorite tier 9 TD simply because of its amazing German
    accuracy and rate of fire also it was my first tier 9 <3

  122. Stalin was guiding those shots

  123. T95 is a mobile fortress 

  124. Turrets getting blown off are so annoying. Did you know they can still be
    run into and also have the weight of the entire tank? I have been blocked
    off a pass and wasn’t able to reset the cap due to that before. :(

  125. Idk you call us console kiddos scrubs, but the lack of tracking that some
    don’t do at tier nine is pretty frightening 

  126. luckiest roll ever on that 140

  127. My favorite type of tank destroyer is a dead tank destroyer!

  128. 4:50 The Pak L38 (150mm) fires 3.53 rounds per minute, just a tiny .02
    *faster* than the BL-10… and of course the L61 Canone fires a healthy
    5.17 rpm, meaning said vehicle could definitely have done the same in that
    particular situation… but only in that exact circumstance, of course.

    Also, It boggles my mind that there were so many fires in this game that
    weren’t automatically extinguished. QB, are the players at Tier X really so
    greedy that they’d play a Premium Repair/Medkit or a +10 crew skill
    consumable over an automatic fire extinguisher? Or do they use manual ones
    and screw up royally in frantically rushing their fingers over the keys?
    Personally I think those other consumables are only worth it on arty and
    vehicles at tiers I to IV, since they don’t have the lifepool or armor to
    play just as effectively with one’s potential remaining health after being
    shot and set on fire. Are there any legitimate examples of tier 9/10
    non-arty vehicles that can get away with playing something other than a
    fire extinguisher? If so, what are the statistics that balance the scales
    in favor of the non-fire extinguisher consumable?

  129. More great content as usual QuickyBaby :D

  130. haha the RNG is laughing at you quicky he got 3 fires in that game ;)

  131. …and here I can’t get 4k for my mission …. XD

  132. Not to sound like a crying baby but of all the guns in the game I hate HATE
    the BL-10 the most and when people say its not OP for the tanks that
    get it I call bull this is OK it a tire 9 tank but the other tanks that get
    this gun nothing gives me more joy in WOT than killing Russian tanks using
    this OP gun no skill just durp. OK rant over hope you all have a nice day.

  133. great game 

  134. 13:35 :0 

  135. Mine is the good old jagdtiger

  136. I saw tier 2 gets kolobanovs in tier 9 game xD

  137. I’d really like M48 Patton videos

  138. that weird picture that flashes up for no reason says ‘I haunt your
    dreams’. how weird is that

  139. QB haven’t heard you say I digress in a while.. thought that was your
    catchphrase. you used to say it on average 87 times per video.

  140. The Object 704 is an excellent tank destroyer and easily equal best with
    the WT Pz IV, IMHO. But they are two very different TDs. If the WT was in
    that brawling situation at the end, it would have been smashed. But it is
    less likely it would have ended up in such a situation. I run the WT with
    the camo net, binocs, rammer and the 12,8 cm gun, so the early shots would
    have very likely hit and the STB-1 would have been spotted and nailed
    before it flanked. This means probably one or two friendly tanks saved too,
    which is handy as the WT likes to keep the enemy occupied with friendly
    tanks so it can keep shooting safely. So the end game threat would have
    been much less, so likely still a win but with no Kolobanov’s chance 🙂
    I don’t have the Foch or SU-122-54 yet though, and both of them look like
    they have real potential, so quite possibly it is a four way race 🙂
    Conway, Tortoise, T95, T30 and Jagdtiger would all have been stomped
    though. They really struggle due to poor mobility, or poor gun performance,
    or terrible camo, or all of the above! Not unusable TDs, but they would
    have needed to be used very differently in this battle to have a similar
    impact, and overall they are not as versatile.

  141. Big deal. Broken commie bullshit is broken commie bullshit. Let’s see
    ANYONE fucking carry in ANY JAPANESE TANK. Commies are noobtard mode.

  142. I remember that game, Stayed until the end to see the outcome 😉
    I havent got the 704 yet,as once I got the isu I worked the german line for
    Jgpz e-100, So for me the Jagdtiger is my favourite t9 td, Close to
    Tortoise though, So maybe that might change.

  143. I want to send you a replay…but…i am afraid it’s not good enough…..

  144. Stop haunting our dreams :))

  145. Is that an armored warfare icon I see? MAKE VIDEOS!!!!

  146. been trying to get td-15 where you have to do 4k damage in my isu and it’s
    been eluding me! grrrr it makes me so mad seeing so many juicy targets roll
    out in front of this guy! why is it that i only get unicum teams that
    roflstomp everything before i can get there when i’m trying to do a

  147. Ugh qb in the end it shows he’s in and obj 140

  148. I really wanted to like the Jagdtiger (when I tried to play it roughly a
    year ago), but that’s a machine that had the one evil trait that no one
    would ever want: team-dependence. Ironically, with many of the other tier 9
    TDs having their view range nerfed, the big fat ones may actually gain a
    significant edge in the long run. And since the JT is more mobile than the
    T95 or Tortoise, it may turn out to be the most independent TD in its tier.

  149. 13:35

    I can never sleep again

  150. the curse of the BL-10 is real

  151. This is confusing… how come the post game stats is saying tergy is on an
    Obj.140? Instead of 704? Whut!?

  152. Rngesus was watching over him this game!!!

  153. 13:35 I haunt your dreams

  154. Wow! Best Object 704 game I have ever seen 

  155. why in the team damage panel is he displayed as a obj. 140?!?!

  156. All I got out of this video was I HAUNT YOUR DREAMS >:O 

  157. +Just Andrew if you did see my replay what were the last two kills in the

  158. I haunt your dreams?

  159. That looping shot was legit.

  160. 13:35 haha “I haunt your dreams”

  161. f u google no real name

    not impressed by skill, more by his crazy luck. 3 fires 1 ammo rack. lolol

  162. f u google no real name

    why does it show tergy driving a obj 140 in the battle report exp section?

  163. 13:35, just wow

  164. Mattwrigglesworth Worm

    this guy just got lucky with the fire`s and noob enemy’s 


  166. what? object 140?

  167. I choked on my food with the second shot into the IS-8. 

  168. In team score at the end of the video it shows the object 140. That’s not

  169. Personally, I root for the Jagdtiger. It has nearly the same
    maneuverability on the Obj.704 but it has better armor and most certainly a
    better gun.
    Sure the 704 has the big gun with the 750 damage, but the JT still can do
    560 damage but with a much much better DPM and Accuracy. Meaning that the
    JT can out DPM the 704 easily. Not to mention that the JT’s armor can be
    really effective in holding down positions especially when hull down where
    the enemy will have to go through 250mm of raw armor thickness.

  170. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    That Centurion 7/1 was really really dumb… Props to Tergy though.

  171. my favorite tier 9 td would be tortoise but i dont have it yet i have only
    at15 so im close to tortoise

  172. No idea why anyone would dislike this video, was an awesome game.

  173. Klaus Kellerman you should write a book. Fkin hilarious lol. And after i
    have read like 10 of your comments i střílel have no freaking idea what you
    talking about. Good job And keep it up :)

  174. I have wot for my ipod and when I download the update it doesn’t actually
    update that means I can’t play on it.

  175. Soooooooo much luck:)

  176. You haven’t done a Objekt 268 review if I’m correct. I pretty sure we Fans
    would like to know what you think of it :)

  177. How do you get sixth sense

  178. My favorite tier 9 td is the t95….hahaha 

  179. I have worked out how the Russian accuracy works.
    For every 0.1 meters of accuracy on a gun you get a measurement of Stalin.
    yes a Stalin
    So for a kv-2 that’s about 0.6 accuracy which equals a total of 6 Stalins.
    The more Stalins a tanks gun has the more likely it is to hit the target.
    You will also get bonus Stalins whilst your tank is moving and with a full
    aiming circle.

    So what have we learnt. drive fast dont bother aiming and the kv 2 will hit
    a elc amx across kharkov

  180. none cause i dont have one

  181. Say hello to another op russian tank.

  182. He haunts your dreams…

  183. I would say we saw a camper.

  184. 2:04 xD

  185. Quickly baby can do a review on your faverouite tank?

  186. In the teamscores he drives an obj 140

  187. Nice game. Well controlled play in the town to deal with multiple tanks.
    Most often I find the Obj704’s slow track traverse a let down in critical
    situations like that. Sure the gun is awesome.

  188. there are no bad MM for obj. 268 line

  189. OMG so many luck 😮 Make 885dmg is a fucking high roll..

  190. Hore shet, thes gaem
    Also, 45 hp is 44 more than you actually need

  191. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    My fav T9 TD has and always will be my T95. ^^ I love watching even T10s
    back off when this thing rolls forward. I been accused of repair hack
    because of how fast my crew can put my tracks back on. 4 sec and Im rolling
    again. Makes me wonder how much faster I could get that repair speed if I
    went for BIA, food, and actually used vents. XD

  192. QB’s face with the ammorack at the end so happy

  193. He is using a mod to indicate where buildings or trees has been damaged to
    kill that STB-1

  194. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    Great result- although I think we was lucky that so many of the final 6 had
    been softened up by his team in the North West engagement. That said he
    made the most possible from it and the looped shot on the IS8 was magic

  195. T30 all the way, turret helps so much.

  196. Every tank without binoculars or such had their view nerfed in 9.6

  197. Am I the only one who noticed at the end game statistics at teams it
    doesn’t say it is an obj 704 but a 140 one ?

    etc etc etc….

    09:15 Enemy team: “GO HELP THE E 75 NOOB FU UNINSTALL PLAY TETRIS” etc etc

    09:21 Enemy IS-8: “OK I COME NOW!”
    09:33 Enemy IS-8: “SHIT….F*CK….WA*K….”
    TETRIS” etc etc etc….
    09:34 Enemy team: “CAP IDIOT IS-8 NOOB FU UNINSTALL PLAY TETRIS” etc etc

    World of tanks in a nutshell

  199. Spawn farming!!!!

    Move what?? 200m Stop, turn on aimbot or aim with a xbox stick….. Any pc
    controls are not needed for this… Is this skilld gameplay? Ok the 1vs5
    was a bit needed to know how to play…. But that is what he can have done
    in the beginning of the game with side of the teams heavys. Or in a heavy
    the hole game “instead of a TD”.. But TD camping is grate for a Tank vs
    Tank game… Why I have stopt playing this game… And I have like a 53%
    win rate and 1200wn8 F2P.. Idk team mate told me 1200 but i don not care
    about that stat. Better of with Xvm that count eff insted of team abuse

    And it do help the IS8 if he can play the game and not get TD killd by the
    ugly campers. But nope…. Why have a tank battle if you can camp at the
    back. And after your team mates are dead, farm even more damage on players
    that is battle damaged down to 1-2 shot kills…… By the way.. Thay DID
    figth.. Not the Obj. 9k damage camp vs 2k legit fighting. One give xp and
    credits…. One is gameplay of playing the game. Arty is made to camp at
    the back. Not the TD’s. 

  200. I used to run coated optics on my 704,but after nerf to view range,
    thinking of going back to bino. So even with a trained crew with 5
    skillperks, still use camo net? 

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