World of Tanks || Object 705 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Object 705. Today I’m reviewing the T9 Soviet side scraping monster the Object 705; one of my recent surprise loves!


is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. The IS-M was really bad while grinding the gun and turret, but after that, it began to shine. Not sure what problems you had with it, it’s the same playstyle of the 705. Get that thing in a sidescrapping shoot out and tier 9 and 10 heavies will start dumping HE on you, not to mention lower tiers. For sanity purposes, I did use free exp for the gun and turret though, it was frustrating to deal with 9 and 10s with a tier 7 gun and armor.

  2. 705 and 705a not OP, that 268-4 is op

  3. I cant wait till I have this thing.

  4. KingCobra-Gaming

    248 pen not reliable enough to go through a lowe? Are you on crack today QB? hahaha I pen lowes all day long with 212

  5. Nice review. Now 705A please 😀

  6. Currently struggling in the IS-M but looking forward to that tier 9

  7. well I played 200 games in 705A, It’s just frustrating.
    In close range, you constantly get auto penned in the roof of the hull,
    you can’t do anything in long range, and the mobility sucks so you can’t
    keep yourself in the best fighting range.
    also the side armor sucks tier for tier, this massive trash needs
    DPM also side armor buff. both sucks too much for a 100t tank :/

  8. You can really tell that QB is a medium tanker at heart when you watch these tank reviews. Having awful dispersion values and a long aim time and not being able to do 40kmph up a hill are just all the things that come with driving a heavy tank

  9. Can we just appreciate the enemy Steyr WT’s name? “ShowMeYourNoobies”

  10. people still drive the m103?

  11. I’ve reached the 705A and its very fun to play! Powerful gun with good armor!

  12. If your hull down the biggest pain in the ass in not premium rounds, its arty 😉

  13. Looks like you got NA players on that server

  14. it happens in all games in NA, tons of stupid noob BOT the game. They do not even play

  15. Obj.705 is the most powerful heavy tank in tier 9 (from my experience using it).
    You face Type 4? spam the HEAT. Tier 9 VK and E-75 sidescraping? Tap the 2 key and shoot the flat frontal turret of them, while they can’t do anything to harm your tank. Fight against Obj.257? Lol 257 turret roof is very easy to pen (30mm, can be overmatch by 91mm+ caliber), while he can’t pen the 705 turret. Other tier 9 heavies? They don’t stand a chance if this thing sidescrap.
    *Highlight* Obj.705 is so devistating if you face hug your enemy tank, because they can’t shoot your lower plate and left to up against your strong turret and well protected upper plate. This technique even work against AMX M4 51 (tier 9 french heavy) and most tier 9 heavies but not recommend against Mauschen and Type 4 because they can penetrate the hull top.

  16. QB, we all know now that the game is called World of Russian Tanks armor stronk tenks, but please. Stop the russian bias.

  17. The tier ten makes the E-100 so obsolete

  18. Synergy with VK 100? More like at the expense of VK 100’s health.

  19. Adding that piece of outdated crap called E75 to the comparison was pure evil, QB

  20. An ace for 900xp !?

  21. Jeremy Stafford

    This tank stock is really bad i thought. still learning it since i got it upgraded but it is alot better than it was, that’s for sure. I thought, oh no, it can’t be this bad. i thought the IS M updated was way better than the 705 stock. personally i had some of my best games ever with the IS M. QB is more of the fast tank thing i guess. lots of armor and side scraping works better for me, just not that good but i like the plat style of the 705, it is forgiving more so than say the T 10 or M 103 and such.

  22. Gaustadt Panzer

    Yet another Soviet tank…..

  23. World of imaginary Russian tanks

  24. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    Just got to accept the winning team outplayed qbs team on that one

  25. Can you do another SU 101 review?

  26. Kraftsman Sheng

    no 257 review?????

  27. Leonid Brezhnev

    Stronk tenk

  28. did not block 10 k and made 8 k dmg ? nah , its not good … qb thinks his viewers are totally idiots or majority of his subs are muppets

  29. Kaiser Rutger I.

    fucking shit op russian tanks… almost every russian high tier tank is op

  30. Sluggish.. wwwwwwwww (it’s how Japanese laugh on keyboard, if you wonder). I actually very surprise didn’t hear word “broken” come out of your mouth.

  31. Personally, i prefer the 105 mm gun on the E-75.

  32. Fuck yes, since when did he switch to 21:9?

  33. MikeG's Gaming Pub

    Hmm… I enjoy the IS-M. Can’t wait for the 705 though.

  34. Why is the vk 42 B not in the comparisend its also a back mounted turret with some serious side scrape abilities

  35. @QB

    Tnaks that you explain equipment and Crew Skills! please keep that on your Tankreviews

  36. RCgaming madness

    Hey quickybaby can you please do a review on the IS-M as well cause I am grinding down this line currently

  37. “dab the 2 key”

  38. The commentary felt awesome in this video

  39. Martijn Wissink

    oh damn, the IS-M is a shit tank? Hmm, I am almost done with the IS, so will have the IS-M soon. At the same time I am trying to get through the AMX65t, which I really, really hate, so now it seems the IS-M will give me another long frustrating grind to go through 🙁

  40. Totally balanced. 🙂

  41. Yet another new completely overpowered Russian tank. This game is being ruined.

  42. What a crappy team.

  43. wow, what a utterly shit replay. Showing how awesome armour is against tier VIII and IX. gj man… Shot how it works with full tier X. That tanks is total rubish..

  44. Wachira Narongsack

    13:22 bye 2012 tank with weakspot

  45. I would like to sell my account now…

  46. I really enjoy the IS-M 🙂

  47. Thank you very much for making more tank reviews of regular vehicles! 🙂

  48. This video just showed what i hate i this game: no team play, everybody play for himself and not for the win


  50. The tir 10 Is an absolute beast, it was definitely worth it!

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