World of Tanks || Object 705A – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m on the Test Server checking out the upcoming the Object 705A!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. and again no weakpoints… WG, make HEAT for free!

  2. Theres people killing arty on the test server. Had to play with one of them.

  3. Yeyy…another superheavy

  4. The expression is “pick your battles”; not “pick your victories”.

  5. another op russian, wg if you can give this thing extra thicc sides than buff the Panzerkampfwagen VII

  6. “Extra clout” fucking lit?

  7. Is it worth grinding its tier 8 9 10 instead of is3 t10 and is7?

    • Definitely worth. This tank is quite mobile for its weight. The gun is good. If u look for super mobile heavies get the wz-111-5A and Is-7. Personally the T-10 was my favorite in the is-7 line. I hope Obj 777 will be a worthy successor to it

  8. In Soviet Russia, you don’t depress the gun. The gun depresses you.

  9. Another bullshit OP fake take

  10. that like a is7 but the turret on the back of the tank and with the TD gun lol nice stalin biass tank

  11. Bad accuracy in Soviet tanks means it’s a sniper… #KV2

  12. Accuracy is bad. you for get its Russian accuracy the hand of Stalin will guide your shots

  13. 15:01 thats why I have HE in my tanks that have huge guns.

  14. Because only German tanks need weakpoints ??? Keep it up QB! Love ur channel

  15. Why don’t many people seem to use spall liners in their heavy and super heavy tanks that are obvious artillery targets?
    PS.You can’t say it’s because of weight because mobility is crap anyways!!!

  16. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Hey Qb i sent ticket about sold my old vehicle restore. But eu representatives says just 60 days. i sold over 60 days. Please advice like as trade in for that situation.

  17. They best buff the is4 now or replace it

  18. Take a shot every time QB says nevertheless.

  19. QuickyBaby, i would like to show you a replay of mine but i play on console, im still a learning player and reached a great milestone. Finally got the kolobanovs medal. Tier 6, top tier game in a T21 american light tank trying to work my way up to the T57 Heavy, i would like you to help me out and criticize my plays to make me a better player at WoT. Hope you see this.. Thankyou 🙂

  20. 1st impression
    Gold is flying everywhere

  21. “And he is a three shot for me..” sure he is if u roll over 700 2 times and high roll even the third shot just like you did…

  22. I smell Lot of bounce with this gun

  23. New meta gold shells CONFIRMED

  24. Shame is he using food rations giving him an extra 10% of everything also accuracy. 99% of players are not using them so this review is not very accurate. Waiting for sirfoch review.

  25. it looks to good the 705a i dont want it in to the game like thise

  26. If they’re going to grab all these pretty obscure soviet plans, can they re-do the KV-4’s tree so that it ends in a superheavy tier IX and X tank?

    The transition from the KV-4 to the ST-I and IS-4 is really, really jarring as you go from gargantuan superheavies to mid-weight heavy tanks.

    Also the IS-4 is garbage anyway.

  27. I hope the E100 gets some kind of buff, this thing completely out classes it

  28. WG are only making tanks so that people have to buy “gold” ammo. Either they buy it with gold or credits, either way they need to buy those Gold or credits by using money or buying premium tanks. WG wants to make money. But I think they should focus more on making the game fair and playable, that will attract more people and that will generate more money. If they make the game (as I think they are doing now) more towards the spend money to win, people will stop playing. People should put money in the game because they like it, not because they want to win.

  29. Every shot you don’t take is an auto miss

  30. i dont get it, there’s less than 16k player even at the peak time everyday, QB’s wot video has over from average 100k – 300k views how? is there really this many people who watch wot video only and don’t play the game at all? where’s the fun in that ? why not play it too, but that would be disaster for the servers

  31. Heeeey it’s a russian maus… 😀

  32. Would love a preview of the tank that replaces the T-10 in the IS line.. The Object 257 🙂

  33. With .44 dispersion… aiming lowers your dpm..

  34. is it just me, or thats just a is7 version 2.0? just look at it…sama turrent and body…just the front is slope thats all

  35. I stopped playing tanks after BS fast and furious fiziks (physics). Watch the content on YT to see when/if I may come back. How many paper tanks are in the game at the moment? And have they added anything that actually existed and was produced in the last 1-2 years.

  36. No one else wondering where the marks of excellence are gonna go?

  37. Pzkw VII has a horrible weakpoint on the side of hull when sidescraping, but this new soviet monster has none.

  38. is this not just another powercreep?
    more (turret) armor then anything else. even more then the T10 Swedish heavy.
    And why 650dmg a shot? was 490 dmg not enough like the IS-7? it needs to be even better then de Type 5 H 1st cannon (600 dmg).
    Suppose to be happy its not going over the E100 or most TD’s dmg of 750 then. 😐

  39. I can’t believe they’re going to trot out this dumpster fire of a pay to win game in hd. Suckers born every day i guess

  40. It’s great that Wargaming seems to have finally woken up to the fact that their accuracy changes in the past have made Russian tanks as effective at sniping as German ones, which is terrible for the gameplay itself.
    Let’s hope they keep it this way with big guns becoming more derpy again.

  41. I remember when the Kranvagn was supposed to have the impenetrable turret….now it seems like every medium and heavy needs op turret armour

  42. Also, did anyone notice that QB doesn’t have the nice description of WoT in the description of the video? It doesn’t say its one of his fav games anymore… It just says some generic crap ?

  43. Alexander kjellberg

    I allwas have a drinking gane with QB videos. Wvwry time he says never the less. You drink ;D

  44. Raphael I Forgot The Rest

    QB do the 9.22 DUCK TANK review!!!

  45. yeah, and then there are still people complaining about me shoting gold ammo as it was regular ammo, cause nowdays you need it. Not a good thing, but thats just how it is.

  46. Still waiting for an IS-4 buff….

  47. another OP USSR tank? and Wargaming ask me everytime why i uninstall Worldoftanks :v imagine using my E-50m to againt this ridiculous bias bullshit

  48. “tier 8s have a good chance of going through the lower plate” MingLee , not without gold. May i add 310 gold pen OpieOP

  49. I like that tank, seems nice when sidescraping.

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