World of Tanks – Object 907 Hoarce

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WGL Camo Mod –


  1. What a horse

  2. I really like these replay casts. Nice to see other peoples games aswell as

  3. all this is is a tier 8 farm, not very impressive

  4. Anfield is scrub don’t listen to him! Definitely don’t go sub to his twitch! Our… **ahem**… his… emotes are pants
    and his community shit talks and makes him cry every tim :D

  5. Gold noob, deserved to die to the arty which played well at the end.

  6. I’ll log into wot just to report that fucking arty.

  7. The rolling ammo rack.

  8. Krisztián Mátraházi

    damn that arty shot at the end was so disgusting..
    well… every arty shot is disgusting anyway

  9. not sure if I ever saw over 10k dmg done in 4.11min….really impressive

  10. Sticking with my usual questions….. what’s the best tier 10 medium in the

  11. Hey anfield i have a question for you. or rather a few.(hope you don’t
    mind) 1. What was your first t10. 2. why do you believe the 430 is useless.
    3. do you like the new t10 german heavy. Thanks.

  12. So this is why I haven’t gotten the Ace Tanker in this yet.

  13. Anfield were do you buy your tshirts at?

  14. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    @AnfieldGreat replay choice. I think vids with positioning tips in every
    day scenarios are way better than the more RNG dependent hard-carry matches
    that are mostly shown on youtube. Keep it up :)

  15. Grayson Scott (vPheenX)

    Make a video on how to play the map Siegfried Line as a Russian Medium.
    I can never do well on this map in my 140.

  16. Tier 10 russian mediums are kinda sad.

  17. I don’t want to sound too dismissive. Hoarce is obviously a skilled player,
    as one can see from his play style. He would have had a very good game in
    any case. However, in games like that a lot depends on the enemy team. And
    the way these four enemy low tier meds were donating damage to him in the
    first two minutes is just absurd. They get creamed from the side time after
    time and they don’t even try to dodge the bullets. The STA even offers his
    butt after being shot into the turret at least once before. They
    practically gift wrapped the best part of 3k damage to him. The Obj 140 and
    some other kept the meds occupied, while he was farming. Considering that,
    one shouldn’t be too critical of him.

  18. a good player vs a gang of useless tomatoes

  19. I don’t see too many good plays in this game. It’s just a pure damage farm
    mode. He isn’t out playing his opponents, working the positioning, he just
    loads gold whenever the frontal armor gets thicker or opponent goes
    I get ton of high damage games that are not worth showing because I don’t
    do anything impressive in them and this is exactly this kind of replay.

  20. Whats your take on premium ammo? I know you dont mind it too much to shoot
    some yourself to give you a better chance of penning but I mean in general.
    I think it should not be that way where one shell is just flat out better
    in almost every way except if you going for a overmatch or a trackshot
    (which is mostly 10% or even less). A good nerf would be to sacrifice
    damage for the extra pen.. if you get 30% extra penetration it should do
    25% less damage or something. In that case full gold will not always be
    better than full silver and you actually have to think about what ammo you
    use in what situation. Also somebody with good aim will have an advantage
    about somebody who just snapshots gold in the general direction of flat,
    thick armor. What do you say?

  21. I mean, no doubt Hoarce is a very good player, but damn that tank is
    fucked. That DPM, and talk about hovermeds…

  22. some aim bot i see

  23. So basically they are two similar tanks and should have similar results,
    its just about skill? Yes its skill to make opportunities which can pay off
    big, agreed, but the player uses rations, most players don’t, he also used
    premium shells, some players don’t use them much although there is nothing
    wrong with using them, and we don’t know how good the crew is of the other
    Russian medium tank. The one thing I don’t like about Unicrom videos is
    that they almost always use rations and almost always have a very well
    trained crew with multiple skills on each, most players just don’t have
    that or play with a premium account, so for the average player there are
    things in these videos which are not like the reality they face when they

  24. Fucking arty always ruining games. 0.6+ accuracy but hey let’s snapshot a
    907 going at full speed because BALANCE DA

  25. Anfield Can you do a video on how to install the WGL Camo mod?

  26. And he sold this tank today for the 430 LUL

  27. 10k damage in 5 minutes? Wow.

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