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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – E-0. Today WookieHunter5290 is going on a rampage in the T10 the E-0.

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  1. the shot on the tvp was the gamesaver

  2. Love that camo

  3. “He dabbed his 3 key” funny? No? Oh okay

  4. wow that E3 didn’t play very well :P

  5. Papa Tomatos WoT Fiasco

    Yeah thats a fun tank!

  6. Poor t-10 XD :(

  7. that t49 … but hey, HE always does dmg

  8. Where is the intro??

  9. I think that t10 player has been playing alot of battlefield 1 because
    every time an enemy tank wanted to roadkill u and u don t want just keep
    wiggle your gun


    That T-10 doe had me tearing up LMAO

  11. Gotta love how the shell goes right above the T28 prot. and still does over
    a 1000 damage…..

  12. what was the point of the title ? everything went well

  13. jageru was my first t10 tank :D

  14. Why is this tank disguised as a Creeper?

  15. well… that was lucky

  16. Hey boys and girls, this is WookieHunter5290. And no, I do not hunt
    Wookies, but Trandoshans are still cool. So first…..HOLY CRAP!!!!! My
    friend was freaking out on Facebook messenger saying “DUDE YOU NEED TO LOOK
    IS!!!!!!!!!!” Second, the T-10 was hilarious! I was like “Bro….I can see
    your hull just fine.” Third, I hope you guys did enjoy the replay. My use
    of gold rounds at the end of the game was overkill, I am well aware, but I
    just wanted to win. You guys have you own opinions, and I respect that. I
    want to give you peeps a run down of things for this replay. 1: I got a
    headache from this match afterwards because it was so stressful and had a
    hard time playing tanks afterwards because of it lol. It is my best game to
    date and I have never had a tier 10 Kolobanovs before. 2: I run a Super
    Heavy Spall, +50% to armor protection from ramming and explosions, and also
    the same amount of additional protection for the crew members not getting
    injured as easily. Because the Mighty Jageroo is a big arty magnet, so that
    is one reason I survived the Finger of God, and that I was extremely lucky
    the T92 kept missing. But hey, who says luck is not a factor in World of
    Tonks? 🙂 3: Yes, I did know the T-62A is a clan mate (I gun for other clan
    members whenever I can lol, it provides a little more competition for me)
    and I messaged him after saying “I’m so sorry! I ruined your good game!”
    Because he did well in that game. 4: I should have loaded HE for the T34
    the first time, but I did not think of it at the time because I had a lot
    more on my mind in that first engagement….like arty. Always the arty…..
    5: I had a feeling that the E5 was still afk, so that is why I was a bit
    cheeky coming over the ridge after I killed the T92 (That felt SO GOOD)
    otherwise the E5 probably would have killed me if he was awake. 6: I am not
    the unicum to spam HEAT at everything that moves because I think that is a
    waste of money (Hence why my ammo count is 16/4/4 and why I chose to fire
    AP for almost the whole duration of the match.) 298 avg pen and way more
    normalization on AP than on HEAT….what more do I need? XD. So the only
    reason I fired gold rounds and kept my distance from the E5 and tried to
    wiggle when I was spotted, or be cheeky and get an Invader medal out of
    this as well, was what QB mentioned….I did not know if knocking on his
    door would wake him up. This has happened to me in the past (and I am sure
    you guys too) where I am in this situation and the afk player wakes up and
    kills me because I thought he was afk. So I told myself “Okay, I probably
    should load some HEAT here because I have most of the side of his turret in
    my reticle, and because of my positioning on the map and being a one shot.
    I need to do consistent damage with no BS RNG pen with my AP rounds, and
    then finish him off with a HE round to make sure I secure the kill.” I just
    wanted to win the match. I did what I saw fit for the situation.
    Regardless, it was a really intense match for me and the most fun I have
    had on this game in a while. Really got my heart race going and I am sure I
    lost 5 lbs through sweat alone haha XD The digital camo is a Clan Wars
    Reward from the 4th Campaign. The Jageroo is one of my favorite vehicles in
    the game. It has: A devastating gun, being able to be a front-line TD with
    good armor and a decent HP pool, and having that well-known German
    accuracy. I wish you guys and gals good luck out there, and may the Force
    (or Schwartz) be with you ;)

  17. How do you get that camo? I’ve seen it quite a bit but have never found out
    how to get it

  18. Please make a video about the su-100Y


  20. so what is this replay websites name?

  21. which camo is that on the jpe100?

  22. nice replay, great comments, thx QB!

  23. It’s funny that the T-62A on the enemy team is in the same clan as
    Wookiehunter. xD

  24. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Perfect example of why they lost the game^^ Coming 1 by 1 by 1^^^

  25. The enemy t-62a is from the same clan :p

  26. 7:01 best ??

  27. the jageroo has 200 mm on the lower plate m8

  28. Виталий Беляцкий

    so fun :)

  29. Its my first ever tier 10 tank! 🙂 I love it so much, and i have also
    bought back the entire line of tanks.

  30. This was possible only cos that T34 was a noob, needed to spot for arty
    even if it costs him his life instead of running and arty was also noob ,
    he needed to fall back and use AFK tank as a spotter….


    – Chewbacca

  32. Haven’t played several months and when the artillery took half the health I
    was like, nah still not coming back. Fuck those money lovers

  33. The lowest DPM tier X TD is the Foch 155. Only 2,3k

  34. Hey. For many years that 113 tank has been a favorite, where is it possible
    to find replays that I alone can watch?

  35. 1:38 Yea unless you miss those targets and end up getting more and more
    frustrated xD. I ended up selling my FV215b 183, partly because of the
    inaccuracy/aim-time of the gun, aside from turret armor (which isnt great
    aside from the straight front), it doesn’t really have anything else…
    It’s not mobile, turns sluggish, you fire EIGHT THOUSAND credit shells, so
    blindfiring/un-aimed, you just don’t do that. No, I’ll choose the Tortoise
    instead! 🙂 Not the mention the 183 is now looking kinda clumsy with the
    rework imo…

  36. fu arty

  37. I saw this replay 3 days ago already on a replays YouTube channel

  38. Man i use fire gold rounds with it i don’t care because it a win win for me
    slapping people with my 400 + pen with my dick up your anal i bet it hurts
    so hard i make your asshole bleed!! of 400 + pen violating your anal!! by
    the way i don’t read my comments or email is fake junk mail dont go to my
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  39. guys how get such camo? on tanks i saw e100 maus and that jagdpanzer have

  40. TracerHD 曳光彈 ‫‫

    the t-10 XD

  41. that t10 needs gold for comedy value!

  42. Hah I player I actually have seen on the battlefield. Don’t often see that
    on replays.

  43. Only common thing jpze100 has with stress relief is you need one after
    playing this thing. JT is so, so much better.

  44. LoL how did this happen!? First I got Maus and qb did 3 days afterwards a
    video on that and yesterday I got Jagdpanzer E-100 and he has allready
    worked an amazing video for us from it. Great guy you are but are you
    spying on me?

  45. Mr. QB, I have a question. When you are playing a super high alpha damage
    tank, like the FV 4005 for example, is it better to kill a tank on only 1
    HP, or is it better to shoot a tank, not kill him, but you would do 1,000


  47. Actually, artys and the FV215 B 103 too

  48. I wanna know where the hell do you get that camo from ?

  49. Hehe at 10:56 I noticed that WookieHunter is in a German tank. And the
    Alive tanks on the other team is only American tanks

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