World of Tanks || Old Dog, New Tricks!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

The T7 American light tank the T71 suffered badly when on the block, the 1 Walker Bulldog, arrived. Today we learn that you can teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

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of Tanks Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. pls give the 13 75 some love

  2. I cant see new tricks ….

  3. what program u used for game recorder ?

  4. quicky most of the time if you set and stay back waiting for your get cursed for being a camper. they think you are suppose to run
    forward spot and die. i try to be slow and move with caution it does pay
    off. see my video from this week called luchs gotta luchs i waited and it
    payed big..

  5. the hd 71 looks like a 1945 folkswagon or something like that to me

  6. i get why the console doesn’t have everything the PC version does yet, but
    i don’t get why what the console version has is so different from the same
    things on the PC version

  7. Love it! its a keeper. I call it my toy tank :)

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  10. I like my T71, it’s so much fun.
    I once ammoracked a T57 Heavy, I think it was on my 3 or forth shot in to
    him, did about 1300-1500 in damage to him, that was nice. :-)

  11. WZ131 ftw!!!!!! crew with camo + camo net + bush = 70~80% camo. hell yeah.
    but when i see a LT auto loader at full health, i’m like “shit!!”

  12. Oh no! This tank was one of my secret little sins, and now people are
    probably gonna play a whole lot more! Dammit QB!

  13. without premium account you would have made 30 k proffit – repair kit and
    gasoline just under 15 k….so in a good/ verry good….you need to play
    premium account to can make money and buy gasoline every round to boost up
    your stats…so desperate

  14. does anyone know how to make my map displaying the names of the tanks? I
    recently used QB modpack but the map didnt show the names..some help pls?

  15. This reminds me a problem with tanks that players played, when two teams
    has advantages on different types of tanks, such as when your team has more
    HTs and the other team has more MTs, the game was “supposed” to be like
    your team take the heavy lines and the enemy team takes the medium lines,
    but the issue is that players play mediums are “averagely” more skilled
    than HT players, especially I have seen so many camping IS-7 and E100… so
    I have been getting in to MMs which the system consistently giving me noob
    heavy tank players and the opponent team has more skilled medium players,
    and I can’t actually do anything about it. :(

  16. why did the hull changed?

  17. I love mediums but I’ve been trying my hand at lights again. Been playing
    them too much like mediums. Watch your video and took my T71 out after a
    long time of not playing. WN8 of 145 in the first battles then 4000, 2600,
    2400. Don’t expect to stay that high (I’m not that kind of player), but
    thank you for the basic advice.

  18. because fuck 13 75

  19. have war gaming ever implemented a tank that was well rounded and balanced
    compared to the predecessors :P

  20. fan of your videos i have learn alot but sadly i still not have it with the
    light ones i need 100% the sixth sense somthing that i dont have and
    gettting destroy in the first 5 min of the game with all rest types heavy
    mediums … i am good not perfect but with light no so what recomend in i
    light with out sixth sense to do?

  21. damn it wot seems too slow paced after trying out AW….. at least it has
    some HD models to admire

  22. Outstanding tutorial on effective light tank tactics, and why suicide
    scouting is (literally) for losers. You are a superb teacherQ

  23. Very good tutorial QB! Keep up the good work! I’ve learnt something
    tonight. Thanks.

  24. THis was a super fun game to watch on your stream for sure!

  25. qb smooth operator

  26. Looks so different on xbox

  27. god damn it, it uses HVAP, not APCR

  28. Good advice, but me thinks it is easy to make commentary after the fact.

  29. the frontal armor has changed like crazy

  30. “Don’t need to use all 10 rounds” Flanking as a medium because your team
    doesn’t have mediums?

  31. T71 looks more like a Bulldog than the Bulldog itself

  32. ELC AMX rule!!!!!!!

  33. Hey quickey I love world of tanks but I haven’t played it in a while what
    are some tips for getting back into the grind

  34. It’s like the Bulldog and the Bat chat had a baby.

  35. Size matters

  36. Rarely have i ever had to use all 10 shells on the Walker Bulldog. It may
    be due to me being a french light tank driver and i am used to reloading
    after 6 shells. But i prefer the bulldog because of the speed and

  37. When did the T71 get made ugly as sin? It was awesome when I played it, and
    it’s ugly as hell now. Loved playing through my T71, and really did not
    like the Walker Bulldog in WoT. I’m probably the only one who didn’t like

  38. I have like 600 plus battles in mine. love it. got it before the bulldog
    and still have it but didnt keep the bulldog

  39. I love the t71 much more than the m41 but the amx 13 57 is by far my
    favorite tier 7 scout

  40. T71 HD looks hilarious. “Hey guys, let’s take a Chaffee hull, make the
    front a pike nose, and stick a French oscillating turret on it and put the
    Patton’s cupola on that so people know it’s American!”

  41. Good tips, don’t rush…. The problem is…. there aren’t many maps in this
    game with sneaky locations. The ones that do offer enough cover to hide in
    (like in this video) are being phased out. Also…if I took that position
    in my type 64 or MT-25 (both around 70% camo on the crew) I would’ve been
    spotted, and shot. Why do I know this for certain? Because I tried that. Ok
    the bush a little more to the right. WoT is more and more an arcade
    shoot-em-up game. It’s very hard to scout on a corridor map.

  42. t71 was my favorite tier 7 light never had 1 but loved it until they
    changed its looks, the old looks just caught my eye now it just looks like
    a car to me

  43. I still think T71 is better than M41 played 1700+ games in my T71

  44. Really crazy how a tank 100m in front of uou dont get spotted lol

  45. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    @Przemek K I wrote kurwa!!!

  46. hey QB how do you set up your scouts for both type of scouting?

  47. Do you really belief WG wants to balance the tanks? When they introduce a
    new one it’s comoletely OP (in this case bulldog) because they obviously
    want the olayers to invest grinding it. After a few months they nerf it, so
    people stop to grind for it so much and the ones who got it find out that
    they should actually be resesrching a better one (T71 in this video). After
    that, they will nerf this one and buff another light tank and so on and so
    on. I think players should not care so much about graphics but about
    gameplay and start a movement to make WG realize that this system is shit
    and only players who have a lot of tanks (maybe they can invest a lot of
    time or money, but not me) can compete in every category. They change a lot
    of tanks every patch, why, if they have already been years long in the
    game? Just balance the tanks kn one patch and stop introducing OP ones. And
    yes, WG know when they do so, it’s not a mistake, like QB tries to defend.

  48. I never abandoned my T71!! I love that tank, but now loks a bit ugly 😛 So
    sneaky, I love the autoloader gun :3

  49. QB pls respond to me on wot bobek4265451992 i writed to you…

  50. Nowy kanał !
    Gameplaye z różnych gier – w tym World of Tanks – XBOX 360 😀
    Zapraszam ;)

  51. Great tips and comments QB. Wish more new players would watch you and other
    great players videos and streams so they to can learn better play in WOT.
    When playing in WOT and I see new players not playing their tanks in the
    correct manner or understanding how their tanks needs to be played I always
    PM them and ask them to check out your channel (YouTube and Twitch). I
    always do it in a friendly way in hopes of giving them better insight and
    strategy in the game. By doing this I hope that their game improves and
    they and their teammates have a more enjoyable and fun game experience.
    Thanks for all the great instructional videos on WOT and the fun and
    amusing way you produce them. Always a pleasure !

  52. I love the T71 and while i try to get all the light tanks the T71 is still
    a favorite… when the bulldog came out I didnt move on I just made it my
    goal to show everyone that the T71 is far from obsolete…. i carry a 55%
    win rate in it all solo pub games…. its a great tank. its a great feeling
    when a higher tier or newer light tank rushes you expecting to be superior
    just to get out played

  53. you should really put back the standard 720.
    60fps is a nightmare for average internet connection’s.

  54. wait, that looks like a new hull for the t71, when did they replace the old

  55. i love it how you pronounce the german “R” xD like a Russian immigrant :P

  56. Does the T71 have APCR as it’s standard ammunition?

  57. I also prefered the single shot bulldog and played T 71 before it was
    introduced. However, as good as it seems for randoms, for team battles
    there the T 71 is not a contest for the bulldog, LTTB and WZ 131 are. And
    being able to kill your counterpart as quickly as possible is the key
    Really wish they had left the single shot as it was, it was probably the
    best gun there was – a straight upgrade to T 37s gun

  58. That’s title is from the skyfall

  59. can you do the AT15 a review

  60. What happened to the T71’s model it looks like a Chinese tanks now. I
    prefer this look though its nicer than a box.

  61. The t71 sucks its shit

  62. Now wargaming can we talk about the AMX 13 75 maybe, maybe buffing the t71
    is another nerf to a completely useless tank to begin with. The amx
    desperatly needs some love!

  63. I sold my t-71 because the HD modell was so ugly but i really loved my old
    T71.And not always get the medium tank bigger penetration like : T69 and
    T-44 or M26 Phersing. And so so sorry for my grammar faults…

  64. +QuickyBabyTV the best thing about this youtube, Will, is that all the “up
    sell” links to other videos are all about dogs 😀 lol classic

  65. If the T71 suffered badly when the M41 came, then the AMX 13 75 got hit by
    a goddamn airliner on steroids.

  66. Ok, time to take down T7 in my Luchs!

  67. Has anybody noticed, that QB is showing his epic battles mostly against

  68. Quickybaby, will you please do a review about the T-34-85? Thanks

  69. T71 looks so ugly now

  70. 3:06 He will definitely decimate you – as will pretty much everything else
    on the enemy team. To decimate simply means to remove 1/10 of something.
    Basically, if something does 84 damage to you, it has DECIMATED your tank.

  71. I really just have to say that I think the new T71 model looks stupid as
    hell. The turret just doesn’t match the hull aesthetically anymore.

  72. when did the T71 receive side skirts?

  73. T71 might have gotten some love on the gun soft stats. But the new hull
    screwed the gun depression all around. Still a great bully tank. But not
    form the same spots anymore.

  74. qb, ihave a problem getting money on world of tanks 🙁 i lose so many times
    and lose some money aswell.. even when i win ;( what am i doing wrong?

  75. The Anonymous Patriot

    I gave it a like Quicky but honestly man Havoc has you all beat to
    smithereens on Light Tank Tips.

  76. T71 is my favorite light tank in the game thus far. I’ve had some amazing
    results in this little thing.

  77. i did like the T71 and i do like the T71 today but not in regards to the
    way the changed its look. I nearly sold the T71 because of the way WG made
    it a ugly as tank, but i realized it became quite competitive and its not
    in the shadows of the bulldog anymore. Thats why i kept it

  78. Was T71 nerfed when i it went HD?

  79. 3500 games in this puppy

  80. i played 200(?) games in the m41. And yes, you dont need the 10 bullets.

  81. Great vid, QB! 😀 I love my T71, always have fun in it no matter how good
    or bad the game is :)

  82. In the 9.12 Amerikan Low tier tanks realy chance

  83. i saw this on the stream XD

  84. Aaaand the amx 13 75 still sucks compared to the t71
    why can’t that tank get some love ?

  85. so we need good get aways when scouting

  86. subscribed!

  87. 1:46
    Actually, QB (that sounds less funny than “actually, Jingles”), T71 has 7
    shells, not 6.

  88. So, is the 13 75/90 getting a buff? M48? No? Not even a little bit? Ok.

  89. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    world of camp camp camp …. cammo rate + camp camp spoting sys/.. camp
    camp…… this game is so fck sad and borring in GEN..

  90. I think, that T71 is still better than M41 Bulldog.

  91. The T71 got plastical surgery … i liked his old shapes :'(

  92. Did they change the model recently cuz I’m 99% sure that the hull wasn’t
    like that a few years ago.

  93. t71 is my favorite tank n love the ato loader

  94. In the recommandeer video’s next to this one, i see video’s of dogs, he
    tagged bulldog didnt he?

  95. Will you do a highlight on the LTTB any time soon? I only ever see videos
    of T71’s or M41 walker bulldogs, and I understand why but they are getting
    a bit old.

  96. what the hell happened to the hull

  97. Saw it on the livestream, you said it was an ‘ok’ game ^^ 

  98. quickybaby are you going to do a 10.0 mod pack?

  99. M41 is still my favorite tank of all time

  100. T71 is much more flexible than M41 with that short reloading time (>20s)
    which can simply keep the 6 rounds full. There’re not much chance for M41
    to shoot all that 10 rounds since it need 18s to shoot them all.
    And it seems that M41’s ammo rack is so brittle.
    But M41 look much better than the HD T71….

  101. we just got the walker bulldog on the console a couple of weeks ago. its OP
    as balls right now. The T71 is just limping along in the WB’s shadow atm.

  102. Gg !!!

  103. What have they done to T71…

  104. This makes me all the sadder about the godaweful abomination that is the Sp
    1c. Worst dpm of any t7 LT, worst top speed and acceleration of any scout
    LT full stop. With 19 hp/t even medium can accelerate faster. It turns like
    a turd too and it isn’t even historical. In real life it had the same
    engine, but was half the weight ( 5 instead of 10 tonnes) and had a top
    speed of 70 instead of 58. Furthermore with 10mm max armour you can’t even
    get lucky bounces as even the autocannon on the tier IV luchs can triple
    overmatch it. It’s objectively worse in every aspect other than viewrange
    (where its average) than all t7 and many of the t6 LTs in the game.

    Give me back my AwesomePanther! It had a great gun, dpm, viewrange, speed
    and acceleration ( for it’s size), ok camo rating, troll armour (for a LT)
    and was the best rammer in the game (capable of utterly steamrolling
    anything lighter than 40 tonnes.) It was objectively better than the SP1C
    in every aspect other than camo rating. It’s only failing was that people
    didn’t know how to play it. The only time WG actually listen to the
    community, they listened to tomato whiners and did this…

  105. Luca Prestifilippo

    this tank is so ugly ?

  106. So long story short, WarGaming introduces a new OP tank making ‘the old’
    tank completely useless, to combat than they nerf the shit out of ‘the new’
    and thus making the new tank completely useless and re-instating the ‘old’
    tank as a kinda ok average tank. The status quo is back. Good job
    WarGaming. Very typical of you…

  107. Just a comment @QB. It’s always MAGAZINE. Clip is something else. Look at
    M1 Garand rifle reload ammo. That was a clip 🙂 And as I looked to the
    reload systems on some tanks they are some weird rotating sh*t stuff. But
    surely not clips. In movies they use to mingle these two concepts but it’s
    wrong. I also could be wrong about tanks but you shout check it out. Just
    an observation. You do a pretty good job and I like how you explain things.
    GL HF!

  108. I prefer my doggy but the t71 with the buf did became really good + more
    elc replays please want to see what that guy is doing with the elc

  109. HD T71 looks like a baby Bat Chat.

  110. Sirfoch does over 3k damage regularly with the T71 when he tries to prove a
    point that it’s simply a really overpowered American light, you do 3200 and
    make a YouTube video…

  111. awsome gameplay but i my M41 muchs more


  113. In my light tanks I feel the impact I have in the early parts of a game
    often lead to me being dependant on my team to act on my spotting. When I
    start engaging tanks myself when the fighting calms down in about 45% of
    the games my team has fallen on the flank I was not spotting. Do you have
    any tips on fighting a loosing battle? Is it pushing out? Do you advise
    playing in platoons to make sure your spots get acted on?

  114. 112th! (view)

  115. It’s so ugly, look like a moonlander…

  116. Richard Komendanchik

    When did the t71 get its model changed? It had a much different look the
    last time I played this game which was a while ago.

  117. ORIGINAL original original orgion…. i’ll never learn ._.

  118. is it just me or does the t71 look different?

  119. T71 HD is so ugly

  120. Hi quickybaby ?

  121. Cant watch this now QB!!! im watching your stream!

  122. Nice

  123. O bb I’m early

  124. Im early

  125. 4 sec

  126. What do you think about the T71?

    I’m LIVESTREAMING rigbt now!

  127. first

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