World of Tanks – Old School

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It's refreshing to see someone doing well by playing a Medium Tank the way they're meant to be played, even if they're only doing so because they're playing a medium that can't be played any other way. However it happened, it still takes an uncommon amount of skill to make it work.

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  1. That poor Crusader SP tried so hard, but gone are the days of arty carries

  2. I think the T-34-2 Chinese medium tank, the T-44’s eastern tech tree brother, used to have some crappy guns, a 181 standard pen on a 100mm gun and used to have a great big tier 7 122mm gun with 175 standard pen and 390 alpha. The tanks was similar to the T-44 in a lot of ways but was considered worse in every regard, but nowadays with recent buffs the T-34-2’s top gun has 212 standard pen, 360 alpha, and buffs to armor and mobility that makes the Chinese medium arguably better than the T-44. The T-34-2 is really an overlooked tank that shows what WG can do to gift tech tree tanks with much deserved buffs. I just kinda wish I’m better in mine, but hopefully you’ll get a replay with that tank in the near future.

  3. I jam out to the intro every time

  4. Actually Jingles.. nah got nuthink

  5. CrazyWarriorsCatFan


  6. soviet ?? gamer všech dob

    that was fast

  7. Hi Jingles did u see that? (5:18) The Artyplayer on the Enemy Team is watching the Telephone wire pole outside the Map Arco is going to run over. Arco was last spotted a minute ago (4:26). How could the Arty konw the way Arco was going? Skill or Luck?

    • Remember that terrain objects break in real time regardless of the tank’s current spotted status, and that the arty view has a zoom-out function to see a wider view. This is why early in games if you knock down trees or break a lot of fences, sometimes an arty will take a blind shot at your possible location.

      I’m willing to bet that the Crusader SP was paying attention and was just waiting for Arco to give away his presence, and when he saw the telephone pole fall, he took a shot.

    • yeah i thought he has no sixth sense

  8. On my way to the 430u i really enjoyed the T44. Played all tanks with standard ammo and had a pretty good time in the T44. I guess a female crew with some skills helped but still a nice tank 🙂

  9. Gandhi has Denounced you

    if I knew how to send replays I would love jingles to see some of my indien panzer games

  10. Reality Dysfunction

    Yep. If you see you don’t have one of those wheeled things on your team you already know you’re about to get fucked.

  11. Morning Minor Jangles

  12. Did i miss them nerfing the T-44 turret back to pre 9.20 again or why is jingles talking about the turret being weak for a T8? Lower tiered tanks struggle penning the 190+mm front and even 300mm pen bounces quite often from the trollish cheeks and the thicker parts of the gun mantlet .. it isn’t a centurion turret .. but on T8 there isn’t much competition from non premiums.
    The post 9.20 turret on the T-44 is actually quite close to the T-54mod1 turret in regards to protection.. so nothing i would call weak anymore..

  13. T44 is actually amazing, the pen doesnt matter that much (its russian)

  14. Most kills I’ve ever had in a game was t-44 with 12 kills lol

  15. More world of Tanks videos please Mr Jingles 🙂

  16. T44 sucked so bad, I hated it.

  17. when the title said “old school” and I saw this map, I was hoping for the magic Forrest.

  18. Very, very, very fishy arty shot at 5:21
    He drives along the northern border of the map at the red line and I say that he is unspotted.
    And yet – directly after knocking over an obstacle – the arty shell flies in. It misses but it was too close to be just a blindshot.

    • As a part-time arty, I can tell you that the first two minutes of my games are spent zoomed out in the angled view, looking for broken terrain objects for the express purposes of guessing where my counterparts are to try and land counterbattery fire.

      Since both spotting and terrain damage are server-side, tanks can be unspotted, but terrain always breaks in real time regardless of spotting. Whichever arty took that shot at Arco here must’ve had more than their requisite minimum of Situational Awareness pills to realize he was rolling in and was looking for proof of such.

  19. Love that intro

  20. Actually: I couldn’t be bothered to pause the video or look anything up so I don’t know the AP values of anything.

  21. And in wot forums if u complained they would only tell u you need to improve your gameplay.. three years ago I wrote abt it.. do moderators get payed to take companies side ? anyways I finally quit WOT it is crap…

  22. I played almost 400 battles in the t44. I never used a single round of gold sheel. I used its mobility to the max and its was very fun to play the tank how its ment to be.

  23. Crossing to the east of that map, in that manner, normally gets you killed immediately. Lucky fellow

  24. To this day this tank holds the record for most kills in 1 game for me and thats 11 back in 2012

  25. I did like T-44 back in the days. And, call me weirdo, also obj. 416. When you figured out turret and gun, it was hilarious tank to play. All the light tanks that tired to circle around you and didn’t realize how fast that thing could turn around.

  26. The T43 and the T44 are both really good medium tanks Jingles. T44 has pretty much always been a solidly good tank, same for T43.

  27. Actually Jingles, you are correct….. ;D It’s a real pleasure to have watched Arco play a medium tank with great skill.

  28. That was a nice old school gameplay, reminding me of the good old days of WoT, when there were less imaginary tanks than historical tanks.
    Those days are long gone.
    I haven’t played with WoT since 5 or 6 years by now, and NOT planning to either.

  29. Just out of curiosity, how much time do you have on wot. VS others?

  30. …..and type59-i remember the days when the t34-85 had that t44-gun,the d10t at tier 6…ooh happy days

  31. Given that the five variants of the T-44-100 with letter suffixes all have identical stats, I’m guessing that they’re some sort of rental vehicles for events. But when it comes to tanks that players can actually get our hands on, there’s currently 8 Tier 8 Russian premium mediums. Which is a freaking lot. I mean, I know that the Soviets designed a lot of different tanks, but still. That’s crazy.

  32. There is always an upside to Thursdays – your WoT videos 🙂 In all the years ive played the game, i have worked out how to play heavies, i know what lights and arty and TD’s do – but when you say “Like a medium should be played” – i have never found any explanations anywhere on how to play a medium. I really have no idea what they are supposed to do, or where they are supposed to go!

  33. When he approached the arty players all I could think was “use your machinegun, YOUR MACHINEGUN”.
    Yeah… wrong game. One of those mechanics WoT players can only dream of.

    • Ironically, the t44 in WT is a real terror if you play it right, hell, I’ve seen t44 players bounce MULTIPLE hits from both 122 and 152mm cannons and just slaughter their way thru afterwards…….

  34. When people talk about the turret of t44 i remember a time when fv4202 was tier 10 and i was playing the mk1 centurion and was dreaming to have turret atleast as good as t44.

  35. OMG it’s an O.G. Jingles W.O.T. video with a real tank and tanker – good catch Jingles.

  36. I respect that Crusader SP for having the chutzpah to die proudly when he knew all was lost instead of finding the nearest wall to blow himself up.

  37. Either I went under the radar again or Jingles really just doesnt like me. 😀

  38. ACTUALLY JINGLES! I don’t give 2 sh*ts about the values of the tanks; because I don’t play the game. I just love watching the videos with your history lessons and commentary. Keep ’em coming!

  39. I love my T44 it eats Type 59 for breakfast. I surprise the enemy tanks in every battle. They underestimate it. It’s like a jack of all trades. The T54 is cheese. I don’t fear it. It is easy to kill it.

  40. Has about the same playstyle as the T54 ltwt right?

  41. I’d have to review the video, but it seemed to me that apart from the enemy Tiger I and GW Panther there was no tank in this match that has already been there when T-44 was the only (tier 8 Russian medium) sheriff in town.

  42. I remember when T44 had only 175 pen on 100 mm gun

  43. He says the Object 416, but still has no video on it. Such an under appreciated tank.

  44. I wonder, did the amount of dislikes go down after they became hidden. There were always dislikes under any video, but I’m curious if this new change decreased or increased them.

  45. I love it when Jingles says “Akshyually, Jingles…” makes my day everytime

  46. Aye, thats my friend you featured! Nice! Good to see him killin it.

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