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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today CptNiNjAcAT is going to show off the ultra rare T10 medium the M60 which was the first clan wars reward tank!

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  1. Heart breaker

  2. 14:12 – “I’m not sure if this is a bug?” … Wait, are most of you not very
    often seeing the “M” award for the Mastery Badge Ace Tanker? I see them on
    tanks I’ve already aced over and over again. Is this a function of Solo’s
    mod pack, or (what probably most of us thought) a function of the game …
    and if it IS a function of the game, why does the game NOT count how many
    times we’ve earned Ace tanker in each tank and give us a number for times
    that medal was won?

  3. Cung Tuan Thanh Le

    Quickybaby u screamed hardly

  4. 7:17 nice ghost shell WG

  5. Even though he mucked up at the end he still played a great game and btw
    those tanks are so op on my opinion

  6. I have just one question: How can a statistically good player like that be
    so foolish as to poke multiple times in front of a Jagdpanzer E100 that is
    aiming at you, with less than 1100 HP in your vehicle?……..

    The situation was very tense for him I imagine but that really is a tomato


    It’s indeed *VERY* difficult to get Ace and gun marks on tanks which are
    generally only played by the best players in the game. Have the same
    problem with my Object 907.

  7. My god that WT and M60 became such big retards at the end…

  8. Such a heartbreak!

  9. Just like WG to put some made-up tanks in the tech tree and make the most
    proliferated tanks the rarest of reward tanks (M60, Type59)

  10. He lost this game when at 59% left the capping process…

  11. There is a moral to this story, do not trust your team mates in worl of
    tanks, they will let you down.

  12. what a mistake at end :(

  13. @quickybaby I like how you are aware that SPG’s are not Tanks, but just to
    let you know, technically Tank destroyers are also not Tanks. cheers

  14. WT did not play terribly, he is a terrible player, so played accordingly.

  15. At 7:17. Another ghost shell. I think it is a replay glitch since I have
    been seeing it a lot more lately.

  16. Foking op tds

  17. M60 is a noob

  18. Lmao, that guy in the FV207 in CptNiNjAcATs team is in my clan. He did so
    bad kek

  19. Acually i would of pulled back to that window hole so jag. pz. E100 could
    turn… but good game!

  20. trying to get the t95e2…

  21. he should have caped

  22. wow, that ghost shell, still not fixed in this game.

  23. How do we send replays in to Q B?

  24. ankh-orgil bayardalai

    wut an dumbass

  25. yeah i love it… I LOVE because JAGDPANZER E100 WIN the game.. fuck all
    USA tank

  26. I weep for the Kitty Cat. T.T

  27. TheWaffleApocalypse

    He really should’ve got 12 kills… Batchat kill stolen, unlucky shot on
    e75 turned into the kill being stolen, kv4 kill stolen and more than likely
    would’ve killed the last two if he didn’t choke

  28. Captain ninja cat wow that name…..

  29. I really wish I could get an M60

  30. guy played like shit at the end

  31. 11:09 thank god that idiot lost. there was no reason to stay there and
    better yet there was no reason to try and bait a shot, hes’s close range he
    can hit u easly. he should hack backed up, past the window, before the jp
    e100 had enough time to point his gun. what a stupid mistake

  32. so many missed opportunities with track shots :<

  33. 10:03-10:05 Did you mean a mouse or the Maus? lol I had to think about that

  34. so in order to get a mark of excellence you need a mastery badge in the
    tank? if that’s the case I’ll have like 7 stripes on my t-150’s barrel when
    they add that feature in blitz

  35. I don’t get why people in tear 10 medium tanks carry so much HEAT? T10
    medium tanks have some of the highest pen in game but I see people and
    QuickyBaby use 10-20 gold rounds. I just makes no sense.

  36. Played so well and then went full retard in both engagements against the JP
    and T92 at the end.

  37. GoodEyeSniper1407

    I looked up rustyfishhook on WoTLabs and laughed. His recents are markedly
    worse (by a full color or two) than his overalls. #StatAntiPad

  38. very good luck game but here in america dice is a pretty subpar clan, many
    jokes could be made but ill hold back

  39. You can still buy them in Chinese server!!!! For roughly $40!

  40. M48 needs buff badly. It’s totally outclassed. And not just by tier 10s

  41. another heartbreak episode…

  42. HAHA power donkey gets rolled hard!! Glad CptScrub got owned.

  43. these kind of matches are awesome and all, but plz QB, less heart breakers,
    more victories.

  44. I have not seen an M60 in years

  45. HAPPY 300K Subs QB 🙂 o7

  46. SlipSoaps SpudGun

    Aaahhhhh! QB why you always show the depressing replays?

  47. heres a challenge for you do 2000 damage in the comet with the derp gun

  48. a flawless performance
    he messed up at the end even you said it

  49. Can u review the 30.02 d

  50. Qb can u pls add the wot assistant mod into your modpack in the coming

  51. Ghost shell 7 min 17 seconds 🙁 WG fix it

  52. Floris van den Eventuin

    Radley walters in thumbnail?

  53. This was one of the first tanks i saw in person 😀 at the AAF Tank museum
    in daneville, VA

  54. Track, close, get behind kill arty, done. I mean yeh Waffle failed hard but
    he gave him the opening and then the bait, to bait a JagdE100 hmmn, oh well
    so good to that point.

  55. Have not seen a good WT E100 player in quite a while XD

  56. what would I do when the wt died… fall back, go into the cap circle and
    here comea the psychology part, stay there until t92 or jg pz comes to
    reset. if they both attack at the same time then I simply run away having
    them in open space to attack them later

  57. I’d give anything to have a tank beyond tier 6 I jus cant seem to get to
    tier 7 no matter how long I play.

  58. Fix game , aka mm, arty, stupid physics, premium accounts = less people

  59. The French Bastard

    nice to se some games games that aren’t a victory keeps the surpise till
    the end instead of “wel if you upload it it has be a victory”

  60. Loss by dbag heat rounds

  61. QB, please, just please, write “heartbreaker” in the video title next

  62. brilliantlysplendid

    My heart…

  63. “his little turret” 😛 lol

  64. Although it’s likely, he doesn’t necessarily have the vehicle for 2 years
    now. Last campaign you could choose to pick up either the 907, VK or M60 as
    you wish.

    This game… nerves took over I’m afraid. Well played nevertheless.

  65. People like that WTF E100 is the reason why I have trust issues…

  66. The dude did 10k damage. Even if he fucked up a bit in the end, as we
    mostly would have under that pressure, he killed by himself like a third of
    the enemy team. Props to him and shame on his team that wasn’t even able to
    win such a hard carried game.
    Sometimes, you just can’t win no matter how well you do…

  67. congratz on 300k subs QB.

  68. that jagdpanzer e100 also had a pretty good game.

  69. Quickybaby please dont vive us these heartbreakes any longer they ruin my

  70. I had A M48….I sold it within a week and bought my M46 back….I find
    that the M48 isnt A bad tank but its not as good as the other tier 10 MTs.
    Its too big, the gun doesnt have any remarkable traits, and its not very
    quick compared to the other MTs, it has decent gun depression and great
    view range but thats it. Its just not good enough. Every thing else is A
    little bit better.

  71. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Tragic ending shows movement and position trump gunnery in mediums. GG

  72. I like the m60

  73. Nice video and awesome gameplay with a rare tank! So sad at the end ;(

  74. noob wt e100 imo…

  75. This is why dice is shit

  76. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I facepalmed so hard at the end… Either way good game.

  77. I was thinking this was an Armored Warfare video…

    Commence the heartbreak…

  78. thejoedude thefirejoe

    tbh wot isnt even worth playing anymore, games that are actually good games
    are like 1 in 200 now and every one in between makes me want to smash my pc
    and run off and live in the woods like a squirrel

  79. We’re now more than 300 000 !!! ?

  80. I think it is unfair that only players who are in Top Clans can get the M60
    and 907

  81. its just not enough isnt it…

  82. Wait your accounts stop working?!?!?!?! PLEASE REPLY!

  83. Eeh youre always sending a replays with lost

  84. Ślązak Grzesiek

    That could be a Radley-Walters medal,but no – centurion had to steal a
    bat-chat ;)

  85. Hello, I’m from Hungary so I’m playing on the EU servers, and always there
    is at least 1 idiot in the battle, I mean when I’m talking with someone and
    I want to send him a video he’s interested in there will be someone who
    are a lot of idiot kidds on the American servers too or not?

  86. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    no QB not a little bit btter….alot better then m48 patton…
    that tank and fv4202 are just garbage pure garbage.
    e50m batchat obj 140 t62 and leopard1 all the way

  87. “a wild M53/55 appears” XDDD

  88. I have M60, not doing so well in it though 😛
    Judging by the clan wars camo, the player got it in Third rather than in
    First campaign…which was how I got it as well. You could have actually
    chosen out of three vehicles 907, VK7201k (which I already had from Second
    campaign) and M60 (which at the time only 3000 players were given).

  89. Intersected Prime

    i like how is looking the zoom …what video setting do i have to do ?

  90. Brings back a lot of memories.

    I trained on M-48A2Cs and M-48A3s in 1966-67 the A3s were sent to Vietnam
    with the A2Cs being kept in Korea. Later on in 1968-70 the M-60 and M60A1.
    The M60 was a big step above the M-48s with a better and accurate 105mm
    British L7 main gun (rather than the older M68 105mm used on the M-48A5s)
    and upgraded stabilization system, fire computer and ranging system. Plus
    the turret design, commander’s cupola and hull were changed and pushed the
    weight to 52.5 tons over the M-48s 49.6 tons.

    The upgrades gave the M-60 a guaranteed 1st round hit ON THE MOVE over the
    M-48s MAYBE 75% 1st round hit on the move. Overall the M-60 was a much
    better tank and was the 1st generation of U.S. Main Battle Tanks as the
    Light, Medium and Heavy classifications were dropped with the M-48s and
    only 2 classifications remained, Main Battle Tank and Airborne Tank with
    the M551 Sheridan.

    Just memories from an old Treadhead.

  91. 3 heart brake games in a week??? This is just too much gb ;_;

  92. i can understand why he didnt want to get close to the yaguro cus its a
    narrow allyway and there are 2 enemys- it wuld have been easy for them to
    work together and kill him. so he should have ran away get distence go to
    the hill and hope to trape 1 of them in the open or on thire own

  93. Maxlord67 | World of Tanks & Fun

    At 4:16 a gost shell

  94. Ouch, what a terrible teammate…

  95. One way to better your life, stop playing WOT.

  96. -_ RazvaNavzar _-

    12:00 little? haha xD

  97. DX heartbreak

  98. 9.10 xD

  99. Nobody likes DICE players on NA. Good thing this bad kid went full retard
    at the end.

  100. Looking at the camo (3rd campaign reward camo) I would guess he has chosen
    this tank as a reward from 3rd campaign instead of getting it from the
    first campaign. Anyway well played until the last stand.

  101. That end… pressure was too much.

  102. Btw good game mate nice too see a humble guy so rare these days you did

  103. Noooo please quicky no more videos like this NO MORE HEART BREAK VIDS IN

  104. I find that the M60 plays alot better than the M48, because of the better
    gun handling. :)

  105. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    I was the 999 like :D

  106. Fking auto aimer auto aim is no skill

  107. good luck and congratulations to 300k subs

  108. good luck and congratulations to 300k subs :D

  109. good luck and congratulations to 300k subs :D

  110. I don’t think anyone wants a Maus to sneeze on them.

  111. pls send me the amx cdc pls

  112. that batchat really let down his stats, wow.

  113. O MY GOD ITS RIGHT THERE LOL QB reactions too OP

  114. Sai “SgtSai” Deadeye

    ahhh the M60, i have one in the town i live in as a memorial to our
    soldiers :D

  115. Never have faith in your team mates is the conclusion I draw from this

  116. Jesus, an M60!!! Havn’t seen one of these for a looong time!

  117. WT E 100 friggin choked hardcore.

  118. Isn’t such a good player after all, isn’t he? Making such a great misstake
    that the very end of the battle makes all good play useless. He had the
    opportunity to win the game almost alone but he threw it away…

  119. I like this…I remember whne I asked quicky that he should never title a
    vid with “heartbreak” and than he seemed to have listened to me with one
    vid but continued to do the old way afterwards. Now his 2 latest vids are a
    heartbreak and I never saw it coming. IT really gives to the feeling when
    you dont know its gonna happen.

  120. raimondas vepstas

    from your video In fact I learned Kaikoura trinkets as a player you should
    know even though I am from Lithuania thus continues Shortcuts :)

  121. I am so sick of being crap, But it seems no matter what i try i still end
    up sucking of 80% of games.

  122. 7:17 that ghost shell

  123. LOL the type 62’s name on enemy team translates to english roughly as:
    farting_machine ?

  124. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    some realy bad play, i think it was the pressure. I like how he doesnt fire
    the big amount of prem. ammo that you see a lot in high dmg games.


  126. 750 and 105

  127. Yeeeey ARTY LIVES F***you haters

  128. IMO The Wt Auf E100 should have kept out of sight in the cap circle to
    force one of the enemy tanks out of position, that or what QB said about
    only peaking around the corner.

  129. LoL why is there radley’s medal picture when u open the video? D:

  130. hey quicky congrats with 300k subs quicky!

  131. When t92 fired he should go in 😛 Anyway GG :)

  132. what is that multicolor streaks in the side of nicknames at the postgame

  133. around 2:20 ish. How exactly is it unfair to the “99.99%”? I you invest the
    time work and effort, YOU DESERVE a newer novel tank. It’s not like they
    are a lottery at random. Really Irks me when someone says “It’s not fair”
    when everyone has the exact same equal opportunity. They’re just not
    willing to invest the time nor effort and that sir is on them.

  134. as long as he tracked the jpe100 he should have rushed them to go behind
    jpe100 and finish t92

  135. It may be rare…. But it’s still pretty much an M48. The M48 part makes it
    shut if you didn’t know

  136. The M60 lost the game! He failed to track the Jagaroo and even when he got
    him tracked he didn’t close the distance! That is just very bad play and
    poor decision making! Guess the M60 suffered from a sudden rush of shit to
    the brain at the end! Such a heartbreak because he played it perfectly
    untill that point in the game! GG anyway!

  137. can you get a elc amx and place it next to the Japanese tier 10 tank plz.

  138. Played like idiot till the end, couldn’t load HEAT and shot throw the
    window or flank again .. (facepalm)

  139. I laughed my ass off when you tried so hard to not say E-75 !!! xD

  140. “He is terrified where the T92 is, and he comes around the corner and OMG
    IS RIGHT THERE!” Lol, QB, nice try

  141. I would have deleted the game if it ended like that :P

  142. “That is literally the biggest gun in the game and you DON’T want to get
    hit by it an-…OH MY GOD IT’S RIGHT THERE!!!!!” xD I fucking almost fell
    out of my chair laughing xD

  143. hurr durr eye hav a tier 10 tenk destroier wif no armar. im going too gow
    too the front lyn :DDDDDDDD

  144. Beniamin Budzyński

    I say WG should give QB all of the clan reward tanks!! Common we can make
    this happen!!

  145. Whadd’ya know… Another dumb ass in a WT E100 doing 2500 damage but
    remaining completely unreliable. The end was cringe worthy but the rest of
    the game was great.

  146. You could have warned us of a heartbreak!?

  147. QB why do you use percentage instead of hit points remaining for the
    “vehicle health” setting in the options? Having the hitpoints on display
    right there tells you exactly what health your opponent is on and allows
    you to determine whether your shell will kill them or not, however with
    percentage it seems simply disadvantageous to have to rely on your memory
    of enemy tank hit point pools then quickly estimate how much health they
    would have remaining judging by the percentage they’re on, and even if you
    get a rough estimate it is, well, just that. A rough estimate, not an exact
    number right in front of you. Why make things harder for yourself for no

    Is this setting only enabled when you’re making YouTube videos reviewing
    games or do you play like this normally?

  148. damm he really fucked up at the end 😀 but everything else was pretty

  149. “And- OH MY GOD IT’S RIGHT THERE!” -Quickybaby 2015

    Best quote of the year

  150. great tank i like a good gun, but he vas greaty at the end

  151. Damn, this is a frustrating video -_-

  152. I have one

    I have never played a game in it :^)

  153. If you are reloading an auto loader hold the right mouse key to fix your
    gun movement.
    This veils that your drum is empty.

  154. when is the test server for 10.0 coming out?

  155. Congrats on the 300 000 subs, mate

  156. When will the new patch hit ? anyone ?

  157. would like warning of heartbreak games, I don’t like them personally, just
    not my style

  158. dat plays … so bad

  159. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Wouldn’t mind seeing more M60 videos.

  160. Although I’m pretty experienced with the M48 and M60 due my American medium
    obsession, he should have played much better after killing the VK. The M60
    is honestly a worse M48, except for the gun. It’s just superior. The
    commanders hatch is not really a weak spot though. It’s honestly probably
    the best armored part of the entire tank :’)

  161. M60 isn’t that rare since you could get it on several occasions …

  162. Another heartbreak? … great gameplay.. but yet another heartbreak.. pff

  163. I just love the way the enemy team did defend themself that is a thing i
    never so before

  164. quickybaby can you pls sent me the amx cdc pls

  165. WT-E100 lost that game…

  166. Typical Waffle, only good hiding in bushes. Hand them damage on a silver
    platter and they buckle under the pressure. ;)

  167. Very basic game i cant do it im noob but what i see very basic game and yet
    another tank that is FUCK YOU ! YOU CANT HAVE ME ! this is 100% isult to
    all the noobz like me :D

  168. Genius right till the end, then full retard >.< Who tries to bait a shot from a jagzilla in such an open spot? >.< Still 99% admirable game :O

  169. I actually like this more than my patton, only thing I hate is the

  170. he is not the one losing this game. The stupid wt e100 is the reason

  171. What a fucking retard

  172. GG i wouldve done the same on that e100 there figured he mightve
    used his repair kit this late in the game

  173. Dang a rare one

  174. 7:17 (speed 0:25) – 62’s shell when through M60 Patton!

  175. OMG! I really thought that was going to be a win for Mr.NinjaCat, wow great
    game though.

  176. every m60 owner that ive played with have been very rude :/ like using
    ableist and homophobic slurs for simply saying “Is that the legendary m60?”
    (NA, so what do i expect, honestly?)

  177. That WTF E100… *facedesk*

  178. That Wt e100…. OMG how can he fail this hard? lol

  179. congrats on 300k subs quicky!

  180. it is a perfect tank for you:-) :-)

  181. Not really nice quickybaby because I like STB-1

  182. im early need to pull off a joke… fk

  183. Ich “NoSkill” Nicht

    Orange Jagdpanzers are the worst…

  184. What the heck is that tank?!

  185. That powerdonkey of the 50 120 really screwed the bat chat there, he not
    only did nothing but he even died in a possition to cover his enemys ¬¬
    Thats why im scared to death from reds on my team :(

  186. Ugh 4 mins 178 views off first…. 8th comment thi

  187. Erik Knutssønn Espeland

    Great video

  188. O_o best M60 footage, thanks QB 😉 Good luck on the battlefield

  189. I was 3rd btw

  190. I’m not first

  191. aww

  192. Borgert TheGodLike (BorgertTheGreat)


  193. Hello Qb and congratz on 300k subs ;D And please can you do a 13 90 replay?
    Thanx and keep up the great work!

  194. What do you think of the M48A1 Patton?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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