World of Tanks – Old School

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The original and some say still the best Soviet tier 9 medium, it’s to go old school and see if the T-54 still has it where it matters.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. In the middle of WOP WOPS

    stop rewinding the replay to lengthen your videos. such a cheap move

  2. punkypink83 aka Emily

    loving the LTG who was saying to let him have the last 2 b4 weaklings even asked

  3. T 54 op seriously

  4. Average doesn’t mean 50 percent are worse. That’s a really odd thing to say.

  5. That O ni on the enemy team is in my clan 🙂

  6. If nothing else the T-54 (And the T-55A as well) are sexy beasts… If a tank could ever be considered “Sexy”…

  7. gunslinger_lucky tanki junky

    In blitz its just paper, but in a sense blitz isnt really pro and I always spam AP with armor extra penetration chance on a jadgtiger 8.8 tier 9 gun. :3 iz paper still.

  8. had to check the usernames on the opposing team… The beginning of this game looked suspiciously like a game in which my Centurion was relentlessly thrashed by a solid T-54 player.

  9. “unlike msot t-54 drivers who press the 2 key”…Urm Jingles…He’d already loaded the HEAT before you said that…T-54 drivers will always be T-54 drivers

  10. But Jingles, I still call it the UFO.

  11. Jingles we love to watch you play too like back in the day.

  12. I like the T54 better then my T62A sad to say.

  13. Actually, Jingles you did one where the Minotaur colonized everything in sight, just like you colonized St. Petersburg.

  14. Many years ago everyone was grinding for the T-54 and Object 704 which were the only two Maus Killers in the game at the time.

  15. Did you see my Tirpitz replay I sent in earlier this week. Where I was the last one alive on my team, killed 7 ships the last being a German dd in a 5km gunny duel that forgot I had torpedoes as well, when he tried to jump me in my cap.

  16. Does anyone know about the bonus codes for blitz? How to get them?

  17. Jingles, Could you watch the replay again and determine who tracks the VK 45.03 at around 7:47 left in the match? It looks like the ricohet from the LTG actually tracks the VK 45.03.

  18. UFO?… On the Russian server the name was “cockroach”… I think because there were so many of them and then operated in swarms XD

  19. Please tell Notser to get back in his salt mine.

  20. Yep. Hit on the side by APCR from the Centurian with no damage but the game isnt rigged or biased in favor of Russian tanks right? Sure thing.

  21. great game play there

  22. Is 53% win rate good or bad

  23. The average win rate is 48%? I find that hard to believe. Given the quality of players I see, 45% would be more believable. I do not use a premium account, premium tanks, or premium ammo yet have a 50% win rate. And I’ll be criticized for giving advice to players with lower win rates on how to better their play even as they lose firing gold shot after gold shot and still missing or bouncing.

  24. 200IQ plays oh boi

    from yer boi Mung Bean

  25. With the help of Russian bais it was a great game. I mean that poor centurion player he shot done like 1200 DMG to this guy

  26. I remember jingles wows carrier video where the player said in chat carriers dont or cant move confusing a carrier with an airfield, a heavy tank confusing itself with a gun enplacement or bunker lol, its a tank drive it around hahaha

  27. i am always the the like the centuran 7/1

  28. The FSB definitely has a blackmail video of Jingle taking a romantic bubble bath for one, hence all the video featuring Russian vehicles.

  29. balls of steel on that arty player

  30. The problem with having massive balls is when you finally decide its time to get out of there you trip on them and get killed for it.

  31. More OP Russian medium tank play…..what a treat

  32. Actually Jingles, it’s the HEAT-54. Not the T-54. This tank is the poster child for the proliferation of gold ammo spam……

  33. stellan andersson

    Great play and an entertaining vid.

  34. jingles what ship you was on. what tank should i get?

  35. USSR tank suck. USA yes!!!!

  36. Lay m3 lee 🙂

  37. YouTube needs a hahahahahaha button

  38. Jingles, The very mighty jingles. I never thought a day would come where I would be writing to a person ive never met, in a comment section where this may never be found and seen.

    I have been subscribed to you so since making an account (Joined Feb 11, 2011) at 11 years old. Im now called a young man by my family and peers and id like to thank you. To say the least home was never my safe place, on the computer watching the mighty jingles, that was my safe place. Listening to all the stories and terrible jokes with threats of being sent to the salt mines never failed to get a laugh out of me in all these 8 years. youre the reason I got into gaming, got my first laptop because of the mighty jingles and quickybaby driving tanks and battling it out with others, to a kid, thats pretty sick.

    Unfortunately as time goes on and kids grow up, they have to put away old toys and put on a cap of responsibility in life, which has left me unable to watch my childhood Tom Cruise. And with a tear in my eye this is my goodbye to you Jingles, I will stay subscribed to you forever my friend, but this will be the last video I see. I Hope I can show your Videos to my son one day, and we can have a laugh.

    Sincerely a childhood Fan,
    Neil Liedtke

  39. A good tank crew is far more important than a good tank…
    (in this case a good commander)

  40. T54 HEAT spammer… The oldest and still most seen noobs in WoT

  41. Don’t mistake stupidity for bravery.

  42. 5:27 “counts as tracking damage” except that it didn’t 😛

  43. Jingles you are wrong @ 4.30 there was only 4 tanks at base with the T49 going down to the valley, 2/3rds of the team went to 1 square so it is a lemming train!!!
    Here is your typical world of tanks players all go to 1 square don’t look at the mini map again and wonder why they lose so many tanks.

    The T54 should have gone back to help over 2 mins ago with only 3 mins of the game gone. He should have gone help arty and base defense. If he had done that they may not have lost 7 tanks, he has the speed and the firepower to stop the light tanks easy but still sits in B2.

    Jingles your wrong at 6.11 you say that arty the M12 sat in base, your wrong the M12 went into TD mode killed one tank and was trying to run away but the 1390 sat in the middle killed him. Again if the T54 went back sooner this may not have been the case.

    Can i ask do you watch the replay before you start your commentary or do you do it on the fly?

    A lot of players have little or no map awareness, most have the mini map so small its hard to read. Now go watch the high skill players they have the map a lot bigger to see the whole picture that is why they have high wn8 and win rate, that is why over 50% of players only have a 48% win rate due to tunnel vision and map awareness!!!

  44. 50% are worse than the median

  45. I have had many games saved by skilled and brave arty players, they don’t get enough creds.

  46. Jingles you crack me up – is your innate bigotry of artillery is softening? 🙂

  47. Jingles does not know how averages work…

  48. jingles, love the vids budd, but this video irked me quite some….its like you teased us with footage of the player when you were so focused on the mini map story all the while hot action was going on for over 30 seconds. that was incredibly frustrating, and you did it more than once.
    yes it was funny, but adress it on the mini map briefly full screeen a bit, then turn back to the action and keep the commentary or story going, but the players action must go on!!!!! please no more teasing jingles

  49. TheParallellinial

    T-54 is by fare the easiest tank I have ever gone through! Done it twice and still love playing it!

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