World of Tanks || OLD Versus NEW

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today we’re seeing how the , the original T8 premium tank, stacks up to modern competition!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Gonna Correct QuckyBaby on this but LOWE and KV-5 where added at the same time and where both 7,500 gold

  2. 1:38 actually the Lowe used to be 7500 as well

    i bought it for 7500 back in the day 😉

  3. I still love my KV-5. When it has a good game it’s absolutely hilarious to use. Top tier the KV-5 is absolutely beautiful

  4. KV-4 is not similar to KV-5 ?

  5. You didn’t mention that WG buffed the armor on R2D2 for “balance” reason

  6. Dead Channels Collector 2

    Man, I miss the old days. No OP tanks just players with skills.

  7. *When the new meets the old
    It always end the ancient ways!!!*

  8. V 8.6 …. good times , now all die in 2 minutes …

  9. WG used to be a good game company, now they are good at doing business.

  10. On console KV-5 has a halloween skin called the Gorynych. Once it has been awakened it shoots out its FIRE BREATHING gun, and once its been damage it REGEN its health. Also it acts like an artillery. Fucking Slavic Dragon

  11. As someone who has played well over a thousand games in my KV-5, I’d say it definitely is a lot more powerful than some people think. That’s for two reasons mainly: First, of course, the gun. It’s fast rate of fire and surprising gun handling allow someone who has become attuned to its characteristics to deal damage very effectively, even with the old 167mm of pen. It’s DPM is at the top of its class, making it excellent not only for brawling, but bullying mediums and lights. Second is its armor. It is riddled with weak spots, yes, but its secret is that it is just as effective against an equal-tiered opponent as one higher, as its thickness makes it too robust to penetrate for most any gun anywhere but its weak soots.

    Take note of experienced KV-5 drivers in battle, they will surprise you more often than not…

  12. my list of balance premium tanks
    -FCM 50t
    -AMX CDC
    -panther 88
    -T34 heavy

  13. Can’t wait for the IS3A double barrel Xmas loot boxes !

  14. The Kv-5. My one And Only Premium tank I have.

    Because I’m too poor to buy gold again

  15. Jonathan Lachapelle

    Hello everyone!!

  16. Got my Kv-5 last year after waiting for a sale for literally years. It is a unique tank and that is what I look for in premium tanks 🙂

  17. Well, it’s more like “everyone figured out the weaknesses of the defender and now can handle them far better than they did back when it released.”

    The defender is a strong tank, yes, but it still has obvious weakspots that can be exploited easily by most same-tier and even lower-tier vehicles such as the obvious lower plate or, if you face hug them, the commander’s hatch on top the vehicle. You can also go around it and shoot it in the side and rear.

    • @Matthew Chenault And? You have been repeating that for 4 comments. Do you think I didn’t understand what you meant the very first time you said it?

    • Stubbari, because you seem to not understand the premise of “a medium tank shouldn’t be able to defeat a heavy tank frontally with ease, since it completely invalidates the purpose of a heavy tank being a heavy tank.”

    • @Matthew Chenault And you figure out that from where?
      When exactly did I say that mediums should be able to defeat a heavy tank frontally with ease?

    • Stubbari, the fact that you’re complaining about medium tanks not being able to have a 100% guarantee of penetrating the front of a heavy tank and insisting that is an issue?

    • @Matthew Chenault Don’t put words into my mouth. I never said anything like that.
      I said “I wouldn’t call a lowerplate which is 50/50 for a same tier medium a _weakspot_ .”
      *Learn to read*

  18. Quickybaby: There’s nothing in the game that looks like the KV-5

    Nameless: Hold my beer

  19. I won my kv5 from a live stream, I was trying for the type 59….

  20. More whining about premium tanks. How refreshing.

  21. ManDrake Vermilyea

    XP boost for damaging premiums would be a cool feature.
    Maybe even premium only game type?

    Premium balance needs to be a thing. I’ve been in many games on the NA server where it’s been 3/4 team of premiums V. No premiums.

  22. KV-5 is like T150 on steroids 🙂

  23. God spot there QB, you hit the spot there for me, Wishing back too the old premium tank mm and standard. were you stand a chans against them.

  24. Where’s IS-6 QuickyBaby? It’s a forgotten tank nowadays since there’s many types of premium tank that can excel better than it.

  25. Oh please wake up, this is 1 of 10 where kv5 or other tanks can play normal. QB better make petition for the removing EBR from the game cuz are toxic.

  26. Old vs. New 2? T34-3 vs. Progetto? ?

  27. Any chance you can bring back your count down videos, or at least update them? I’m looking for the most profitable premium that’s the most fun and not OP. I don’t want to support OP practices


  29. Russbot Apocolypse 2020

    Back in the day a good KV-5 player was a pain to play against no matter what you were driving.

  30. they sold PZ2J on NA 🙁

  31. Excuse me! Kv5 is actually one of my favorite thanks to play vjust due to the face that it weighs so much!

  32. Last time I was this early, “power creep” just meant that some weirdo was hanging around the local power station

  33. Right now on console there is -1,+1 matchmaking and all preferential premiums now have -1 matchmaking which makes them op as fuck.

  34. yeah, I feel the same in my IS-6 haha:)

  35. Thanks for the video BUT i have to say, why do i care about the performance of a tank as a top tier?? o.O
    You played vs T6 tanks, being top tier is so very rare (10% chance) with a t8 tank. All i care, how do tanks perform if being bottom tier, as example KV-5 vs tier 9 tanks, because this happens in 50-60% of all games, thanks to this annoying matchmaking.

    And versus t8 or t9, the KV5 is complete garbage! So sry, while i totaly agree with you in terms of the whole premium tank philosophy and how WG ruined the game with ridiculus tanks like the defender and the progetto, as example, i have no idea why you judge a tanks performance being top tier?!

    The KV5 is garbage vs t8 and t9, because there are way to many OP t8 premium tanks out currently and combined with the goldspam meta, armor doesnt count at all, sadly.
    Even Scorpions and SU-130 will rape this thing apart with goldshells from anywhere.

  36. The KV5 is epic, I certainly don’t fear Cromwells in it. It’s a shame how much it has been nerf’d, it’s been slowed, it turns slower, credit earnings massively reduced and of course changes to premium rounds, match making and power creep. It’s a real testament to anyone who can consistently perform well in it. It has also been buffed a little, more HP, pen and gun depression, preferential match making, and a reduced in price

  37. how lucky gamer of PC WOT in server EU, RU, NA…. because in server HK-ANZ, tier 9-8-7-6 cant battle with tier 7-6-5-4….. but tier 10 can battle with tier 8….. T_T

  38. KV 5 was already bad at release. Löwe came at the same time for the same price

  39. No op premiums lately, laughs in the tier 9 medium: lt 432.

  40. Thanks for the vid QB. thanks for speaking out what all of us are thinking. i just hope WG will listen to you more than to the normies in the community. that was really the Golden times of premiums!

  41. Love my KV-5 still, just because of all the reason you told. Its like an old friend, that i take out from time to time, he has seen better times, was a good one to make good credits in the early days and now he is still by my side.
    I guess this is my most liked premium vehicle, because he was my companion for my whole time in wot.

  42. World of tanks and Balancing team right,…. in the same sentence……. mate, you went ill ???. Go doctor, you know you need it we know too

  43. There are no bad tanks in the game, only bad players, and none is so good it cannot be defeated, well the 279 is hard, but I’ve seen people play it like total noobs, camping and sniping when they’re top tier, or going yolo at tier X tanks and getting whacked in 30 seconds. 🙂

  44. When WoT was good / better, one of the big things was that tanks were not worthless to play and that Prem Tanks had things that made them better in some ways but also different. Like how the T34 has a great gun but reloads and mobility were meh, with KV5 in turn had high armor and high HP with high Weight and ok if good mobility and a decent gun…. etc.

  45. I remember farming like a madman when they where giving way the super pershing a good 6ish years ago back when the type 69 was completely ruining tier 8. Once I got the tank I had this amaying feeling of getting something that wasn’t op but was still pretty good and fun. It was fun to go down an alley while angling very slightly and being completely peppered with non penetrating shots all while taking pot shots at an enemy and hoping to penetrate with that awefull gun.

  46. Double barreled premium… KV-2-2

  47. Just imagine if they put it in lootboxes 15 vs 15 Kv5 ?

  48. QB posing for the thumbnail?

  49. When you see the mighty kv5 becoming the underdog. you know you are old.

  50. Hey QB can you give us an LT guide?? Or any guide for tomato players in making credits in the game??

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