World of Tanks || On a Mission – JP E-100 vs TD-15

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m trying to do hardest Destroyer mission in the game – TD-15 Triumph for the Object 260 which requires 8,000+ damage and 5 kills! Let’s roll out in the T10 German JagdPanzer E-100

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World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. well played to arty? Its like telling someone in Counterstrike nice shot
    when he was jumping and luck shoted you

  2. i downloaded your XVM but cant change ratting back to WG ratting. how to do

  3. now try doing it in a tank that requires more than 8 shells. Nice game all
    the same though :P

  4. did any body note that the M55 was reloading so ******** quickly ? WTF is

    • yeah i noticed at the end 😀 he is stock… i might say luckly for QB
      because if he was using the big gun the ex hits would have rekt QB and not
      let him complete his mission i think

    • +omar refaie he had the small gun, which is below 30 sec reload while top
      gun is 37 sec reload

  5. Depends on the map, the mayor drawback of the WT auf E100 is the total lack
    of armor, wich you absolutly needed this game.

    Well played, I surely enjoyed this match.


  6. This game was insane:):) So intense:) GG QB:)

  7. Piotr Trojanowski

    I always wonder why peopele choose jgdpnz e-100 instead of FV215b 183. Soon
    I’ll be able to get one of those. Any ideas which one is better to get?

  8. You should put the “Heart Break” Title for games like these. That was tooo
    painful to watch at the end. 

  9. and clickers ruin another great game, still waiting for wg to nerf or
    remove them. someday they will see sense.

  10. Why don’t you play War Thunder? War Thunder is 2 time better then World Of

  11. I haven’t even finished the missions for stug 4 and you are already at obj
    260 haha.

  12. omg that ending was really obvious that it was a hearthbreak 

  13. McNickZVSMinecraft

    i see your replay in the livestream

  14. Well played Quick Baby, I enjoyed it too much. Pls keep posting battles you
    play yourself.

  15. So as I have most of the tanks with houners does that mean get the 1s with
    out houners and skip the arty missons that I just started to get the stug

  16. It’s so painfull to watch the replay….

  17. OMG!!!! I was not expecting that! but what a move with the Object at the
    end!!! nice job!

  18. Saw this on stream, and oh boy was this a tense round :D

  19. Leatheredneck na

    QB. That M53 looks to have the stock gun. That would explain his rapid
    reload catching you at the end.

  20. 4 HE. … I only carry 2 on mine. Very rare you wish you had more HE on

  21. I saw that game on you livestream 

  22. Geoffroy Sadowski

    I try this mission in 230 game with WT E100, but i don’t success it… Do
    you have a tips with the actual wt e100 ?

  23. I absolutely love this tank damage says 1050 but I have always rolled 1200+
    on shots not to mention the beast rolled armor

  24. I got it in my SU100Y or ISU122s can’t remember was one of them

  25. I finish this mission with my FV 215 b 183 on wadi
    every 4th min i change my position to the 3 highest places on this map and
    snipe them … 8.899 dmg

  26. i love my jpz e100 it is such a behemoth and the titanic weight of it is
    really really useful in a lot of situations like pushing an is7 or t110e5
    around to stop them getting around you


  28. GG QB .. but who am I to say 🙂

    I hate arty for many reasons but I will not call this particular guys
    clickers (word that describe most of WoT arty players). They reallocated
    when it was needed and did not passively wait for rest of team to die
    hoping for some lucky shot from other map side.
    GG for them also :)

  29. Ouch. Courageous Resistance used to count for Win requirements. That’s how
    I got my HT-15 with Honors on the way to the StuG IV. When did they change

  30. I would recommend the Object 263, nice DPM and beastly armor

  31. And people say that arty is OP? LOL. This beast is much more OP than any
    arty in the game. Nerf the tanks Nerf the tanks Nerf the tanks

    • Of course I am serious. I have over 20k battles in arty and I have never
      done that much damage in one battle. vBaddict shows that the Jagd P auf
      E100 averages 1913 damage per battle, the top arty averages 1729 per battle
      (the CGC). 33 tanks average more damage per battle than the top arty.
      Clearly arty is not overpowered.

    • Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

      Are you serious?

  32. JohnGC's Channel

    I hope you make a video of Maus!

  33. Would’ve loved to see this live.

  34. I hate arty’a so much. I love how every tank class is realistic. Heavy’s
    are slow but good armor and big guns. Med’s are jack of all trades. Light
    tanks are fast high RoF but no armor small guns. And then Artillery who get
    a special non existent WWll satellite, that gives them a perfect view of
    the battlefield and can see you all across the map, just because ur
    spotted. I don’t care how much skill is needed to play it, shot enough and
    ur bound to ruin someone’s day who is actually doing good the hard way at
    the front.

  35. what a game !!

  36. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes…

  37. Anyone know where QB is with the Object 260 missions?

  38. Thanks appreciate the video

  39. thats why arty needs a nerf gg qb

  40. really awsome… but the arty got your mission frustrated…

    i’m thinking about the Foch 155 could be a good choise too! like 1k dmg for
    each shot and you get a 3 shells magazine so the 8k dmg would be easy to
    complete… however, the reload on that thing is going to be a problems vs
    medium tanks…

    hey QB why didn’t you look HOW MANY ROUNDS that obj had in that game? D:

  41. QuickyBaby you have my deepest sympathy

  42. I’m not sure exactly what you are saying about skipping. Do you mean that
    you don’t have to do any of the arty missions if you complete the 4 -xx15
    missions with honors?

  43. How,do you download wot on a modern computer 

  44. Its a cool mission but I was wondering if u would ply wot blitz because.
    Don’t have my computer o more so. Was thanking could brake
    It down

  45. Hey Quicky, why you always skip Top Gun when you list your medals?

    • +donven33 because it’s insignificant when someone gets a Radley or Pools.
      Obviously if you get a Pools or Radleys you also got a top gun.

  46. well played to the Obj. 140 and the M53/ M55

  47. Did he get his mission?

  48. Stop posting heartbreaks

  49. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Has QB ever played high tier arty, or any arty at all? All I ever see is
    him complaining about arty, but never playing it. I even heard once that he
    plans to free exp all the arty so that he can have every tank elite without
    playing them. I personally believe that you can’t complain about a tank if
    you’ve never played it.

    • Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

      +VeryUnfriendlySpoon arty is broken, not because of it’s damage and reload
      and aiming, but because of the way it makes damage. Move a few metres and
      get into position, click, relocate, click and so on. And what can the enemy
      do against it?, not much, apart from sitting in cover and not staying
      still, or light tanks wait for an opportunity to take the arties out. So
      tell me, arty can shoot tanks who can’t do much about it, fer and belenst
      it is.

    • That’s the thing, you can be a great player and be at the top or the bottom
      even if you do everything right. Other tanks will give you some
      consistency, with arty it can be all or nothing, and that’s frustrating to
      play and to play against.

    • VeryUnfriendlySpoon

      If arty are so broken, wouldn’t they be at the top of the scoreboard every
      game? Wouldn’t arty players have the highest WN8 out of everyone?

    • +VeryUnfriendlySpoon You don’t need to hit, you can splash guys for several
      hundred damage and unless they are fast mediums and constantly moving, you
      will hit them eventually.

    • VeryUnfriendlySpoon

      +Zak Loveland
      One shotted by some satellite after it missed its first 10 shots, and is
      incapable of hitting any other tanks because they are all in cover.

  50. For fuck sake how can wargaming put this in the fucking game and think it’s
    good. Fucking retarted arty piece

  51. I know it sucked for you QB but when you missed that second shot it filled
    me with joy 😀 It’s nice to see super uni’s miss the same dam shots I
    miss sometimes o7 And yah, the faffing gotcha but was an awesome match.
    Thanks for posting it.

  52. Well the m54/55had the stock gun.

  53. Massive GG, shame you didn’t take them all down :)

  54. If i wasnt on the Xbox 360edtion of world of tanks i would have got TD15
    twice first game 8850 dmg 5 kills second game 8250 dmg 5 kills with the
    FV215b 183 really good tanks to get this mission done.

  55. Great replay and commentary reminds me why I’m subbed to you.

    …I shudder every time you say Waffenträger, though. :S

    • +Cathode Ray Why? He pronounces german names way better than most
      non-germans. Not to say that he does it perfectly, I’d wager, but at least
      he doesn’t say “Waffentrrrraeger” like Jingles >_<

  56. 9:10 Scumbags will be scumbags, Arty got caught out trying to run into the

  57. That was a really gripping game QB. Also props to the enemy arty for
    getting stuck in at the end of the game. Unlike the arty on your team
    trying to drown himself. Also does the M53/M55 have a clip? Or does it just
    have a really good reload speed?

  58. The two E-100s are going to be my first tier ten tanks in WoT Blitz. Not
    because they’re just beastly, but because I’m just so much closer to them
    then any other tanks in the game. That and I really like them due to
    they’re gradual increase in stats instead of really bad to moderate or
    really bad to really bad

  59. I pretty much did the requirements for this mission in my T95 but I had the
    t28 htc mission active for hitting multiples of my hp instead of straight
    damage. Hopefully I can pull off something like that again in my t110e3
    once I can afford 6 million credits.

  60. Baptiste Bonnifait


  61. You can also do it with waffentrager like Polish NewMultiShow.

  62. We btw

  63. I was in this stream when u did this!!!

  64. wargaming was smoking weed when deciding the penetration of the heat rounds
    on the jagdpanzer e100. if you payed attention when quickybaby was
    describing the pentration at about 1:40 youll get it

  65. I completed level 2 TD-15 (T28 Concept) with my Object 268

  66. Man I hate heartbreak games :'(

  67. What a heartbreak, well played though!

  68. ThePeople'sPanzer

    The M53/55 is not a balanced vehicle. It’s rate of fire is overpowered and
    combined with a turret and good aiming stats it’s better than the T92. 

  69. M53/M55 that killed you had the 155mm, its reload time is like 20 sec and
    if he had the 8-inch you would proberly have won

  70. WOT Funpage [PL]

    QB is sooo bizzare person :). Normal WoT player swearing and calling win
    team n00bs, luckers and other stuff… But no QB… 🙂 He sees positives
    everywhere :)

    • Grandel svk (Pravdomluvný)

      +QuickyBabyTV what I mean is that sometimes you see a ridiculous bounce or
      miss, penetration that shouldn’t occur and you try to find explanation like
      ” that must ve hit the lower plate” even though it is not likely. And with
      that honest part, it is just my feeling, that you do want to complain, but
      because you don’t want to look bad complaining you don’t. But hey, just my
      opinion based on some videos and not any experience talking with you, so
      there surely is possibility of me being wrong, but that is the way I feel.

    • How is being positive bad? :S (rhetorical question) I love QB’s stuff!
      Ignore this fool! 😀

    • He means you’re always positive compared to other people who swear a lot
      and stuff.

    • +Grandel svk Sorry what – I make stuff up and am not honest – please

  71. Intense!!!! I’ve been in a few similar battles in my Jg Panzer E-100. I
    know exactly how fast your heart was racing. 

  72. What I find interesting is that you decided to use this particular tank, as
    I can remember you being rather dismissive of it when streaming at one

  73. lol battle chat must have been going crazy that match

  74. I want to see live record, especially last minute :D


  76. Bla bla bla,Arty needs no skill,Arty needs no skill, I can’t hear it
    Yes it needs skill! But another Art of skill.
    -Map knowledge: When you’re experienced enough,you can have amazing games
    even on Himmelsdorf or you know the favorite Places for tanks and can
    preaim there
    -Ability to read Movements: When you see your tanks advancing on the
    minimap you can predict where soon someone will pop up and hit him right
    before everyone else.
    Or highest Level: Concluding an enemy Artillery-Shot and looking over their
    favorite spots and dare them when you see a shot flying.
    -Mathematical Skill. Calculating the enemies speed and his way and your own
    flying time and dusch, Light Tank on full speed one-hittet,because
    of…your skill^^
    -Strategic Skill: With your big long reload you have to know exactly,when
    it’s worth it or not, if this target is a big enoughthreat or will he be
    taken out anyway,and you better focus on something else.
    -Psychological Reading: Even Artillery-unaware targets can troll you,when
    they move unexpectedly. You have to find out their way 5 Seconds in the
    future to land a perfect hit.

    Dear Arty-pissed Guys: When Artillery, which needs no skill, hits you then
    it means that you have less skill than no skill. And if Artillery hits you
    full speed or although you were trying to avoid it,it means that he HAS
    Skill, The same sort of skill like “Staying 15 meters behind a bush the
    whole game” or hiding your lower plate” ..wait both needs less skill :p
    Not to talk about the absolute No-Skill: Using Gold from the beginning of
    the Game^^

  77. whats the opinion of doing this with wt-e100 or obj 268 ?

  78. Really have to give it to Kill_Stealer, that little bit he slowed you down
    was enough to give the arty the reload time to get in the number of shots
    he needed to kill you.

  79. best tank for it? easy. deathstar and bring 12 HESH rounds easymode really

  80. Real heartbreak all of those heartbreaks, break my heart really :(

  81. never had 8k dmg at all xD

  82. kill_stealer_ knows his job Kappa

  83. Quicky I think you should make a WOT Clan called YT just for youtubers

  84. the_game_killer MC

    +QuickyBaby TV try to get 500.000 with ISU-152 hier chans to win for you
    and remember you sead that ISU-152 has an good panentration 🙂 good luck
    next time 

  85. My friend has one of those . he calls it ” SO YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD HEATH
    HUH ” lol

  86. 420 pen erryday

  87. Fucking US and French artillery….. Better than all the other arty in the
    game. german arty is ok but Brit and Russian arty is up and boring. I bet
    that you would have won if it was the tier 10 Russian tank with that small
    180mm. stupid shit WG.

  88. Respect!

    Just did TD-15 (but for T55A) on my first game of the day while watching
    your stream. 😉

    Played in a WT auf PZIV and it was even a defeat but I didn’t matter.

    I tried it for several days, one time I had 5950dmg and 3 kills, so respect
    for your achievment …


    stuck on lt-15 right now. everything else done [stugiv] liked the medium
    missions the most the spg missions the least td missions were not all that
    hard but as the damage goes up? well t-10’s are going to have to be n your

  90. please please cheer us up with some epic wins. please quicky.thx ;)

  91. Somebody call the cops! You were robbed Quicky! Awesome replay thanks for

  92. QuickyBaby,i see that you are not using your mod pack,why is that?

  93. Wow! Surprise ending. Really enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing.

  94. I fucking hate all of that E100 noobtanks…. You need no skill with these
    things because all of them have a devastating gun and an overpowered
    armor….Except the WT auf E100 but its gun is far more devastating….

    • +SuperMadnessTv actually I don’t and I don’t plan on ever going down that
      line either

    • let me guess you two retards play the Jagdpanzer E100?

    • crabboy InTheForest

      Jagdpanzer e100 is very easy to outplay with a little bit of skill,
      The e100 is a fun tank but again can get easely outplayed
      Your arguments of all td’s have no turret blabla is stupid because
      jagdpanzer e100 is the SLOWEST in traversing at tier X
      Now gtfo

    • +SuperMadnessTv but what makes this tank so much better than the other tier
      10 TDs? Most of the others are faster and the ones that are the same speed
      tend to have stronger armor like the t110E3.

    • you said the JGPZE100 gets cirlced easily but every TD withou turret and
      even a few with turrets can get circled so its not really a weakpoint of
      this tank thats just a part of the game that can happen in nearly every tank

  95. what a n00b the clicker, i should let you win with that much kils

  96. Nooo… Very bad play at the end :(

  97. When test server gomes

  98. Siem van den Oever

    He still completed the mission… It didn’t say that u have to survive or
    win, eve. With honours 

  99. Heartbreak yeah sure, but you should have been dead to the 140 anyway.

  100. 14:05 noooooooooooooooooooo

  101. Well….the Obj.140 just steals all the kills…..thats why he had so many

  102. I would’ve used the ‘amx 50 foch’ !?

  103. Legion The Comrade

    Arty is balanced and encourages positive gameplay of course.
    *M53 Yolos over the ridge to derp you in the face while the other one is
    clicking you without you being able to do anything about it.*

    • +1337Jogi The difference is, TDs are just tanks with (usually) no turrets
      and (usually) better guns. There’s nothing magically better about them.
      It’s all in the different play style. You can just as easily use most tier
      X TDs as frontline vehicles, especially on city maps. They need a direct
      line of sight to hit something, and if they don’t get spotted doing it,
      it’s the enemy team’s fault, for their lack of good scouts in lights or
      mediums. Every shot in a TD you take, you risk being spotted and most
      sniper spots are very obvious. If you drive out in the open, you deserve to
      get shot at.
      Artillery, on the other hand, *don’t* need direct line of sight. They don’t
      need an obvious location. They aren’t limited by the 500m render circle.
      Artillery spawns, moves a couple of meters to a bush in base, and starts
      clicking. No risk of being spotted. No risk of being shot back. The enemy
      doesn’t even need to be in the open, sometimes arty can hit them through
      ridiculous gaps in rocks or even buildings. All because of their
      My main point is, you can do that much damage in *any* tier X tank, with a
      lot of luck and a lot of skill.
      In artillery, you may do less damage, but as long as your team doesn’t
      leave a flank empty (which would lose you the game in any vehicle anyway)
      and you relocate between shots, you risk literally nothing.

    • +Legion The Comrade
      But the high tier TDs are better?
      Nope they are worse – a lot worse.

      Couldnt you see how an Jgpz E100 got the first 4000-5000 dmg without even
      moving from his first position?
      Couldnt you see how his gun does in average alot more damage than arty
      Have you ever seen an arty doing 8000+ dmg?

      And dont start with “but you can shoot back at the TD and you can hide from
      1st if he has any skill you wont seem the TD most of the time.
      2nd even if you seem him shooting you already lost 1000hp or even more
      3d the only way to safely hide from a TD is not moving out of your cover at

      Oh I dont like arty but imho WG made a huge mistake implementing all those
      ultra high pen 150mm+ guns on TDs.
      They just leave you zero room for mistakes. If you get hit because you have
      bad luck went the wrong way or you want to play agressive you lose so much
      HP your game is totally fucked up.

    • Plus if a medium is shooting him he can shoot him back unlike with arty he
      has no option.

    • Legion The Comrade

      Yep. Because fast mediums still dont derp you in the face for 400-500 a hit
      if they nick your sides.

    • Florian de Groot

      +EirikXL oehhh the burnnn

  104. I love FV215b FV215b 183 and FV4202!!

  105. Great game QB, just one remark though – you said: gunner’s had too many
    schnapps, correctly should be: too much schnapps or too many schnappses:-)
    Like your RP English with German words anyway: WaffentRRager;-) 

  106. What a game :O

  107. Anyone know what stream Quickybaby did this mission on? I’d like to see it

  108. to much drunk crew like :)

  109. Douglas McAllister

    That M53/M55 had the stock gun no wonder it reloaded so fast, the upgraded
    gun has like a 40 sec reload compared to the stock 25 sec

  110. Why have Jingles and he acutally deactivated Statistics in their replays?

  111. Yeah, luck of the Irish…. enemy team does not coordinate, med has no ammo
    left and the final arty is stock…. would be keen to know how many games
    it took you to complete it.

  112. I think you made a mistake paying attention to the Obj. 140. Because he had
    no ammo left, he is not a threat to you. You should of just focused on the
    artillery at that point and ignored the 140.

    • +79treefrog yep thats was trou those was my last shells of the game…

    • +Caleb Youngs i was out of ammo and i tell him as aon as i come on hi back
      but in comentery he sey 10 sec before i tell him im out of ammo…

    • +Caleb Youngs No. When he was on his sides and rear he would’ve shot, and
      he was firing HE, which indicated he had no other ammo.

    • +Evan I don’t know about that. If someone on the enemy team says they’re
      out of ammo, you can’t really just assume they’re telling the truth. It
      could have been a great feint on his part, tricking him into focusing on
      the arty instead, when he actually did indeed have ammo left. I bet that
      would work sometimes too.

    • +Evan I think he did well, he need to kill that object because he is
      spoting him for the enemy arty.

  113. QB he carries 50 shells… ONLY 50. He can’t pack more

    • +andarz kosir these retard p2w people wont understand us man…
      +Zak Loveland​ pls watch the last e-100 video and read my comment under
      that video…

    • +Collin Warren i did not have any gold ammo and without premium acc its
      hard to make money in trier 10 match

    • +ChefJeff003 as i sey him i chat i didnt have the money to pay the ammo…

    • If you cant make money firing non premium then you are the problem not the

    • +Collin Warren ı have only 7 k battles and ı play for fun,ı grind for my
      only 10 tier tank for like 2 years… why would ı ever want to grind for
      non premium shit ammo that does 400 alpha damage in a tier 10 game…

  114. Can u and Jungles make a video of WoT Blitz

  115. Maybe u should use the Foch 155?

  116. Saw u livestream Suscribed since 1 1/2 year

  117. 420 pen. dayum son

  118. Why are you not using XVM?

  119. 3:54 holy shit QB makes sounds like a pig xD
    no hate, i love him

  120. At the end i was like….HOLY SHIT…..FATALITY!

  121. Arty did not have the top gun! if he had he would not have reloaded…

  122. Too much heartbreak videos im sad now

  123. Oh that ending….

  124. Fair and balanced and totally not op ruins game again, what an lame end for
    great round.

  125. I think the m53/m55 is my most hated arty

  126. I watched this game live. I remember chat going crazy after getting nuked
    by the arty.

  127. oh gawd that heartbreak!

  128. I’m japanese fuck u man!

  129. what does he mean with ” it counts as 1 extra point towards your next tank”

  130. 8k damage… the highest i ever got was 6k damage in a tier 9 medium

    • Still a great game.. I get about 3000-5000 damage every game (tier 8,9,10).
      I play in those very high dpm tanks like the STB-1, M46 Patton, and IS-3

  131. Great game. The arty on the end used the 155mm so he could reaload in
    ~25-30 sec, this is why he manage to kill you.

  132. It’s time you put out a bloopers reel :)

  133. † Masterhp †


  134. Balanced arty strikes again!

  135. Radugov Pihirovski

    Hey, I really don’t like suprise heartbreaks. Please call it heartbreak?

  136. Use the deathstar… Spam Hesh. GG

  137. Another heartbreaker of a game Quickybaby! Whats going on?

  138. Why… Why do you taunt us with good games with bad endings. They make my
    day bad. Pls stap just pls stap

  139. I’ll show you a whopping 299 mm of penetration Quick Baby……..

  140. What a game QB you deserve win it

  141. Why skip arty? Too difficult?

  142. I would recomment to try and do the mission with the Object 268. It has
    the same awesome penetration and it has a better dpm as well as a great
    mobility. Greetings from Germany

  143. KingCobra-Gaming

    +QuickyBaby TV , why are you not using your own mod pack? You know you
    released a mod pack that constantly crashes. No wonder why you do not use
    it. Unless it is a game client that keeps crashing come on someone needs to
    fix it. Nice game! You did exactly the right thing, that M 53 m55 has an
    overpowered reload and that is for sure. Now I see the true use of a super
    heavy spall liner, I always thought it was 4 tanks and not artillery, now I
    know otherwise thank you for info!

    • +KingCobra-Gaming
      Spall liners reduce quite little of HE damage, even super heavy one. And if
      HE blast hits thinly armored parts(decks, bellies etc), reduction is
      negligible. That’s because spall liner works as armor multiplier against HE
      damage, basically super heavy liner reduces damage about half of armor
      thickness value in blast cone. 200mm armor -> ~100hp reduction. Against
      arty shells this isnt much but often is enough to neutralize HE ammo of
      regular tanks so they cant use HE to finishing very low hp target. And in
      case of penetration, spall liners have no effect as shell explodes inside
      tank. Most important feature of spall liners is crew protection, that’s
      really significant.

  144. Christian Hostetler

    Fukin Arty

  145. Matia Kosevic1605

    But still u are the greatest player in WoT!!!
    Love ur videos and gameplays and keep doing that!! BIG LIKE FROM ME:)

  146. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    That obj.140 is a moron telling the enemy he has no ammo left.

    • Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

      +andarz kosir “omg i was the obj. 140 on the enemy team…”

      – and i’m the queen of France. You serious? You’re that obj. 140?

    • +HerrRoehrich no i really didnt heve no ammo left

    • +Andrew Stephen Panlaqui and i tell QB that i was out of ammo later like 10
      sec later in the cometery he say 10 sec before i tell him i got his back
      and then i tell him that i had no ammo left and then he started to drive

    • +Xxjellow87xX
      3) He was watching the stream and didn’t want to mess up QB’s mission, so
      he fed it to him and lied about not having ammo – he fired less than 30
      shots that game, no way he was out.

    • +Andrew Stephen Panlaqui omg i was the obj. 140 on the enemy team…

  147. 9:30 we all saw that arty trying to drown himself

  148. Am i the only one who thought that qb called the enemy obj a killstealer

  149. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Why artillery is bullshit in a nutshell. Well played nonetheless QB.

    • Nobody talks about the low tier arty but in my opinion it is even worse the
      lower you go because it can still one shot you and tanks above it, has a
      stupidly quick fire rate, and can pen you every time cuz nothing has armor
      that low. It boggles my mind why at tier 4 the arty can 1 shot just like
      tier 10 but for some reason at tier 4 it has 5-7 rounds a minute.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Lucas K. Bert requires the most amount of skill, out of all the different
      arty, but that is still a low amount of skill. And it is just as, if not
      MORE over powered than the CGC.

    • Only Bert requires skill and is fun to play.

    • +Xxjellow87xX Yeah, the only time arty requires skill is with what you do
      when you shotgun to try and fend off an enemy advance, and in a self
      defense scenario. Otherwise, yeah, it takes no skill. It all depends on the
      game if it wants to let you hit things or not. Half of my games, every
      shell lands within 2m of the center dot in the aiming circle, the other
      half, I can fire 20 shells and maybe take someones tracks off IF I’M LUCKY.

    • He says that arty doesn’t require skill, and he simply doesn’t like playing
      To be honest, I think arty takes no skill either. Just wait and just hope
      that it hits.

  150. #gunner is drunk

  151. Jens Schauberger

    I needed over 400 games to complete this mission with honors. I had like
    4games where i had 8k dmg but not enough kills or around 7,5k dmg and 5 or
    more kills. I am so happy that i have the obj260 now

  152. i hate missions where you need to have a kill :(

  153. arty fair and balanced, so much skill involved

    • +Lucas K. I agree, artillery is supah annoying at the moment, you stop for
      a sec and BAM

    • I think all arties should be Bertified: less alpha, less pen, more
      accuracy, shorter reload. The arc of the british arties should be nerfed
      slightly though, because arty isn’t supposed to shoot over a house.
      I don’t think arty itself is a bad thing because it stops stalemates.

    • +Zaster Tune M53/M55 is OP hopefully they’ll split it soon.

    • +Zaster Tune
      Long Barrel. 155mm Gun. Of course more accurate than the 8 inch.
      Reload less that 30 compare to the 40 on the 8 inch.

    • +Anastasia Kolomnikov Tier 8 arty M40 got longer reload Time than the M53
      and a good crew u got no problem with the accuracy
      one of the best artys in the game with the GC

  154. juhana kopperoinen

    Ultimate Unicum tip: If 300 pen isn’t enough then why not load the gold?
    That’s why “good players” annoy me. Don’t get me wrong. Qb is good but has
    those unicum problems like firing gold more than enough.

  155. JPE is one of the easiest to do TD15, 8k damage= 8~10 good clicks

  156. 420 penetration blaze it!

  157. QB wich mission are harder arty missions or scout missions?

  158. Arty Is balanced,right?!
    Btw I haven’t got the StuG 4 yet but a few weeks ago I did 8,6k dmg in my
    jagdtiger with a top gun.

  159. Ohh if only QB had done 7,930 dmg. The 70 is strong in this tank

  160. For the mission, i would say the T110e3, fb215b 183, jadgpz e100, or the wt
    auf e100

    Probably the e3 or the jadgpz are the best ones to try It out

  161. Finally got it? 😀 Gratz Quicky

  162. personally i think the t30 would be an excellent tank to get the job done

  163. Awesome gameplay as always!! You just made me dropped my jaw QB, that was a
    close call in the end, but still beautifully performed!!!

  164. Arty is fun and dynamic.

  165. I was watching this live, that one guy got his question between the T54/E1
    during this!

  166. NO arty is not OP wtf are u ppl talking about ? Keppa Keppa

  167. njub :P

  168. Why aren’t you using your mod pack in the video, QB?

  169. I just got world of tanks for pc yesterday, what are some good tank lines
    that are not american, I have it for the xbox so I do know how to play the
    game so I don’t need noob friendly lines.

  170. TD-15 isnt that difficult because every game you play with a TD you CAN
    archieve it. Unless some other missions where you have to hope for the
    correct MM or use a platoon to modify the MM into a more favorable
    situation for you

  171. I was in the livestream! :o?

  172. I fucking hate artillery 

  173. Nightlife Camels

    lolol my exclan mate killed u wow

  174. schnaps is great

  175. GG QB! Such a heartbreak at the end there. Getting that Kolabanov’s medal
    would of just been the creme de le creme for that game. Well played
    nonetheless :)

    • “Icing on the cake” is the one that I was looking for ^^, I’m not English
      but if you use the “la crême de la crême” then you’re feeling fancy 😛

    • +Emilien Gosselin Germans use “crême de la crême” too. Furthermore, icing
      on the cake is the more commonly known idiom. Eirik’s comment about being
      fancy is just bollocks.

    • Emilien Gosselin

      Oh ok 🙂

    • +Emilien Gosselin Not really, we say to put the cherry on the cake. This
      guy just wanted to be fancy.

    • Emilien Gosselin

      Lol I didn’t know that the english use the expression “la crême de la
      That’s awesome 😀

  176. ahhhhhhh…my heart is bleeding, so painful =(

  177. Damn, so painfull xD

  178. Completed this several times. BUT THAT DAMN WITH HONORS!!!! never get it 🙂
    You do the dmg or you get the kills. Never at the same time.

    Yeah and no! I’m not going to play arty! I need the Honors.

  179. This are the games i like in wot because it is soooo exciting i feel my
    heart just watching this video

  180. QB, how to you get to FREE mode ? [►Flying on the map] ??

  181. Nice still working on TD 15 on the Stug IV mission. Don’t have any tier 10
    vehicles let alone a tier 10 TD

  182. QB where did you leraned to speak German liked that?! Its pretty good :)

  183. GIK Angor (GIKAngor)

    almost kolobanovs medal oh my god

  184. Hey quickie baby, quick question, which do you prefer, the Ferdinand or the
    JPanther II?

    • EmperorNefarious1

      +10tyguy10 Ferdi is not as competitive, but it teaches you the play-style
      of the tanks that follow; slow, thick but flat armour and a big gun. also
      you train a new loader a tier earlier.

    • +10tyguy10 ferdinands armour is shit against good players….. jgpanther is
      just beter with less armour… but if ur top tier ur armour still counts
      for something… i pen ferdinands hull cheeks with 130 pen on comet… for
      short …. ferdinand is shit

    • +10tyguy10 Definitely JPanther II

  185. Wow 400mm pen on HEAT shells… tried it to shoot your mom but i still cant
    penetrate her. 🙁 

  186. i saw live 

  187. Did you did away the mod to count your damage to make it exciting?

  188. Rollo Tancredson

    This TD scares the living crap out of me. I am a below to average player
    and haven’t even finished the Stug missions. I even started playing
    artillery to max my chances and get the girls. So yes….this mission is
    too tough for me.

  189. That QuickyBaby is so hot right now!

  190. More then 30 fps <3

  191. watched this one on the livestream

  192. Yeah saw this on stream. The Object totally fed you this one but that isn’t
    your fault and you deserved it anyway.

  193. Cody_sage_ in_HD

    So in order for me to be able to skip the arty mission is to get AT LEAST 1
    lvl 15 mission honors? 

  194. That’s tough

  195. 5th

  196. Nice video

  197. Saw this game live! :D

  198. Nice game

  199. 4th comment

  200. FIRST!!!!!

  201. I’m the FIRST!
    And I never been this early!

  202. What do you guys think of TD-15 – too tough? Just right? Which tank would
    you recommend!


    • Hey you actually did the mission- you forgot to tell us..

    • +Hell Kitty Wow, that’s interesting. Imo T25/2 is an excellent tank, i find
      it very pleasant to play. You just have to play like a medium tank with a
      big gun. But that’s just my opinion, i have finished the TD-15 mission with
      a Jgtiger 8.8 :d [Yeah, still struggling for StuG but only light tanks set

    • +Hell Kitty Thx, and yes I am talking about the one for the stug IV, I
      didn’t realize there were other missions. I’m such a noob

    • +Tytus Wofford I guess you’re on the first TD-15 Mission (for the stug IV)?
      If not, well done for just having Tier VII td’s!The T25/2 is somewhat of a
      drawback on the Hellcat and the T67 before it. It’s gun is not that much
      better(those few pen points…) and it’s neither as fast and mobile nor as
      armored as the Hellcat(and that tank has little armor to start with, but
      can bounce some shells with the turret if angled right. 2x Hands of God so
      far in the Hellcat XD). And the T28-Prot is not that much of an
      improvement. It losses even more speed, but gains some armor. But of that
      tank line I kept everything from Tier V to Tier X except the T30.If you’re
      going for the first TD-15 Mission: It can be done, but you have to do a
      great amount, cary your team way beyond what one single player should have
      to do. I only did 4k damage in my Hellcat once – but it can be done (I find
      doing a lot of damage harder in the T25/2). If I’m not completly wrong,
      spotting/tracking damage counts as well. I think when I first did the TD-15
      Stug mission, I did a little less damage than requiered, but was able to
      complete due to tracking/spotting damage.

    • Jeremy “JC” Collingsworth

      Use the death star Fv215b (183)

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