World of Tanks || On a Mission – MAUS vs HT-15!

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Today IÙm trying to complete the HT-15 mission – , cause and receive ,000 … Using the T10 German heavy tank the legendary Maus.

Music: Ride of the Valkyries – Wagner

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  1. Hey guys hope you enjoy this round the the Maus, the most damage I have
    ever bounced in a heavy tank!

    I’m Livestreaming right now – including T 55A gameplay!

  2. Hehe nice :D

  3. Maus OP 🙂 lel I love my mouse, i feed him cats, wait a second :)

  4. nice video 😀 (saying after 1 minute.xD)

  5. BTW i hear to music, ? LOL you said I will have music, you lied ? Into the
    salt mines with you, dont tell Jingles :)

  6. great video as always…

  7. Broken Heart Martinez

    david vs goliat

  8. Claus is for to love German tank for be named MAUS! For why? Why for?
    For because is rhyme with CLAUS! LOL! Is not for to be hard for to bounce
    lots shots for when drive Maus. For why? Why for? Is because most enemy
    is just shoots Maus for when is angled and is just bounce. Is bounce one
    is bounce two is bounce three but is enemy is just keep shoot! LOL! Looks
    me I for to bounce for shoot Maus so what for I do looks me I for just keep
    shoot for bounce again! Is fool me once is ok is fool me twice is get
    confuse is fool me three time is for because I for to be so stupids! So is
    Claus is for to suggest is for to change name of mission HT-15. Is change
    name for not be called damage block by armor. Is should be call damage
    block from stupids! For because all stupids for just shoots Maus for nots
    hurt all time! Is true? Yes? YES! Thanks for to reads Claus comment you
    for all to be epic is Quick Baby is for to be most epic for show how for to
    bounce all stupids with Maus! If you for want to see Claus new replay is
    just click blue name Claus Kellerman on top for to go to Claus YouTubes
    Page! Yes? YES!

  9. Broken Heart Martinez

    i am not hearing any music ;P

  10. Nice game QB, tuning in to your stream now 

  11. i was here when you do the mission in live =DD

  12. Hi

  13. mighty maus is mighty

  14. Nice video

  15. As always, informative and entertaining.

  16. I am still on HT15 for the Stug, and i did the mission (over 8k) in my 110,
    however, i did not have the mission unlocked at the time, and now that i
    have it, i am still using the 110 (because its the highest tier heavy tank
    i have except for the 50B) but so far i only got very very close at about
    7,7k without pulling off that result again, and it is frustrating:(

  17. i see you have command and conquer in the desktop quicky :P

  18. yessssss mausssss 

  19. How are you able to do this mission when your highest heavy tank is the IS?

  20. I hope the is7 can handle this mission :-s

  21. I hope the is7 can handle this mission :-s

  22. I used my is-3 to complete this mission

  23. Hello everyone, I would like to know what you think of these missions. I
    honestly think that they are terrible. They can only be accomplished by
    godd to great players. I think that Wargaming are just feeding the good
    players so that they will keep playing their game. But, well, lest’s face
    it, I’m terrible world of tanks player and I’m getting sick and tired of
    this game even tought I really think it’s a good one. So, please let me
    know what you think and don’t say things like “aha noob, you deserve it”
    because, well, I know the YouTube community. Some of you are great people
    but others are absolute assholes. 

  24. I did this with my kV5 And got 18k dmg

  25. I feel the t95 might work in a good match up without arty

  26. i ve done it in the black prince at tier 7, don t ask me how, just

  27. if you could use any kind of tank, ill use the T95 to do it :3

  28. Do the shots that go in the tracks also count as blocked DMG?

  29. EmperorNefarious1

    KV-4 worked, but any well armoured top tier heavy, should work, if you are
    both stupid and lucky enough, just wait until you are top tier on malinovka
    with no arty, and drive across the field when the game begins. got close in
    my black prince doing just that. even the vk 36 did got me to 5000. though
    in the end it was the KV-4 on a different map that worked, 12000 blocked
    taken and done.

  30. KV-4 says “Hellou!” to this mission, anyone? :D

  31. Hello QB you have two youtube trophies? (I don’t speak english very much
    because I am romanian and I don’t know if I speak very good sow… )

  32. KV-5 is very good at this kind of thing i had an 18k damage blocked by
    armour game in it way back in the day when the tank was still ultra rare
    and people didnt know the weakpoints.

  33. I did the HT-15 mission for both the Stug and T28C in the E100. Not ideal,
    but probably the best tank I have for blocking damage and dealing it, plus
    it has a good amount of hit points to contribute to the pool. I have the
    IS-7 also, but I’ve found that most players in tier 10 won’t even bother to
    shoot at a hull down IS-7 at all, unless they are flinging large caliber
    HE, so the opportunity to bounce is less. Plus, it has fewer hit points
    and the gun isn’t fantastic. I expect I’ll need at least the VK4502B for
    the next set of missions, so I’m currently grinding the 4502A.

  34. I just did HT 15 (operation Stug IV) with VK 45.02 (P) ausf. B :-)

  35. I did my first HT15 mission today in the M103 :D

  36. FINALLY!! You have a Maus on your channel!!! I have been waiting to watch
    Maus gameplay on your channel for years!!

  37. HT-15 is impossible for noobs like me!:D

  38. How quiet is the music

  39. Welcome to the 301+ vieuws club xD

  40. i used the E 75 ;)

  41. what xvm he is using?

  42. How can I turn on the fly cam in the replays????PLS HELP ME!!

  43. I maged to complete this mission in my T110E5, 5K damage caused and
    potential dmg recieved 7.5K. It took me 15 battles :P

  44. that maus was like Jingles outstanding hatefull comments

  45. Wagner?? Haha, made my day QB!!

  46. I did it in my kv5, but quickybaby i struggle with the last mission on the
    light tanks. I can’t get 4k sporting damage in my wz131. Can you help me
    with good places to spot. Because in Your older video’s the Maps were
    different(patches back). It’s my last mission for the first tank. It is
    really stopping me from continueing the mission…

  47. I still havent gotten the Stug IV, I keep getting teams that cant fight
    their way out of a wet paper bag :/

  48. “I give them an excellent opportunity to penetrate my cheeks” -QuickyBaby

  49. i try the HT-15 with T57 Heavie Tank… i have no armoured tanks
    the max. i got was 7.7k to now

  50. Finished it for the Stug mission in my IS-8 just by doing a hell of a lot
    of damage… with a lot of shots ending up in my sides… I lost that
    mission though, so secondary was not completed. After I got the IS-7….
    didn’t take me long, completed the mission and it’s secondary very quickly

  51. T28 HTC HT-15 with E 100 on attacking on Sand River assault with no arty.
    Even though I had the stock gun I had way more damage blocked, done, and
    taken than needed. I think I did the Stug IV in E 75 on Ruinberg.

  52. TY QB, could u do more of the missions pls!!!

  53. I did this mission for Stug with Maus and i blocked over 8k it took me 2
    battles :P

  54. Hey Quickie, I’m really glad they didn’t manage to penetrate your cheeks!!

  55. if you dont have spall liner on HE shells from a t110e3 will do like
    300-400 dmg to a maus frontally 

  56. Serious talk time. About the “filthy apcr”, I really feel that the way the
    “premium” shells are set up right now detracts from the game. It turns WoT
    into pay to play click and shoot. Personally I feel it would be better for
    game play if WoT would take a page from War Thunder’s book and make the
    “premium” shells researchable as well as nerfing their effectiveness a
    little bit. This way more skill would be required to A) obtain premium
    shells, and B) effectively use them in battle. If they want they could
    still have it possible to pay for them with gold, but also making the
    shells researchable, say after a player has “elited” the tank then they
    have the option to research the premium ammunition. This is just my opinion
    on “gold” rounds, and my solution to the issue. What are your feelings on
    the current pay to shoot APCR/HEAT/HESH set up?

  57. I managed it with no honours in the IS6, total luck

  58. E 100, the first time, where was no arty, 3rd total

  59. I just gave up on the missions because i couldn’t get past the ones that
    force me into a platoon. Forever Alone :(

  60. I finished my first HT-15 mission with a IS6, side scraping all day

  61. I managed to do heavy tank 15 in my IS-8. :D

  62. It sucks i don’t have platoon mate and can’t finish neither one of platoon
    tasks, although i did finish single one for all categories. So i am stuck
    in all categories in platoon tasks. Stupid WG discrimination with platoon

  63. I feel like those missions are impossible. The only well armored tank that
    i have is the KV-4. Now i can get a total of 7k damage blocked/done in it,
    but that’s my record

  64. I somehow did my mission in a stock IS8, twice (didn’t win the first time
    for secondary conditions) but by a lot of luck (I was side scraping against
    two bad heat firing E100’s blocking 8k, 4k damage done and 1.5k received)
    and took me 3 tries to do it the first time and 2 times for the second time
    so if you have luck and some skill by your side then you can probably do it
    in most of the tier 7+ heavy tanks, unless its French :)

  65. I used the 110 Chinese Tier 8 heavy…… Blocked 7280 damage from a hull
    down position. 

  66. IS-7 isn’t really fantastic for that mission. After a while they ignoring
    you, because they have nearly no chance against a hulldown IS-7. By a Maus
    and E-100 there is a chance to penetrate because they have weakspots, also
    a ST-1, so they are keeping shooting.

  67. i did the first 2 HT-15 mission with my e100 at the first attempt ^^

  68. I somehow always have problems watching your videos in HD

  69. A JgdE100 does 500 to 600 by shooting HE at the front of a mouseturret

  70. did mine in e100 and for the first 2 tanks i did it in Is7 sometimes all u
    need is a bit of luck

  71. What about the e100? 

  72. Stb-1 review plz!

  73. Hey QB, What are your thoughts on the British Heavy line? Why are they all
    soo much worse than the Heavy lines of the other nations?

  74. Got my StuG mission in the E75, while using the long 105mm. well, if E100s
    are going to spam AP at my turret, then i aint complaining

  75. Maus is my only tier10…^^

  76. I chose the one and only E-100!
    I tryed to do this Mission i think 5times.

  77. Can you please do an AMX 50B review or gameplay video soon? 

  78. christoffer winther

    the first hevey tank mission 15 i used is4 and it only took 3 games to make
    so if you have a is4 you can use it, and it allso have a much HP (2500)

  79. Sebastian Burrichter

    kv4 surely can do it. had one game with it a time ago with more than 15300
    dmg blocked from more than 60 deflected shots. 

  80. Gummibärchenkiller 123

    Hello QuikyBabyTV! I have a replay with the Crusader and I qant from you,
    when you want, to show it in a video.
    The link to the video:

  81. I did the one for the Stug 4. get 6000 dmg not 12, in T110E5 on Malinovka.
    iv gone crazy in the midle of the field and got 8000 dmg bounced and i

  82. Whats the voice mod you have

  83. While trying to HT-11 for the Stug IV, I had an amazing match in my
    Löwe…3500 damage caused, 6500 blocked by armor + 1650 hit points
    lost…Now that I’m on HT-15, the closest I’ve gotten is about 6000

  84. There’s a video on the NA forum of a fellow who got this done for the StuG
    with the Black Prince.

    I did it fairly handily with the KV-4 about a week and a half after
    completing HT-14; did 3000-plus damage, blocked 3000-plus damage and took
    about 900 points of damage. I was top-tier on Kharkov and was holding a
    corner against 4-6 enemies. What made this work for me was that the rest
    of my team kept my flanks covered and no one on the Red Team had the guts
    to push me.

    This made up for the heartbreak of falling about 450 total points short in
    my T57 Heavy two days before; the 57 is where I’ve parked my new gal pals..

    Since I’m not that great with heavies I’m not unhappy with the amount of
    time it took for me to get this done.

    The mission that really trolled me was TD-15; six solid pens in a T30, how
    hard could that be? It took me almost three weeks and I finally got it
    gone in the T110E3; I prefer not to drive my “Tens” in pubs because I don’t
    need the insults over how I don’t have the stats to deserve a “Ten.”

    By the time I try this for the T28 I will at least have the top gun on the

    If by some fluke I manage the T-55A (I’m not that good), I hope to have the
    E100, or at least the ST-I in the garage.

  85. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    I would prefer Königgrätzer Marsch

  86. What about using a KV-4 I completed the STUG IV heavy tank mission 15 in
    it. Would it work for the other ones aswell

  87. The maus is popular but the maps are not! :D

  88. Help me get through the missions haha I can’t get passed any of them now
    cause no platoon mates lol 

  89. The IS-4 could be a viable tank for the hvy tank mission.

  90. I finished my first set of HT-15 with the IS-7
    quite ez with that op tank

  91. How can there be 301 views if there are only 197.4 goats in my living room

  92. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    Dont be ashamed to fire APCR with your MAUS, its pretty much the standard
    ammo on it, i cant remember the last time i saw a MAUS fire AP. Same goes
    for the IS7…

    Congrats on completing your missions!

  93. I did the first one in the T57 Heavy, due to damage output, but it wasn’t

  94. MAUS the best tank in World Of Tanks

  95. E-100, 2. try, only 600dmg over the limit (8k)
    With arty in the match

  96. For the first heavy Tank Mission 15 I took the Maus too. I did 0 dmg and
    died, but blocked over 9k dmg :D

  97. Did it in my m103, blocked 10 k dmg 😉 while there was arty in the game

  98. People are playing the T-55A already.. and i’m sitting here, stuck on the
    StuG IV missions T.T 

  99. I almost got the first HT-15 (8000) in a KV-3
    But in the end I was 275dmg short….

  100. Tried to do HT-15 with IS-7 hull down. Bounced every shot from enemy but a
    wild WT Pz IV appeared and ammo racked me…. 

  101. lol Its just makes me cry that i cant do mi Medium tank mission 🙁 I have
    to set on fire a higher tier tank and cant do even with some premium ammos
    into the back an t95 🙁 🙁 which tank do u reccomend bro ?

  102. Yeah I was the tiny amx in that game and I saw that 15k and I thougt thats
    his mission 15

  103. hey 110 can bounce like crazy

  104. Best World Of Tank Replays

    any tips to complete the mission in an IS3

  105. You forgot about the KV-4 for tanks to do HT-15 with.

  106. did 4k bounce in t29 :D

  107. I did my HT-15 mission for the StuG IV WITH THE IS-8 !!! yes people ,
    with the IS-8 ! xDDD it took me a whole afternoon, and the funny part is
    that it took me 5 hours to realice that I had already completed the mission
    earlier in the afternoon xDD

    all that it took was a nice tier 9, no-arty matchup in Mountain Pass and a
    lovely Jagdtiger to repeatly shoot at my gun mantlet while a T25/2 was
    shooting HE at mt turret, and a A-44 and some light tanks tried to
    worthlessly snipe me from the river, and after that it only needed an IS-6
    and a Leopard PT A that were too bussy trying to kill me instead of
    defending their base, so they killed me and my allies captured the base
    winning the battle and thus helping me to do the secondary objective xD

    I blocked 3641 dmg + 3423 damage done + 1800 of damage recived (I died) =
    8864 😀 yey !

  108. Did the Stug one with IS-8 and T28 one with IS-7… had one more reason to
    grind that t10 beast :P

  109. Hello love the episode. I’m new to the channel when we you come out with a
    teamwork episode.

  110. OliversAviationvideo

    I did mine in the ST-1 for this mission. The ones before i did in the KV-4.

  111. You’re one of the best you tubers ever!!!!

  112. Sorry me spelling I’m just a kid.

  113. I play world of tanks pc my best tank is a tier 4 m3 lee

  114. is6 believe it or not is an option

  115. Best World Of Tank Replays

    k thx

  116. i gat the Ht-15 in my VK4502B 🙂 is E8S

  117. I did the first HT15-Mission in the Conquerer, when I didnt expect it. It
    was very funny. :)

  118. The maus from the back at least in warthunder has a very nice weakspot that
    is very small but very dangerous if it is hit, its half blocked by the big
    fuel barrel on the back which is absent in WOT’s Maus a good accurate two
    shots at the turret ring in the back can result in two things or a
    combination of the three, transmission breakage since it is mounted just
    underneath the back of the turret and is a huge target fire or even a
    ammunition detonation since in Warthunder it carries ammo for both guns and
    both can fire even though the 75 mm is useless against other tanks of its
    tier there is 5 but if you can get a shot at the side of a tiger 2 for
    instance can mean certain death since the most common cause of death for
    any tiger or panzer in warthunder is ammo detonation which goes up
    substantial when the side is exposed but its 128 mm main gun is devastating
    at just about any range. If the initial shot doesn’t kill it you probably
    will destroy the turret drives and kill just about everyone in the turret
    from deadly shrapnel. 

  119. These missions are stupid as they play to people who have a maus.

  120. i like my Maus but i feel far more effective in tanks like my VK B and ST1

  121. I did 14k combined damage in my Black Prince xD

  122. I did my ht 15 for stug with kv-4 in 1st battle i took 8k dmg blocked + hp
    and done 4k dmg to enemies making that mission like 2 times in one battle

  123. Misions undoable in tier7 tanks…

  124. I had 11,2k in my KV-4, that is also a good tank for the mission, but you
    have to get lucky

  125. Quickybaby when you play the maus and you want epic music with it, look up
    “into the void audio network”.
    And be lost in an invincible monster of a tank with the perfect music

  126. I still have not got the Stug IV 😛 having problems with the Heavy tank
    mission 15, 8000 total.. since my highest tier is Tiger II, but it shouldnt
    be impossible :P

  127. Please do TD-15.

  128. Why dont more people play the VK45.02B, especially for the missions? It
    doesnt have worse frontal armour than the maus (only upper plate is thinner
    but only tier X TDs can pen that) and it is one tier lower. Also the maus
    isnt faster and as long as you know what youre doing you dont need strong
    armour at the back or sides. The armor-use efficiency of my VK is around
    2.4. Bouncing 6k dmg (3xHP) is nothing special and even 12k combined isnt
    hard. And because you can just sit in front of your enemies and shoot them
    it isnt hard to deal decent damage even with the bad ROF.

  129. Mouse + Wagner = OP 

  130. I tried going for it in the e75, but I ended up getting it in the tiger 2
    by accident. But I’m definitely gonna get the maus as soon as I can now

  131. that music though :D

  132. i did it in my IS-6

  133. i did it with my tiger 2 without going for it but it was such an epic
    feeling :))

  134. I used the kv4 for my missions.. bounced 6k and did 3k damage thanks to a
    sta1 that kept bouncing off my side

  135. Did this mission with my T-29 wish I had recorded it.

  136. I hate that HT-15 the first one you have to block, do, or receive 8000
    damage. I thought it was 5000 when I found out it was 8000 I was very mad
    at war gaming for this.

  137. I used the E75 for HT-15 for the HTC missions and took me about 30-40 games

  138. I did it in the m103 cause I was top tier and did 6 k damage and blocked3 k

  139. You can bounce HE if the caliber is small and the tank that is getting hit
    is well armored 

  140. how to complete the LT-15

  141. I bounced an HE shell in blitz probabyl a bug or something but or maybe it
    was RNG i bounced it off the gun on my t34 and i could tell it was HE since
    it had a yellow tracer

  142. I did the heavys tank mission 15 for the t28htc with the is3

  143. Did the first HT15 in a T32… Hulled down and at medium to long range no
    one can hit the commanders hatch reliably with 9.6… Haven’t got to the
    second one yet.

  144. Alexandru Tesileanu

    How about using a KV-4?

  145. I have been trying to do t28htc HT15 for over 100 games with my only heavy
    tank the M103…and I hate it so much.Obj 430v2 would be so much better but
    its a med so…yeah . I hate heavies almost as much as skycancer

  146. T29 is my highest tier heavy either than the French “heavies.” I’m stuck on
    the mission :/

  147. Believe it or not i did it in my Wz111. The reward one

  148. The ST-I is also very capable of bouncing a lot of damage. 

  149. I did HT-15 (Stug IV) with my T57 Heavy….6k damage done and i was killed

  150. I love the sound of 150mm+ guns bouncing off armor 5:19

  151. The lower plate on the maus is actually quite strong. I was once shoting at
    an unangled maus from about 50 metres in my is8 and only penetrated 50
    percent of my shots. Anb btw. helping us to get through our missions seems
    to lead to pretty boring videos where there’s just a maus standing at a
    rock for 10 min ^^

  152. I love how QB says “howeva” :)

  153. Much to my amazement i was using the M103. (This tank has NO ARMOUR
    WHATSOEVER) and was able to complete HT-15 for 8000 dmg 

  154. I did a compined 14.5k a couple weeks back in the IS-7

  155. cant you use an IS-7 for this mission as with the bouncy turret and angle
    hull you can hull down and deal good amount of damage 

  156. i did it in the e75 I wasn’t even paying attention and i got it for the
    first time ( i played in a platoon with st1)

  157. QB do you think it would be possible to do this in a tiger p?

  158. ITZ OVER 19 THOUSAND!!!!

  159. Quicky … just tell me when you finish the SPG-13 mission with splashing 3
    and killing one of the splashed tanks 😀
    If there is one absurd mission its that one :D

  160. Lol is-8 no joke

  161. ribergzzon gaming

    M103 SEVERAL i am belov avg 500 wn8

  162. T95?

  163. I have gotten 7.4 k total in the wz 111

  164. Oh wow 12k. On the US server it is only 8k!

  165. I wouldnt recommend the T32. The turret is great, but the bottom of the gun
    mantlet is a massive bullet trap that makes it easy to pen. However when I
    played my T32 I didn’t see very many people shooting for the bullet trap,
    so you could take your chances with it. The T29 is a beast, and it doesn’t
    have such a weak bullet trap.

  166. Careful of the copyright of your music,QB

  167. I did the first heavy tank 15 on my amx 50 120, because I don’t have good
    armored ht. But for the second mission I don’t think it’s gonna happen

  168. i have done in my e 75 ha ha ha 21k dmg blokt by armor i dont need a usless
    maus to do that

  169. can’t seem to get through the mission were the heavy tank needs to cap and
    do 1000k damage.

  170. I used the kv 5 it blocked 6000 damage and the rest was on me to ammorack
    two e75 and kill.other tanks best game of my life

  171. I did HT 15 for the stug in the kv-3 (was 63 away from doing it in the T29)
    seeing as the IS-8 is my highest tier heavy i may be screwed in the future.

  172. hey guys, can someone help me out, when i try to download world of tanks on
    my new desktop, the website goes to unavailable? Are the servers down?

  173. Do you think the first HT-15 mission will be very hard in a KV-4?

  174. I almost like you as a player , but when i see how greedy are you (for
    example twitch tv / to use chat in your channel must pay), you go down in
    my eyes!

  175. Do you have any video about how to angle the e 100, especially the turret?
    I have been playing for two weeks or so and i do not manage to bounce the
    shells reliably. Gold ones still penetrate by both, the front and the side
    of the turret
    thanks for your time ;)

  176. hi qb i have problem with ht mission 15, but i dont have at the moment maus
    or even vk b, but i have st-i, would you consider this tank i know it have
    very bouncy turret so i wanted to ask someone more experienced than me for

  177. I want to see someone do this in the AMX 50 120 or the AMX 50B.

    THAT would be amazing.

  178. the is4 is pretty good too

  179. the HT, TD and MT(except the fire mission…that was a pain in the ass)
    were all completed very very quickly for me. For HT15, I completed it in
    the KV-4 first and then got the secondary in a stock Conqueror. But I am
    having real trouble with LT 15, I recently got into light tanks and I
    always do more damage than I spot, I average 2k damage games with 500-1k
    spotting damage in my T7 lights (highest tier I have so far, be getting RU
    soon enough). Can someone help me please?

  180. TheAllMightyLight

    what zoom mod are u using?

  181. If only the T95 could do this mission and not just sniping BS TD missions.

  182. great video, I like watching really good players 🙂
    I don’t do the missions intentionally, far to much like work!
    Just a game for me, but fun non the less.

  183. tank for ht15? E100 all the way! 😀
    i think it can do way more damage than the maus because it has TD-level
    alpha and it still can bounce alot

  184. legomanjoshm drones

    I got my mission in the 50 b

  185. Sidescraping IS-4 will crack this nut! 3 tries and then i had the mission
    done :)

  186. I did HT-15 for the StuG IV in the VK 45.02B and for the T28 HTC in the E
    100, so yes, they are both completely valid candidates.
    One extra tip for this mission, in the right setup, is to actually plug a
    typical medium line push with your heavy tank. Of course, needs to be no
    artillery and a match up that means you aren’t crippling your team by doing
    this. But if you can get medium tanks shooting you at a reasonable range,
    rather than heavies in your face, then that gives you the best chance for
    the armour to work. Mediums tend to fire with lower penetration, but also
    much faster, so gives you a good chance to rack up damage quickly 🙂 I
    ended up doing it this way in my E 100, inadvertently anyway. The medium
    push line was starting to fall, so I plugged myself in the gap to keep our
    team alive a bit longer, and ended up with a huge amount of damage blocked
    as I just worked the enemy down 🙂
    Range was also a key factor for this video, so weak spots would have been
    harder to hit and some penetration loss for the shot distance.

  187. does track damage count

  188. i’m getting frustrated with the HT15 of the stug 4. my highest tier tank
    is a ‘stock’ kv4… and people just chuck gold. closest I came was 7k…
    and that was, once. Kv4 stronk tank, but when people chuck gold… or
    just punch through the gun mantlet, is not stronk at all

  189. I completed HT-15 the first one for the stug in my T110E5 i did like 5,000
    hp of damage and almost 4,000 hp blocked by armor lol and people say E5 is
    weak xD

  190. You’re a monster ! gg

  191. ronaldsonbellande

    Join the tounament team TheOneHidingInTheShadows

  192. I did this mission with E100 on Sand River with 3 arty in enemy team! And
    yes i was really lucky, arty try to hit me but all times they missed their
    shots and after the game i done the mission with 12005 total dmg :D

  193. Gotta be the Tesla

    Hey QB I see you have Generals: Zero Hour one of my favorite games, not so
    popular doe, respect and congratz :)

  194. Hey QuickyBaby I completed the first HT-15 accidentally in my T-29 om the
    same map you just played. I ended the battle blocking 7500 damage off my
    turret in almost the same spot you just sat.

  195. Did it with the T29 but died, so didn’t get it with Honors. Then I did it
    again in the Tiger II, but died again. Annoying.

  196. What a about a kv-5? It has Stronk Stalinwood Armor! You can almost always
    bounce shots in that thing.

  197. NO arty lucker ;)

  198. I managed the first HT-15 in the E 75 on my very first attempt. My point
    total was over 10,000, enough for the second tier as well.

    Unfortunately I can’t move to the next missions because I am stuck on TD-15
    and LT-15. Oh well.

  199. Not sure why are everyone focusing on dmg blocked by armor. True it easyer
    to bloc that ammount of dmg than to so it, but all 3 HT-15 mission I’v done
    it was with IS-7, 1st was easy, for 2nd I did 7k dmg, blocked 1k and died
    and for 3rd made 8,2k dmg, lost around 2k dmg and blocked around 3k. Its
    not everything in blocking, I will rather shoot enemy than relay on them
    shooting me and bouncing.

  200. To everyone complaining these missions are impossible without high tier

    That’s the point. Completing these mission sets are objectives for
    experienced tankers with high tier tanks. Low tiers can still complete the
    first missions quite easily and the credit boost from them will be very
    much appreciated.

    Stop blaming WG for unfair missions and use it as motivation to become a
    better tanker!

  201. How do you do the free camera like that?

  202. Whenever I play in my KV-4 and I’m in a matchup that is favorable to me,
    the enemy team always use APCR, HE, and HEAT ammo which, to me, is a real
    pain because when they do that those of us who can’t afford those certain
    premium rounds are fighting on an unfair playing feild and have no chance
    to win

  203. wagner is fine and dandy, but this needs “hit me baby one more time!” as

  204. Can u do a review in the htc and the t55a

  205. Would tiger P be a viable option for the bounce three times the HP of your
    tank. Just unlocked it and still getting to grips with play style of it.

  206. i managed to do HT-15 with the ST-I with all stock modules with exception
    of the radio

  207. I would also suggest the IS-4 for these missions. 250mm of side armor so
    all you have to do is side scrape at a 30 degree angle show your frontal
    armor and nothing can damage you besides HE and HESH shells

  208. ITS OVER 9000!!!!
    im so sorry i had to.

  209. B1 top tier free mission

  210. 2:13 not true actually. According to XVM I have bounced HE. not heat, not
    hesh, HE.

  211. e100 did 7k damage and blocked 5k, fv183 bounced 3 times and got a two
    bounces from borsig using 150mm, and two from t30 trying to shoot my
    viewrange thingy missed and hit angled turret.

  212. Bounced off a Maus’s hull twice and the back of it’s freaking turret 3
    times in my is-3 even tho i shot directly at the little hatch, Maus has
    some ridiculously OP armor u.u

  213. Unless you play on NA with 2+ arty per side. ;)

  214. no arty & no deathstar.lucky u.

  215. Got this with my M6A2E1 ;)

  216. Hey quickybaby can you give me anypointers on completing the first HT-15
    mision the only tier 8 heavies i have is the is 3 and the t34 premium id
    love some pointers im just an avreage joe kinda player so im still learning

  217. do more missions :D

  218. Did the StugIV HT:15 with an M103… Not an easy task ;)

  219. I don’t have any tanks higher than tier 8. I am actually trying to do this
    in the Tiger2. Its not going very well…

  220. 45k views, 0 comments? wtf this is abnormal. so i will type this for sake
    of typing something!

  221. The VK 72.01 works wonders for this mission. Baiting JPe100’s and other
    td’s to shoot you over and over makes it so easy to get the missions done.

  222. No the music is not Darude sandstorm!

  223. I did the HT-15 (for the stug) in the Maus. Two attempts, did it in the
    second game, so the Maus is probably the best tank for this mission.

  224. Oh my God! I can see the Armoured Warfare short-cut on your desktop!
    Dialled up my excitement to some extent. 

  225. Is it good to do it in IS7? (No arty and hull down)

  226. I did 2nd HT15 in 3-4 games in my IS-4 , no arty is really essential for
    this one , or until some smart asses in jagdE100 starts loading “skill
    ammo” , bcs reasons. In my opinion all t10 should be forbid to use premium
    ammo. You are top tier tank , you should already know how to deal with
    situations and if not than you suck. Same in CWs , strongholds etc , what
    is purpose of having super heavy tank if anything can pen you in the
    mantlet , thats my opinion on this matter.

  227. See, by now people have somewhat caught onto the fact that people are using
    the T29 to do this mission @ tier 7, I know I have been trying for about
    20-30 games… And they just refuse to shoot you now, which is very

  228. I’m not going up the maus line. In fact, I’d have to go back to T4 to
    start. however, I am about to get the E75. IS it good enough to do on that
    or do I need to get E100? Also note I need to do the Stug one, but don’t
    want to grind maus so I can do it for later tanks. 

  229. I don’t try to do those missions, yesterday was first time when I played
    WoT for month or two. Too much shit happening and I don’t have the best
    tanks to do those blocking missions.

  230. while ı am sitting here and thinking about how to do this missions with my
    fv215b… people who started in german line are very lucky. when ı started
    playing wot ı wanted to be fat tank and picked up medium 1 and grind for
    the fv. and the most sad thing is ı have 9 heavy tanks in my garage. yes ı
    love to take damage and fight in the frontline so ı decided to get all of
    the heavys in the game.and then this missions came and ı fucked up cause ı
    had to start from tier 2-3s and now ı have a bishop,churchill GC (well ı
    opened it with churchills exp and to start 6 tier) at least ı have some
    mediums.but its still so hard for me cause %75 of my tanks are 6-7-8 tier
    heavys… which has no use in this missions. and my win rate dropped down
    to %49 thx to people only try their missions and they say like omg they
    have no arty ı must swim with my tank… so ı deleted the game for now and
    only watching you but maybe ı will be back if that new tank physics are
    good :)

  231. I managed to block 12.5k dmg in my kv4. But that was before these missions
    came out -,-

    Though, I can do the same in my st1 when I’m hull down I guess

  232. I think the black prince wouls work pretty well,did it myself in the is-6
    but the BP has great armor, so going hull down or sidescraping would work
    really well

  233. can you please make a video about the LT-15 mission? that one is the
    hardest by far imo.

  234. I thought i would never do HT-15.
    But then i just jumped in the black prince and did it first time lol

  235. Easy i did it in the IS 3

  236. You could also use the kv-5 for this. Hide the r2d2 and sidescrape.

  237. I have done one in the VK-B, with 15000 damage

  238. I did the first HT-15 in the IS-7 where you need to do 8k combined.
    I had another game later where I could have managed to do the HT-15 for the
    T28, but I was only on mission HT-13 at the time.

  239. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    +QuickyBabyTV i ended up completeing HT15 with my kv4, but i must say, i
    didnt actually know it was complete till one day i was in my garage, and i
    was just thinking “gosh im never going to be able to achive this unless
    ihave a maus” i clicked on missions, …and it said claim reward…and im
    just thinking…what?….i got my female crew…i was so happy, for me,
    only haveing a t32 and kv4 with no tier 10s i thought i would never get it,
    i had been practicing angleing my kv4 lately, and i guess it paid off,
    although i have no idea what game it was on, could of been when 2 e100’s
    kept shooting my sidescraped side armor, i didnt think to much of it,
    because i got derped by arty early on, maybe i blocked enough in that game,
    but i would recommend that new comers use the kv4, its armor is better than
    people realize

  240. Atelalu Alexandru

    Oh snap..Command and Conquer

  241. You can do this in any T8+ heavy tank apart from maybe the french ones…
    It is just sooo much easier when you have your Maus/IS7 or VK 45.02B… I
    am currently working towards my E-100, and i believe with good match-up i
    can probably do this mission even in Tiger II or E75. It will just be
    really tough.

    Also agreed, that the hardest HT mission is bounce X-times your hp. For
    those it might be best to use the low tier well-armored tanks, maybe the
    British heavy tanks tier 5~7?

  242. One of my first ever games on the Maus was Lakeville starting with the
    church on my right (south spawn). I went down the middle to the rock in F4
    as I remember, covered my lower plate and waited. I had binos on and
    spotted them all heading to the church. Everyone stopped (B6,C7) and stated
    firing at me, all but one stayed and continued firing at me! I lasted about
    4-5 minutes. They had 2 artillery which focused on my and they did 90% of
    the damage. When I checked my stats after the game (we lost) I’d taken over
    28k potential damage! This was before the shell normalisation changed too.
    The Maus was so easy to pen at that point. Hiding my lower plate plus the
    range was what make this possible. The Maus didn’t really become playable
    again until they make those changes to PEN / normalisation.

  243. +QuickyBabyTV I manged to do it in my IS-3, sadly I lost the match and
    didn’t complete the secondary

  244. Well, I have a Maus game where I bounced 15.6k and did about 5k myself :P.
    Sure, it is ancient (patch 0.8.11), but in case someone is interested: ;)

  245. I have *ALMOST* got the one for the Stug IV with honors, but I lost the
    game and I couldn’t get the secondary requirement. I don’t ever go out of
    my way to complete these missions, but it’s nice to know the KV-5 could
    pull it off :)

  246. Nice music

  247. Mitchell Jefferay

    3:30 “I give them a perfect opportunity to penetrate my cheeks”

  248. QB,pls remove 45 fps on your videos because 1080p laggs a lot :(

  249. i did the first set with TIGER II

  250. How to complete LT-15???

  251. and if you dont have one of this heavy armor tanks,you simply can fuck your
    self and forget all this useless missions!

  252. i did my first 2 ht15 missions with the caernarvon..

  253. if u dont have the Maus or the VKB to block 12k dmg, just use other HTs to
    deal 8k dmg and block the rest.

  254. Did the first HT15 on the first try with the FV215b 😀 Love the tank. 5k
    blocked, 3k dmg dealt – easy work, not even an Ace tanker :P

  255. quicky baby you have no eyes or ? 3:44 your lower plate maybe near the
    track ?!

  256. I did a first HT15 with the FV215b just by doing 8k dmg.

  257. and that kids is why arty is essential to a team. Proof is in the pudding. 

  258. I have 3 tier9 tanks (m103,t30,wz120) and can’t decide if I want a tierX or
    start to grind another line …(leading to maus or T57heavy)

    any recommendations?
    are the tierX even worth it? is it even possible to make some profits with
    a tierX tank, without prem account?

  259. Maus seems pretty easy mode… I checked some of my old replays though and
    T29 can do the stug HT15. I have a few runs where my damage dealt, blocked
    and received goes over the requirement… of course I hardly ever platoon
    so I don’t get to unlock that mission just yet…

  260. however!!!

  261. Thank you man you are my favorite youtuber,i ask you to record maus and you
    do thank you so much.

  262. +QuickyBabyTV I’ve got a really interesting IS-3 replay for the last heavy
    tank mission ( cause and block a total of 8000 HP). It would be fantastic
    if you look at it or maybe even upload it, would be awsome!
    Sorry for bad english.

  263. I’ve pulled off 10k blocked in the T29, but it was catching lightning in a
    bottle. I don’t know that it’s a viable tank to try to chase this mission.

  264. Copacean Constantin

    T110E5 is able to do 10k damage mission:?

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