World of Tanks || On a Mission – Ram Kill!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m trying to complete the HT-9 mission – ram an enemy to death… Using the KV-5 and the

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  1. I hope you enjoy me trying to achieve HT-9 mission – ram kills!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Yey!! I’ll watch this after the stream!!

  3. QuickyBaby FTW!

  4. Welcome to the under 301 viewers!

  5. Hi

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  7. top ten!

  8. just leaving that one here :)

  9. Playstationguy1999

    Under 301!

  10. I hate the ram missions

  11. Hi QB your videos are the best, keep up the good work and keep making my
    day even better!

  12. dayumm

  13. It is terrible mission!

  14. Whats a good tank for completing this i dont have kv-5 or amx

  15. I’ve found the M6 is pretty good for ramming, especially against kv-85’s
    trying to ram me in skirmishes 

  16. I’m on the ram kill mission too! But the only tank i have good for ramming
    is IS-7

  17. Like this if you are watching in the 301+ views!

  18. You seem to have smooth ride

  19. hey quickybaby, my name in the game is qaswed123, and i am about to get my
    T 55A, in a few days. I just wanted to tell you that the ramming missions
    only get harder with the T 55A. But i have done both ;)

  20. i hate this mission 

  21. the platoons missions is very annoying because i have no Clan

  22. Another great video! I enjoy them all.

  23. U also can complete the mission if the enemy rammed u and died… that’s
    what happened when I completed it. lol

  24. what map mod was used in this game quickybaby?

  25. i used the 50 100 to get ram kills by ramming meds and lights

  26. having trouble doing missions on my T4-5 tanks. Capping with KV -1 and
    killing SPG with Matilda. They are so damn slow

    rumored to be the last thing the rammed vehicles hear.

  28. ReadMyNamem8xXx_SampleCat_xXx MemeMasterz ftw xDD

    im stuck at that mission! I don’t have a KV-Zilla so i have to use my other
    HT which are slow. 

  29. Well I just got my mission I need to ram in.

  30. The Medium tank missions are WAY easier than any of the others. The other
    final missions usually involve numbers so large it’s difficult to complete
    the mission at low to mid tier, requiring you to have a high tier vehicle
    of that type. Medium Tank missions however…don’t require thousands of
    spotting/absorbed/damage done; they just require two TD kills or

  31. theres too many artys in games now since these missions where introduced
    plus the platoon requirement means im never doing them. their called
    “individual missions” so the platoon requirement is idiotic.

  32. FCM is a good choice for this mission too.

  33. YouTube lied to me its 12:59 minutes not 13:00!

  34. Take b1, “fall” off cliff somewhere, have enemies fall on you and die.
    Mission complete.

  35. Kv5 is best tonk in de game

  36. I have a feeling that QuickyBaby would be the best Captain America on this

  37. Before this video started I was thinking, there is a mission for killing a
    ram? That’s mean! 

  38. Hating this missions. Some are fun and properly thought out, but most are
    just as much RNG as the game itself. Not to mention the random platoon ones
    mixed with non-platoon ones that have similar requirements and don’t
    aggregate anything.

  39. 50B review!!!!

  40. I had a Batchat25t ram my stationary E100 for this mission. BC drivers,
    never fail to amuse

  41. I hated this mission. But I managed to do it eventually in a B2.

  42. I completed this mission by accident, so I was in my KV-3 and out of
    nowhere a ELC AMX charges me and rams me, he dies and I only get track
    damage then I went on to get 3 more kills and a high caliber.

  43. i’d say any fast heavy will do it, armor or not, it can ram kill, for first
    mission t1 heavy is best 

  44. Funny thing… The KV-1S actually worked for me… That mission made me
    pull my hair out. Thank God for Himmelsdorf, lend lease oil and a poor,
    poor little Hellcat on ~200 HP…

  45. try the t14 it works great

  46. I think the best tank for ramming is FCM50t if i look the heavy tanks only

  47. dont trust him, just take 50b for that mission. ;-)

  48. If you are only lower tier then the T1 heavy is good for this as you can
    devastate T3 – T4 tanks with a ram. One I am stuck on is capping in a heavy
    which I can’t understand what it is supposed to prove. It’s entirely
    dependant on your team. Also the spot and not be spotted light tank ones,
    as long as you spot what does it matter if you are seen or not. You just
    end up annoying your own team if you sit in a bush all game.

  49. Just a pro tip from me …. always try to ram arty or lights …

  50. “…no better then KV-5…” Where is muh T1 Heavy, besterest rammer in da

  51. Having a hard time with the spotting (without being spotted) mission. I
    have a t21 and a luchs with camo nets. Any suggestions?

  52. I did this mission with a B2. It is much much easier. Just dmg a ligth tank
    near to death than accelerate and boom, there is your ram kill. I managed
    it the 1st try. Lot of missions can be done easier in lower tier.

  53. now in order to get the mission tanks do you have to complete each mission
    with honors?

  54. modpack?

  55. VK 45.02B is what i used for mine, scouts just love ramming them selves to
    death on you

  56. Put some epic E-50 ramkill video!! Ramkilling arties is not that funny as I
    hoped this video would be :(

  57. I was stuck in the LT mission where you have to win by cap for a week.
    Always when I was close to a cap win I saw enemies on my minimap and the
    only voice I heard was the one inside my head repeating “I wanna shoot

  58. Fcm 50t is also fantastic against meds and light

  59. Krater Makedonecot


    JK ;)

  60. I think that the arty mission number one is hard, because if you are new to
    arty, and dont have an arty that simply cant do more than 500 dmg in one
    hit directly, and dont have a big splash radius, u are a long time on doing
    it. And I think that the TD mission are much easier than the LT missions.

  61. t14 is the best tank for ramming specially when you get spall liner on it
    and off road driving, thing is so fast you can 1 shot ram at full hp any
    other teir 5 accept for a fellow heavy, might take a ram and a round or two

  62. Why does Quickybaby have a clip of HE in the 50B? I always thought HE is
    worthless in an autoloader unless you’re joking around in the waffle E-100
    with the 150mm

  63. “KV-4” and “lot of speed should” not be in the same sentence, lol. Mad
    tonnage once it gets moving though. ggs!

  64. Hello quickybaby,I have the kv5 too but I find it very inaccurate. Can you
    please tell me what do you have mounted on it?

  65. roses are red violets are blue im the 301 first viewer and so are u

  66. Lol, I got mine in my KV-2, E 25 gets spotted, I shoot him once but don’t
    pen, then I roll off the little hill I was on and ram him for 495 damage. 

  67. Could you do a tank review on the Stug IV and T28 Concept plz??

  68. I done my 2 ramming HT missions in Excelsior and T14. Ram the tier 3’s and
    4’s mwahaha 

  69. Im at the last scout mission atm… It’s to random. It all depends on Map,
    team randomness, MM and luck. I have tried for hours now! If I die early I
    play a heavy tank while I wait and finished the last heavy mission 10 times
    allready with 10k dmg done or taken.

  70. fcm 50t is great for ramming I completed the mission with it

  71. Okay so you have to finish every single set for each class of vehicle in
    the missions to obtain the new “premium” tank? :/

  72. The light tank missions are bad only because you have to platoon with
    scumbags, and if you dont have a clan like QB you are mostly screwed :)

  73. I saw an Armored Warfare icon on your desktop :))))

  74. Did the heavy ram missions with my 113, and for the meds i used the
    cromwell, and the leo1 (unintentionally :P)

  75. I have found the missions to be very hard to complete unless you have the
    right tank to do them in or have enough experience to be able to do them.
    Take HT-15 for example, 8000 damage caused, blocked and received. If you
    have a very heavily armoured high tier tank, this would be very easy, but
    if your a player like me who only has 2 tier 9’s, both of which are not
    heavily armoured then you will have to get the full 8000 in damage alone.
    Now, i have had games that are good enough, but they are so rare and far
    inbetween that it basically becomes down to luck. So basing this around me,
    i am an average player (Statistically with ~ 1400 WN8) and am unable to do
    it on damage alone, thats half of the wot community that will struggle to
    do this. If we go by damage blocked, well to get enough damage blocked it
    will most likely need to be a tier 9-10. I (with 6000 games) only have two
    tier 9’s and they do not have armour. So it is going to take new comers say
    around 6000 games, and enough research to know what tier 9-10 to head for
    to do the mission. This seems pretty unreasonable to me. 6000 games will
    take a long time to gain. I understand tier 9’s could probably be gained in
    less than 1000 games, but this is to experienced players who know what they
    are doing, and i cant see any newcomers being able to do this.

    All in all, i do really enjoy the missions, but i feel there are no mission
    sets that are ‘beginner friendly’ and i feel this needs to be changed, so
    even newcomers can complete at least one of the missions and get a single
    reward tank.

  76. vk 45 asuaf A reaching a 40 km/h and ramming a wz 111 droven by a
    unicum,making the unicum angry after klling him,i done the mission with
    honours one step closer to the t28 htc :D

  77. Picked up my first gal pal on the StuG.IV mission today via the medium
    tanks. I had started playing arty for this campaign but have concluded
    that for the first time out I’m better off doing just heavies, mediums,
    scouts & TDs but going for commendations. I don’t have high-tier arty yet
    with the splash damage that entails. I also doubt that I’m going to get
    much further. As they say in car racing; I ran out of talent, brakes and
    road in roughly that order! 

  78. I did it with the T1 Heavy, it’s a great tank for that mission :)

  79. IS is a good ramer 2

  80. Does the KV5 get more silver in a battle like the super pershing? Or is it
    not that much?

  81. the platoon missions are super annoying because i never have the time to
    play more than 5 games in a row

  82. I rammed a Lorr 40t in an IS-7 for 1000 dmg

  83. FCM 50t ramming lights or arty = gg easy mode.

  84. Great_kahn here- fv206- Oh you tracked me did you Mr QB? You sure you
    didn’t ask me to let you ram?
    Shocking truth in this replay.

  85. I’m quite new to the missions in WoT and the one for MT where you have to
    set an opponent on fire is particularly annoying. Before, I used to do it
    all the time and now it just can’t happen. Lower plate of German tanks is a
    way to go I guess…

  86. Francisco oliveros

    i find the last heavy tank mission very difficult as mt my highest tier is
    8 and its a obj 416

  87. The medium mission Is also to ram someone, I did it in. My Lorraine and

  88. Someone is in Armored Warfare beta!!! 😀 

  89. I got this mission the match after I got a ramkill XD… Never had a ram
    oppertunity since…

  90. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    I was lucky that my Churchill III was rammed by AMX 13 105, but I still
    struggle to set something on fire in my meds.

  91. Theres a huge difficulty gap between LT-10 LT-11 and LT-12. LT-11 is just
    super hard to do. “Get 1500 spotting damage, get your arty platoon mates do
    a combined 1000 damage. And then LT-12 is just some simple mission

  92. You won’t believe how many time I was a INCH close of ramming a tank kill
    only to get kill steal from a sniper or arty elsewhere. OOOHHH I was
    raging so hard. I can only wished I get some support by now being banned
    by their mistake of not removing the gold from my game, which been in my
    game for nearly a months, when I’ve gotten a refund from my gift card.

  93. Quicky!
    are you feeling ill? you do sound like you have flu or cold..

  94. Do 5 critical hits…. I did over 6k damage in WZ-111 1-4, but still I did
    only 2 critical hits (tracks don’t count)

  95. HT-15 is a tough job for me, as my highest tier tanks are tier 8. I’m not
    good enough to do that mission in an IS-3.

  96. Qb, do you think everyone has every tank In the game? Cuz it sounds like it

  97. KV 220 is awesome for ramming

  98. Валерий Мелехов


  99. Жуков Георгий Константинович

    Can someone tell/link to me the whole campaign (I mean all of the

  100. I did it with e100 by ramkilling a wz-132 to death… he called me a
    cheater afterweards

  101. I used the FCM 50t for this mission. It’s not quite mobile enough to chase
    people down, it bleeds off too much speed cornering, but it was great to
    make a quick shift and catch lighter tanks with a corner as they were
    trying to sweep by you.

  102. Screw the f***ing cap missions, they are completely retarded xD

  103. I’m really,really having problems with setting things on fire in a medium

  104. I have to do 4k damage in a TD. It’s not hard cause I’m bad at the game,
    but cause I do an average of 240 damage per shot and I’m in the T25/2.

  105. I did mine in the black prince down hill on el halluf and it was funny as
    hell xD

  106. Lol I’m don’t own a light tank or an spg

  107. FCM 50t is good for ramming mission

  108. T1 Heavy is superior for ramming!

  109. Even if you didn’t have the ramming mission, the wise move would still be
    capping it out.
    Who goes hunting with a 400hp KV-5? Only for supreme shits-n-giggles would
    someone do that. 

  110. E100 with spoll liner down hill reks everything

  111. thumbs up if you dont play in platoons and want reward tanks from missions
    🙂 !

  112. Lt 15 with my Bad luck is super hard. I never get good maps and When i Do a
    faster tank is going to steal my Job

  113. I like the missions, it makes the game have a sort of ‘campaign’ mode to
    it. However the capping missions are just ridiculous. The cap is there as a
    tool, to force the enemy’s hand, not to just sit in there and get the whole
    team less experience and potentially jeopardise the win.

  114. I somehow got the medium ram mission in my Chi Ri. Dumbass suiscout decided
    to ram me at right before he died, giving me the kill. Just goes to show,
    if you’re enemy is dumb enough, you can get a ram kill in anything.

  115. i used the 50b on meds for this mission was easy

  116. Now for lower tiers I have to recommend driving VK36.01H. It can do 63 kph
    down hill, it’s well armored for it’s tier and has a lot of weight so down
    hill it’s a good machine to ram stuff to death. Other than that maybe IS-7
    for it can definitely go fast down hill as well. It’s just not that heavy.
    Ofc the tanks that qb mentioned here are all good for ramming.

  117. Everyone wants to use high tiers for the ram mission…… I got my ram
    mission in the first game in my KV2 because of how small and light the
    tanks at lower tier are. Should use Kv2 instead.

  118. I got a ram kill when a Covenanter decided that ramming my Matilda was a
    good idea.

  119. AMX 50B was the way to go for me. Decent weight and good speed so you can
    actually get to the target while guaranteed to do reasonable damage :-)

  120. I watched a video on QB’s twitch where he gets rammed off the central road
    by a FRIENDLY Super Pershing who then dies in a hail of fire. Sure enough,
    some 40-44% wonder.
    QB made the valid point that the ONLY way you end up with a win rate under
    48% (given sufficient sample size) is if YOU are an ACTIVE DETRIMENT to
    your team.
    Now look at the rosters in this video. Dear god. How is it so many people
    play this game at tiers 8+ who suck so badly? How is it they don’t learn a
    damn thing after so many battles?
    Sure enough, in the first battle pretty much every 40-47% player on QB’s
    team is dead within 4-5 minutes. I rather suspect that’s what they do every
    battle, and never learn from it.
    Really is enough to make you wonder about humanity, isn’t it. LOL.

    p.s. QB, appreciate you’ve got into the habit of showing the 3rd result
    screen. I think it’s important people get an idea of the true profits they
    might expect certain vehicles earn based on damage done and type of ammo
    used etc.

    p.p.s. the light tank missions are the hardest IMO; the spotting damage one
    is a nightmare as it’s so affected by your team AND map. Lights are the
    hardest vehicles to play as it is, so naturally WG gives them the finger by
    providing the toughest mission conditions. Yet another reason not to play
    them in most cases; what can a tier 7-8 light do that you won’t do better
    in a tier 8-9 medium (bearing in mind those vehicles get the same MM

  121. I did my ramming mission by AMX50b, it rams just like a E50 can…

  122. Been stuck on HT-9 for a while now. Lets hope I can get lucky in one of my
    HT games

  123. Being dependant on luck sucks. Kill 3 meds or tds with your med i.e. you
    are dependant on mm. Ourr a tank that is 1 tier higher. Also LT-15 is
    really hard since most maps are not scout friendly

  124. Calling it a personal mission when platoons are required. Now that is

  125. Oh, and for the final question. The Platoon missions is most annoying. The
    vast majority of players doesn’t regularly play in a platoon, or have
    active friends playing.

  126. Claus tard learn proper english.

  127. I do feel like a lot of the missions are really map or MM dependent. I mean
    how can I kill 2 heavy tanks higher tier than myself if I get top tier or
    anything but heavies above me? Then I’ll switch to my lights and need to
    get 5k spotting and end up on a map like Himmelsdorf and just have to hope
    I can get it by tracking enemies n such. The platoon missions dont bother
    me. There are enough no name clans for all skill levels with plenty of
    people willing to platoon you can join or at least hang out with. Some
    folks have success using the forums and ingame chat to get platoons going.
    i found the MT missions to be the easiest though, followed by the heavies
    (any russian or germam 9-10 heavy has no issue with those missions at all)
    and then TD Lights, and finally SPG missions. I don’t have many arty though
    aside from my prem LeF frenchy for the OP as all hell rof so if youre a
    good arty player and actually have some decent arty they may be easier for

  128. I got my ram kill in my IS-6 when I rammed a light tank after tracking him.

  129. I lost my laptop i cant play wit anymore i miss my friends and my clan and
    i cant continue finishing the missions

  130. QB is a virgin

  131. QB, are you still planning to upload any WoT Blitz footage?

  132. Missions that require specific targets can be very annoying. Example would
    be the medium one where you have to kill 2 heavy tanks 1 tier above you. It
    took me 30-40 games before I even got a battle with enough targets…

  133. Fcm 50t is what I done mine in 

  134. Can’t missions because platoons.

  135. I think Light tank mission 15 is incredibly annoying.
    There are only a few maps you can actually try to complete the mission.
    Malinovka, Prohorovka, Redshire, Erlenberg, Sand River.
    and I think that’s about it.

    when you come to maps like Ensk, Stalingrad, Kharkov, well, then there is
    absolutely no chance..

    What Wargaming can do to make this mission better is to include damage
    dealt by the light tank itself into the account.
    Make the Stug IV light tank 15 mission like, do 4500-5000 damage deal by
    any combination of spot deal, track deal or damage dealt by your own.
    While I was doing this mission, I experienced many time that I could simply
    kill low health enemy tank but I couldn’t in order to get the spot damage,
    and that resulted negatively for our team to win.

    Current format of light tank mission 15 is just too depedant on maps and
    allies. I hope it gets changed a bit.

  136. Why do u waste time on missions QB? Your real goal should be to play with
    no gold ammo to show all gold-unicums that you have character just like
    motogtz, who will sadly leave the wot community soon.

  137. Blinta thegoodgamer

    For this mission I just asked an elc to ram me. It worked!

  138. So cool I remember both of those matches on stream

  139. Quicky you never give the e75 enough credit for its ramming ability.
    it is a 95 ton tank that can get to 40kmh down hills, you can do 500+
    damage reliably with controlled impact to tanks such as the FV215B

  140. I am still on the first set, but medium tank missions were by far the
    easiest for me. I have all of them done with honors. I’m on the last of
    the heavy tank missions but I just don’t think I can do it with the tanks I
    own. I ALMOST got it with a T29 on an insane ace tanker game where I did
    over 3500 damage and blocked so much that it put me around 7800. One more
    shot would have gotten it. *sigh* I’m on the M103 but I don’t think I’ll
    be able to do it with that as it has almost no armor to speak of.

    Stuck on some of the platoon missions with the others. Just need to hunt
    down some people to help out.

  141. the most annoying mission has to be incinerator(MT-9), especially when RNG
    hates you…

  142. I did my mission in a Lowe lol rammed a Cent on redshire as he backed into
    a rock

  143. I struggle with the final light tank mission, got 3963 spotting yesterday.
    Still I finish frequently with high damage done by myself, but it doesn’t
    count torwards the mission. I have to ask why? For the final heavy mission
    damage done + blocked by armor counts as well. I just find this mission
    involves too much rng as pure 4k spotting damage can’t be obtained on a lot
    of the latest maps. Try get that much on Himmelsdorf, or Stalingrad.
    Tracking damage makes you pretty reliant on your team mates and geting 4k
    this way is pretty tough nearly impossible. A few days back I retracked a
    E50m over and over, I did over 1.5k damage to him while my team only
    accounted for around 300, that happend with 2 artys in the same game plus a
    Leo 1 nearby.

    Still while I had games on Fishermans Bay, Fiery Salient or Prokhorovka,
    where I also had good teams which took advantage of the scouting and
    listened to given targets, this is the minority of the time. We got great
    new light tanks which make a more aggressive playstyle work, but the
    mission don’t reflect that. No it is mostly old school scouting (hiding
    behind bushes, ridge lines, tracking etc.), which is an outdated play style
    not supported by the recent map/game design or even the new introduced
    light tanks.

  144. Isnt the first of the churchill heavies better for ramkills because of the
    open tracks?

  145. The artillery personal missions are quite hard

  146. Hi quickybaby,
    Why are you playing whitout a clan?
    How you make platoon misions?

  147. To me the tank destroyer missions are the easiest 

  148. I am currently still stuck with the StuG Medium ram mission… Seriously,
    why should you ramkill someone in a freakin medium tank?!?!
    also, I find the light tank missions the hardest, because you rely so much
    on your team doing the damage to targets you spot/track …

  149. Paz-Koo-Chi’s

  150. Got ram 1099 dmg on a RHM Borsig. So close…

  151. Good timed tracking tactic against that WT Auf E100 and avoided getting

  152. Ernests Pūliņš- Cinis

    have not gotten to the end of the missions but first are certainly
    completable on lower tier tanks, but arty condition of at least 1000DMG on
    first mission is not so easy completeble, IV impossible, V, VI possible if
    you are great player or lucky, only higher gets you easy completion 🙁
    compare med’s first mission, if i remember correct was to do damage at all,
    no matter how much..

  153. I think the easy-o-meter goes as follows..
    [Easy] Heavy Tanks > Tank Destroyer > Medium Tank > Artillery > Light tank

    Light tanks in their current form and with the current maps are just
    hopeless to try accomplish and I raise my hat off to anyone who manages to
    do all of the missions. I find it quite ironic that first WG makes most
    maps into brawling-based rush maps, and then they start to promote the
    importance of spotting and staying alive for light tanks. I mean what the
    fuck, WG? Make up your mind, will you?

    On top of that, there are some missions that just promote bad play
    outright. For example the artillery mission where you have to kill an enemy
    artillery. That’s just dropping your gun out of the game while you keep
    viewing empty fields in hopes of seeing a tracer. It’s just bad. That alone
    could lose a game for your team.

  154. What arty is the best for damaging 3 tanks with one shell? That is the most
    difficult for me. I tryed with t92 and s51 and just cant do it. 

  155. I’ve basically forgotten about missions, they can get fucked

  156. Awesome video! I was wondering if you play on the app version of world of
    tanks, if you’d do it Id like to platoon with you for a couple games!

  157. I did this mission with the t14 that made it very very easy : )
    But I have no hope of doing the last heavy tank mission because i’m at tier
    6 …

  158. I wish that the individual missions were completable in a tank of the tier
    of the reward tank. It would mean that the missions would be more
    accessible to newer players and that most players would have a chance to
    get one or two of the tanks. I think that HT 15 is frankly impossible in a
    tier seven or below, so good luck to any B1s or DW2s that want a reward

  159. im just stuck on the platoon missions, i can never get a game where me in a
    light and an arty platoon get that combination of damage and spotting. i
    do think the missions have messed up the way some people play, and the
    platoon stuff needs to be optional.

  160. The missions add a nice new flavour as they really require a lot of time
    and can’t be done in an hour or so. They are also good because they are
    very diverse in comparison to some standard missions (“finish top ten in
    your team fifteen times” or so).
    I am currently stuck at a few missions (can’t do the “damage while on the
    move”-thing as I’m not good with light tanks and I hate auto-cannons). I
    finished the ram-kill mission for the heavies with a T1 Heavy. I tried the
    KV-5 a few times, but the situation never came up. But I killed a T-34-85
    with the T1 this way, so that was nice. Some missions just require patience
    – at some point the opportunity will crop us, you just have to wait for it.

  161. There are two things I would like to see change in personal missions.
    1) Remove win by capping rule. That is just stupid objective.
    2) For light tanks for mission 15, count spotted dmg + dmg done towards the
    totall summ. Because I can play with LT supper agresive and do for example
    2k dmg + 2k spot dmg, what is wrong with this as count as 4k… Like HT
    mission 15, good example.

  162. god i hate this mission

  163. I hate the HT capping mission for the STUG-IV, one time I managed to cap in
    my tier 5 heavy tank, but didn’t do the required damage (there was not
    enough enemies on my route). So it’s still up for completion.

  164. I have unlocked the T28 concept already and i play for the med tank – but
    oh boy it is a nightmare here. If you think 8K shared dmg or 4k spotting is
    hard please think again, there are much much harder missions ahead. I don’t
    feel i can ever take the third tank – except if i get extra, extra ,extra
    lucky (about 10 times.).

  165. The medium missions are defiantly the easiest

  166. Tracking WTF E100 part was AWSOME!!!

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