World of Tanks || On a Mission – Set them on Fire!

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Today I’m trying to complete the MT-9 mission – set two enemies on fire… Using the T9 British tank the 7/1.

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  1. I hope you enjoy this round in the Centurion 7/1 and best of luck to all of
    you getting the incinerator mission done!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Joel Netterfield


  3. hello

  4. Rutger van Ommeren

    First like :D

  5. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi


  6. First;)

  7. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    my name is jeff

  8. Hi QB! Nice video

  9. nice video Quicky!

  10. Claus loves you! Yes yes yes! Claus loves you! Yes yes yes! Claus loves
    you! Yes yes yes YES! You for think you lost your tank? Well Claus for saw
    it yesterday! Is Claus you think for of? Is for to told you what for to
    say! Is say Claus loves you! And you for know thats can’t be bad! Is say
    Claus loves you! And you for to know you shoulds be glad! Claus loves you
    yes yes YES! LOL! Ok. Is for time for to be serious! How many stupids
    enemy for does it takes for to makes good replay? 15! Two stupids light
    tank for to rush middle map for start game and then just runs way instead
    of shoots. One French premium for who have no armor for to just drive
    straight for in front everybody. One E75 for who go sits all alone like
    stupids duck on hill. One T95 who for drives up hill all by self for just
    wait for to be surround. And ten stupids who for just sits all game for
    camp near spawn for to wait for enemy for to come kill! Is all enemy if
    for have to screw ins light bulb is what happen? Nothing! Is just sits in
    dark! LOL! Goods game QuickBaby! Is show for how to shoots engine for to
    starts fire! Claus for to say thank you for all 15 stupids enemy for who
    is make replay possible! Thank you for to read Claus you for all to be
    epic! If you for wants to see Claus firsts replay is just click Claus
    Kellerman name for on top! If you for not wants to watch Claus first
    replay is for because you maybe for to be too stupids! LOL!

  11. Chronosphere Steen

    thats good job ::P

  12. I did this mission in a t-34

  13. Poor Jingles….

  14. Little off topic – how to set statistics to see how much % I have to win
    and be alive ? Thx 

  15. where is the livestream highlight?

  16. I hate these little missions since I don’t have anyone to play with it’s

  17. What’s up with “It’s a trap”?

  18. I find you set T95’s on fire if you shoot the near the back of the side
    curved armour bit, like 70% chance it seems in my M46 Patton I remember

  19. Quickybaby engages the E75, doesn’t use the wreak the the T95 as cover…

  20. most stupid dumb useless mission ever!!!

  21. Jonas Van Kerckhove

    I been stuck on it pretty long and i did by shooting arty with he 

  22. for these missions i use the matilda 4, rapid fire gun, prem mm, good
    armor, and because it’s low tier matches there’s more idiots that will
    simply not protect their flanks/rear.

  23. QB u really rise that old man win rate by playing whit him :)

  24. “Excellent aim time” nope ,just nope hahaha. Because of soft stats 🙂
    Before 9.6 yes ,you could actually fire clutch and hit where you were
    aiming it. Now unless you fully aim you will miss. 700 games in the 7/1
    ,from an amazing tank to just good in one patch without touching its stats.

  25. Giang nguyen tien

    It took me 4 games to do that mission with the stug IV set. 😀 just lucky
    to shot at the lower glacis of the 112. and 1 HE round at right under the
    gun of the WT.PZ.IV with the T28 HTC set.

  26. if only tigers would still burn after transmission dmg

  27. You think 10-20 Games are a lot!?!

  28. how likely is HEAT going to set folks on fire?

  29. 2:42 – You mean you didn’t suck the second sock, QB?

  30. don’t even bother to do that stupid T-55a mission

  31. Love your videos Quicky, but one thing honestly irks me every time I hear

    “Waffentrager” would be pronounced “Vahffentrahger” where “ah” is the sound
    you make when the doctor looks into your mouth. And the “W” is pronounced
    like the “V” in “Vatican”.

    However, you pronounce it as”Waffen THrager”, with an “r” that sounds
    almost scottish and a lisping sound on the “T”.

    Haha, this is not meant to be an angry comment of any sort– just thought
    you should know, I don’t have anything better to do than comment on stuff
    like this…

    Wish you all the best!

  32. Do you get a garage slot when you unlock the campaign rewards?

  33. QB what is your opinion on needing to platoon for some of these missions?

  34. Why don’t you play war thunder it’s way better then this also easier to buy
    and research tanks

  35. A travesty has just happened and it must be mentioned. Google somehow
    deleted my subscription to QBTV. I was thinking to myself whatsup I haven’t
    seen a QB video for a week so did a search and no subscription found. 

  36. He gets so mad at his own arty when they miss, and when they do their job
    he still complains. Make up your mind lol

  37. in fourth set you need to set maus on fire by ramming with medium

  38. Am i the only one, who started singing after Quicky referenced the The
    Doors classic? :D

  39. Its very difficault

  40. Good Luck killing three Arty in a medium tank, that is the one I am stuck
    on :/

  41. You could’ve used HE. 

  42. Ah this bullshit mission. The other missions I can do quickly but these
    incenrator missions took me weeks to complete.

  43. The ClanAdventures

    The German t25 seems to set a lot of a tanks on fire. The kv If shot
    in-between the tracks just below and in front of the turret seems to work
    very well. Have set kv on fire 3 times to kill him.

  44. It is interesting how Jingles hasn’t improved one bit as a WoT player even
    after playing in platoons with some amazing players for years.

  45. Reuben Carrington

    Hey is there a good link for a free camera mod that we can use in replays?

  46. I saw this one on stream 🙂

    Nobody cares but hey 

  47. a “skilled” WOT player, LMFAO.

  48. there he did not suck the second sock

  49. Premium HESH vs Rhm-Borsig?Baaaaaaaaad Quickybaby…

  50. I would suggest a lorraine or a AMX 50 100 to get the mission.

  51. What do you guy’s i should do? buy csgo or buy a premium tank in wot i have
    $30 to spend btw and im getting csgo maybe from g2a for $10. Also if i buy
    csgo what mouse should i buy for like around $19

  52. I did this mission for the stug and T28HTC using a VK3002D, shooting
    chinese tanks in their fuel tank…

  53. Im still treing to get my stug 4
    I still cant get the midium mission where you set 1 tank o fire.

  54. QB, I enjoyed all ur lifestreams, but since that f*cking missions ur
    playing much much worse and ur just doing anything to complete the bloody
    missions. Even noobmeter confirms it, ur wn8 from the past 7 days is 400
    below ur 3100+ wn8. pls start playing tanks u really like again, and stop
    being busy with that missions only. its really fucked up.

  55. I actually set 2 tanks on fire in one game… and of course the mission
    wasn’t activated because I hadn’t gotten that far -_-

  56. I’m stuck at MT mission 9 for the Stug. It pissed me off so much not
    getting 1 engine fire after 50 games that I threw my mouse into the

  57. In my opinion, using HESH (at least for now) on British tanks is mostly
    piontless, because their HE round can penetrate over 100mm of armor plate.
    When you have to face an opponenet with thick armor, you won’t pierce him,
    especially when you hit spaced armor or tracks. 100mm is enough for WT
    line, among with other glass cannons and these are the tanks you would use
    such ammo against.

  58. You just could’ve shot to that E75 upper plate

  59. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Will you complite all my missions if i gave my account to you ? 

  60. Great re-play like always 

  61. this mission is just lucky 😉 ;)

  62. I find that by not focusing on the missions, I don’t go crazy when I am
    unable to accomplish them. Instead, I get pleasantly surprised when I come
    out of a battle and one’s complete.

  63. i need way more battles :(

  64. I dont consider setting a fire that big of a problem because the
    opportunity presents itself on every map, unlike other missions that
    require map rotation to work in your favor, like the ridiculous light tank
    missions that require you to do spot damage.
    Funny thing about those spotting damage missions. It now turns out that the
    tiny handful of maps that you can get it done are even harder, because the
    enemy has learned of all the bush ‘sweet-spots’ to hide in. They are
    blind-shooting those popular spots now. Meh…..

  65. please make video every day ……………….

  66. Watched this on live version

  67. Can’t wait to play this on Xbox One. I want to dominate with my IS 7 again 

  68. the new t95 icon looks stupid. its liek a ARL V39 now. 

  69. Jesus, you think this is difficult? try to get Tripple splash with one of
    the splashed tanks dying as a result…

  70. You’re getting terrible damage roles this replay, holy jesus!

  71. done this one on Matilda (for 1 tank). Not looking forward doing this one
    for 2 tanks

  72. I did this mission by accident with my T-25, twice.
    Though, due to lack of time with work stuff I havn’t even had time to grind
    my way to the Stug IV.

  73. I beat it in my T-34-1 scoring 4 fires. 

  74. I see that armored warfare in the back round 

  75. I’ve been stuck on that MT-15 mission to kill two higher tier heavies for
    two weeks. Some of these are just made impossible by the matchmaker.

  76. Wouldn’t a high rate of fire and lower damage give you a better chance of
    getting fires? I tend to get alot of fires playing the a-43 because the
    thing cant pen anywhere but the rears of tanks. 

  77. Can someone answer my question please? —) What are all controls for
    replay? And how I can get out of the tank(in replay)? PLEASE answer thanks

  78. I got my mission by blind firing at a firefly in my type 58… I didn’t
    know until 3 min later when he was spotted again and I saw how many hit
    points he had XD

  79. David Littooij Nipius

    how do you get that colour at the left of your team stats??
    i got xvm but i dont have the colour marks
    someone knows what to do to get that colours ?????

  80. I got so much xp in a game with the elc amx two days ago 😀 I had 6700
    spotting dmg on malinovka xD

  81. Martin Matejička

    I can’ complete TT-7 where I need to do 1000 dmg and be a part of succesful
    cap (win the battle) and optional is killing a tank. As soon as I do 1000
    dmg they won’t let me cap, they will just kill the rest of the tanks. My
    top tier tank is Tier 6.

  82. What does HESH stand for?

  83. Shooting low tier german tanks in the lower plate did it for me :P

  84. The amount of laughter in the Twitch chat when this happened :D

  85. IchButterMirDenLachs

    Hey Quickybaby, I would really like you to show, how you completed your
    Light Tank Mission 15, the 4,000 assist damage. Thank you! :)

  86. im still stuck on the T28c version of this mission… I hate the RNG
    missions. i am NOT looking forward to the damage 3 tansk with 1 shot one in
    my arty!

    Also the top 105 looks epic on the 7/1, im still on the 20 pounder… It’s
    not a bad gun, but its output is meh.

  87. Low tire fast firing midiums ;)

  88. Best way to do this mission is to shoot into the back of somthing german

  89. Nicodemus Maximus

    i despise the missions that are all RNG. And a set on fire mission is all
    RNG, as its a chance of fire. every shot into the fuel tanks and engine
    rolls a dice as to whether it will become a fire. The fact that it changes
    gameplay in a negative way, tells me that its a bad idea to have this
    mission. as you said QB, you went for the risky shot to get the fire rather
    than securing a kill and eliminating the FCM from the game ASAP. you
    recklessly endangered yourself to get into positions for engine shots. sure
    mediums are meant to flank and get side and rear shots but making a
    requirement that makes players do what otherwise would be considered stupid
    is a detriment to gameplay as a whole and not teaching players to play the
    tank line properly. some of the missions accomplish this very well (IE the
    final heavy mission helped me polish my armor angling techniques in my
    E75), missions such as the fire missions do not. and do not get me started
    on making heavy tanks cap……

  90. I did this mission whit the T-43 easily :)

  91. I don’t even hate the stug 4 yet xD

  92. I completed MT-9 for the Stug while I was still on MT-8. Then came the
    problem, RNG would not reward me with a fire even though I got plenty of
    shots into engines and fuel tanks. After finally getting the Stug I did
    take a small break and I am just now getting back into the swing of things
    but I am dreading doing MT-9 for the T28 HTC and the T-55a.

  93. i had 3 weeks for thius fire mission on for t28, after the second week i
    did not even give a shit about this missions, bacause of that.

  94. I was able to get this mission pretty easily which was surprising.
    Unfortunately for the Churchill V I set on fire, I got both of them on
    him. So…if you were curious, it can be done on the same tank.

  95. the a43 works well with the 57mm gun because of the sheer amount of rounds
    you hit with. took me two games

  96. Is it these fucking missions or why is it that every single game is a loss
    these days? just got 5 kills and 4,3k dmg in the IS-6 and we lose 7-15…
    and i have won like 5 games in the last 20-25

  97. john laudenberger

    I was on the steam when this happen

  98. But Deadeye doesn’t work for HE or HESH, Only AP / APCR / HEAT

  99. First of all, thank you quickybaby for all of your great clips, I love them
    and I love this channel.
    I’m on T28 mission set now and I already finished my MT set. To be honest,
    I’m not mad but I think this “Set them on fire” MT mission is poor designed
    for 2 reasons.
    1: Pure RNG stuff. Well on 9.5 I’ll not say this but in 9.6, where you
    shell goes by RNG far more, and set on fire by RNG. if you can’t complete
    it by skill but by some random thing, it is a poor designed task.
    2: True, damage engine and set it on fire is a RNG thing, damage fuel tank
    and set it on fire is for sure. But, I don’t think there is any WG official
    document to tell you where all tank’s fuel tank is, so after all we don’t
    know where to shoot! Not everyone who playing Wot is history or military
    maniac, not everyone knows where the fuel tank is on real vehicle.

    Concepts of those missions are not wrong(except the plat mission), but they
    are poor designed. To improve this set on fire mission, 1st delete all RNG
    elements, let people can do it by skill. 2nd open some official documents
    to let people learn where the weak point is and where to shoot.

    Me myself, I done Stug4 set by shooting a Tiger1 and T28HTC by shooting
    a Centurion 7/1(lol), luckily I know where the fuel tank is on real vehicle
    for both of them.

    Regard, and good luck 

  100. well i must say that looking at dead eye made me rethink which skills and
    pers are most important, also as i seeemed to get critted allot by some
    players. Like 6th sence for the commander i would reccomend dead eye as the
    second secondairy skill. It should translate towards higher damage numbers.

  101. Weewee Im in the video ..looool =P

  102. Tim Stack Tim Stack! Set him on fire~ Set him on fire and watch him burn to
    death! Tim Stack Tim Stack!

  103. 10-20 games… HA! It took me around 200 games to finaly get the rng good
    map and good team combo to do lt15 for the stug

  104. Why doesn’t Quicky ever do a Luchs video? Jingles has like 5 of them and
    they are all really good. He should do a tank review and show some footage
    of this epic little tier IV tank.

  105. i have to say watching Quicky play this game is almost like watching an
    artist paint a masterpiece, he is so controlled and precise and tactical
    and always has enough knowledge of the battlefield to be in the right place
    and have plenty of time to aim and fire.

    i’m a big Foch fan and honestly his play style suits me better but Foch is
    like a ferocious rabid dog, constantly poking and snap shotting and
    trolling his enemies to death. such a strong contrast! they are like polar

  106. Thought this was a re-upload at first, then I realized I saw this on the
    stream. Ha

  107. You sure did celebrate 

  108. nope can’t do them so not bothered

  109. His health was 1337 at the start, of course this was going to go well…

  110. jefferson fernandez

    como ves tus replays asi ?? me ayudarias !

  111. The set on fire missions are a mixed bag. For the StuG IV version, just
    setting one on fire, I got through it very quickly. But for the T28 HTC
    one, setting on fire a vehicle one tier higher, I have been on that for
    quite a while. Not that the last couple of weeks really count though as
    that has very much been about the 112 mission for me 🙂 But still, it
    seems to be one of those missions that if you want to be sure of being top
    tier, make sure it is the active one! A weird problem for sure, but barely
    one in five matches will there be any tank of a higher tier, let alone more
    than a couple 🙂 This, combined with the randomness of the getting the
    fire started, has made it frustrating.
    Interesting to note, while getting two fires does sound painful and QB did
    have an excellent game to get it for the T-55A version, he would have
    actually missed out on getting the T28 HTC version in this game as both
    fires were for equal or lower tier vehicles!
    To get it though, a speedy tank makes the most sense, ideally with the HESH
    as a bonus. Being able to get the flank and rear shots is the primary
    concern. Good map use is part of this, but you don’t want to be in
    something slow or with poor turning. I like the HESH idea, or something
    with a good rate of fire so you end up with more chances.

  112. Comet shall be a decent tank to do this mission due to its ROF(i.e. have
    more chances to contest that 10% RNG) Centurion 7/1 just don’t have that
    advantage and relies on luck more

  113. Musketeer32Gaming

    Some of these missions are bull shite including this one….

  114. I should actually start the personal missions… I kind of didn’t want to
    start them when everyone else did so that I didn’t run into the same
    problems that QB, Rita, and Jingles… and everyone else were having with
    EVERYBODY doing the missions…

  115. I think that that T95 would be thinking like: “Fck my life”

  116. Robortom Paganini IRocks

    I watch all of your videoes as soon as they are uploaded. but somehow I got
    unsubsricewd from you. From Mighty Jingles too. FU Google

  117. Linus Gyllenberg

    Will an m48a1 patton work or shall i use my batchat 25 t? Need tips on
    french and american medium tanks that can pull this of since i dont got any
    GB tank yet.

  118. Пешко Бешко

    Or you can buy the E8 use the 105mm and shoot He at the hellcats 😉 

  119. GalaWOTs Galavits

    i did this mission in the comet

  120. “took me 10 to 20 games”…..trying to set those 2 tanks on fire for 2
    weeks now, I even unlocked the 7/1 last week specialy for this mission….

  121. After 50 games in ru251 with shit maps 3.994 spotting dmg thats painful so
    i did the entire arty tree and that was easier!

  122. You mentioned the rate of fire of the 7/1 is bad. I know that’s with the
    105. Do you have any sort of soft spot for the Type B barrel? The rate of
    fire is wonderful and I’m not looking forward to giving it up for the 105.
    Do you have any specific thoughts for style of play for either gun type?

  123. use the faster firing b barrel

  124. I did it in my matilda and set a hetzer on fire:-) . I have the mk1 almost
    the mk 7/1 

  125. LOL Jingles contribution to the team is huge :D

  126. Njord van den Assem

    Unfortunately Deadeye dont stack with heat or hesh ammo…

  127. Is there a way for QB to ban Claus from his channel? Seriously.

  128. Bad mission, best QuickyBaby!

  129. was it just me, or was there a lower framerate at the 1080p 45fps?

  130. 10-20 battles…. Surely. Probably It will take me about 500-1k games to do
    it so… Yeah.

  131. Tobias Bretschneider

    did my mission in the BC set 2 vehicles on fire and did 8600 dmg aswell,
    but my team still lost :/

  132. es ist einfach unfassbar wie qb so ein offensives spiel überleben kann.
    komisch das sowas bei keinem anderm sonst möglich wäre.
    es schaut für mich immer so aus als ob die gegner sich immer locker leicht
    und ohne wirkliches risiko sich vom qb killen lassen und niemand wirklich
    mal versucht qb auszuschalten.
    macht man das selbe wird man augenblicklich gleich von 5 gegnern überrannt
    und fertig gemacht,bei qb ist dies aber komischerweise NIEMALS der fall.
    deshalb kommt mir dies gezeigte immer sehr komisch vor,meint ihr nicht auch?
    Auch hat die gegner arty nicht einen einzigen schuss auf qb geballert,auch
    das gibt es normalerweise nicht im spiel!
    Und ja,jingles ist ohne die ständige massive hilfe von seinen freunden
    immer verloren,auch das kann man hier schon wieder deutlich sehen.
    Aber bei qb traut sich wohl niemand ran,so wie wir das alle schon kennen
    und wissen !

  133. Td mission 7 stege four. What td is the best for it?


  134. the easiest way to do this mission is to get a tank, with high pen but low
    caliber, centurion 1 with prem ammo worked for me.

  135. YArmand Production

    WAW rien a dire ses magnifique omg (ps je suis le seul français)?

  136. How do you watch old livestreams??? 

  137. Comet is the perfect choice to be set on fire yourself twice a game. Sadly,
    there is no mission for that,

  138. Take the Chi Ri imo one of the best tanks for the mission.

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