World of Tanks || On a Mission – T37 vs LT-10

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m trying to complete the LT-10 mission – the Maximum Result top, based on experience, of both teams without taking a single point of damage!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / :00-EST

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  1. Ferenczi László

    One thing is obvious from this video: I will never get those mission tanks.

  2. +QuickyBabyTV I found your 8.3 version modpack was preventing me from
    purchasing equipment (50% discount on EU this weekend) after I put it back
    something went buggy on the first result screen (no credits/exp, no damage

    Is there a way to update your modpack to the latest version of XVM?

  3. QB: “auto-aim is for noobs” .. than flies in between an enemy lot using
    autoaim and manages to track one tank which would prolly made some dmg to
    btw, I agree about the wz-132, I do all my LT missions with that tank!

  4. Corentin De Bruyn

    What’s the Wallpaper on the screen of QuickyBaby please ?? i’d like the
    same picture on mine ^^

  5. Completed all and I mean all 60 of them let missions n my WZ132 and
    strongly recommend that!

  6. a clanmate got banned for a day doing a light mission because he was
    passive as a scout

  7. Ty so much for posting a video showing your skill vs closer skilled
    players! Your awsome! 

  8. How meny games have you pleyed for get the first t10

  9. I am still working on the first set for the stug so not sure I will ever
    get it completed 

  10. I have all lights completed for the tier 10. all in the AMX 12t with 3

  11. For LT mission which provides spotting and taking no dmg I just take my
    type 64 / 62 or the 13 90 and toon up with tier X vehicles.
    For dmg missions I rather take T54 LW or the 13 90.
    Passive: 13 90, type 64 / 62, ELC
    Active: T71, T54, 13 90, Luchs (lel), Type 62.

    It really depends but I am done now for T55A with the LT. I only need the
    last 2 of the HT and the SPG if possible.

  12. So many LT missions can be done easily by platooning with a pair of good
    arty players. I’ve helped tons of clan mates with their LTs by teaming up
    with my clan’s other Arty specialist and running a pair of BC 155 58’s
    until we got Prok, Mal, or Mur… though we did get someone’s 5k
    Damage+Damage Assisted on Himmelsdorf doing this once, hehe.

  13. I have the wz-131 can it still work?

  14. QB did you go to tank fest

  15. BluecatProductions11


  16. QuickyBaby, could you please do a tank review on the T30 (American Tier IX
    Tank Destroyer).

    Thank You.

  17. Teamzm.s-gd jo jkl TSTSe kjl cqr jk

    When I do the scoutmissions I am likely to just platoon with my mates,
    choose the Elc amx. In the start of the game I immediatly sit in a bush
    near the enemy base, there I get a lot of spotting damage. Just spot a
    unknown bush, there coulb be counter-scouts. Happy tanking guys :)

  18. New Chaffee is superior to t37
    Chaffee is the definition of light tank fast and maneuverable. Not to
    mention it looks awesome!

  19. Has anyone noticed or think that the is6 has been nerfed ever since the is5
    has been introduced?.The aim time..pen and accuracy seems different, i’m
    not the only one to mention this.

  20. Yo QB, diggin’ the haircut!

  21. RU 251 always gets the job done ;)

  22. T37 such a crap tank compared to the old M24, you can’t circle medium tanks
    in it like you could before. 

  23. How do you get your battle results to display properly again? ie: With
    Premium, Without Premium, Hit Percentage, Total damage? Mine hasn’t worked
    properly since 9.8 came out.

  24. chaffee saw tier 10’s:P that’s why it was kinda op in my eyes when it got
    in to a tier6 game, but when in tier 10 matches it was the god scout. i
    loved it missed it. and hate war gaming and basicly every game, to make
    stuff more user friendly. i want hardskill caps in games, chaffee was this
    hardskill cap in a tier 10match up. but heyy all thoose tomatoes need to
    play light tanks aswell i guess, only to rush in and die first.

  25. I played light tanks to make spotting missions for the T-55A set the whole
    weekend (around 250 battles) and got prokorovka 1 time and a fail team.
    Sucks having to complete 5k spotting platoon or ghost mission in city
    maps.. and man, what a lucky bastard.. lol

  26. How does he move his tank without using his hands even when the tank is
    turning and his both hands are in the air -_-
    Someone tell me

  27. Derpy Jurgensson

    campingnovka, gets tons off scouting dmg, maybe a little dmg urself. should
    be enough for being top exp. usally. Just need some luck with the
    maproation xD I never get it pretty much :C

  28. Those missions are super retarded how a noob wil finish them :D

  29. Only problem with me finishing the missions is the parts where you have to
    platoon. I done it once or twice and hated it. Too much pressure for me to
    do good. They should change the req and take out platooning part. I think I
    have done 13 or 14 of the 15 missions. Even in regular games I tend to go
    where other friendly tanks are not. I like fighting on my own without any
    help. And at most I will mount a gun rammer and Vent. And I never use Gold
    rounds (too expensive). I remember the one replay where someone got like 13
    or 14 kills and still lost like 50k credits. Doesn’t make sense to even
    play the game in that case. I think the scoring is all wrong. Even in the
    Dom mode you can deliver 2 flags, get 9k dam and still lose pts…so why
    even try? WoT doesn’t give you an incentive to do good.

  30. How to get The handbrake so u get nice drifts? (Please tell med)

  31. Toasty Roasty Man

    You were SO LUCKY. :)

  32. Brendan Underhill

    Undoes it see tier 10 still

  33. I didn’t enjoy the first set of light tank missions for the StuG IV… This
    doesn’t feel me with confidence… Great game though!

  34. is the chaffee any good right now?

  35. i just watched this and the game before my buddy in the WZ-132 did 7k
    spotting damage on prokorovka XD for the somewhat reason only got 370 WN8
    out off that game…. we just uploaded it to the replays channel off QB
    (his name is tankoframon) if you where curious for his replay.

    • One of the major flaws of all statistic services is the fact that spotting
      dmg isn’t taken into account. And it’s impossible to take it into account,
      since WG’s API does not provide spotting data.

  36. How do you get WN8 rating to show up like that on the starts screen?

  37. chaffee was not op it was completely useless before the t37 split a teir 5
    with nearly 8k repair thats broken qb not op

    • +homelessEh No, it was a very good tank, but you got way too many tier X
      games and the repair cost was painful. It was not OP unless it got into a
      tier 6 game, which it never could (Tier 7 minimum)

    • +homelessEh Yes, because we all know that what makes a tank good or bad is
      it’s repair cost.

  38. throughlifeagain

    Hey QB, when will you fix your mod? You could just use the tips given in
    the comments of your Mod- videos. makes for a more pleasant sight when you
    show replays.

  39. I have no idea what you’re talking about, Chaffee is a T5 American Light
    Tank. I must be confused by QB’s wording.

  40. mohammad mohitazar

    hey guys,
    I have installed QB mod pack but I do not have the wn8 of each match in
    result. could you please let me know how I can have this.

  41. 6:15 aaaaaaaa bro i shit in my pants :D

  42. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    gg mate!

  43. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    I usually drive my XP and damage missions with the “real” Chaffee at tier
    5, because it can perform quite well in most matches, especially due to
    it’s amazing hp/t ratio. However I like to complete the capping and
    spotting missions with the T21, because it is a bit stealthier and because
    it has a lower top speed. You might wonder why this is better if you have
    to spot. This is because the lower top speed allows your team to move up
    and do more damage when you spot something, because there are more tanks
    able to shoot it. Another good thing about this is, that you don’t get the
    feeling to rush and scout aggressively, because you know, that there will
    be faster scouts spotting you, so you just play more careful, allowing you
    a lot of spotting damage.

  44. Hello Quicky, I’d like to thank you for the meet up this weekend at
    tankfest! You are my internet hero and I was delighted to see you! Thanks
    and keep up the great work (:

  45. I was running my Type 62 the other day. I did not take a scratch all match.
    Tons of spotting, good amount of damage. Enemy is down too two TDs. I
    expose my turret to spot the Rhm. He gets a 400m shot into my turret ammo
    racking me a second before my team takes him out, haha. Well maybe next

  46. Quicky you also forgot you got a mark of excellence on your t37

  47. 3:33 .. Impossibruuuh !! For all I know that shot would either have set me
    on fire, kill my engine and cost me not only the mission but also the
    game…. RNGesus y u love QB so much and not mee ??? T.T ……… I
    cri evritim …….

  48. Hi +QuickyBabyTV I saw you at Tankfest with some other youtubers also
    Peppy ;)

  49. im stuck on LT15 for set 1. i already have the stug, i just want the final
    female crew member

  50. QB are u close to obj 260 ? :D

  51. I was the AMX50 100 in this battle. Well, what can I say? Well done, QB – I
    wasn’t even (that) mad 🙂
    That IS helped you with cap and probably prevented me from winning this
    game. Sad thing is I almost killed him few minutes earlier (didn’t hit my
    last killing shot). If not that I would have solid few more seconds to
    decap you 🙂 My last 2 shots were also a little bit unlucky – still it was
    too late but you wouldn’t finish your mission.
    See you next time, maybe in the same team :)

  52. T37… my favourite scout so far together with the T71 :D

  53. Im still stuck at lt15…

  54. correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Chaffee a Premium vehicle at one
    point ?

  55. really smart ,textbook T37 playing!

  56. I like to use my crusader for them, it’s a good allround light tank.

  57. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    I use mostly my Type 62 for LT missions. Full concealment, passive spotting
    usually get the job done.
    Only for StuG IV I drove sometimes the Valentine II (limited matchmaking
    helped a lot).

  58. This is why I give up to get IM tanks…the missions are retarded for a
    average player.

  59. Once the M5 Stuart was fully upgraded, I wound up on Widepark. Simply by
    popping up over the ridge every few seconds and continuing to move I ended
    up with about 1000 spotting damage (in a tier IV game). The LT missions are
    probably the hardest for me, since I barely ever play them, but I have to
    admit that LTs are hella fun to use.

  60. How can i move around in the replays when i’m checking them?

  61. So you get 410 000 credits for doing that mission. So, some missions will
    earn you half a million.

  62. hi qb i saw you at tank fest its george me and my m8 lev saw you at tank
    fest did you live our tank models like the mause mk II and the jagpanther

  63. I could have completed this mission today, but I don’t even have the T28
    HTC :P

  64. T-37 new soviet tank? Thumbnail fail :P

  65. 69th

  66. Hey QB, what are your thoughts on the 59-16?

  67. Leonardo Morellato

    this is ridiculous, only 1 every 100 can manage this

  68. WHY ME? why not :P

  69. Yay, regular QB to get my WoT fix while Jingles has gone to YET ANOTHER
    Tank Museum/Convention/Etc. Srs, Jingles, you do this all the time why not
    create some backlog you can schedule to auto-publish while you’re gone for
    a week?

    • +FrogBasher Someone seems super salty.

    • +InfernalDalek Cos Jingles is a lazy fucking loner who’s busy beating off
      to Japanese cartoon characters? Probably.

    • +InfernalDalek He almost always puts up videos when he is gone, you just
      don’t realize it because well he puts videos up. This time he didn’t, and
      you whine. Stop being so entitled and maybe go play the game yourself? Just
      a thought.

    • Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

      +InfernalDalek qb has a schedule and tries to stay with the schedule and
      jingles just makes videos whenever he has time.

    • +TheChronoGamer yeah but HE has videos still going up. Way to let my point
      sail completely over your head.

  70. Mitchell Stankovski (SirIceeice)

    The only thing that slow me down in the mission is the fact that i don’t
    have a lot of high tier tanks.

  71. First comment omg

  72. J Quiznos (HeatGuy)

    Why does the 50 100 have a little skull next to its name?

  73. Kill missions are better done in Low tiers. DMG done are better in high

  74. mission impossible morelike XD

  75. U world Of tanks m8

    It was great meeting you yesterday, you signed my 360 view box thing,

  76. I can’t do LT 15 mission, for first tank. On AMX ELX. Hate LT missions

  77. Easiest mission… would be if you could pick ELC AMX :P

  78. 0YouCanCallMeAl0

    So. Much. Luck.
    gj anyway

  79. Wtf? These challenges just keep getting more and more insane…

  80. Quickybaby forgot to ask you when I saw you at Tankfest what do you think
    is a good tank for improving your WN8? 

    • +johnfarscape WN8 is based on “expected values” for each tank (an example
      is here Those values are made up by people
      who created WN8 so saying it’s highly subjective would be an

      WN8 is relatively easy to farm – you just spend some time selecting
      vehicles that you do significantly better in than is “expected”. Sites like
      WoTLabs or WoTStats provide WN8 results for all the tank you have played.
      You can also upload some of your replays to VBaddict, it will provide
      “expected vs your performance” figures.

      Edit: I just checked Chi Nu Kai on VBaddict. It provides “you vs all
      players vs unicums” comparison. Average WN8 of unicums is 3048, average of
      all players – 1218. While most of my stats in it are around “all” level, i
      earn on average 2 times more credits than unicums (and i don’t run premium
      account most of the time). You can draw your conclusions there i believe.

    • Well the chi nu kai is a bad tank, so many people do bad in it and less
      good players are willing to tolerate playing it. That makes the expected
      values for wn8 lower.

      The 57 heavy on the otherhand is overpowered as fuck in the right hands
      (and even a bad player can at least drop 1 clip on someone for 1600 dmg
      before they die) so the expected values are really hight.

      There is a list of expected values somewhere that tells you what sort of
      dmg and kills you are expected to get each game for different tanks. May I
      ask what server you are on ?

      Also the Wotlabs forums are the best place to go if you want to get better
      (no matter what level you are already at).

    • +Bradley Walters I’m just struggling to understand how WN8 is calculated.
      Im trying to get my average up to 2000 to be able to join clans that will
      give me a chance of winning cool things in the clan wars like the recent
      IS-5. . I have the best wn8 in some terrible tanks like the chi nu kai 2600
      and I don’t feel like I have good games in it just about managing to do my
      own hitpoints in damage. Then I have good games in good tanks like T57
      heavy doing far above my own hitpoints in damage and get an average WN8 of
      1500. Just seems odd

    • +johnfarscape Just focus on getting better as a player, not padding your
      stats with a specific few tanks. Learn the mechanics and the maps and
      slowly keep raising your damage goals per game. Then focus on winning the
      game for your team (which is the most important thing as solo winrate is a
      most accurate skill gauge).

      And above all never be a skill denier, never say winrate is team dependent,
      never say wn8 means nothing, never say its bad teams making you
      lose(obviously sometimes there is nothing you can do to win but at the very
      least always try). Always think what you could have done better that game.

    • +johnfarscape AFAIK wn8 is calculated off of your averages in the service
      record, and tank spesific wn8 calculated from the vehicles tab in the
      service record.
      And as the guys above said, find a tank you really like and just play it.
      My current best wn8 vehicles are Crusader and T-34-85.

  81. im confused… the chaffee is still at tier 5… maybe he means the
    origanal chaffee? but still, this tier 5 chaffee is mre like the actual
    chaffee in real life

  82. I dont like to play world of tanks or world of warships because I belive,
    if u don’t have a 2000 dollar computer it isn’t really fun cause the lag
    and graphics, it makes the games cartonish and hard to enjoy

  83. 2:14 i was very worried that I would be too OP. lel :P

  84. not take any damage while finish top exp on both teams….retarded

    • +Bradley Walters no I used to play this game (I am 12 now) when I was 10 I
      didn’t under stand the game and I spammed High Explosive cause more dmg so
      I got a shit wn8 now I understand the game my wn8 is increasing my overall
      is 366 but my past 7 days is 1026 soo u can tell the difference.

    • +FRYPICKLETON MC How the fuck can you manage to get 300 wn8 ? That is like
      2 damaging shots per game on average. If I were you I would keep quiet
      about how terrible I was and focus on at least trying to do my tanks hp in

    • +FRYPICKLETON MC and its not bloody hard is fun to do them

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup I agree with u I have like 300 wn8 but I complete all
      medium missions all heavy tanks missions except for one and all the light
      except 2 and all the tds but no arty

    • +djuraster Alex Bucu your argument is invalid. I am an orange player still,
      with around 900-1200 WN8, yet I easily completed this mission. You just
      gotta learn the tank.

  85. For the first set I done them in my ELC AMX, and my crusader. Although I am
    stuck on 15

  86. in case of mission I already made the first nº15 heavy mission with the
    Chinese IS-2, but I lost that game, and then with the 110 I made it again
    with a win and I am bit bad with heavy tanks.

  87. Wow, there were so many opportunities to lose your health. It’s really a
    miracle you came out of that without a scratch.

  88. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    Keepo /

  89. missing the stream:( looking forward to Tuesday for the next one though.
    hope you have had a good time at tankfest,

  90. nice work!

  91. God these replays are making me way too eager to play world of tanks on
    Xbox 1! :P

    • Can’t wait either ^^

    • +darkrider5t That’s sad 🙁

    • +J Vilander it’s easy. Analog sticks aren’t nearly as bad as PC gamers make
      it out to be especially for a relatively slow paced game like WoT. Maybe
      for Counterstrike were accuracy is absolutely critical analogs suck but in
      WoT? Nah, Analogs can do just as well as a mouse in the right hands.

      The difference in time it takes to aim between Mouse and Analogs doesn’t
      matter because the aim speed is restricted to the tanks turret traverse.

    • How about aiming with a joystick ._.

    • I prefer xbox over PC. No team damage, no chat for trolling, and i find it
      easier to control my tank with a controller. You can also easily
      communicate with more experienced players (tiers 8-10 usually) using the
      combat messages and map ping.

  92. Crogamer productions

    First :P

  93. Justin Jay Lomod

    first time seeing a video that is 30 minutes ago by him..

  94. Bolgár Jonatán

    It’s really easy mission with an ELC AMX :D

  95. Hey Quickybaby . Can you do a roumtour

  96. HEY QUICKYBABY!!! Don’t know if you will get this, but I am Ethan from the
    Tankfest 2015! I just wanted to say thank you very much for being there and
    giving me your signature, it really made my day! Have fun!!!

  97. Oh. Nice video! 

  98. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  99. yay, new video!

  100. Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh

    I’m at least Second xD

  101. Hey.. Within first 20!!

  102. club 301

  103. 8th :P

  104. Sebastian Čulen

    Stream today ?

  105. 6th

  106. Stream today?

  107. Today I’m on a Mission! LT-10 – the Maximum Result, finish top of both
    teams without taking a single point of damage!

    • +QuickyBabyTV 11:25 not all of you…. the sta-I and the t26e4 where going
      to the cap… you see it at 5:53
      but non the less it was a realy good game with blessings of the rng gods.

    • Galaxy Wolf Gaming

      +QuickyBabyTV please do video on LT15… I have no idea what tank to use
      and how to play to get it done

    • +PeRSCiTio aw, oh well :T I have never seen that picture before, and was
      wondering if it was from a fan-made video

    • +Futen Odeku lol you know what it is, I don’t know from where exactly I got
      it though

  108. Andrius Sapitavičius


  109. love your vids QB, keep being amazing please ;)

  110. first :P

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