World of Tanks || ON THE HUNT!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. Today the Jagdtiger 88 is on the hunt!


of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. constantinos schinas

    horrendous Jgdtiger play. lucky opponents were complete retards and that SU130 was sleeping big time.

  2. 5 seconds into the video and that Greenscreen problem that he has had over there bug the hell out of me xD

  3. Brilliant performance. But that Defender player must be new, all experienced Defender players only carry gold.

  4. Shows how long it has been since I played this game su-130pm ???? Just watched QB’s vids on it must have missed when they cam out 🙂 To think I used to do every single grind in WOT 🙂

  5. Arty can hit C4, but he is just sitting there and shooting merrily. Epic arty fail

  6. If you look closely you can see the white flag on the screen being waved by the commander of the jg.

  7. 2:20 Bass…bass bass bass bass…

  8. Fix your green screen you amateur

  9. I love watching a Tank fight equal tier or higher doing good, not a Tier 8 Vs a team of mostly Tier 6s and Doing good. Good job man you did good.

  10. For ages I’ve been trying to get my JgTig88’s win rate above 50% (my Overall is 56%), so I’ve been playing it quite a lot. But I’m failing. My JgTig skills ain’t nowhere near Zelinc’s. I’m envious.

  11. I have the Jagdtiger at tier 9 and I enjoy playing it. I need another million credits for the Jagdpanzer E-100 but am a little hesitant to get it. We’ll see.

  12. QB, I’m trying to gain my last mark of excellence on my Pz IV H. And I would love to see you do a video commentating on that tank used in its best scenario.

  13. “you complete and utter spoon”
    -Quickybaby, 2018

  14. because of your green screen i thought my screen is broken

  15. Would expanding the tiers to 12 help alleviate some of the issues with the current matchmaking template? As well as help counter some of the power creep we’ve been seeing?

  16. Absolutely OP tank.. Premium tanks are Always better than the standard tanks these days QB.. What do you think?

  17. It’s the jig tig!

  18. look at that MM all tier 8’s. i think wargamming screws over america

  19. Bartholomew Macaluso

    The operative word is bait but I would say that even a 2 year old would find that to put the whole story together and make a video like this.

  20. Good teamwork!

  21. All but useless because of gold ammo now.


    My screen got broken??

  23. Quickybaby have you ever tried World Of Tanks Blitz?

  24. Hey QB there is a replay with a hetzer and kolobanov medal

  25. I might consider getting a Jagdtiger IF it had it’s REAL Gun: 120 MM of doom. I’d also be satisfied if ANY 88 delivered consistant/constant One-Shot kills like the real thing.

  26. Oh yeah yeah

  27. Man it was real hard to focus on the game with that white bar on screen.

  28. I don’t understand people… you can be stingy and not fire gold, but miss out on thousands of dmging shots! Ur shooting a kv4, load gold damnit. Ur shooting a hulk downed jgt load gold! This replay was just painful to watch. So many things could’ve been done to be more efficient

  29. Please buff the regular jagdtiger now as well 😉

  30. I’m a beast with that tank mines easily 3 marked it’s so over powered

  31. Hey QB, just wanted to point out that WG removed the hitbox on the MG mount on the front hull. You can look in and will see that it is no longer a weakspot.

  32. Uhmm not too much gold rounds there… Salute i hope i see those games nowadays…..

  33. With plays like this, is exactly why WG need to rework the post match reward system. Basically he gets some shiny medals that really does fuck all but pimp your service record, and more or less 300k credits (on a premium account and on a xmas event PLUS a personal mission reward which accounts for 25% of his earnings on this performance ), which I think low balls him to a degree; what more if he was free to play player?. Medals should come with a credit award as well; yeah there are bonds, but credits will always be more useful. And make the credit reward a per tier basis, like getting a top gun on tier 8 guarantees you will net an additional 80k credits to your hard work. Getting a specific combination of medals adds a multiplier like lets say you get a top gun and a confederate medal, both of those award a credit award individually but because you earned both of them in the same match, you get a x1.1 or x1.2 multiplier on your overall earnings.
    TL;DR Great plays should be rewarded to the same degree with credits

  34. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    shiti content again

  35. Typical defender players

  36. Nhất Ngôn Kinh Thiên

    what is this game? No special bullet? LUL

  37. Jingles curtain effect!

  38. Remember German frontal transmission? The whole line of hull being set on fire from the LFP

  39. I just don’t get why WG doesn’t bring preff mm to all tanks…that way it’s 1 up 1 down…so tier 8’s never see anything higher than tier 9 and lower than tier 7…that fixes so much in 1 update

  40. Also SU-101 used to have 990, and armour of a T-44, the HP pool added to Ferdi and T28 made them from hell to heaven. HP pool changes are significant.

  41. hey i wonder if the discount on the tanks you got on holiday ops 2018/2019 will shrink the nuder update 1.4?

  42. I legit thought my screen was broken because of qb’s greenscreen lmao

  43. Lol you failed to set your green screen, QB ^^

  44. 0:29 I went for KV-1, M4 Jumbo and StugIII. Never wanted to tough that Tiger because of that Goebbels that was stuck with it. Those were some horrible times for people interested in history of tank warfare. People didnt know anything about tanks and assumed that geyman is better. And everyone believed things like “Panther was well engineered” or “Firefly was the best variant of the M4 tank”. That is partly gone thanks to articles and videos of WoT sponsored “Chieftain’s Hatch”.

  45. Amazing feature of JagT spamming gold. Never can’t get enough of these vids

  46. “just be an utter spoon” lmao

  47. in real life this was the biggest tank humans ever made to ever to see combat #truestory bruh

  48. Oh look, QB featuring trash players again that get 1 lucky game out of 10.000 games.

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