World of Tanks – On The IS Grind

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  1. Grinding exp for the new line and trying out the IS for the first time since ppl complain about tier 10 all the time

  2. Why don’t you stream on YT anymore?

  3. I used the smaller 250 alpha damage gun to 3rd mark it, it feels way better, and it has +20 gold penetration

  4. Yo Anfield what do you think about Soviet changes and patch 1.0 HD maps and rebalances.
    They changed this map in few key spots (gave southern team few good spots), check it oit on,, status report”.

  5. Holy shit, the gold spam is real.
    Why you shooting gold at paper tanks dude? Their top tier heavy was an AMX M4 45…

    • If it makes you so mad because you think there is no skill in this game aside from aiming at weakpoints that don’t exist and relying on RNG then go play full gold and tell me how well you do

    • Anfield Just saying its an option i could care less how people play their game

    • Gold spam is, as pointed out, done to reduce rng. It’s silly, but that’s just how the game is in current state. I’m not going to lie, getting gold spammed at me is annoying. All I can do is expose myself less or git gud at angling. Sometimes I find it hilarious when some people spam gold, but still barely do any damage (11 fired, 10 hit, 3 pens for 1.4k for example lol).

    • he’s not looking for challenging, he’s looking for EXP. do you even read his replies? be quiet

    • he shot gold… because he can? I don’t see anything wrong here

  6. love my IS, it was one of the first tanks i three marked and after 2200 games it still has a 60% wr

  7. Hey Anfield does anyone ever call you Angels anymore

  8. I find the 100mm D10T much better to grind with.

  9. Does anyone know when 9.22 comes out because I just got my obj 416 fully upgraded and I need to get the T-54 before the changes

  10. You should try out the 240 alpha gun on the IS is way better then the crap aim time on the 122mm

  11. why u need to grind IS? it branches out off IS?

    NVM…it does..

  12. 4,5k damage in this tank. When its top tier 😀

  13. wow this tank’s gun bloom is REALLY bad. wow.

  14. Thank god i 3 marked this before that is-m hype.

  15. Hey Anfield like most ppl said in the comments use the 100mm. It’s more competitive and you get more _penetration_ with gold. Better gun handling and better rof makes the IS more fun imho. Try it.

  16. face reveal when??

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