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Let’s watch MartyTheArty carrying hard in a devil of a T6 medium the .

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Not that hard when enemy team is full of bots. This game is ruined beyond

  2. Crogamer productions

    For me currently my favourite medium tank is new tier 9 test server medium
    AMX 30 1er prototype.I enyoy playing him

  3. Meds? I luv tier 7 dos of the Panther!

  4. Great game

  5. Hi guys, Marty here. On the end of battle you saw how much adrenaline i
    get. I was shouting, my hands was terrible shaking.

    Thx Quicky for thumb up and good words – it motivate me a lot.

    In the Jingles video – it wasn’t me.

    Best medium tank? A44 – try it :D

  6. see i am not trying to be an idiot here and i do know it is easy to talk
    but do you see the tomato sauce on the enemy team. i don’t think this would
    of happened with people possessing somewhat of a strategic mind …and he
    is in a high mobility tank with good view range and decent gun with pretty
    good gun depression and i say decent because accuracy of this gun not the
    best but high damage out put in short amount of time for its tier. Tank on
    platform such as this that is pretty easily capable of being self
    sufficient and going against not so great players i cannot see this as true
    one man army.. good match but not epic… they were not too much of a
    challenge and here i say again it is easy to talk then to do…..

  7. Hello everyone im a noob on YouTube and need some help. How do I reply to
    someone when they replied to me. Like When It Says +TheFrog in Blue


  9. Damn, this guy is epic! Nice vid QB, keep it up :D

  10. Why would you say the A-43 has a jammed turret, when he’s just turning it?
    That one was fail QB. xD
    Anyway the A-43 is just a terrible player, he only turned the turret but
    not the hull, so he couldn’t keep up with the Cromwells movement. Stuff
    like this is probably the best that can happen when you’re up to 1 vs. 1.
    But in general most of those guys just played horrible… :-/

  11. Great play.that guy was very exciting to watch.shame about his team
    though.they where not very good

  12. Probably the best replay by an unknown player uploaded on this channel in
    the last few month

  13. The A-43 didn’t have a jammed turret, he was just a tomato that hasn’t
    figured out how to lead targets properly.

    Lovely gameplay by Marty though showing just how deadly British medium
    tanks can be if you don’t take them out of the game ASAP.

  14. The German PZ. III goes up to 68 kmh

  15. its marty the arty who drove the bishop

  16. quickybaby u said he wasnt against 5 enemies with low hp but: that kv2 was
    very low hp (and yes i know he really deserved that medal here im just
    saying that what quickybaby said isn´t true)

  17. the pressure is real … firing apcr at buildings though ?

  18. Up and aid them , lads

  19. ReadyBMXer - Reyn H.

    Wonder what he’s like in an arty…

  20. I don’t like mediums very much… although the Comet in WoTBlitz is really

  21. I hate that you hide the chat. :)

  22. Also tier 9.
    Tier 9 meds are fun to play in a platoon and they have punchy guns.

  23. QuickyBaby, I have your modpack installed, and less than 100 games. What
    does purple lettering and ‘Super Unicum’ mean? and WN8 of 4134?

  24. Am I the only one who recognises Marty from a certain tog video?

  25. 5:55 marty is doing some good bush work hahaha :D

  26. Did you guys see his aiming circle sometimes? He took that accuracy nerf
    and threw it out the window

  27. I like t10 and 9 I feel like mediums get some real power at these tiers and
    are just too fun to use

  28. Cromwell is far too good. Needs a nerf.

  29. Tier 9 and 10 are very fun to play, because the tanks and players are more
    sophisticated. But the most fun I have in is Tier 6: Mostly because of the
    Cromwell and the Hellcat, but the KV 85, the T 34-85 and KV-2 are awesome
    tanks, too.
    – FrankyDisco -

  30. By Favorit Medium tank is the Comet, it is such a strong Tank and sees high
    Tier battles which I do more enjoy than lowtier battles.

    After that Tank: T54 ^^

  31. very very nice job!

  32. 1, 5, 6, are my fav tiers.

  33. Misha Arciszewski

    More luck than skill…

  34. Its not every day I get to hear my name said so much, and in a positive

  35. MartyTheBerserk

  36. warpack

  37. Cromwell ❤️❤️❤️

  38. I did 4900 damage in my cromwell on himmelsdorf while being bottom tier,
    yet we lose. If I would have won, that would have been even more epic. 

  39. so a green player killed alot of tomato players……….awesome.

  40. I dont want to reduce the success of Marty, but in my opinion it wasnt a
    “great” battle.
    In this battle were 5 experienced guys and 25 newbys (NOT noobs!) in the
    best kind of MM for the Cromwell, and the only one what he did was to use
    the bad gameplay of his allys and enemys to “seal clubbing” them.
    Maybe I have just to high standards, but well…

  41. i like tier 6 as you can one shot some tanks with a kv-2 ;)

  42. Quicky, will you ever accept WoT blitz replays if they add a replay feature
    in the game?

  43. Frederick Schulze

    8:05 A T-43 with 2 kills or an A-43 with 2 kills? Silly Quickybaby :P

  44. Ooh! MartyTheArty! I remember him from one of Jingles’ tog vids!

  45. Talk about puppy kicking. Holy shit.

  46. Got to go tier 6. the Sherman Jumbo with its derp gun is a combo I rekt the
    Xbox version in

  47. My favourite is tier 7. I love T20 🙂

  48. Marty was against more like 3 vs 1 at the end….KV-2 was one shot and the
    T-150 was spotted before his last teammate die’s QB sounds so impressed
    with him…with his over all luck but still this was still enjoyable.

  49. Yourneighbor Johnhinkins

    lol zooms into sniper mode only to use auto aim every shot lmao

  50. Proof that the Cromwell is over powered is that he didn’t do enough damage
    to warrant even a tier 3 (lowest level — on requires you do more damage
    than 60% of all other Cromwell drivers for the last week) achievement. 

  51. I like tier 10 battles, mostly because players are more experienced and you
    can rely on your team most of the time. 

  52. Unfair plane he kemp bush

  53. I love this tank!!!!

  54. quicky why do you use percentages instead of actuall hit points

  55. tier 7 and 9 are my favorites with the T29 and STI being my favorite two

  56. Is it worth grinding the tier 4 and 5 of the line?

  57. tier for tier the cromwell is much better than the comet and more fun its
    just the speed and the gun is half decent at tier 6

  58. Experienced player rips apart beginners team. Nothing special about that…

  59. I love all medium tank there are tire five and higher. enjoyed every replay
    and I need to sey there you chenget my life . love and luck

  60. Tomato farming, very impressive 

  61. Tier 5 the m4 Serman why im a big fan of the tank whit the durp☺

  62. why isn’t the voice pack with you mod pack quickybaby?

  63. that was an epic game, cant wait to get in the comet and cromwell

  64. I have yet to see anyone achieving higher exp in a game than my maximum (
    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  65. I love tier 6 through 8 meds. I tend to play the not so popular tanks

  66. autoaim should not be in the game I don’t even have it assigned

  67. Marty! My old friend! Last time I saw you was on Jingles’s channel.

    Just read other comments and realised that it’s not the same Marty. Damn

  68. i love the cromwell onr of my favourite tanks

  69. I am completely new to WoTs (< 3k total games), but I have to say that currently my favorite tier of mediums is tier 5. Partially because my max tier vehicles are tier 6, but mainly because it is the tier that mediums, to me, have a defined role in a battle. You actually have to play them differently to have success. Up until now, mediums didn't differentiate much from Lights or the few Heavies that are prior to tier 5. You could play all tanks the same and have a 50/50 chance prior. At tier 5 you have to start developing new skills and that makes me like it. I know most will say tier 8+ because the tanks supposedly advance armor/weapons wise, but will you have to learn new skills/battle dynamics? I think not. You just do more damage, live longer... Or so I suspect.

  70. I prefer the m4e8 because of its 12 degrees of gun depression, more than
    double the turret armour and far superior soft gun stats. It allows me to
    strafe ridge lines better with less RNG involved….

  71. do that at t10

  72. The amount of luck in this One… People not turning their tracks, missing
    from 50 meters. The enemy team wasn’t the brightest -.- 

  73. This is why the Crom is one of my favorite tanks to play and why I keep it
    in my garage.

  74. What is a good gun depression (numbers ) thankyou to anyone who answers 

  75. MARTY!!! Anyone else remember him from a Tog episode from Jingles?

  76. Tier 6 medium is the best i personally own the Cromwell and The M4A3E8 as
    some people known as the easy 8. These both tank gives out epic damage
    during the battle such fun with these tanks also the comet is just an
    all-rounder great tank ps i do own the comet and nearly got my second mark
    of excellent 

  77. Hey Quicky baby
    Wasn’t MartytheArti in the vid jingles did when u and him protected Marty
    in the bishop article when u guys where in Togs? 

  78. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Will you help me with my missions ?

  79. I mostly play French, so tier 5… I just got my first tier 7, though 

  80. Tier 9 has to be the best in my opinion 🙂 for example, E-50 is just so
    much better than panther II and it’s just 1 tier higher

  81. Unfair bush kemping tenk 

  82. Your such a god youtuber

  83. I said in your last video about the replay with the WZ that it was the best
    game I ever saw, but this one even tops that. Unbelievable!

  84. Cromwell is a rather good tank. The gun has great DPM. The armor is not
    really all that thin. It is just so very flat. most HE will not penetrate
    (still do damage) but everything else expect will be going though.

  85. Tier 9 is great the T54 is one of my favorite tanks in the game

  86. Well, that was the best game I’ve ever seen, ever.

  87. QuickyBaby when you are pronouncing Raseiniai don’t pronounce “s” like “z”
    say it like you are saying the letter alone

  88. I suspect warpack…

  89. Making tomato-paste. How exciting.

  90. Cromwell is such a beast. love this tank -> had once 100%+ gunmark on this
    tank 🙂
    I’m doing allways a lot of dmg but my mainproblem is allways those
    “killstealers”. I can do 4.2k dmg in t7 games with Cromwell and get only 5
    kills :/

  91. mabey one of my problems is that i never use auto aim? should i be using it

  92. Isn’t this the guy who u and jingles and ik boxed in with ur togs in that
    one jingles replay? He was in his bishop and got an epic reset near the end

  93. Quickybaby wasn’t this guy in game w/ you Jingles, Ik a few patches ago???
    You were in a TOG platoon and Marty was in a Bishop.

  94. martynas samsonas

    a truly great performance from cromwell driver. and as far as tier battles
    go recently i prefer to play tier 9, 5 and 6 don’t even want to think about
    tier 8 random battles they are absolutely horrible in eu no matter how
    well i perform i can do 7k dmg kill 8 tanks and still lose. well that
    happens only if i try to do some solo play without platoon

  95. My best game in my Cromwell was 4000 damage as the only tier 6 on my team,
    was last guy alive against 3 tier 8s and won the game… Did about 3000
    assisted damage as well, and got 2400 base experience, got 3 marks on my

  96. Nicholas Saunders

    6 and 9

  97. That was epic, what a superb performance!

  98. nice autoaiming play

  99. First comment!

  100. rambo was the first video i saw from you

  101. great video but i want more wow videos

  102. I got a Kolobanov in the most pathetic way

  103. The title should be “How to wipe out clueless tomatoes” as most of the
    enemy team were far from worthy opponents.

  104. Tier 5 med with derp gun.

  105. I thought this video is going to be about my clan: (OMA) One Man Army. lol

  106. what a tomato party

  107. Tier 9! T-54… Duh!

  108. Hi QB,

    If you are interested: I uploaded a similar replay with an A-43. It is
    called “Awesome game with 11 kills”. It would be cool, if you can show
    this, but I understand you if you dont want to show two similar replays one
    after the other.

    Nice video, blauenase

  109. T-34 by far my fav med tank. Fantastic reload high dpm and aweaome camo

  110. auto aim? what a noob game WOT is 

  111. Wow what an epic game congrats marty! The other team was a bit nooby but
    still an epic match few could even dream of this result even in the best of
    Ps: random people im the comments stop saying he just got lucky because
    luck was on his side but he demonstrated massive skill by killing 13 enemy
    tanks of mostly the same tier with no bots or afk players!
    Congrats again MartyTheArty

  112. What perfect result! I love my chinesse T-58 VI medium tank. It has nice
    sloped armor, quite powerfull gun and it is agile:) Love it. Recently I
    bounced 2510dmg with this tank.

  113. Tier 5 pz. Iv H whit 105 mm derp gun :p yoy must try it :)

  114. He played pretty ok massive amount of autoaim and getting lucky with it.
    But most overlooked aspect is that on low tiers the difference between
    those ~70% on main skill players and someone that has atleast 1 perk is
    Combine that with the fact that most of the newbish/bad players dont even
    have equipment.
    Freaking Sealclubbing nothing more he could be in a tier 9 tank in this
    matchup and it would reflect the difference in Equipment+perks.

  115. OMG ! My nickname in game is Marti because someone already had MartyTheArty
    and that was him :0

  116. Pretty easy to do well when you’re a good player in a game against muppets
    who sit around and let you shoot them. Nothing impressive about this video.
    Just a kid stat padding and pub stomping. It’s rather pathetic to be

  117. Woot like 1000. Another nice solo destroy vid!

  118. I like the leopard 1 but with new tanks coming out now and then, I am so
    not sure

  119. Skill? No, i just say that the enemy team was terrible

  120. game is totally fucking fixed

  121. roderiks negroponte

    Tier 6 mediums are great, my choice.

  122. the livestream wont work for me, it says he’s not livestreaming it just
    shows the normal offline page but i know he is livestreaming because it
    shows how many people are viewing the stream

  123. goldeneyekiller101

    Cue the flamewar of people that say they can do this and that its not
    special and that it was all luck yada yada yada…btw this was an amazing

  124. lol why did wargaming put in the time to model a table inside the building

  125. Wow it looks like the other tanks didn’t even have crews that could even
    aim and fire at him before he had shot them multiple times. Not to mention
    the tanks that flat out ignored him. Sometimes you just have to kill the
    kids as they fight among themselves.
    My favorite tier of medium would probably be 8. That’s when you finally
    get some good pen, very good in some cases, and you feel like you can
    really make an impact. Maybe it’s because a fully upgraded T-44 finally
    showed me what a medium could really do. But really, each tier has it’s

  126. Yes, I’m polish and I saw this replay, but QB is international YTuber, so i
    don’t think it’s a problem that he showed this great battle us all.

  127. GermanVideoMaster

    Yo does anyone need a Heroes of the Storm Beta Key?

  128. i hate the cromwell. ugly.

  129. People always sqy that mediums are mediocre at best until tier 9 but that
    is people bitching for the sake of it. At tier 8 you get probably the best
    brawling medium in the game which isnt over powered the t44 and a few more
    great machines. At tier 7 theres something for everyone whether thats
    armour with the t43 which is equivalent to a kv1s armour. Then theres the
    3002d which is very fast with a savage 88mm cannon and good armour. At tier
    6 there is the biggest variety from the jumbo to the cromwell to the t34 85
    to the 3001p all with unique aspects and all are good in their own way. So
    to anyone who bitchs about meds until tier 9 shut your trap because the
    lower tier meds are some of the most interesting tanks to play in the game
    unlike tier 10 where they all have near the same traits.

  130. Well at the end A-43 was bot so yeah it was like 4 VS 1 :D

  131. the a43 at the end….omg -_-

  132. hollowshadowninja

    I just uploaded an amazing kv4 game on quickybaby replays my name is
    shadowshotter28 plz check it out it deserves to be on youtube

  133. Cromwell OP pls nerf

  134. I personally think T7 is best for meds.
    I havent checked out T10 yet though.

  135. Got to be the KV-13 at tier 7, what a great medium tank, bought it on the
    basis of Jingles video review, where at that point it was not a common tank
    as it had a dead end in the tech tree so nobody was buying it, well not
    anymore 🙁 its becoming more popular, the hull armour is fantastic for a
    Tier 7 Medium and it’s fast as hell, you can really surprise most players
    as they have no clue what the heck it is :-). Loved the video by the way –
    nice work, wish i could play like that guy, god he is good

  136. +QuickyBabyTV you should make a World Of Tanks Blitz Edition

  137. I loved the Comet! Also the Panther/M10 wasn’t bad..
    I think that tier VII mts are my favourites.

  138. I like tier 5 mediums. The T-34 is definitely my favorite. I use a gun
    rammer, vents, and a GLD on it, and since my crew has BiA, the reload is
    only 1.9 seconds with the 57mm ZiS-4, which is so much fun to use. I also
    like the Pz. IV H with the 10,5 cm gun 

  139. Looking at the xvm rating in the video, about 4 players were the most
    dangerous on the enemy team. Easy to carry in that kind of match. Good game
    and well played by Marty, but still easy to do it in that kind of

  140. that was impressive indeed.

    i think i have to bring out the good old cromwell tonight

  141. poor Marty 🙁 if he had one kill more he wold get this crazy heros of blub

  142. that battle is on hallack05 channel

  143. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    Gdzie jest Rudy ja się pytam???

  144. Six degree

  145. Its only six mm

  146. i prefer tier 5-6

  147. The Playful_Joker

    It really was a great result but not a great play …Anyone can do
    something like that with so many tomatoes…
    For example, when can I get some enemies like that can stay in front of me
    and letting me get rid of all his HP like the T1 Heavy and the T67 at 4:25

  148. One thing I really hate about the Cromwell and the Comet as well is the low
    velocity of the shells and the very inconsisten accuracy.I would be glad if
    my three-skill-crew- cromwell would be half as accurate as in this video…

  149. T-54 and T-62A is the best Medium Tanks

  150. guy playing a lot and … started playing world tanks does little time I
    hope to get well that neither you …….

  151. +QuickyBabyTV I think the tier 6 because the Cromwell is just a AWESOME

  152. “I kill 13 tanks”
    OP replay name

  153. epic match!
    im at the comet now with british mediums, even though it is stock its
    pretty good. cant wait for the centurion 1 and 7/1

  154. is the T1 heavy worth driving the m3 lee?

  155. Hahahah! Yeah! Under 301 Bitc….. FML

  156. Have they not done an HD version of the Cromwell yet? That’s a shame.

  157. I have to get a Cromwell :D

  158. I’d say i like T6 for Mediums. The Cromwell, T-34-85, and Easy 8 are all
    excellent mediums.

    Always wanted to like the Comet and T20 at teir 7, but could never really
    make them work for me.

    I only ever played the Leo Prototype at tier 9 and didn’t like it at all. I
    love the RU-259 though.

  159. I prefer tier 6 tanks there all around great tanks and the tanks they get
    matched up against are very easy to kill

  160. i like tier 9 the most as well, 10 second and 7 being third, because tier 8
    meds are just awefull.
    by the way, if i get 4.8k damage in tier 10 i feel i did more than my job

  161. Jochem Groenewoud


  162. MartyTheArty? The same MartyTheArty who was featured driving a Bishop in
    one of Jingles TOG videos?

  163. yay quicky baby back

  164. This battle was on the Polish channel +hallack05 

  165. Think that A43 was a beginner…

  166. Wow what a good game!

  167. He played well, but I feel like he played a bit reckless. especially at the
    end. he could have gone back to the hill and tried to spot him with his

  168. He’s Polish player. Our youtouber, hallack05 also presented that battle in
    his video.

  169. You sound like you caught a cold. Take care, keep warm!

  170. AWESOME!!!

  171. Jochem Groenewoud

    66st like XD

  172. everyone loves the Cromwell 😛 its the only tank i won that has 3 marks 😀
    but yep i like the t9 meds too these 390 avg. dmg guns. love them.

  173. What a great game

  174. I like tier VI the most, because it’s so much fun, you can make a profit
    all the time and you can play SH of course 😀 T34-85 with 3 marks <3

  175. Why don’t you play for us

  176. 4th xD

  177. Isn’t this guy was mentioned in one of the jingles TOG video?

  178. Gg 1st.!

  179. with in 301 ==rare

  180. Under the 301 club

  181. third XD

  182. That rambo

  183. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi


  184. I hope you enjoy this zerg of a round as much as I did!

    I’m livestreaming tanks and warships tonight with Jingles and Ik!

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