World of Tanks | One Man Wrecking Crew x2 | Sick Base XP

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Source: TheRiisingSun

A lot of people were very interested in letting their scores be known after Aniallator showed off his T71 games and here we are.
-120 and Cromwell going NUTS!

Locastan’s Mod

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. I really do enjoy that 440 alpha gun on wz-120. I even put my first female
    crew in it :D

  2. Oh yeah, Greens those average plays. 😉 Great Video.

  3. And much urban renewal ensued! xD
    Great commentary as per your usual good Sir, thanks! :)

  4. Legion The Comrade

    Absolutely love the 9 and 10 Chinese tanks. The guns, turret traverse,
    traverse, speed, armour, oh so good.
    Pain in the ass to get to though :/

  5. still doesn’t beat my 3794 base XP… or 2527 w/o the premium bonus 😉 Just
    trolling u highflyer :D

  6. I think I’ve seen Marty somewhere before, I think it was in a giveaway
    contest and he was among the top base xp games for medium tanks, not sure
    on who’s channel.. was it here?

  7. That first gameplay reminds me of something similar ;)

  8. Highflyer M3 lee can’t do that to a KV-3

  9. Medium Mark 1, 2, or 3 probably can’t take on the KV-3.

    Also the first kinda derp turn in the WZ game was cause of the cap going
    off then stopping so he was probably thinking about having to go back to
    defend then they stopped capping.

  10. I remember Marty from QB’s and jangles vids on tog and QB had that replay
    on his channel

  11. I’ve already seen the Cromwell game somewhere on YouTube.

  12. Under 301 club!!

  13. You are wrong ! The Matilda 🙂 

  14. cool game

  15. It has 440 alpha not just 400

    • +Hans Jürgends wasn’t completely sure. Just knew it was more(at time of
      recording). Couldn’t check as it was not a replay.

    • jonah holmes (wz-132)

      +TheRiisingSun Please just learn a little bit about the tanks that you are
      going to feature.

    • +jonah holmes everyone can make mistakes, he is also just a human (atleast
      as far as we know).

    • +jonah holmes well why don’t you start your own channel then if you think
      you’re so superior

  16. Gotta love the Cromwell, it’s such a good tank

  17. First, i wanna say that i love ya videos Riising sun :)

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