World of Tanks || ONE SHOT, ONE KILL

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – FV215b (3). Today RageBro_Vinko99 is pushing the T10 British tank destroyer, the FV215b (183) to the limit a vehicle famous for ONE SHOTS!

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  1. The channel World of Tanks Best Replays put this exact same video up on the 29th. Agung Jedi featured it 2 days later. Then Jingles featured it 3 days and 8 hours later. Now Quickybaby shows it 11 hours after Jingles.

  2. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    wut!?!?!?! y no 1 complain about fv215b 183 gold spam? why does this tank get a bypass but oh, fuck all the players who spam gold in other tanks. hypocritical complaint cant even be supported

  3. Seen the replay at Jedi a few days before..

  4. Great game play by a good player but it just showcases the futility or lower tier players even trying to defeat this thing. I get stuck as bottom tier in matches like this against this tank, the E100 and others that I have no chance of penning even with gold. For the average player which is what I am it just gets old. Good job on the video and the usual great professional commentary.

  5. No Reaper?

  6. Yet an other replay of someone spamming gold rounds. What a fucking surprise.

  7. Nerf the HESHSTAR

  8. Is it national fv 215b 183 day? Because i’ve seen this thing 4 times today on 4 youtubers.

  9. This is fucking op tank

  10. Oh no, two youtubers who have similar content showed the same replay, what ever shall we do!?

  11. I can’t bring myself to watch this after reading the comments. I’m off to watch Claus vids for those are fresh and entertaining.

  12. Quicky baby is a mini gordon ramsay


  14. Ok how many times more I have to see this video :-p 3 days 3 different tubers same video well done 🙂 ?

  15. Why this looks so familier

  16. It is very unfair that tier8s must meet this tanks and this gun.

  17. Already seen this on Jingles…….you guys need to coordinate.

  18. I got to see this twice today, and it only made me happier. Still my favorite tank to play. Its honestly fun to play with no gold ammo still. Just hilarity.

  19. So that’s why it call deathstar

  20. I literally just saw this in Jingles Why you heff to be mad 14. I wanted to see the full replay and my wishes.were granted

  21. Should have imperial march playing in the background….

  22. What append to QB replays website??!!

  23. Who else saw this in world or tanks funny moments?

  24. Dezgames uploaded this a day+ before jingles used it in why you heff to be mad 14, and now qb used it

    So just 1 new cast 🙁

  25. So the fv4005 is bad? I’m about 50k from the Conway so that would suck

  26. NAAAANNNIIII !!!?!?!?!

  27. in jingles why u heff to be mad

  28. This thing is cancerous! Who ever thinks that this amount of excessive alpha, and possibility to oneshot people just like that is good for WoT, is a complete moron. This tank, just like artillery, was made for the sole purpose that bads can feel useful from time to time, when they ruin someone’s game by oneshotting them from a far.

  29. Because they nerfed artillery which sometimes oneshots people but then forget theres ground based TDs that do the same, more often and with half the reload time

  30. wtf The Aging Jedi uploaded this exact replay about a day ago

  31. Saw this at Jingles, DezGames and WoTReplays 😀 anyway good comentary QB 😉

  32. Jingles did dis alr qb

  33. Omg this is the 3rd time i am watching this… First by Best WoT Replays than Jingles and now QB =3

  34. @3MAJ86 crying bitches like u ruin this game, shut ur fucking mouth and play the game cunt. And learn to play it red shit crying bitch, go suck on mums tit

  35. Without premium is impossible.

  36. Please. This was on several other streams today. Can we please get original content.

  37. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    My first every shot on a e100 15cm gun is a HE at a fv4005’s turret.980dmg.

  38. goldbob

  39. Definitely saw this guys replay in jingles vid

  40. In Wargaming’s weird little personal universe this tank/ammo is perfectly balanced. Back on earth though this kind of shot potential is game breaking. Deleting entire tanks in one shot is terrible for gameplay and game-enjoyment.

  41. third time i have seen this from three different youtubers….

  42. Can’t like this one QB, third time I’ve seen the replay. Yes, it’s an awesome game, but yeah. Nah. I can replay the first one of I really need to. Think it was AgeingJedi.

  43. Can anyone tell me if you have to download the private server again after its over?

  44. how can u reassign ammunition keys

  45. Augustin Whitcomb

    Ffs this was already on WHY U HEFF TO BE MAD, spoilers much

  46. A eto jednom i naš da se nađe kod QB u klipu 😛

  47. Aivaras Andrijonas

    lucky one, but funny

  48. Pretty sure I saw this from AgingJedi and Jingles. It seems everybody likes this replay. 😛

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