World of Tanks || Opening 75 Holiday Ops Loot Crates…

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Source: QuickyBaby

A full unedited opening of 75 loot boxes from the 2018 Holiday Ops.


World of is a online published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hi everyone, here’s the raw, unedited footage of opening 75 loot crates… If you want to see my opinion of the results and the 2018 Holiday Ops it’s here:

  2. This is idiotic, I got 2 type 59

  3. I feel poor….

  4. Should have done it in a new account.

  5. Will someone with good soul buy me 3 boxes so I can be happy for chismats too? Im poor student without money…
    DedaMraz82 eu

  6. Everyone is copying CSGO these days

    • Fennec Media wrong.
      CsGo gambling is only for skins.
      With this pay2win shit you have to gamble for overpowered premium tanks…

  7. so i did open to 75 boxsen. in my second box i got the type 59. stil think wg should never done this

  8. I wish they just had maybe 3 premium tanks in the lootboxes from the challenges, soi you could get one tank just by playing.

  9. 1 box costs 5.99 eur,fu

  10. Hi everyone, I bought 11 Chinese loot crates (NA server) and won the type 59 in the third crate I opened lol…

  11. bought 75 boxes, got a type 59 and a lorri, not gonna complaint lol. good luck everyone

  12. You gained like 60k gold from that lol

  13. Allard Jan van Marle

    Bought a 75 box set and found the Type 59 twice!

  14. I think that they type 59 was easier to get in the first outs of this event, every person in my clan got one who bought a $100 USD bundle got one, I got 4 from the one I bought, but it seems people are not getting them as often.

  15. Quicky consider yourself incredibly lucky. I got 75 boxes and got ~37k gold, about 6 mil credits, the Panzer B2 thing, the Sentinel and a few of the smaller tanks equalling up to that 37k gold. While I do feel like those boxes progressed/made my grind and that easier, the luck/chances of getting a solid money’s worth is probably not worth the money. It literally is gambling. They pull you in with the ‘Oh but maybe I MIGHT, get something good.’ Next thing you know you’ve just spent $300 because how can your luck possibly be THAT bad?

  16. Sorry QB, I bought 3 to test it out and my fist loot box i got the Type 59

  17. Bought 6 boxes Got: 1500 gold, 3 days premium, A type 59 and A T28E

  18. I bought 1 lot of 11 for £17 and got the Lorr 40t then was later gifted another 11 and got the Type 59 – imho the 11 box bundle is the best value – reward ratio from what I have seen on forums etc

  19. NA $100 for 75 boxes – 43,250 Gold (would cost $154.97 during 15% Gold Sale), TYPE 59, AC1 SENTINAL, 49 Prem Days, $6.1M Silver, 17 Garage Slots.

    The decorations in the 75 boxes completely decorated the Chinese Xmas = 4 Female Crew with 100% training, BIA, and full 2nd Skill.

    I didn’t total the consumables and the Reserves.

    Well worth $100

  20. The TYPE 59 is no longer rare………………

  21. It looks like WG did play Starwars Battlefront 2…

  22. 3 Polish YouTubers got the Type 59 and one of them literally got it on the 2nd crate another guy had to open around 150 and the 3rd guy I’m not quite sure but it didn’t take too long either

  23. I bought 100 boxes and I got 50000+ gold and all of the tier 8 premiums you could get in the box including the type 59 which i got on my second box and about 51 premium days and 4 milion credits 😀

  24. I got a type 59 on an 11 gift box 🙂

  25. T59 in 8 boxes. Ez profit

  26. i myself bought x2 25 boxes and good arround 30k gold from it 5 prem days a skorpion g and a type-59 and a few tier 4 prem tanks

  27. just wondering if i wont to get lucky and put my hands on type 59 should i buy chinese holiday boxes

  28. I bought 25 boxes and got a Type 59, 3x tier 4 prem tanks (Sentinal, Pz B2 and T28 with F30) , 6 additional garage slots, 10,900 gold and 9 days prem account.  Not bad as the gold alone is the price of the package.  Looking on the forums it’s about par, if not slightly above so I am happy. Type 59 is a big bonus. Nice videos QB, thanks.

  29. way to condone gambling, sad…

  30. I open 26 boxes and i got 0 tier 8 but i got the tier 4s 6 or 7 times 🙁

  31. i bought 75 boxes and got a type 59 in like the fourth one

  32. can you buy this again? would be fun 😀

  33. Hey QB we have flags you can put on your tank on console. It’s pretty sweet.

  34. I bought 75 boxes and there is what i got:

    -Type 59
    -Scorpion G
    -some other lower tier premiums
    -42k gold
    -4m credits
    -45 days on premium
    -and 19 garage slots

  35. Hi qb i just went on and opened my crates and GOT A SCORPION G in the red crate

  36. IT IS YOUR FAULT I SPEND 100 EUROS ON THE GAME… not that I am mad at you for that, but still 😀

  37. 106k gold, nc

  38. Happy Christmas Quicky. After watching this review I though I would sort of do the 12 days of Christamas, by buying 12(well 11 actually!) boxes and open one a day. Well imagine my surprise after forking out my £17 for 11 boxes, upon opening my very first box and the unexpected gift was a Type 59!!! Well made up for Christmas now.

  39. OMFG!!!! i just got the type 59, ive been waiting years!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    3 tier 8 premium and several low tiers not bad!

  41. For some reason telling us not to buy the damn boxes made me do exactly that, got all T8 prems though and a boatload of gold.

  42. I will ask you just one simple question. To what extent can you be sure that the ‘luck’ you had is not simply the mechanics done by WG. They know who is buying, they know who is CC so having in mind how ‘corrupted’ and greedy WG is I would bet buck against nuts they would think it is very good way to promote that event by providing – in invisible way – better loot for CC. As that is gamble nobody will be able to challenge WG.

  43. I bought 11 boxes hoping to get the tier 4 Premiums. Got them, some premium Time, 4k Gold and a type 59. Id say i got more than i was expecting.

  44. Bought a 75 loot crates….. result: 40 days premium account, 55.000 Gold, 1.000.000 silver, one ac-1 and two type-59….omg

  45. Can’t ever think of qb doing crate opening videos

  46. This is broken….

  47. who would like microtransaktions instead of premium tanks?

  48. one of my friends opened a case and got ALL the premium tanks at once on the first box…. i didnt think it was possible but i saw it with my own eyes…

  49. I bought 75 boxes. I got a T26E5, and a Type 59. I lost count of what gold compensation I got for duplicate Tier 8 Prems as I owned the Lorraine and Skorp beforehand. My gold went up by about 40,000, and my credits by 4 million. My premium time was increased by 60 days roughly. So I’d say QB got luckier than I, although I did get Type 59 drop and he did not get a duplicate Type 59 drop.

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