World of Tanks: Order of War – 1 vs 7 RTS

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing a new game mode on the Sandbox where 1 player controls 7 tanks against 7 players on the enemy team – Order of War!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. bound to fail

  2. Three suggestions to WG. First, tune that tier down to tier 5 or 6 (or even tier 3). So that AI would have no problem to penetrate the center of enemies tank, which is where they are aiming at. Second, match should avoid using maps that have a lot of hull down advantage. But at the same time pick open fields to maximize the advantage of AI SPG. AI is best when playing SPG. I guess if I can drive a LT with 6 AI SPG at my back, I can win a lot of the fight. Third, why do 1v7? why not 1v1 but with 7 tanks on hand? A game needs to be balanced. But I don’t see a way to balance both team if it is a human vs AI.

  3. Qb: Evasive maneuver
    Me in jageru: Td go fly brrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrr

  4. Me who only has french top tanks

  5. How did Qb get so many invitations
    Edit: I had to send 2 applications until I got accepted

  6. Man no offense, but trim that stache up….Looks like snot hanging from it…………….PS . love the informative video though

  7. Wtf is in your mustache?!

  8. Order of war is a rts game that wargaming made a while back cool that they are using the name for their rts mode

  9. Going to cost you 100s of K credits to play as the strategist. Wow sign me up for that.

  10. Can’t even get on the sandbox but my friend who has 7 battles in tier 10 got in

  11. I feel like console players were the Guinean pigs in the Order of War mode

  12. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Seems like a big headache. Im sure the fad will wear off and it will be another rampage mode were no one bothers ro play it

  13. QB, I love your work, but that mustache needs a trim. It’s starting to resemble a spider’s pedipalps…and that’s a bit distracting for a mild arachnophobe.

  14. Funny how you guys are playing with these now in the US. Here in New Zealand, due to the lack of import restrictions, we had all these fun cars used out of Japanese years ago. Hell I remember getting in one drunk on a taxi stand and getting a ride home in it, was a expensive fare, but the four wheel drifts around the round about was worth it lol

  15. AI is better than usual players
    At least it dosn’t lose 12-1 at the first 2 min of the battle

  16. Im_a_barbie_girl74

    They brought this from console because on console their is a similar game mode u can do with 15 tanks as u command them all against 15 real players

  17. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    When i first heard of this from a friend it feels like a mix between War Stories and Commander Mode on Console (War Stories no longer exists and you lose quite a bit of Silver in Commander Mode).

  18. QB has a beard !?!?!?!?!??!

  19. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    Old Commander Mode on Console (Now just PvE) but used to be Earn Ops where a Commander of 9 Tanks (Same as Strategist here only No Pillboxes/Watchtower) could either play against Tankers (6 Players) or another Commander with same elements as Strategist here, popular way was just to use Tier 8 Premiums as the Commander to make some money back.

  20. Complaining about the mechanics while winning 7-2. If they optimise the rts mechanics the game mode would be completely broken. Much like the WT-E100 event from last year it is way too easy to play solo if you even remotely know what you’re doing.

  21. You didn’t show how many credits you lost in the first battle you played. It was nearly 200,000 credits wasn’t it?

  22. Stopped playing this game I have uninstalled it as the MM is terrible and unfair. Some players are toxic but mainly for the most unfair MM just no fun any more

  23. You left the virtual free world without its leader, the great Quacky Light to guide us through the dark. We barely survived slogging through the trenches without you. Welcome back tu2.

  24. Having standard costs for consumables as Strategist seems absolutely bonkers.

  25. I miss 2014-2015 WoT when there were no OP premium tanks, not so much pay2win, more players, longer battles and WT auf E100 was still on the game.
    That was the golden era of WoT

  26. well i havent been chosen to test this….
    as 4 year old account with about 10 tier 10 tanks…
    ooh well, first moe i was interested in testing

  27. pls make a video with the AMX 30

  28. Order of War was a 2009 WWII RTS game made by WG in the old WoT Engine. It is on Steam, you can try the demo!

  29. Darkness Nighthingale

    Oh God. PC is starting the console route. Abandon ship!

  30. It's not what you think

    I gotta say, I never would have expected such an interesting game mode to come from WG. Crazy to see that they still have people that are so creative working for them.

  31. From now on, everyone who does not answer in a normal game or doing crazy things… potencially AI evolving. They are between us :O

  32. Is no one going to tell him that this has already been a game mode on the console version of WoT multiple times already?

  33. Just got my Grille 15 and WT E100 wooo

  34. Me who only has 1 tier X tank:


  35. This MOD is total sh….

  36. This looks like commander mode from console thats been a thing for a few years now…..

  37. So now the insult of “you are a bot” is going to be accurate 🤣😂.
    The biggest problem I see is the cridet schame, only the rich tier players will be able to play..

  38. This was on WoT consoles

  39. I’m never gonna get bored watch quickybaby

  40. I played around 25 battles in this mode and its kinda fun, but the bots are sometimes just idiots xD

  41. I think this gamemode has a lot of potential: imagine if you could play 1vs1, bot as strategists, or even better: 2vs2 or 3vs3, where each player controls a portion of their team!
    If there were to be rewards, such as new tanks, that could probably encourage more people to play it. It would also be very fun if we could unlock certain team-styles as paintings for our tanks. Maybe even give our shells coloured-tracings if a 2vs2 or 3vs3 gamemode were to be implemented, with different shell-styles (imagine artillary firing rainbow shells lol) we can purchase.
    I’m really hyped about this type of gamemode, I really think it can be something revolutionary if they do it right.

  42. Can you use vehicles like obj 279e?

  43. They should have test servered their most recent console update because the entire community hates it and has uninstalled this game. Not joking, console lost 90% of it’s player base from one update.

  44. Aw man, I was hoping QB was going to be a commander in this year’s Team Clash. What gives? I was going to put him in one of my British tanks.

  45. Maybe they can test 2v2 where on each team 1 player is strategist and controls the ai and player 2 controls only 1 tank

  46. 19K?!?!?

  47. Try world of tanks blitz Quickly.

  48. Yet another exclusive for those players with enough Tier 10 tanks to play and pockets deep enough. Love QB to comment on how practical this is for a free to play account to engage in. The reality is they can’t so this is another example of a pay wall.

  49. there is one enormous problem with this game mode- a player that has 7 tier X. tanks will be infinitely better than 7 people who have 1-6 tier X. tanks.

  50. Michael LaBossiere

    The strategist would often have a meaningful advantage since half the opposing team will often be committing hate crimes in chat. But a good opposing team could overload a single strategist.

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