World of Tanks – Original Derpsta

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Get it? It’s like “Original Gangsta” except Derp, because…. I’ll get my coat.

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  1. First


  3. First!

  4. First yea boy

  5. Mighty jingles has saved me from bordem

  6. Jungles, check out the WoT April fools update! I have a feeling you’ll love what you’ll see

  7. Ruban Raj Kumar Ganesan

    5th guy watching the video since released.

  8. Ah I remember the good old derp days.

  9. Before I watch the video I must say that since I Googled the ‘fun new cooking method’ Jingles mentioned yesterday, now all the ads I ever get are cooking ads

    Damn u jingles

  10. follow the 3 b’s… beers, bongs, babes

  11. I was hoping this was going to be a video about .70….

  12. Jingles, please go to the classic server and do an old style tank review, 50 minutes+ for the nostalgia 🙂

  13. The last time I was this early to something I still thought my life would have meaning

  14. At first I read original depression

  15. 446th viewer

  16. 4:30 am central time zone. I’m up way too dam early.

  17. Jingles, with this old WoT you have che chance to bring back you old school tank reviews.
    It’s been a while and I miss them even though I am not playing WoT anymore…


  18. m4 with 105 is shit comparing to Pz VI H with 105 ….

  19. hey jingles, would you do me a 2nd favor besides posting a vid on my birthday and briefly answer the mail I sent you 27.2.. if it got accidentally ignored, it should be worth your while, I guess. ah keyword: LEGO

  20. No gold ammo = no hate = no dislikes.
    Simple world of tanks logic

  21. The player was moving his mouse when clicking the button. Not so much RNG.

  22. TheUnknownSchleswigers

    and the Jumbo have armor

  23. It’s definitely better to use the regular ammo with these two tanks than the gold, even on hits that should get damage, flat plates, I’ve had the HEAT shells do no damage but the HE manage to at least do some.

  24. oooh, first like, lol

  25. World of tanks sucks change my mind



    Jingles do you know of the 0.7.0 classic server that W.O.T. is doing?

  28. Björn Wahlstedt

    You’re spotted 9 sec after your spotter dies or can’t see you

  29. Gold ammo for a Sherman is a must, nothing beats 2-hitting a KV-1 dead from the front (you can pen HEAT from the derp gun in the MG slot on the middle plate). This play probably bought me the most post-game hate than anything else.

  30. Also the map you were thinking of jingles is province

  31. DefinitelyNot AnEmuFromOuterSpace

    Jingles, you should make a video called ‘Flashback Friday’ of you playing the old version of the game! Would be very interesting, but if you uploaded it on a Tuesday………

  32. I do like lower tier games mostly because as a WW2 history buff, the tanks in middle tiers are much more relateable for me.

  33. This game really brought me back to the time when I also had an m4 derp. Even though I was terrible with it it still was my favourite

  34. Using the 105mm for anti-tank…. The Heresy

  35. 2:51 AM in the US .. can’t sleep.. Overlord is kind..

  36. The gold on this tank is great for any tank with some armour, like T34’s shoot 1 heat and they are left with 100hp or less


  38. Any chance the T1 Heavy had the call for vengeance perk and kept menthol spotted?

  39. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    “it’s menthel who reloads faster…” yes. Except that he didn’t have to reload since he had not fired before. I think what you wanted to say was “menthel aims faster that the leFH reloads”

  40. Ah, he was farming marks of “excellence”. I was wondering why he was sniping from the back with a derp tank letting all his teammates die but that makes sense…

  41. Oooooh, I think my butt bit a chunk out of the chair on that last shot from the leFH. That could not have been closer!

  42. It is amazing how happy having a Jingles video of one of his games can make a grown man! Thanks.

  43. You know you are getting old when you struggle to find a good title for your videos…. lucky for us, our Mighty Overlord is good at it so no harm done!

  44. On PS4 I played 14 hours of wot to win 75 battles on a challenge that ended today for a commanders chest that cost like 2 dollars. I feel gross

  45. Jong-Hwa (Jayden) Choe

    I thought this would be about the mighty, mighty, sovietzky KV-2… Because only the 152mm shells of the KV-2 is guided to the target with the undead hand of Stalin reaching up from the depths of hell! 🙂

  46. Can’t believe I’m watching this at 4:07 am

  47. 14:56 it’s Provence

  48. sturmpanzerwagen A7V

    Well done to the Stug and artillery too

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