World of Tanks – [OTTER] vs [-G-] – Clan Wars on Mines

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks for Watching 🙂


  1. TheMightyPringles

    and i thought G was good lol gg. cant wait until i can get my clan started
    on clan wars

  2. Thanks for ideas. My clan has struggled quite a lot lately on Mines at t10.
    This will surely help us out :)

  3. Honestly would have liked to see that done if you spawned on the bottom of
    the map. I think the match would have gone a bit differently the top has a
    distinct advantage IMO.

  4. Look up the clan MARZ on NA… We beat g in skirms two games in one day. We
    didn’t camp either. Just because I was calling and they looked at their
    stats xD they were so salty

  5. nice game, weird they didnt backup hill with E5s or something but i may be
    just a scrub :p CW: question: how would you counter a team who used mainly
    fast meds and is4 down the 1-3 line and blitzed to H/K1 area? We had hill
    easily, but didnt expect that rush.

  6. This map… is the worst…

  7. I know some of these people

  8. Sehr gut ?

  9. Whoa Zombies

  10. The batchat clips are what won that imo. Tvps and 140s don’t stand a chance
    on a all out brawl against them and e5s will rip apart the 113s on this map
    so they had preference on hill which allowed them to join the brawl really
    easiely. Imo you guys won because of better drafting by a long shot since
    well it is mines and it’s pretty much an all out brawl on hill almost

    Anyways goodjob guys and props to the caller, guy stayed calmed through the
    whole thing and that really raises moral and respect, guy will likely go
    far if he keeps at it.

  11. Bleydys Maria Vergara Moreno

    Is that lemmingrush calling ?

  12. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen

    WP thanks for these CW vids…always great to see top teams fighting it

  13. Nice vid, almost too short though. Nice job stomping G. :)

  14. must be fun and hard calling and playing at the same time. It would be nice
    if there would be like spectators so that you watch the battles as it
    happens if you cant play in the match

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