World of Tanks – [OTTER] vs [-G-] – Clan Wars on Swamp

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks for watching, if you have any questions feel free to ask them!


  1. Please post more of these when you have time! :)

  2. Dem0c - World Of Tanks Blitz

    Why don’t you talk?

    Was just wondering…

  3. Watching your videos is one of the main reasons i decided to come back to

  4. Lemming do you still offer your training services to players?

  5. Also, I’m curious, since this match was so good(but you didn’t comment at
    all on it) would you mind if I made a response video detailing the genius
    of your teams tactics? :O You guys are great but this match went by so fast
    I kinda wanted to point out all the reasons why “Lemmingrush,” is such an
    apt name for you lol.

  6. You know, I utterly despise you OTTER folk, one time one of your clansman
    pushed me off the bridge area on Mountain pass ??? ??? I was on his
    team!! Ffs this was in patch 9.1.4 where physics was all hell -.-

  7. Lemmingrush could you tell me what to do to start playing wot because I’ve
    been playing for ever I avg 2500 damage a game and I’m still a red? Should
    I Reroll or still work on fixing my stats

  8. i’ m with James Repp… why not post a loss? They explains a lot too.

  9. So why not post any of the losses? :)

  10. *sigh* this was a bit boring cus tiger wasn’t calling and saying “Ok” at
    the end of every command he gave.

  11. nice job almost getting killed Lemming :p 10/10 good vid as always,
    interesting strat on swamp

  12. You offered to ask question, so here is one: While it is nice just to watch
    one tanks perspective I would love if you were reviewing the game in free
    cam mode as well. Im an average joe player and I struggle to see what is
    actually going on on the battlefield as a whole.(in that replay here, not
    when I play myself) Im mostly interested in the commanders decision making
    based on battle intel provided by the map. What I dont understand for
    example is what is making your commander so certain that you would win the
    game if you control the hill in the south east of their base. Is it simply
    because you have more crossfire options? cheers!

  13. Richard Gustafsson

    This looked really messy. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I see CW
    tactics on Swamp

  14. G ???

  15. I am guessing no lube was used?

  16. OMG. A caller is explaining the roles and a guy randomly yells – they gonna
    yolo 1/2. So rude. I’d be pissed if he interrupted me like that. Geez ;)

  17. Oh Ryan Getzlaf is your called. He called a few games I was in when he was
    leader of PINGU. He knows what hes doing he just gets mad really fast

  18. How do you choose which battles to feature? I’d prefer to see battles where
    not everything goes smoothly for Tiger’s calling. Just more informative
    IMO. I mean, we did take your LZs last night.

  19. How far g hath fallen.

  20. Awesome man! I love it!

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