World of Tanks – [OTTER] vs [THUGZ] – Clan Wars Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush

Clan wars gameplay recorded with comms on. Just took a random game that I was allowed to record, hopefully thisll be helpful to any aspiring callers or clan wars players out there 🙂


  1. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    2:15 that dammed rock is so frustrating, the map developer put that there
    with the intention to troll people.

    By the way, Centurion AX for Clan Wars? Never seen a Cent AX to be used
    with success in CW.

  2. beating Thugz is like The Mountain beating a 1 year old in a deadlift

  3. The lack of diversity in tank choice is sad. I hope WG makes other tanks
    viable in CW.


  5. Fantastic caller – calm, on point, no panic… I would follow his word even
    if he would tell me to drown :)

  6. Nice to see players that know what they’re doing playing, especially in CW.
    Love your vids, keep ’em coming mate.

  7. Not saying they suck but there is bunch of gold spamming And stat padding
    with them.

  8. Any time Thugs loses is a good day.

  9. I hate callers that get frustrated in front of everyone… Wish they would
    wait till after the game to tell each person what they did wrong or good…

  10. Please do more of these! :)

  11. Amazing video! It’s a pleasure to see a clan like otter in CW and getting
    to hear battle coms. Please keep more coming! And to the douchebag who
    commented below saying “you sure don’t practice battle coms”, I’ll say this
    since LemmingRush is probably too polite to: This is otter you’re watching,
    and everything they do in this video is done better than you can imagine
    doing yourself, so shut your face hole, watch and listen how the pros do
    it. That’s like someone sitting on their couch at home criticizing Michael
    Jordan’s jump shot. Sheeit.

  12. What Thugz did that let OTTER win ? They let you cover the whole West side
    of map.

    What could they have done to counter that, pushed your cap after your
    Mediums moved North of the 5 line. But they hesitated to rush your cap and
    let you snipe them down. Hesitation leads to certain defeat.

    You had a chatty guy on Battle Comms, you need to pull him into a side
    channel and explain Battle Comms to him.

    Thanks for the vid, reminds me of when I played in CW 1.0 …

  13. LEGACY Dosnt slay

    I love this stuff keep it coming.

  14. youre clan sure doesnt practice battle comms especially one guy, kept
    talking saying unnecessary shit

  15. very nicely done!

  16. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    Tiger is such a great caller…great to see vids like this, keep it up if
    you can!

  17. Tim “Obediance” Johansson

    Wow, that’s some legit calling right there.

  18. Thnx Mate, it’s good to hear you guys with the organized play…. Bags2247

  19. Dave Pawlikowski

    LR – i admire your calling skills. I did some training with Mustang and its
    not an easy job. One thing that did surprise me was the radio discipline.
    Sometimes it seemed like too much talking, with no tactical value. Still,
    love watching very good high tier / high skill gameplay.

  20. Nice work boys.

  21. I quite like this type of video. More? Tigers is so calm, its almost funny.
    Also calling with Warbander on your team sounds like a nightmare.

  22. I didn’t think tiger said “ok” so much lol! I couldn’t stop laughing. Also
    what’s this?!?!!? OTTER let m48 pattons in tier 10 CW and didn’t let DH
    play his?!?!?! What heresy is this?!


    You have a grill with a CGC! :D

  24. Also i see there is a cent ax, that will prob be the first t10 med i will
    get,is it useful for CW? or was it brought just for its depression alone?

  25. what would be a reason you would not be allowed to record a game?

  26. STB-1s in the composition on purpose or no other tank available?

  27. ImNotMad_ImDisappoint

    2:15 lmao.. WG and their damn troll bushes

  28. I had a wank

  29. Haha

  30. Andre Kuzniewicz

    warbanner is giving bad information, he is hurting the call

  31. If you were calling, would you bring a Bat Chat, TVP T 50 51, or (Obj
    140/T-62A) bringing towards them and wondering what your personal
    preference is(my commander just wants mediums), between Obj 140 and T-62A
    firstly, and then between 140/62A, TVP and Bat Chat.

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